• Can’t floyd mayweather just get called an asshole for being one? The guy is a jerk at least in public anyway. Manny is a really nice guy. In public anyway. If I’ve learned one thing is nice guys get treated like chumps by bullies because they’ve got away with it for so long. Their comes a time when a quiet guy will stand tall. I really hope it’s pacman. You’ve got to question Floyd’s motivation. Kinda of like Ali’s when facing Fraser. Is there something that makes Floyd nervious? Ali turned up the rhetoric when facing a good guy that had the ability to beat him. Almost to fevorish pitch. Just like floyd. I doubt Floyd has the balls tho to ask the questions of himself that Ali did.

  • Pedro I understand your position. Dunkin was pusillanimous enough to run to a news paper and try to discredit you. You’ve been denouncing lies and corruption in boxing for decades now, and am pretty sure you could find an outlet other than yours to pick up the story and just ridicule the guy. What I’m trying to say is Pavlik is (probably) not guilty of Dunkin’s mischief. He’s just the latest victim of the boxing world (and Hopkins). Have a good sunday.

  • Not saying that. I said this months prior after buying a videotape of it via Paypal, Kelly’s falling off a stage. I said it happened, Dunkin said the contraary and called me a liar and Maxse printed it in a major US daily paper. It’s not OK to kill the messenger!

  • But Pedro, this seems to be a problem between Cameron Dunkin/Joe Maxse and you. And I understand Dunkin was his manager but maybe we should find a way to forgive and give people a chance to “rehab” themselves.

  • Sorry, when i said he was a bad drunk and had video of him twice falling off of a Comedy Club stage, his manager Cameron Dunkin got Joe Maxse of the Cleveland Plain Dealer to say I was a liar and that Kelly was not receiving re-hab. Maxse, an alleged journalist never apologized or printed a retraction when Kelly started falling off more than just club stages.

  • …too often… beautiful action… to heroes fallen from grace…

  • Gentlemen, we all love boxing and that’s why we come here to partake in these hot debates. We all have differing opinions and expressing them should not elicit the others’ ire, but all we are is human beings, and as such, we love to hate, sometimes, and hate to love, some other times. However we should all agree on a few things, and one of them is to extend a friendly hand to someone in need, someone who’s given us thrilling moments. That someone is Kelly Pavlik (there are many others and I, WE, haven’t done much to help, but we could start today). I just read how terrible his life’s been lately, and would like to expend a bit of the energy or time (and money in this case) to help, instead of the trivial back and forth we all to often engage in.

    It is not much, but I pledge to give $25 to help him, and Pedro or KP could maybe take care of this. And this could be a start to a beautiful actions from fans to show our gratitude to fallen heroes.

  • It took Pedro 4 years to come to his senses . I will remember where I was, when I first read this article . (Kennedy Assassination, , 9-11, Pearl Harbor, Challenger Explosion, Pedro switches sides in Mayweather vs Pacman non fight) I love it, even the staff writers don’t know what to make of Pedros switch.

  • I think it is actually kind of funny, because I think it’s clear Floyd is actually frightened of Manny Pacquiao.

  • I never left Pete, just enjoying all the rhetoric from everybody. Always interesting to read !!!

  • I will live to see the day that Floyd is broke.
    Watch and see. A degenerate gambler with cash-money sitting in a savings account(not brokerage account) with an army of sycophants getting paid to kiss his ass and scream Hard Work.

  • to me when I consider Floyd it’s less about him not fighting Mammy than it is that he is BAD for what is left of our sport. He comes from a severely dysfunctional foul mouthed IGNORANT family. Absolutely NO class. I am an old man and which no harm to anyone but I hope I live long enough to see him broke and ignored. All of his ass kissers will be gone but I’m sure he will still be a legend in his own mind.

  • HI pedro

    what a pathetic piece of writing this is. Here is why, yo call floyd the worst piece since tony ayala, since when was floyd a sexual predator like this guy? have you ever heard of ray robinsons 6 miscarriages? or ray leonards multiple beatings of juanita, while high on drink and drugs. carlos monzon throwing his girlfriend over a balcony! jake la motta, raping vicky? marvin hagler, battering his former wife bertha, ali battering his father? i can go on and on about this, but i shall stop for now.why does many pacquaio, get away with thes e assnine quotes about fighting for free, and you say nothing when the same skunt ran away from 50-50 & 40 million dollars!

