Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Floyd Mayweather Sr.


Dubai, Arab Emirates– Every since I’ve known Floyd Mayweather Sr., and that goes back some 30 years or so, he was always a “weird” guy. And when I mean weird, what I’m referring to his always trying to do his best to be an asshole of with a big mouth. As a fighter, I watched Ray Leonard beat him when Ray was climbing the 147 lb. ladder. All in all, Floyd Sr. was world class, but in the mode of “fringe” contender. He retired from boxing and within a few years was he was hustling rocks, meaning the elder Mayweather was a “mid level” drug dealer. When he tried to move up with a big score, Sr. was nailed in a multi-state drug trafficking charge that put him in Federal Prison for several years.


When it comes to training fighters, Floyd has trained Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, to name just two of the several mean he was worked with in the last decade or so. A good motivator, a decent teacher, the problem some fighters had with Floyd while working with was his big mouth and that he would yell (berate) them in training. At the end of the day, Floyd got his fighters in good condition. Although Floyd is lauded as one the better conditioners in boxing, his success rate in big fights was dismal.


Oscar De La Hoya lost under Floyd, as did Ricky Hatton, who was beaten on like a drum by Manny Pacquiao. Mayweathar’s game plan, according to Floyd, Ricky abandoned it after the first bell rang. Mayweather’s had some success, but when it comes to “bringing, or raising” a fighter to the level of the upper echelon, he’s failed.


Mayweather Sr. was always good on the “punch mitts.” Granted, there was a lot of theater involved, but he would keep his guys working the entire three minutes. That is no longer the case, as Floyd starts coughing heavily, thus the mitt work is suspended until he catches his breath. This “lung condition” might have something to do with the fact the elder Floyd did a lot of Cocaine, a good portion of which he either free based (smoking pure Cocaine) or smoked Crack. The fall out is that fighters are no longer asking for Floyd to work with them as word has gotten out about his breathing difficulties.


More people die from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease than do Cancer from smoking. It is a malady that destroys the lungs over time. My mother died from COPD in 2006. She died a horrible death. Bottom line, COPD will eventually kill you.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Worljamn,

    U r a friggen idiot, a buffoon, clown, ignorant, I can go further. Floyd’s sr’s health is preventing him from doing what he does best in the gym, working the punch mitts. I won seven amateur titles my friend, four recognized Golden Glove titles.

  • Good riddance.

  • No freakin’ way was floid senior EVER world class,Pedro, what the devil are ya smokin’, ol’ floid was a tomato can!
    When a manager and coach develop a young talent, for the 1st year or two, they feed him cans to build up his confidence and give him experience…and ol’ floid senior was simply a can for a young green Ray Leonard who’d only been a pro for maybe a year-and-a-half. floid sr never cracked top 10 and getting knocked out by a young green novice Ray Leonard is the highlight of ol’ floid’s inadequate career.

    He’s a bullshit con-artist; he ain’t even a good coach. Look how he abandoned Hatton while Hatton was laying there unconscious. Never on time for training sessions neither; keeping a world-class man like Hatton cooling his heels in the gym waiting for that ol’ convicted coke dealer to show up. Tardy and unprofessional, a joke-coach if there ever was one.

  • Good riddance to that ol’ coke-dealing convict bullshit artist floid senior.
    ..and on Jan 24, lil fraud floid junior and uncle crackhead roger will both be in court for beating up women. Hopefully the judge throws the book at both these cowardly repeat offenders who both have very long rap sheets for run-ins with Johnny Law.
    Eh, maybe lil floid really was serious about cleaning up Boxing after all, couldn’t start in a dirtier place than his own pucked-up bunch…

  • Mayweather is a Gas-Bag… I know a guy who has come up on the back end and moped up his work. One of them trained Chad Dawson after Mayweather got done with him and was surprised at how poor a right hand Chad had.

    While I certainly wish him no ill will… This is the same guy who upon his prison release, where he was responsible for distributing narcotics to kids… One of the first things out of his mouth was his calling Angel Manfredy (who was working with troubled inner city youth at the time)… a BUM… And when he was done with that, he basically claimed all credit for his son’s prowess despite the fact that his brother Roger guided Jr. through the Olympics and right onto his first world title… And these are things I will never forget. Anyone who wants to see what I am talking about can see it on HBO’s pre-fight segment of Mayweather – Manfredy.

    In fact, it is a well known fact that Jr. immediately eroded as a fighter the second Daddy forced his way back into the situation, following the Manfredy fight… Before eventually being fired by Jr.

