Floyd "Soon To Be Smiling Again" Mayweather

San Francisco, CA– The past 57 days of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s life has been spent in “Solitary Confinement” at the Clark County Jail in Las Vegas, NV, this the result of a Domestic Violence beef with the mother of two of his children. While I am of the opinion that the penalty did not fit the crime, meaning having Mayweather pick up litter as part of a “chain gang” under supervision off of Las Vegas streets a few hours a day before returning to his cell to me would have been a harsher form of punishment and ultimately more embarrassing. Instead Mayweather, the best fighter “pound for pound” in the world of boxing today is confined to a one-person cell for 23 hours a day.


There are many fans who dislike Mayweather (43-0, 26 KOs) for being brash and his mocking opponents. But this professional since winning a Bronze in the 1996 Olympics has only come close to losing twice, one being when his hands hurt so bad he looked like he might bow out of a fight with Carlos Hernandez, while the other was his first fight with Jose Luis Castillo. There was a lot of heat on Mayweather after the first Castillo clash, but Floyd would silence the critics by clearly winning a rematch a few months later. Outside of that, Floyd has been flawless inside the squared circle.


To call Floyd reckless at times in nightclubs, with ex-girlfriends, and pool halls as well, I think that while he might not admit it, Floyd doesn’t ever want to ever go back to jail. That being said, if Floyd can learn to curb his temper, he will have three or so more fights and retire undefeated. As for potential opponents, Floyd would lick Manny Pacquiao like a stamp and expose Saul Alvarez for being as green as guacamole. The only fighters that could possibly beat “Money” Mayweather is middleweight champ Sergio Martinez and top 154 lb. contender Erislandy Lara, for they are both, and while some of you may disagree with me regarding Martinez, but the size of these two men could put Floyd’s unblemished record in peril. In closing, welcome home Floyd!

Pedro Fernandez


  • “I think you’re wrong on TWO points here Jim.”

    LOL! – Very Smoothly Played! … 😉

  • @JRock09 I understand that but again, they were already were promoting Shane Mosley as such & that was a bust! I agree, Floyd had it all but he was never promoted as such! It’s easy to say how he “could’ve been” promoted or how his image “could’ve been” BUT it wasnt & it worked out in terms of his success at this point! I personally think it worked out for the best because like I said, he’s really made people believe he’s this bad guy & he’s quickly becoming the sports biggest star, attracting both fans & critics alike! I think if he went the “Sugar Ray” route, he wouldnt have been a bigger star than he is now, especially not going up against media darlings like Oscar, Pacquiao & Mosley, or Rocky Balboa like figures in Cotto & Arturo Gatti! He had to play the bad guy & he’s succeeded!

  • Time will tell if Jim is wrong. It’s not impossible that it would end up happening if he doesn’t manage his money properly. Don’t think the guy is a lowlife, he was a nice kid at one point, but he is surrounded by lowlives.

  • I have to disagree with those who insist athletes/celebrities/public figures, et al set themselves up for making money after sports. How much money do they need?

    These guys are making multiple times as much money than the average worker makes in a lifetime. If they mismanage it, shame on them.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I think you’re wrong on two points here Jim.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I think you’re wrong on two points here Jim.

  • Simply put Mayweather is a low life. And surrounded by his ass kissing low life buddy’s he will end up like Holyfield…broke with a mansion he cant afford to live in.

  • @KB. I am not talking about changing his nickname to “Sugar”. Floyd could have been the next “Sugar Ray” type of fighter because he has the charisma, the smile, and the goods inside the ring. No he didn’t win a gold medal, but he was a highly decorated amateur fighter. If he was coached correctly and been media friendly(outside the ring) he could have had millions in endorsement money, that’s what I’m saying. Athletes need to set themselves up for after their careers are over and be cognizant that they have a limited shelf life on the big stage.

