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San Francisco, CA– Yesterday, one of the biggest websites Examiner.com stated that MaxBoxing.com, with whom I have enjoyed a lengthy professional relationship, that their writer Gabriel Montoya, implied that something wasn’t kosher with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and drug testing.


Nevada’s Kizer issued a one-sentence response to my Tuesday early afternoon inquiry. Here it is verbatim from Nevada Commission head Keith Kizer: “Neither Oscar nor Floyd has ever failed a NSAC steroid or drug test.”


When I was told that Shane Mosley had testified before the BALCO Labs. Grand Jury here in San Francisco that he had in fact taken both the “Clear & Creme” designer steroids, even though a renowned writer had given me the information, I wouldn’t print it. It wasn’t until I actually saw the BALCO transcripts over drinks at a downtown bar that I decided to run with the story that Mosley, Gary Shaw, the MGM Grand, and others used to “blackball” me in boxing. In November 2009, Mosley admitted in a videotaped deposition that he had knowingly taken both of the aforementioned steroids and in addition to admittedly taking EPO (blood doping).

Gabriel Montoya


Click & Read The Examiner.com Story & Draw Your Own Conclusions

Pedro Fernandez


  • What’s the big deal if Mayweather and/or DelaHoya failed their drug tests? They both delivered subpar performances that night. If that’s what passes for perfprmance enchancement, I don;t see what the big deal is.

    If Oscar tested positive for something, it was probably booze or a recreational drug. If Floyd tested positive for something, it was probably a sedative, which would explain his punch outputs.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Lots of people, Floyd just had the biggest pulpit.

  • And who the hell has EVER suspected Manny of anything? The Mayweathers? Fuck the Mayweathers. Manny has given no one a reason to believe he is on anything, with the exception of a coward little bitch across the ring. Oh wait, he wont even get in the ring…

  • Pacquiao is only “suspected” based on people who are bewildered by his performances.

    Frankly, at this point, if you read Montoya’s Boxingtalk interview, there is more reason to suspect other top-level fighters heretofore unaccused of using illegal substances.

    It usually all comes out in the wash.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Ali did for over 20 years. He was granted exceptions for it in certain places, Doesn’t quite equate with what Manny was suspected of using, but it is a fair issue to bring up.

  • It`s the oldest grimy trick in the book! Just accuse the other guy & make it look like your so innocent & concerned.Don`t forget that Floyd also only fights In Nevada so he can shoot Xylocaine in his hands! One of only a couple states that doesn’t ban that substance!

  • He has a point Pedro. As illustrates by the Winky scandal. Vada catches people that The USADA doesn’t. They’ve been catching people left and right.. And now notice GBP doesn’t wNt to use them anymore… Now rumours are going around that Floyd pissed hot… And Manny has agreed to the trsting, that is no longer an issue, Floyd then turned to money.. I have no dog in this race but actions speak lowder that a good pr team and Floyds actions say he doesn’t want to fight. The question any responsible person should be asking is why vada is catching people and not the USADA. And Kiezer should be using VaDA and why is GBP now running from VADA.

  • Winky and/or Quillin probably tested positive for something by the USADA but was “excused” because of the “inadvertant use exemption” agreement they have with GBP. “Inadvertant use exemption”= took banned substance “by mistake”/”ignorantly” since USADA didn’t educate “what not to take”. That’s why Floidie “excused” 3 times or whatever amount of times. GBP tried to make same contract w/ VADA unsuccessfully, that’s why Lamont and Berto were busted for taking PEDs

  • Again, letter lists specifics which they deny and say is false.They don’t deny that GBP and USADA have some kind of existing contract/agreement. They don’t deny that GBP approached VADA for some sort of agreement. They don’t deny that Floidie tested positive and was excused, they just deny that Floidie was excused for testing positive 3 times under “inadvertent use exemption” . Letter list specifics that they deny- 3 times,”inadvertent use exemption”, and GBP approached VADA about “Positive B sample” stuff. Again, maybe he tested positive 1x, 2x, 7x. Maybe Floidie tested positive 3 X and was “excused” under a different provison other than “inadvertent use exemption.”

  • c/o brett
    I’d laugh at the irony if this is true. So far, we know 2 people who insisted on random drug testing by VADA:

    – Andre Berto.
    – Lamont Peterson.

