Floyd Mayweather Doing "Perp" Walk


San Francisco, CA– Having been a San Francisco Policeman, as well as working for the San Francisco Sheriffs Dept., which controls the incarcerated of San Francisco, which is both a city and county, I can tell you that unless he’s a sociopath, mass murderer, rapist or the like, that “Solitary Confinement” for 23 hours a day is “cruel, unusual, and inhumane treatment” of a human being. I’ve seen guys who were jailed under these conditions break down in a few days, let alone weeks or months.


I know he deserves some punishment for accosting his ex-girlfriend, taking her phone and causing a scene in front of their two kids. Bit solitary confinement? F**k, this is not Charles Manson, this a man that has had violent and emotional outbursts that probably should have landed him in the slammer before, but 23 hours a day in a cell all by yourself, that’s beyond the pail here. Not to make fun of this at all, but when I worked in the San Bruno Jail for the Sheriffs Dept., I found the Gay tier the friendliest of the then 80-year old and now razed jail.


Look, I’m of the opinion that O.J. Simpson killed his wife and her boyfriend. But what the Clark County officials and a jury did was nothing but “payback” for his acquittal in California. No criminal convictions prior and they gave him what in all likelihood will be a life sentence! This is the same state that used to put people in prison for a single joint (marijuana cigarette). For you Manny Pacquiao fans, I understand your joy because Floyd would have destroyed the legacy of Pacquiao if they were to fight, that’s why promoter Bob Arum and Manny “ducked and dodged” the fight for over two years. And before you come with the bull spit, Manny said in January he would fight Floyd May 5, but “Floyd was going to jail.” Within three days it was announced that he could fight that date and Pacquiao went mute for a month.


For those of you that refer to Floyd as the “N” word, you, like Pacquiao fans are rejoicing at Mayweather’s current predicament solely on racial issues. If you had your way, he’d be on a chain gang breaking rocks with a sledgehammer. In closing, I’m not saying Floyd doesn’t deserve to be punished, but in this cruel and inhumane manner.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Pedro, -I know you don’t, but I have to say it anyways, -don’t listen to these jokers tripping about you playing some kind of race card. Or Pac-Hating.

    I dug the article because it’s true, solitary confinement, even for Floyd, -is out of line. Dude might have broken some rules but he isn’t shanking people on his tier every week or even calling shots.

    And I don’t even like Floyd, I’m more of a fan of Pac. But even more of his trainer Freddie Roach.

    It’s cool to hear the stories of when you were a cop in the Bay Area, it gives a little more depth and context to the articles, and shows people you have always been legit. -more than I can say for just about anyone else in the boxing game.

  • Come on dude “Man Up”. Its only 87 days. When I was his age I could do 90 days without any reservation. He’s lucky he has $$$$ and was able to plea bargain that shit down? If Little Wayne and Lil Kim can do 1 year, I know Money can handle funky-ass 87 days. Once he’s free, he’ll bounce back and will be able to talk shit again. Only now, people will see now how soft he is when it comes doing time. Money you have to understand, there are alway consequences even for people with money.

    Hang in there bro!!!!

  • Of course it is unjust.Let Mr. Mayweather serve his time in a secure halfway house, if not his own home.The 87 days must seem like forever.

    Stay strong, champ. You are being tested on another level.

  • Rick…..Floyd has all the money in the world. Guys like PAC and Floyd aren’t hurt but having to pay petty cash for their mistakes. Taking away Floyd’s ability to do what he wants, when he wants is definitely “Hitting him where it hurts most”. There’s no one in CCDC who is waiting on Floyd, hand and foot, telling him how special he is and agreeing with every idiot idea he has. This is situation for Floyd right now is exactly what he needs…it’s a humbling experience and hopefully he takes the positives from this ordeal to come out of this better than he was going in. Floyd’s a big boy…he will be fine… It sucks, but it’s Jail! LOL…Not many people are planning their family vacations at Clark County.

  • Right on Mak!! The only red thing on badguy is his hair!!!!! Thanks rock bigups!! Big ups Pedro!!! And Jackie why are we commenting on PBf doing his little time?? Ur right 100!! You do the crime u pay the time. And god knows if it was me or Pedro who threw a beatdown on our chicks we would be hurried under the jail!!!! PBF is lucky to have a couple weeks. But still to see a Canadian fronting on an American is pissin me off!!!! Hey guys do u know where Canada is?? Is that a country??? Or do they wish they were Americans still????