    Remember, corrupt bobs 99 excuses & silly cooments about the truth?
    remenber, charles barkley saying im not your role model! no boxer or sports personality is my role model, if they are i have a problem.

    Read this book by the late boxing news corerespondent jim brady, boxig confidential.This guy was brave enough to condem arum & king to there faces, but yet you were here on this site worshipping that 2 time killer!

  • At the end of the day it comes down to this:
    Its your money Floyd is putting in his pockets and showing all of you on twitter. So, if you are entertained by him – everything is fine. If you are not (for whatever reason) – just stop watching him and his silly entourage. Simple as that.

    I’ve stopped following him over 8 years ago. I dont read articles about him anymore (except when Pedro turns his back on Floyd. hahahaha, …) nor do I watch him, his father & uncle and their ramblings on youtube anymore. I simply ignore him because he is what he is – a big balloon of hot air and I’m not interested in balloons.

    I acknowledge that he has sold himself better than any athlete before. Credit for that. But to be a great you have to prove it. And Floyd hasnt proved his “greatness” against valid opposition. He had his chances but he has ALWAYS taken the easy road. That’s fine – but dont consider yourself or such an athlete an all-time-great. Period. I’m done.

  • Mayweather said it:”If you watch me because you hate me, you are still a fan” At least he tries to sell a fight.

  • Welcome back Not Dundee…Missed your input.

  • Pete,
    At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself “Am I going to pay for this fight”? And if you answer Yes, then whatever Floyd says or does means it’s working. Because you and I either pay to see him win or we pay to see him lose. So whether you love him or hate him doesn’t really matter to him. All Floyd wants is your $$$$. And yes, I’m still a sucker for the “big fights”. And Amir Kahn is not a big fight, so I won’t be paying for that sad imitation of a “big fight.

  • And where is the loudmouth Fraud Mayweather Jr now? Still concocting another lie and excuse to counter the Pacman’s challenge to him for a fight. The natural reaction of a man not scared of his challenger is to accept the challenge and give his condition for accepting the fight. If he doesn’t want to fight for charity he can say so as a precondition for accepting the fight. But he is abnormally silent now in contrast to his usual mouth-running self. Where are you Greatest Coward of All Time? Why are you hiding now? It goes to show that indeed you are a duck and a chicken and a coward of the highest order and you want to fight the Pacman with your tweets only and not with your fists.

  • Can’t say anything I’m just so bored, tired, pissed-up,disappointed, frustrated,hard feelings,pls. just fight gay weather…

  • Wow, what an analogy. dondinero

  • Oh one last thing, it just occured to me, floyd is known to be an avid gambler. not saying its right or wrong. thats his business. Amercians should be the lsst to judge anyone about gambling ie think superbowl, but lest we forget, one Michel L. Jordan was an avid gambler as well, and before anyone wants to kill the messenger, im just saying it is a fair assesment to draw parallels, between what FLoyd does, and what Jordan was known to do, and we must bare wittness to the eventual outcome of Jordans little ugly secret, must be seen a warning to things getting out of control, no matter who you are what what you think youare, if jordan could be touched, and tyson to an extent than anyone can, anyone! if you follow what I am saying.

  • I jumped on Manny like a trampoline for not taking the tests. Now it is Floyd’s turn!

  • But i dont want to follow the racial undertones of our hate of Mayweather. I just want to say its not his fault, it is a sign of the times, just a generation lost, because, meaning and values, have been replaced by gross materialism, what social scientist decades ago labled as generation X, of which I am, and now our children which is Y are apart of. So without meaning and values, Mayweather is the blind leading the blind. And the second thing is The superstar athletes, the Tyson’s, De La Hoya’s, Shermans, and now Mayweathers, are superstartes from birth, like Lebron James, and Koby Bryant. One of my favorite quotes of all times from any athlete’s was Lebrons James, after losing too the Dallas Mavricks, He quote on quote, adressed his “haters”, with something to the fact that “At the end of the day you all can say what you want, but you all have to go back to your lives and I will wake up an still be Lebron James”(i.e translated you all are average joe losers, who will still lick my balss, because im rich and famous). Its a symptom of spoiled athlete growing up privalleged, and never having to live in the real wolrd, and you know what its not their fault(bare with me). Its all the cheerleaders, and fans faults that support their team winning, at any cost, look at Florida St’s QB, and even our own 49ers Aldon Smith, walking scott free, because they can win a championship. But the hypocricy of society is what more appaling the any Mayweather, even though I do find him gross. Because as soon as Winston or Aldon is no longer a superstar, and they F-up again, the same fans that bought their jersey’s knowing the truth, will burn them, when they can no longer provide entertain,emt. But at the end of the day history shows us the tysons, de la hoyas, and kobe’s of the world, all fall from grace. Its a fact like there are 365 days a year. Mayweather will fall, and not just 30days in jail. I follow the sport of boxing for entertaiment, but more and more I do find myself asking myself when and where do I draw the line. When do I say “okay, I can support that, but I cant support this” I mean Im not even sure I do draw the line, because I dont blame Mayweather, and I just consider him a clown, not in the sense he is foolish, but like all clowns, he is here for entertainment, and thats it. Which in my opinion, that opinion is more offensive than any moral sermonizing if you truly analyze it. If you see the truth behind such a statement.