    BOTH of whom tested positive to PED use while accusing others of PED use. It would make my whole year to see Floyd’s name added to that list.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Peter, you’re as full of s*it as a porta potty at an NFL game. VADA, WADA, USADA, it don’t f*cken matter, it’s random testing that pac is opposed to. Ypu have the IQ of a goldfish

  • it is very suspecting that floyd only wants USADA to conduct testing for his fight and NOT very open to other testing agency like VADA….Mosley and Canelo on the supporting bout of Floyd vs Cotto chose VADA while Floyd only wanted USADA….why?????

  • Maybe that’s why Arum said this:
    “We have agreed in the Pacquiao camp to unlimited random testing done by a responsible, neutral organization. We don’t believe USADA is a neutral organization.”

    How can be USADA be neutral if there is a suspicious contract/agreement between GBP and USADA?

  • Pedro, you need to get on this like you get after other people. I mean these guys are cheating. Gabe is almost there. He these guys. By these guys I mean the establishment that has been in cahoots all along letting people cheat. You guys just need to push a little harder and the whole house of cards will come down. Read on.

    I’ve been telling people for years that all these guys are cheating. MMA and boxing. It’s so easy… It’s really sad by reading Edwards interview with Gabe ( http://boxingtalk.com/pag/article.php?aid=23521 ) that most people don’t know the basics of PEDS. Edwards has the exact reaction that any smart/logical person would have when he learned about 4:1 ratio. You guys need to push this to main stream news and not let these guys bullshit their way out.

    The 4:1 or 6 :1 ratio is complete BULLSHIT, it’s been allowing people to cheat all along. I’ve been trying to tell anyone that would listen for years. A normal person is usually around 1:1, I think it’s like .8:1 for Asian, and 1:1 for Caucasians and 1.1 or 1.2 to 1 for some other ethnic groups. So why on earth would you let people test at 4-1 or 6-1. Well I’ll tell you. Cause Kizer and his organization are in cahoots with boxing, mma and everyone else they test. Boxers and mma fighters have been doing this for years, along with HGH, because they’ve been given a license to cheat as long as they stay withing 4 or 6-1 What they also do is up their epitestosteron to match the 4-1 ratios. I mean someone needs to call all these people on their bullshit. All these guys are cheating, and have been cheating all along and Keizer and his cohorts are all in on it. I mean it’s so ridiculous, you can cheat like this, and what’s worse, is once you’ve been cheating for so long, and juicing for so long well your body no longer produces testosterone like it’s supposed to, so you get hypogonadism. So the only thing you can do is take testosterone because your body doesn’t produce it anymore. So basically, people like Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and those guys have been cheating for so long, their bodies no longer produce test, so they Allow them TO now cheat legally by giving them what they call an exemption to use TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) I mean WTF MAN????? You cheat, and it ruins your body, so here is a license to cheat. WTF????

    What is really funny is that last week, Winky Wright wanted to be tested and have Quilin tested. Guess what? Go read up on what happened here:

    This is Scary ! Destroyed samples, not wanting to use VADA… I mean you don’t have to be a genius here to connect the dots here…

    These people are criminals and need to be brought to justice. Either allow drugs or don’t. This needs to be main stream news, not boxing message board news, these guys are all frigging cheating and the promoters, and Kiezer and the bunch are in on it.

    I’ll tell you something else. They will never be able to sue Gabe and I’ll tell you why. Last year or the year before Arum said something about Delahoya failing a dope test… Want to know what the response was? NADA, zilch, nothing. Not a threat or a lawsuit, not a lawsuit and no retraction. Want to know why, simple, because it was true. And it doesn’t surprise me one bit that Floyd has been busted too and got away with it being the cash cow…

    Someone from government needs to ask these questions that Kiezer and all stonewalled Gabe on, The limit should be 2 and if you’re over two, you need a lie detector test to compete.

    Pedro you’re the best at being a thorn and not caring who you go after as long as it’s the truth. Why not interview these guys, push a bit. You dont’ find it funny what they did to Winky? Give him a call.. Look at the Khan fight now, they aren’t using VADA.. go figure…

  • Pedro, I’m not sure about Floyd, but I’ pretty sure Oscar has pissed hot at least once before. Because if it wasn’t true, when Bob Arum mentionned he did, he never said a dam thing and certainly didn’t sue.. He never even mentionned it.. Cause he was guilty

  • I have no idea if either has used PEDS but why would anyone believe the NSAC? With some of the worst judges in boxing and worst decisions outside of Texas and in a gambling environment I would not believe a word they said. They are no more legitimate than the WBC, WBA, IBF, or any of the other assorted criminal organizations.

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