  • BTW… Floyd’s not falling apart in there… He is FAKING IT!

    And considering how HUGE he has already gotten over so far… Why shouldn’t he pull the crybaby act and get the Liberal Bleeding Hearts (like you Pedro) to bend the rest of the way and let him walk?

    If I were Floyd and had gotten over as much as I have already… Hell yes I would go for everything else and pull what he is doing.

    Ross Thompson is on record saying that Floyd needs to “tough it out” and “not let people see him weak like this” … With respect to Ross, I don’t think he has considered that Floyd is acting this way for a REASON… Floyd’s acting this way because he knows it works on people like Pedro.

  • Martha Stewart did 6 months….well said Jack…Man up pussy boy…lol

  • He isn’t even in a real prison. It is a Detention Center. And he is in his cell 23 hrs a day for his own protection.

  • They should have fined him, say, half a million? Give it to the victim and be done with it. Hitting him where it hurts the most (his wallet)will make him think twice next time.

  • And if Leona Helmsley, at age 73, could make it EIGHTEEN MONTHS IN PRISON… Floyd can make it two months in JAIL!

  • If Martha Stewart, in her mid 60’s, can make it SIX MONTHS!!! Then Floyd can make it TWO!!!

  • Sorry ur 40ish and still white!! I can tell, u have the degree and a chip, and how much native American do u have 1/18th?? Like I said most civil people don’t revel in others misery, also your waaaaaay off the greatest country in the history of mankind is and always will be THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is our world you all just live in it!!!!!! In our country there is compassion for our fellow man. In our country blacks went from slaves to highest office in the land!!!!! How many people of color have held lead office in Canada???? In Gods true land th USA founded on his principals we believe in second chances!!! We love the underdog and if you prove your worth we will forgive, not judge(like u). Judge not least ye be judged first, let he who is sinless cast the first stone!!!! Guy have u done no wrong in your life?? FREE PBF!!!!!

  • Internet Tough Guy

    It’s Jail not a resort.. it’s supposed to suck and you are an inmate who has to eat what they serve you.. MayBaby needs to stop being such a PrimaDonna Princess.. Look at how Tyson did his time and then look at how this little Girly Guy fell apart in a little over a week.. LOL,

  • @ Robert Rios: I totally agree with you bro. I said it before, Arum needs to beef up Pac’s undercard bouts to drive more PPV revenue. Floyd and GBP made a great move by adding Canelo (an huge star in Mexico) and Mosley ( who has a big name). That PPV drew Floyd fans, Puerto Rican fans for Cotto, Mexican fans for Canelo, and Mosley’s fan base. I would also love to see Floyd’s PPV numbers against a Clottey and a Bradley. The deal is that in order to have a blockbuster PPV card you need two A side fighters and a solid undercard. Arum is doing Pac a disservice by not stacking his cards. Arum has helped to reduce Pac’s leverage. Pac needs to leave this guy ASAP.

  • Mr.Dizzj,
    internet tough guys? What does that have to do with anything? He committed a crime and pleaded guilty to avoid MORE jail time. What are you suggesting? Let everyone out of jail who committed a crime because they don’t like it there? Sorry to say, you are ignorant.

  • Y’know, Martha Stewart showed more cajones and psychological toughness than lil floid in her 5 months at federal prison. No cryassing over 10 weeks in county jail.

  • Makiveli, totally wrong RE “deduce from your comments you are a 30ish white male.”
    bradguy’s a 40ish Anishinabe from God’s country Canada, the best place in the world in which to live!(That’s North American Indian for you Yankee devils.) Damn right I revel when some A-hole miscreant finally experiences the misery due him…

  • He’s not in jail for “accosting” his ex. He’s in jail because he pled guilty to domestic battery. Accosting someone is not against the law. Beating the snot out of someone and threatening their children when they tried to call the cops is against the law. You having been a cop Pedro should know this. Nice way to candy coat a story. 3 months, I’d say he got off light. This wasn’t his first rodeo.

