• Gents, let’s agree to disagree. I’m on the East Coast, under 18 inches of snow, got to go finish my cleaning. But I appreciate this nice debate.

  • 1200, I’m not “quick to call bob a liar”, he is the one calling himself a liar, and you’re the one defending him. As I said, Oscar was desperate to get the money for his “addictions” and he’d to anything. Who’s to say that fighting Pac was not one of the conditions to fight under GBP? Hatton had a say in what fights had to be made, Pac has no say whatsoever, NONE. He shuts up and fight who Master Bob tells him to. And what accusations have I made? What you probably mean is I responded to accusations thrown at me for giving my opinion, right? Please reread what I wrote, and make sure you don’t confuse accusations with statements of FACTS.

  • Todaline: You said “Arum feels that he groomed, spent time and money on both Oscar and Floyd, and the effing ingrates left him for greener pastures. He cannot and will not forgive that. King was a competing promoter, not one of his former “slaves”, so he never felt this sense of ownership he has with those guys.”

    My point is Arum DEALT with De la hoya to make the fight happen. Same thing with GBP and TOp Rank promoting the Hatton vs Pac fight. So despite thier differences, they MADE things happen.

    And yes I will not fight with Pac because he is with Arum is the NEW excuse. Tell me when that reasoning was used before.

    What’s funny is all the accusations you have made regarding other people hating on FLoyd, you do the SAME THING with Pac.

    It’s hilarious that your quick to call bob a liar but can’t utter the same thing regarding May and his well documented double speak or in other words, bullspit!

  • Man, oh man. KP, my brother, what Manny says and what Manny actually does (how ironic, it’s the same thing you say about Floyd) are two very distinct things. These guys have massive egos, and you agree with me on that, right? So if you agree and absolve Pac of any guilt, because he accepted RDTs, why point the finger to Floyd, after he said, Manny, you had your chances and you blew them, this right after the first round of negotiations. That’s when Pac decided to go down to 7 days. Too late, “dixit” (said) Floyd. Are the things I say as irrelevant as what you’re saying? At the height of this “guerre froide”, when we ALL agreed that Pac was the stumbling block to this fight happening, YOU were saying that Floys was ducking, and your stance today is the exact same, so how can you NOW be “convinced Floyd is ducking Manny Pacquaio”? Now as opposed to when? It’s always been your position, so my being relevant or not in my writing is perhaps not what you should’ve said. Perhaps you should go back and examine your past positions, mine have been the exact same the whole time. And by the way, remember how many times Manny has said he will take the tests only to say that it wasn’t what he said (I know what’s coming)?

    1200, he has SAID we will take the tests for years, and has gone back on those promises as soon as there were the slightest possibilities of the tests being done. You might remember him saying he’d train EXCLUSIVELY in the Philippines (which he hadn’t done before) with USADA saying impossible for logistic reasons. Come on 1200, the talk of not doing business with Arum did not start “all of a sudden”. Remember how acrimonious their separation was? Remember how demeaning Arum was to Floyd all these years, especially after calling him the greatest fighter ever, now he was to be run out of the ring by Cotto and everybody else? And so, if you all give a pass to Pac and say he has a right to show some pride, why is it that it’s only reserved to him? And you’re right, it’s easy for Floyd to make huge money without having to deal with Arum, therefore in his words, f**k Arum.

    1200, should I believe that you’re hypnotized by Pac and Arum because you’re defending them? We’re doing the exact same thing and it is pulling for “our team”. Why think that I’m “hypnotized”? In another thread I gave a definition of who I am: a CONTRARIAN. What I didn’t say is that I’m an analytic contrarian. And “failed” has become such a cheap word that it’s used to say anything and its opposite. Case in point: Pac is nowadays desperate to make a fight with Floyd, the same way Oscar was desperate to make a fight with Pac, his distaste of Arum be damned, money is good and he desperately needed it. So, fail or not fail, that is the question. If you do a little introspection into Oscar’s mind you wouldn’t be using that fight to promote the idea that they are/were in good terms.

    Ricky Hatton? What about him? Blanket assumption, maybe?

  • todaline: you mention arum considering de la hoya and mayweather ingrates…thats where you failed….pac fought OSCAR! there goes your theory…dont forget ricky hatton too….