    He had very good success working with Oscar De LaHoya and I won’t take anything away from that. But that aside, he has been little more than Freddie Roach’s personal ‘kick-toy’ come fight night for a long time… During which time he has called Freddie every name in the book and done everything within his power to insult Roach… Some of it even done so in PASSABLE ENGLISH!

    I certainly don’t wish ill will on the guy but he’s not exactly the most sympathetic character in the world.

  • Hey man, what was wrong with my comment re. Floyd Sr.? Come on man, that isn’t fair, all I did was point out that he trained De La Hoya when Oscar spanked Mayorga. Also the only reason that Oscar didn’t keep him for the next fight was because Oscar didn’t want to make things worse between Sr. and Jr. Really man…?

  • where’s everybody? HEEELLLOOOOW…..ANYBODY HOME?

  • THe article is suposed to be how Big FLoyd is retiring from the training position in boxing. Instead, this idiot who wrote the article has decided to put all of Mayweather’s shortcomings on blast as if WE the people dont already know that. Get a life man… WHo are you?

  • Sorry to hear about ur MOM P.Diddy. I had asthma as a child and used to think it was gonna kill me. That is truly a horrible way to pass. Also I’d like to touch on big Floyd free bassin or cracking it up. Now that u mention that and knowing PBF’s mom was a crack queen. Now u can look into the psyche of the man. The reasons for the erratic behavior. The insecurity, the little man complex, the violence. Imagine growing up with 2 drugged out parents. Damn the kid is a success story just being alive and not a killer. I hope well for all the Mayweathers

  • Pedro, Nicely done.
    Its about time someone told the truth about this bum. He couldnt carry Freddie Roachs jock strap.

  • if majority of people in this planet is happy seeing you suffer .. something must be wrong with you.. you need to change floyd.. for the better..

    this is the first time i saw a trainer that if he’s fighter wins, he tries to take all the accolades… but if he loses the blame is on the fighter..

    remember his partnership with ricky hatton.. after the malignaggi fight, he’s shouting that he’s the one who made hatton a better fighter regardless of the fact that malignaggi is a b-class fighter compared to hatton… he even thank hatton for believing in him and listening to him…

    but after pacquiao destroy hatton in 2 rounds.. he went to the reporters first and tried to save his name… “ricky did’ny listen to me”.. come on man…

  • Aerwin Carlo Abesamis

    nice article , mr pedro fernandez! keep up the good work

  • bigchucksahdowski

    In all honesty, how can you have so many ‘no comments’ or either one or two comment articles, and expect to survive. I am a huge boxing fan and yet I find so many of the articles to be extremely boring. They’ve got no “zip” behind them. The staff seems to be constantly changing and the only time you seem to get any feedback is when you pander to either Pccman or Maywether. The concept is sound, but here are what I see to be the problems.
    1 Boxing today is not what it was in it’s heyday. I used to have to decide what
    channel I wanted to watch because they’re would be two championship bouts on free
    TV that were airing at the same time.
    2 The huge advancement of MMA. I know that you cover it, but your website is
    essentially a boxing website. I think that that’s where the focus needs to be.
    3 To many “Pedro Stories” I know you did a lot in you time, but at some point
    it just sounds like you are trying to toot your own horn.
    4 Something needs to change. I’m not sure exactly what, but something needs to done
    to keep things more interesting.
    Those are what I see to be the negatives. The positives are that you seem to have an inside track on a lot that has gone on over the years. Some of the “Pedro” stories are good. It also seems like you do have some loyal followers. Anyway, I just wanted to give you my opinion on the site. Like they say, “free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it”. Best of luck in the future. Jeff Lowery

  • Now do you think there’s a little bias in that article. is it C.O.P.D.? You can tell this guy is a big Mayweather fan. By the way dude you spelled TOP wrong as one of your bold print headlines. You are as classless as your article while the guy you write about has accomplished more in his life than you ever will. Let me ask you Pedro? What have you ever accomplished?
    It’s obvious that writing isn’t your forte!

  • Mayweather trained De La Hoya when De La Hoya crushed Mayorga, after being out of the ring for an extended amount of time, but I’m pretty sure that you knew that… I’ve always felt that the Mayweathers live and breathe boxing, unfortunately Mayweather Sr. breathed something else too, but I wish him the best.

  • How dare you forget to state he was Chad Dawsons original trainer when he beat Adamek for the title. Bad Chad wasnt the same fighter after Sr. was removed from his corner.