  • so many internet tough guys! I can tell alot of u guys have never been locked up sc is rough I know cause ive been there

  • Cotto got 35 percent. I think it’s more than fair to do 60 to 40 for PBF. Pacman generates revenue. And also supports all his own cards. I like Floyd and think him a good business man. This the cards with canelo under or a good dance partner ala cotto. I’d like to see the number PBF does without canelo or if he fought a clottey/Bradley type guy?? It’s really Arums and pac’s own fault the should find more marketable guys and make better undercards. Put Donaire under vs a good solid fighter?? I miss the days when Don King would put 4 title fights a card and have up and comers. It’s a shame he has gotten so old that guy was a promoter. A thief yes but a friggin genius promoter!!!!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    After JMM III, Pac didn’t deserve 50-50 and now he’d be lucky for 65-35.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    He beat a dozen or so Mexicans, thus rhe nickname. Rveryone but Chavez.

  • He just doesn’t like his living arrangements. 7 x 12 cell. His butt is only 5’8 and he can’t do pushups or situps inside? It’s like he is Dwight Howard. LOL He also is not eating because he doesn’t like what they are serving. Sorry, if there is no PRIME RIB tonight Floyd. All I know is he did this to himself. He plea bargained knowing that if he went to trial, his ass would have been locked up longer.

    In the words of the prosecutor at the hearing, ““Where did he think he was going,“the Four Seasons???”


  • Hello people he is in County Jail not Sing Sing ,Alcatraz or Pelicans Bay stop taking this out of context how many of us know friends or relatives who spent a little time in county jail he will be coming out like nothing happened laughing at all of you while he drives away in one of his Rolls Royces…..by the way he has to be getting commisary and all the junk food he wants unless Clark County does not have commisary like all the other jails do Pedro please enlighten us!

  • Pedro: Why would he negotiate with someone who doesn’t want to negotiate. It should be 50/50 and both men will make their biggest purse ever. Floyd can’t make that kind of money without Pac and Pac can’t make that kind of money without Floyd. Who else is out there for them to fight for? NOBODY.

  • Why would anyone care if PBF is in solitary? You do the crime you do the time. It’s unbelievable to me that this is even discussed here. Jail is supposed to be ugly and make you not want to return. Actually I think he is lucky. The longer he is in jail the longer it will take him to go broke unless his ass kissers are stealing his money while he is away and that may be happening.

  • mayweather and pacquiao both get what they deserve for waiting too long

  • PEDRO I remembert his uncle roger wearing that sombrero to the ring in his fight with the great julio cesar chavez, chavez whup him and took the sombrero away, roger was also calling himself the mexcican assasin, i guess racism runs in the mayweather family, chavez whupping him and making him say no mas was also poetic justice….

  • Pedro Fernandez

    He got a $6 million guarantee for Bradley. Manny refused to negotiate with Floyd.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Sorry Mario….His uncle Roger wore a sombrero many times.


  • lets make it this way..since pacman and floyd cannot fight inside the ring..then ill suggest to put pacman the same situation where floyd is right now and we will see who will survive…the one who has less to complain about will come out as the victor..looking in their past background i guess its pretty obvious on who will come out as the victor..one of these guys grew up in really terrible situation…the prison in which floyd is in cant be compared with what this guy experienced in the past…u know who i mean..struggling just to find a food unlike this prison whre in u can have the food already….hehehe..what do u think guys??

  • Hey PEDRO can you please get off of floyd mayweather nuts for two seconds! you going on saying you work in a jail while putting in your input, well i was a correctional officer at a woman’s prison for 11 years and i seen plenty of women doing solitary confinement sometimes for months and they were just fine, so floyd just needs to man up and do his time…

  • Pedro… Cruel and Unusual would be putting him in GP… And while I know where you are going with the analogy, actually, in a way he is EXACTLY like Charles Manson… In the fact that if Manson was put in GP, someone would specifically target him, just to get the “teardrop-tat”… You say he should be punished on one hand and then on the other say he should be sent home… Which is it?