  • Hey pedro, i think you are being a hater. I mean I agree with you, but it is a form of hate, but like a poooleeece officaaa…, its the job of the true journalist to tell the objective truth, and not just enjoy free lunches and press passes, which is why I visit this boxing site as my last job of following and researching the sport, for some say trash, and some say truth. I look at maxboxing and boxingtalk for entertainemnt, and cheerleading(i.e what the masses think), then I see your site last to get the nitty-gritty. My opinion is hateful, because it is in opposition to one Money Mayweather, but I am going to play devils advocate, with you Pete, in the sense that Im going to say Money May is not to blame here. I truly believe it is merly a sign of the times. He is appealing to a certain demograph, which is his fans, which are of the hip-hop genre, and a carefully plotted strategy to antagonize “White America”, for instance him getting in the face of the proto-typcical whitey Larry Merchant. While not going into that, because at the end of that argument is racisim. We hate Mayweather because he is young, black, rich, and outspoken. Read all the Richard Sherman diatribe. MY other opinion is both sherman, and may, put the bait out there(RACE). Some say its nonsense and just spoiled athlete, which I feel is the number one cause, but it does have certain cross-cultural meanings in America, because sports is THE NEW religion in the good ol USA, and blacks are the face of it, sooo we must adress all aspects

  • Thanks Shane. Late night last night, thanks for your input.

  • Hey Pedro… When Floyd was talking about fight Alexander, you screamed that he should fight Guerrero. Floyd fought Guerrero. Then you wanted him to fight Canelo. He fought Canelo. He does what you requested and now you’re bashing him??? Your sudden turn from Mayweather to Pacquiao doesn’t make much sense.

  • Pedro, don’t forget also that Floyd also suckerpunched Arturo Gatti during a break in their fight.

  • If you can’t see through Floyd’s BS than you should just shoot yourself!!and FOK Floyd and his Sh8t

  • Hey Pedro, Did you write this? It seems out of the ordinary and also a few misspellings aside with the bad text overlapping.

  • Great point Mr. Fernandez. When will the main stream American media stop protecting this great American fraud? Too bad Showtime got suckered with that 6 fight $200M deal that they have no choice but protect their investment. We can’t write Pacquiao off just yet because he still has some gas left in his tank. Pacquiao at 75% is still better than most welterweights at 100%, thus Floyd’s reluctance to fight him. If only more writers start telling it like it is just like yourself, the pressure will be on both Showtime and Fraud to make the fight happen.

  • glad you saw through floyd’s BS. He can fool some people all the time, all the people some of the time but not all the people all the time.

  • Too late Pedro. Flomoes like you built a Diva, a monster that you now seek to tame. He has made money out of you fools, he doesn’t care about you fools. You fools together with Floyd destroyed the sport of boxing.

  • Floyd has been playing with his fans since he changed his name to MONEY Mayweather..All he wanted is money from the fans like when he joined the WWE fight years ago in an exhibition fight..He thought although WWE is not real fans still spend money to watch their idols with their fake “skills” inside the ring..

  • Good stuff Pedro! The media should keep pressuring the 2 to fight. The BWAA should do something to make this fight happen. Manny has already stated that he is willing to give some concessions to Floyd which is rightfully so.

  • Your feelings hurt man? And I’m sure there are a lot meaner guys than Floyd. Maybe a certain politician who has his political rivals attacked?

