This week amidst bad publicity about a potential fight with former 140lb champion Amir Khan(28-3, 19 KOs), a fighter with no credentials whatsoever in the welterweight (147lb) division, WBC welterweight king and pound for pound superstar Floyd Mayweather asked his fans via twitter “Who should I fight? Amir Khan or Marcos Maidana (35-3, 30 KOs)?” Maidana is clearly the better opponent when you consider he’s actually had his last 5 bouts at welterweight.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather playing the "Khan" game

Floyd “Money” Mayweather playing the “Khan” game

However when you look closer, while Maidana certainly has earned the fight on the surface, he’s really no world beater to a certain extent. To put it mildly, he has no shot at beating Floyd. He will try, and that makes for what in essence would be a slaughter. Certainly a fighter who will fall right into the supreme counter punchers hands and make him look good. As effective as he was against Mayweather clone, or should I say “wannabe” Adrien Broner (27-1, 22 KOs) in a 12 round decision victory in December, Floyd won’t just be standing there to get hit. When he chooses to stay in the pocket against Maidana, expect the Argentiniean to be on the receiving end of hooks and right crosses.


If both Floyd and Manny Pacquiao(55-5-2, 38 KOs) win their next bouts, and thats no certainty (Manny must defeat Tim Bradley(31-0, 12 KOs) in their rematch in April), they certainly at the least need to enter some sort of negotiation. For as much as Goldenboy Promotions and Top Rank don’t appear to want to do any business together, Bob Arum and Don King could put their differences aside to negotiate a superfight if need be.



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  • I think real boxing fans like myself are tired of this Floyd Manny when will they fight guessing game .I am not interested in entertaining this until…..MANNYS CONTRACT IS UP……Then we can make a final assumption on this tragedy…lol

  • Good points Zak and KP.I’d have to agree with KP that GGG takes out everyone at 160 and under. I think one hell of a fight at 160 would be Kid Chocolate and Triple G. What do you guys think about Lara angling to fight tripple G? How would that matchup play out?

    I know all these matches are most likely not going to happen, but got damn it, THEY SHOULD BE!

    On a side note, man, wish there were more boxers around with Shane Mosley’s fighting spirit. That guy was willing to fight anybody anywhere, anytime.

  • Yeah I knew Curtis Stevens would get stopped and I was honestly surprised how long he lasted in that fight. I think Stevens, even though basically being dominated, did show that GGG could have problems with speed and movement. I alos saw a sparring video of Golovkin and Mosley from a few years ago and let’s just say Shane more than held his old. If a past prime Mosley could have that type of success, I think someone like Ward who is much bigger would be favored to win. I do think GGG is a special fighter though, and it will be interesting to see how he does at 68. For now, he has a lot of unfinished business at middleweight. I hope Martinez can somehow get back to his 2010 form because that version of Sergio gives GGG a great fight.

  • If mayweather is listining or anyone from his camp, let me remind them, the Gatti fight on PPV made Floyd, but that was set up by the Corrales fight which was on regular HBO, which I bought, and I created new boxing fans. But word to the wise Mayweather, no one fighter is bigger than the game. The Baldomir fight nearly crippled and destroyed the Mayweather Brand, and hurt his later PPV numbers as that was a dreadful fight, and he lost fans. Which if Floyd is the business man he claims to be, he would realize that, and choose a wiser path, in regard to opponents. At this point, you want to build on your success, not make a mockery of it. Never the less, the Mayweather camp will do what it wants to do, but it will be without my support if they choose to attempt a fast one, and i hope other similar boxing minds follow suit.