    Look, I’ve never been in solitary and a large part for this is because I managed to get this far in life without beating my wife and threatening my child or doing anything else on his ‘sheet’… but I DO KNOW THIS! If I have to go in, I would get on my knees and pray for Solitary (especially for a nothing sentence like this) because as crappy as it may be… I know I’m not going to get raped, gang raped or suffer anything else these psychopaths he is in with are capable of…

    And for all your concern, can I ask a very loaded question? How Bad is Floyd’s Lawyer FIGHTING! Demanding that Floyd be treated fairly and kept out of solitary and placed in Gen-Pop with the rest of Clark County’s finest? You say he needs to be punished but not this??? If not this, exactly what did you have in mind? An ankle bracelet and 45 days inside his MANSION? Or maybe the judicial system can really send a message and have him do his time, confined on the Hawaiian Island, Lanai with five of his favorite ladies and forced to stay at the same Lanai resort Donald Trump was married at.

    I say leave him in there. It SUCKS!… Jail is supposed to SUCK! It is why they call it JAIL! — Maybe the guy will actually learn something!

    Of course I don’t want to see anything grotesque happen to him but all things considered, he’s already gotten over HUGE as it is. He already knows that he can 99% buy his way out of anything and at this point why should Floyd get further special treatment? And why just him? If it is so cruel and inhumane, shouldn’t everyone in Solitary be released into GP?

  • Tough s*** if he can’t handle it. Send him home? Pffft. He isn’t going home. Now he can rot in there and think about what he did. And then maybe he won’t ever do it again.

  • Floyd’s request has nothing to do with money…if you were in Solitary confinement for a few days you would want out. He has not killed anyone…shit I’m home alone for a couple of days and I even have to get out the house for a while. It’s B.S. Take Floyds name out of this article and replace it with an unknown or a family/friend , would you still feel the same about keeping the inmate in solitary confinement? It’s decisions like this that make the justice system imbalanced. Know that verdicts like this have an impending outcome for future cases…and can very well be for someone you know/love. FREE FLOYD

  • Pedro, Mayweather offered Manny $40 mil flat rate and you think that he should’ve taken it. Are you friggin serious or just plain stupid. The fight between pac and may will destroy the dela hoya vs may ppv numbers. Let me just give you some basic math regarding pac vs may fight.Let’s say $79.99 a pop for 3 mil buys plus $40 mil for the live gate. Well that’s about $ 320 million. $40 mil to pac and $280 mil to money may. Is that a FAIR split. Do you really think a 12.5% to 87.5% is FAIR. Grow up and admit that it’s your girlfriend mayweather who’s ducking and dodging.

  • Badguy you look like u suffer from ethnic envy. I can deduce from your comments you are a 30ish white male. Have a degree and a chip on your shoulder. Anybody who can relish in another mans suffering speaks volumes of you. I like most civil people don’t like to even see our enemies suffer. You can’t stand people of color why I don’t know. Maybe ur girl ran off with a black dude and ur still sour??

  • Justice is rarely served. It’s treated like the Oscar’s, IMO. Floyd doesn’t deserve what they are dishing out.

  • Money Mayweather is now Commissary Mayweaher Low on calories? Work the jail barter system. Make it rain! That’s your forte anyhow. This is all so very entertaining. The best fighter on the planet is hemmed up in Vegas- the second best fighter on the planet just got fight jacked via 12 round decision & Don King is up to his old tricks of robbing and skimming his fighters purses. Business as usual. I take back every thing I ever said about changing things. Leave it be! The sport of the poor and hopeless, dysfunctional and desolate. Love it for what it is and what it’ll never be. It isn’t dying but sure ain’t evolving. Eat your heart out UFC! You know you envious us.

  • Whats the fix then Pedro, General Population, House arrest or what else?

    If he were to get house arrest, this would just go to show again that because someone has money or is a popular figure that they can circumvent the sytem.

    I don’t blame him or his lawyers for trying, but now that it didn’t work, suck it up and hopefully in the future he’ll think about this experiecne the next time he has the urge to beat on women.

  • Floyd may leave jail looking like a lightweight, considering caloric deficit for 3 months, no real training regimen that can be supported it, and no way to increase calories (the ‘take it or leave it’ menu.)

  • free floyd! let the brotha go home, and fu k all these internet tough guys talking tough behind thier keyboards. downey jr, hilton,lohan got pass after pass wit the law b4 anything got done to them, floyd treatment is flat out mean and racist! this is his 1st conviction and he should be giving a break, he didnt kill anybody like donte
    stallworth(did no jail time)bottom
    line! let floyd out on the 1st of july and let him do the rest of on house arrest. boxing needs floyd nomatter how much we try to lie and say it dont

  • Only on RIngtalk would an appeal from a black-on-black crime tossed out by a Latino judge raise the specter of white racism.