  • If I were a Boxer, I would refrain from going too close to a person who has been coughing like a cow. Why? I would be afraid to get infected while in the heat of training, most especially if our trainer happened to be named Floyd Mayweather Sr.

  • Mayweather Sr. has no character to accuse the Pacman. He was jailed coz he found to be a drug dealer… wow he is accusing the P4P of using drugs?

  • Well, what goes around comes around! Since Floyd, Sr. started this steroids accusation to Pacquiao without any proof at all (just based on jealousy and bitterness)he is now reaping the things which he sowed. Poor fellow.

  • i hope floyd sr. can still recover from his sickness but i think it’s time for him not to involve himself in boxing anymore because aside from not being a good trainer, his opinion and all his talks about boxing are all pure nonssense…

  • Given Floyd Sr.’s unmatchable pride and arrogance (and the whole Mayweather clan as well), I doubt he needs any sympathy from anybody. So good for us, at least and at last we will be hearing less of your disrespectful, egoistic, racial slurs. May you rest where you deserved to be.

  • This is an interesting perspective to those trying to understand Floyd Mayweather Snr.The only issue I would like to raise is one of fact: Although Floyd Mayweather Snr. did train Oscar De la Hoya at some point, It is not true that he was the Trainer when Oscar fought Floyd Mayweather Jnr. I beleive Oscar’s trinaer for the fight with Mayweather Jnr. was Freddie Roach.


  • So Floyd lost 2 with De La Hoya (one was a robbery against Shane Mosley, and the other was against Hopkins in a weight class he hardly belonged in) and Hatton against Pacquiao. Yet won with De La Hoya against Mayorga and Vargas. Looked better against Hopkins than anyone has in a really long time. And took what was a clear loss to Mosley and turned it into what should have been a clear win, but instead turned out to be a robbery loss…

    Please turn in ur writer’s card

  • When he say nice things about people, i really appreciate it and my respect to him will return. I know he’s a good trainer but he should respect others.

  • Mayweather Sr. must stop vices and should stop ducking people and must be descent in the words he uttered, maybe when he do t he things i mentioned he might breath well.

  • it will be good for boxing if ever and indeed the Big Mouth will retire… hopefully the Junior will follow the Senior and will also retire…




  • good. that is the way to do article with FACTS. Weird is an understatement for the behavior of Mayweather family. Malice runs deep in their veins. People whom they envy or look down always some unnecessary “dressing-down” from them.

  • PEDRO don’t Kill Gayweather yet.

  • Good for the sports if he is totally gone. Good for him that he can take care of himself. Boxing will be peaceful again.


  • its not COPD, its Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Its just prim
    and proper for fighters to avoid Floyd knowing the trouble
    PTB will give them if they’d be contaminated. Its a highly
    contagious disease. He should not be allowed to be near
    anybody for that matter. by the way, how can he be cate-
    gorized as world class. I suppose not as a boxer or as a
    trainer. WORLD CLASS DRUG DEALER, maybe.

  • The difference between Roach and MayW sr is Roach is damage physically but Mayw Sr is damage mentally (retarded) and physical as well.

  • Yep that’s the result of too much smoking crack

  • no wonder, he talk a lot of nonsense! still high taking coke, hahaha!

  • Did he initially train his son most of his life? If so, I don’t think it’s fair to say “when it comes to “bringing, or raising” a fighter to the level of the upper echelon, he’s failed…”

  • I feel bad for Floyd Sr. Bad as he is, I hope he redeems himself and that he lives a lot of years.

  • Oscar won some decent fights with Floyd and if memory serves me correct he trained Dawson when he won the title aganst Adamek. But he did not last long as many fighters changed to differen trainers.

  • Hey Pedro:

    I read on boxingtalk that Tommy Morrison is fighting in Canada soon. How is that possible if he has HIV???

  • It’s a shame. I’ve never really been a big fan of Mayweather Senior as a fighter or Trainer and am even less a fan of Junior. However he (senior) is a character of the Boxing Game, albeit an annoying one but a character nevertheless and we can use all the characters we can get in Boxing. Hearing his crazy poems and rants on 24/7 against Freddy Roach when he (Mayweather) was training Hatton for the Pac Man fight was hilarious. He was featured quite a bit on that particular 24/7 series and talked a lot of BS. Only thing I regret from that was that HBO did not grant a follow up interview with Senior after Ricky was Flattened by Manny. Still, I wish Floyd Sr. good health and prosperity and hope he continues to be part of the Boxing scene. Peace.

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