  • Glad you have finally seen the light Pedro re Mayweather, his choice of opponents since Castillo and his antics whilst trying to portray himself publicly as a man of the people.

    Many have posted ‘anti Floyd’ messages on your site, myself included, and you have aggressively defended him and your ‘anti-Pac’ stance.

    For me, it was never a question of whether Floyd would beat Manny, he certainly has the skills to – What I have said all along is that Floyd is terrified of Manny. Floyd has tried to appear to push for the fight over the years but then ensured there were too many hoops and obstacles in Manny’s path to make the fight.

    Floyd has also dodged quality fighters at their peak in their prime weight classes over the years. He waits until these top guys have fought and beaten the crap out of each other before he invites them to the dance (Cotto) – or he will pick on the ‘slow of foot’ hype jobs that suit his game (Canello) – or he will flat out ignore them and hope they go away (Paul Williams).

    His post Castillo career is a classic “Emperors New Clothes” job and too many of you have been taken in.

    Floyd has been a superb business man and is to be commended for choosing the lowest risk for the highest reward – but as a fan, I feel I have been conned/cheated and I am embarrassed at how history is likely to view him alongside legends who dared to test themselves, like Robinson, Leonard, Ali to name a few, when in truth he’s more like Marciano, beating up on has-beens and never-where’s (Ouch, lol)

    In closing, good to have you on board Pedro

  • Thanks for this piece Pedro, hope you are well. What are your thoughts that Manny and Floyd fight their last fights against each other and ride off into the sunset with a huge bank.

  • Yeah, fmj is an evil, coward, narcissistic prick who
    doesn’t care about anybody but himself. He only wants to fight Manny in twitter not in the ring.

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr is a TOUCHER and NOT a BOXER. I like to watch BOXING and I become very sleepy when watching TOUCHING. To prove, look at the opponent of a Boxer after a match wherein the Boxer dominated almost all of the rounds in a fight. Then look at Floyd’s opponents after their bout in the last few years wherein Floyd dominated all of the rounds. TOUCHERS don’t hurt their opponents. They just annoy them (and me for watching it).

  • Floyd is just being Floyd, much like Floyd Sr.
    I mean to say that he probably doesn’t know the negativity he is projecting but that’s because of his education (or lack of it). He has discovered the power of money and what it can do for him. Before he gets involved with a woman, he makes them sign an agreement that whatever expensive jewelry or car he buys them should be returned if their parting is not so favorable. Just listen to Sr. and Jr. talk, it’s like a perpetual dummy that only knows the words “motherf__ker” and “shit”. If they only use their hard-earned money for their education, they probably would fit well in any society. They’re just dysfunctional, that’s all.

  • Your observation on Floyd is shared by everyone worldwide except for his moronic minions. Nobody in the history of all sports has an athlete so publicly despised, insulted, humiliated, bad-mouthed, invented libelous lies against another “without any provocation”. Yet the most cowardest thing is Floyd has wasted most of his bum career hiding and inventing the most idiotic reasons to avoid getting in the ring with Pacquiao. Mayweather’s persona is so strange/abnormal that u can only conclude that deep inside he is suffering from a large dose of insecurity, mental torture, ENVY, and 24/7 nightmares over Pacquiao. The only way Floyd can solve his problems is to CONFRONT and FIGHT Pacquiao but his cowardice prevents him from doing so. Lastly, the GREAT ALI might have always taunted his opponents but he always made sure he intended to fight them UNCONDITIONALLY and he DID. Mayweather is just a total disgrace to all athletes.

  • Mayducker talks like a snake typical of a devil lunatic …I appeal foyd cott

  • Probably, you are not getting a lot of hits and wants to prop it up by telling what have been known to the whole world ever since, that pacman is the good guy here and gayweather is the bad guy who does not want to fight. good on you anyway its not too late to make amends.

  • No J, I just saw through the bull spit. Still would make FM the betting favorite. If September happens, provided Manny wins and Floyd too. As some point it’ll be a fight and although he may even win, like KP said on Ring Talk, “Floyd doesn’t want to fight anybody, he wants to box guys that are slower.”

  • what happened to your sudden turn around these days pedro? the last time you were bashing pacquiao pretty hard and giving all mayweather the props. have u discovered some things that made u bash floyd and praise manny this time?

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