    Oh and Manny Pacquiao too… LOL.

  • Pedro, why wouldn’t you post my comments from yesterday?

  • His request was denied, judge said if he was thirsty he could drink as water was provided and food was provided as well. He say it was self induced if he was dehydrated or hungry.

  • 12 days in, and publicly cryassing around over doing 10 weeks in county jail (not penitentiary)…what a wuss! Hah hah!

  • Poor guy…someone help that poor man!! I would have expected floyd to say something like “I was rich before I went in and I’ll be rich when I get out”!!! “three months aint nothing for me”….not crying about some solitare. and Floyd would get tested on the yard, celebs get solitare for their own protection. The bubious P4P title means nothing on yard.

  • floyd needs to learn a couple of things from Yuri Boyka..

  • You are completely wrong. He did not “accost” his ex, he assaulted her. He did not “take her phone”, he prevented her from calling for help and committed a theft. He did not “cause a scene in front of his kids”, he assaulted a woman in front of them and threatened to assault them if they helped her or told anyone. Now, if you can apologize for any of that, go ahead.

  • one more thing PEDRO, you brought up the race card but last i check the great FLOYD MAYWEATHER is a racist and bigot, he mock mexican americans fans in the de la hoya fight by wearing a sumbero and made awful racial slurs and anit-asian remarks about manny pacquiao awhile back on youtube, so he gets what a racist deserves!!!

  • PEDRO are you freaking serious?? will you get off of mayweathers balls for two seconds, floyd is a punk if he can’t do the time and don’t say it’s cruel and unusual punishment, he is not even doing hard time!!!! he needs to just man up and do his time like other men do…i was a correctional officer for 11 years at a womans prison and i seen women do solidary confinement for months at a time and were ok with it, floyd is being weak, if he cant handle it then he needs to change his life and stop acting hardcore because then he’s a fake…hhaaaaaaaa

  • Floyd is running on 800 calories according to the doctor that was given info on his diet. He’s used to running on 3000 to 4000 calories.

  • I agree Pedro. But I think maybe a work release for 6 hours to eat and train then maybe back to cell. That way he can train and people who felt he should be punished will be happy also. 3 months of solitary will break alot of strong men.. its too much..

  • Business as usually ! wait and see when the Two World Class boxers they ‘ll fight.
    Believe me ! it will be the last and te End of Many Pacquao.
    The fighter and the hard Hitman Pacqueao and the Master of Boxing today. Even the More talented than the Greatest Sugar Ray Leonard.
    The Style can make fight.
    For many years Floyd Mayweither was broken his right hand that why he never been bid puncher the way he was suppose to be but still manage to go to the distance to all his last fights.
    All i can say.
    The Iron Moka from Toronto.

  • Pedro,
    Are you Freaking kiddin me with this article. Palying the race card? and defending a fellon. It’s called punishment for a reason. he did the crime no he has to do the time. People make choices in life and he made his. Give me a break with this kiss ass article.

  • Pedro, keep writing about that juiced up idiot Pacroid all you want. These Pactards hate to hear the truth about his ass. They know as well as anyone that Pacroid ran from the May 5th fight like the bitch he is & lied about taking less money to make the fight.
    As far as Floyd being on lock down for 23 hrs I think that’s a bit too much for the so call crime he committed. We all know there are guys in jail for murder that get out on work release. So 23 hrs is in my opinion a little harsh.

  • Javier Saldivar

    No matter who you are, life has a way of humbling you. Just goes to show, no matter how much money you make, you still can’t take the ghetto out of someone. I hope that idiot learned his lesson.

  • I guess it sounds cool to hang and think he can relate with ex-con Fifty Cent, but apparently he realizes it simply isn’t in him to be in jail. There is no gangsta in Floyd outside the ring.

  • He’s definitely great for the sport. No disputing that. Thing is, its not like he’s doing Diego Corrales time. Summer vacation. He should be able to do that standing on his head. Jeremy Lin should send him an autographed basketball so homey can kill some time ballin’ him up on the yard. That’ll surely help prevent from deteriorating.