  • Jrock09, How could Floyd have been the “Next Sugar Ray Leonard” when 1) Floyd was robbed in the Olympics in 96, 2) They were already promoting “Sugar Shane” Mosley as such but he loss the fights that would’ve put him over the top(Vernon Forrest & Winky Wright) & 3) Pretty Boy Floyd or Money Mayweather has a better ring to it than “Sugar Floyd” Mayweather!

    Now while I agree his persona has gotten him into trouble, there was no evidence saying he did any of these crimes! He’s guilty by image, not by evidence, just like Tyson was! Call me naive but, I do really believe that his image is all for show, because outside the ring, he only gets in to this type of trouble when 1 of his fight is approaching! He has really made use of the term, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” because whether we love him or hate him, we all watch him & it works for him!

  • Martinez beats everyone 160 down!

  • Never said Lara was a big puncher, but he is an accurrate one. Floyd is an older fighter, who still has the reflexes but has lost the speed, especially footspeed and ability to throw combinations. He also hasn’t knocked out an elite opponnent in years. You can’t beat father time. If Floyd doesn’t retire soon, he loses to a young hungrier and fresh fighter. Thats if he ever decides to fight that type of opponent.

  • The man surely was wrongly brought up,taught bad values , experienced immortality with family with the way he talks, move and think. No fame and money can cover this up. Only blind followers or same level of thinking can truly admire the man known as the money.

  • Let’s see if Floyd can reinvent himself like Big George did his second time around. I think if he toned down his act he would gain a lot more fans. Floyd could have been the Sugar Ray Leonard of his era, but he decided to be a punk. In my profession, I try to tell these pro athletes that is a life after your career is over. Floyd earned zero money from endorsements; I know he makes a ton of money but he also spend like a fool and gambles like crazy. Look at talented athletes that have no earning potential when their career is over like T.O. or some of these other idiots that told people to kiss their ass when they were on top. Big George made more money after his comeback because he learned to play the game. With that said, I hope Floyd learned his lesson and becomes a better man. Just my thoughts

  • floyd is good but will decline soon, age will catch up to him and not even he can overcome that, expect him to lose before he retires but enjoy it while he is here…

  • Kp! please! Lara isn’t a big puncher because otherwise he would have stopped P. Williams (who lara was hitting in the face at will)and wat are u talkin about when u say floyd doesn’t have enough power at 154 and he doesn’t have enough offense? 1st! He has the highest punch/connect rate in history 2nd! floyd hurt cotto very bad in the 12th rd of thier fight with that uppercut and 3rd floyd has been very offensive minded in his last 3 fights (shane,ortiz,cotto) sorry kp you not making sence.

  • @KP, Lara is good but overrated. He’s a front runner like Amir Khan in that he looks great in the first few rounds. The only difference is that Lara has a good chin.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Are you describing Manny Pacquiao?

  • 3 more fights, immediately resume gambling and high consumption lifestyle, and countdown to bankruptcy is back on !

  • The king is back..! nuff said!

  • Lara would be dangerous. He’s a southpaw, much bigger and has good speed. Floyd doesn’t have any power at 154 and just isn’t active enough in my opinion. Way too selective with his shots, and while Lara isn’t superfast, he’s extremely accurate. The fight won’ t happen so it isn’t worth discussing.

  • Floyd will come out and ‘ACT’ as if jail was no big ‘thang’ (gotta maintain the street cred) but you’re right Pedro. I think Floyd was humbled by this. I mean, sitting for 57 days in a tiny jail cell for 23 Hours a day will give anyone some serious time to reflect. Will he ever admit that? HELL NO! But be that as it may, believe me when I tell you, Floyd will be doing things a bit different (behind the scenes of course) than he did before his ‘extended incarceration vacation.’ I’m actually curious to get Floyd’s take on the Pac/Bradley fight when he gets a chance to view it. Hope someone can grab him for an interview. What do you say Pedro? Peace.

  • FLOYD looks unbeatable as PAC is on a decline. Lara is a 160 pounder, i dont know if FLOYD will be good at that weight. He beats SAUL 10 out of 10.

  • Lara has no shot! No shot!

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