"Freed" Floyd Mayweahter

San Francisco, CA- As I indicated prior, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was released at midnight August 3, 2012, this after checking into the worst hotel in Las Vegas, the Clark County Jail on June 1 for a Domestic Violence offense. Now Floyd can go back to doing what he does best, humiliate fighters with his superior skill set. Manny Pacquiao has clearly proved in his last two, if not three fights that he doesn’t belong in the same zip code, let alone a boxing ring with the more talented Mayweather. Although Floyd is disliked by many, that can be attributed to the fact he plays the “villain” so darn well!


Originally sentenced to 90 days in custody, this after a skirmish with the mother of his two children last year, Mayweather was supposed to spend 57 days in hail, but somehow his jail term was increased to 63 days. Housed in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, with one hour outside of a 9 x 12 cell that is a far cry from his Las Vegas mansion. Floyd moaned about the water, the solitary confinement, the food, for the first three weeks all he did was pitch a bitch!


With Pacquiao looking ordinary, if not old of late, Mayweather would probably make the most money by taking on fellow 154 lb. counterpart (WBC) Saul Alvarez, seeing Mayweather has the WBA laurels. After Alvarez dumps Josesito Lopez in September, a November match with Mayweather seems like a natural. As for one-time $100 million fight with Pacquiao, Manny and his promoter Bob Arum, whom I felt never wanted the fight because he would have had to kiss Floyd’s ass to some extent, have clearly blown a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Fight won’t happen. These two overpaid, overrated morons can both go straight to hell for stopping what would have been the biggest fight in years. Or the most anticipated. Gayweather would have likely run over 12 and the actual fight would have not lived up to the hype. Not sure who would have won. Whichever side made a better offer to the judges, I suppose. Boxing just sucks now.

  • Manny Pacquiao is still the financially wise fight for Mayweather…Forget about Pacquiao’s “lost” to Bradley. Everybody, except the extreme Pacquiao hater, knows he won. Manny pacquiao will beat him and then retires….

  • You obviously are swayed by Mayweather’s BS, or you are delirious or maybe both !
    By saying in the last two or three fights it is obvious that Paqman shouldn’t be in the ring with the GREAT Na,yweather If mayweather ever gets the balls to fight Paqman it will shock the world !
    But if it does my money is on the Paqmister !!

  • Pedro always brings Mannys name up when it comes to floydie… Clearly don’t like manny… Manny hasnt lost since morales , Marquez nor Bradley beat him… Floyd has and always duck risky fights..l Guerrero vs Floyd next, that’s Floyd m.o. !! Easy fights only !!!

  • Isn’t Alvarez’ biggest win a victory over Shane Mosely?

  • here we go again..the usual pedro’s old antics…putting manny pacquiaos name in every mayweathers column…cant you write something about mayweather that u wont include manny pacquiaos name sir pedro? i will read it anyway even without manny pacquiaos name on it…tnx…and btw i guess ur right on manny pacquiaos last 3fights..but put it in another column of yours and another title…

  • what is this? how is it possible? floyd doesn’t look 126 pounds and starving and dehydrated from being in jail? ha ha ha,,,

  • I think Mayweather should take on Erislandy Lara. But since Lara’s talent & skills far outweigh his marketability & fanbase…………

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