  • free floyd bitch? boxing needs him whether u like it or not

  • I ain’t mad at Floyd for trying. I’d do the same in his position. I’d hire the best of the best, no way I’d lay down without trying. I don’t know the exact details of what he did. Do you, Pedro? Did he actually beat the ex up? Not that it should even get that far but maybe the message here is don’t even dare thinkin’ about harassing laying your hands on her ever again? This may not also just be looked at as your basic domestic violence case. The man is a professional fighter- kicks ass for a living so he’s even more dangerous on some levels in what he could do physically to his ex. If so, if this is the judges mindset.. not a bad approach with what seems excessive. Maybe had OJ did some time for his prior abuse to Nicole Simpson she’d still be alive. I say that not because you mention him but I too believe he murdered both her and Ronald Goldman.

  • I have heard thru some very reputable sources Manny plans to visit Floyd to hold bible study. That and a gospel karaoke jam for him and the other inmates. Pedro, can you confirm????

  • I have to agree with Jeff. I too am a pac fan & not particularly a Floyd fan but i am a boxing fan & i read these sited to know about all boxers. We can argue all day of who ducked who. Don’t believe manny is afraid of anyone but the article isn’t about that. Would like to know more about how floyd is dealing with it. And why so much hate for Pac? He’s a humble guy that never talks trash & a hell of a fighter.

  • I disagree with you. He’s being kept in isolation for his own protection, if anything they should request he be moved to general population. let’s see if he likes that better. as far as i see it, he did the crime and he should do the time. It’s 3 months, not three years.

  • pedro i like the idea of floyd undergoing an house arrest..that’s a good point of you but your article shows again that your emotions makes u a bad writer..it feels like that you are so envious of pacman..i cannot find any reason why pacfans or pacman are being involve in this article..i will always say this, i am a pacfan but it doesnt mean that i am happy seeing floyd inside the jail…i care less about floyd personal life he has his own life and he deserve to have a privacy…once again pedro, i know that you are a good writer but base on my observation your hatred against the pacman and pacfans makes you an ordinary writer to me with less professionalism…by the time that pacquiao will retire from boxing and you cannot write anything about him anymore i guess thats the time that you will be back from your oldself as an outstanding writer…infact pedro im a fan of you..coz if not you wont see me reading and commenting in your articles..but as a fan i have to say this frankly advice…dont let your hatred against the pacman ruined your talent as a writer…tnx

  • I say stick him in general population…aint nobody gonna try to whoop the lb 4 lb champ….come on those guys will be on his jock strap (I mean that figuratively)I think guys would try and suck up to him(again I meant that figuratively)No one there would let anyone hurt the champ .When is the last time we have heard of a celebrity going to jail and getting beat up.The one disturbing thing I heard is he is complaining of drinking tap water and he only drinks bottled water.I hope he learns his lesson after this cause its obvious he not cut from the same cloth as 50 cent!

  • Pedro you are really going off the deep end with this Pac hate. Every Floyd article you write has to demean Pac in some form or fashion. It is just plain silly. We all know you hate Pac; can’t you just write an article and stick to the subject matter? As for Floyd; If you can’t take the heat going to jail, think before you act. And beating on your children’s mother is a straight up bitch move. He is lucky he only got 87 days. As for solitary, don’t put yourself in the position where your actions may send you to jail period. I have no sympathy for a child molester or a man beating on a woman. He needs to man up and accept his fate. The only person he can blame is himself, maybe he will learn a lesson and become a better person by the experience.

  • Pedro,
    We get it already, you HATE PacMan, but does every article you write have to include this fact?

    Stick to the subject, quite possibly he is being protected from other inmates.

    Or you may just have something in your cruel and unusual claim.

    Tell us more, what is he eating, how much excersize time, can he go to the library, are visitors allowed, etc.

  • Pedro,
    Can you not write about Floyd without dragging Pacquiao. You sound so obsessed with promoting Pacquiao’s bad image to the point it gets so irritating!

  • Why Pacquiao and Pacquiao fans are here in this article? The title should be “FLOYD MAYWEATHER ENDURING “CRUEL & INHUMANE” JAIL TREATMENT AND PACQUIAO FANS ARE RACIST AND ENJOYING.”

  • I agree. Send him home. He has learned his lesson. Enough is enough.

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