  • I find this an insult to intelligence, especially if anyone who considers themsleves a boxing fan would accept such behavior. For the laymen, yes its pure entertainment, but for the hardcore fans who support, the sport, i find it beyond abusrd to be antagonized with such nonsense from camp mayweather. None of the two vote getters, are even the best in their division. The average joe will support mayweather because they are of the world star crowd, and groupie hanger ons, like the attention whores, and wannabes that flood vegas during a major fight weekend then disappear for six months to a year until the next major fight comes around. but for khan and especially maidana, they wouldnt even be known if it were not for the hard core adudience giving them recognition. If mayweather considers himself a transcendent SUPER-STAR, then there is no reason why he shouldnt fight some of these fighters considered out of the realm of possibility. It makes sense since mayweather fights have become a circus and simliar to the hype of a Super Bowl, because Floyd is, as much as one may not care to admitt, his fights are the Super Bowl, and world series of boxing rolled into one. Therefore it is un-acceptable for him to choose in what I consider an EXHIBITION match. which a khan or maidana would be. But I am aware his groupies, and man crushes will argue GGG or Sergio Martinez or even Andre Ward, are too big, or what not, and Pacquio is with a different company, and I would agree with those arguments as well, but the differences is not merley that Floyd is asking us to watch his fights, but BUY them. And that there is the caveat. I am happy to PURCHASE Floyd fights, I am not against that, and in fact I would urge other to purchase his fights, or shut up, if here were fighting the aformentioned, but he is not, and that is the point. If floyd wants to fight khan and maidana, then by all means do so, I would enjoy them on premium cable, but not to spend on PPV. SO I challenge floyd groupies or anyone on his payroll to convince me otherwise. Because I cannot logically, convince myself to buy this fight, because the next one may be the big one.

  • Floyd vs. Khan or Maidina is not even worth watching IMO.

    I really don’t think you can call Floyd an all time great at this point. Clearly he was ducking Paquiao in 2009, and clearly he is ducking him now.

    Floyd is a cynic. I don’t think he even cares about his legacy. He sees himself as a “gangsta” who is outsmarting everyone by taking shi$$y fights and laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Zak, I think GGG can be outboxed by someone with superior athleticism. I see GG as just about unbeatable at 160, but at 168 I think there a re a lot of fighters that can beat him because he is short and not all that easy to hit. Beating guys like Curtis Stevens looks good on paper, but he was stopped by Jesse Brinkly. I think highly of GGG, but as I’ve stated many times before, if someone like Rigo was fighting the calibur that GGG is fighting he’d be getting the same buzz because he’d be knocking people dead. He is fighting B and C level fighters at best. Not his fault, but I see a lot of flaws that will be exploited at 168 against bigger fighters who he won’t be able to bully so easily.

  • JW, Herrera is a good fighter who actually has a win over Provodnikov and gave Alvarado very good fight as well. He just isn’t known. Hard for me to think of any big fights for him at this moment. Peterson just fought and a lot of the 140lbers have moved up in weight. Not a lot of competition out there, and if this is perceived as a tune-up, it’s one heck of a tune-up. Herrera should not be taken lightly. He has a good chin and it’s possible he can pull of the upset. he has the style to do so, as Garcia can be bothered by volume.

  • If anyone from 154 and under has the talent to beat GGG, its Floyd. No one at 160 beats him and only Ward at 168 beats GGG. Lara gets stopped by Gennady I think. Would be similar to the Angulo fight but GGG wouldn’t get busted up like Alfredo did. I know I’m in the minority here, but I think Floyd outboxes GGG for a hard-earned decision. As much as I love Golovkin, it’s hard to really bet against Floyd.

  • I can not believe Khan is winning in the poll. I think the whole voting thing is a scam.

  • Yeah? Just wondering if you think he should be fighting better competition given he just beat a beast in Mattysse? Or is it that 140 is slim pickings for a decent threat at Golden Boy?

  • Heard there’s funny stuff going on right now on the polls and some people can’t vote for maidana…I don’t have a Facebook so I didn’t try it…did anyone else experience this??

  • JW, Herrera is a decent fighter who throws a lot of punches, but has very little power. It’s possible Garcia could be outworked. But talentwise Garcia is a level better. Good fight though.

  • KP, thoughts Garcia vs Hererra?

  • To be fair Floyd is a welterweight,and GGG is a really hard hitting middleweight. I think after rising from junior light up,at 36/37,GGG may be a dangerous bridge too far,for Floyd. Don’t see him(GGG) realistically boiling to 153/154.

  • Why don’t I see a choice for GGG ?

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