  • Todaline: he has AGREED to take the test for years now so that reason is NOT valid anymore…all of a sudden, i won’t do business with arum because he’s a slave driver and i’m free now…how come that wasn’t an issue BEFORE? don’t be so mesmerized …somewhere along the lines, may figured he can STILL make money without facing his contemporary adversary that stylistically would pose the most problems for him…he has you SO hypnotized you make excuses for him even when he told you the REASON why the fight isn’t happening, but before, it was a NON issue! wake up! take your TBE hat off and see the light!

  • I stand corrected. Manny is obviously afraid of Floyd.

  • Before the barrier to the fight was that Manny wouldn’t take the random drug tests….Manny’s fault on that one. Now, that Manny says he will adhere to the random tests with no cut off, Floyd says he will never do business with Arum. Todaline….he was willing to business with Arum before, so whatever Floyd is saying now is just a BS excuse. Whether or not you want to admit it, it’s clearly obvious that Floyd is the reason the fight isn’t happening right now. Any thing you say Todaline at this point is completely irrelevant. Floyd for years made video after video telling Manny to take the tests. Now Manny will take the tests, and he has another excuse. I am now convinced Floyd is ducking Manny Pacquaio.


  • KP, the fact that Arum DID business with King only reinforce my point. King was not one of his fighter. Arum feels that he groomed, spent time and money on both Oscar and Floyd, and the effing ingrates left him for greener pastures. He cannot and will not forgive that. King was a competing promoter, not one of his former “slaves”, so he never felt this sense of ownership he has with those guys. I’m amazed by the fact that you guys are so eager to believe a conman, a man who has destroyed countless lives to make money, a man whose motto is “I lied yesterday but am telling the truth today”, while being so eager to go as far as reading between the lines to find something to blame GBP and Floyd. By the way, I read where you said you were “losing respect for Floyd”. When did you ever have ANY respect for him, besides the backhanded and FORCED compliments once he proved you wrong?

    Floyd being a Primadona is what makes him money, he knows it. Pac is a Primadona of another kind, a seemingly debonair Primadona, but still one who will say anything, everything to get what he wants. And just because it is said softly and with a smile doesn’t make it any less false, demeaning, ruthless, and capricious, just ask those who went against him in the elections.

    Look the way I see it, Floyd telling Pac he needs to leave Arum to get a fight, is that he knows Pac’s contract is about to expire and he’s giving him his conditions. Now, we can just interpret that the way we all want, but Pac could also say, OK, I’ll leave Arum if you GUARANTEE your words against 50 million dollars, no matter what, that we’ll fight. After all the last time Pac asked for 10 million for a fraction of a pound above 147, Floyd said OK and the fight didn’t take place because Primadona Pac was not done with his fear of needles, the stadium, the superstition, you get it (although I firmly believe it was Arum whispering in Pac’s ears).

    1200, if Floyd believed that Pac was on something, it was his right to voice his concerns and all Pac had to do to assuage him was TAKE the DAMN TEST. Instead he kept going back and forth, giving one ridicule excuse after another somber one, which reinforced Floyd’s “paranoia”. As for writers, they’re not getting punched in the face, and most of them, in the venerable words of uncle Roger, “don’t know shit about boxing”, they’re just after page clicks and thrying to make a name by, guess what, taking the same route they criticize Floyd for, which is say the most outlandish things, make a lot of noise, get a lot of page clicks, sell ads and get paid or get hired by the Ring.

    Floyd fighting Khan is way better than Pac fighting Rios, but I’m still waiting for the outrage.

  • I agree…

  • Bradley is WAY better and more deserving to fight top opponants than KHAN is! and I’m a Khan fan! In fact, Bradley should be fighting Mayweather if may decides to not fight pac!

    On a side note, I read an interview with Andre Ward and he said hands down, Bradley is one of his toughest fights he ever had as an amature or pro. Bradley has that GRIT.

  • Todaline: Even when Mayweather tells YOU why the fight AIN’T HAPPENING, you make up EXCUSES! Don’t be like the wife that gets beat but still goes on and on how her abusive husband is a good father…

    Here, in case you missed it:

    “We all know the Pacquiao fight, at this particular time, will never happen, and the reason why the fight won’t happen is because I will never do business with Bob Arum again in life, and Pacquiao is Bob Arum’s fighter.”-Mayweather

    Let that digest a little bit.

  • Come in Todalaine, why put all the blame on Arum? Arun was able to do business with Don King when necessary. Goldenbuy even said themselves they want a monopoly on the sport. Bottom line is that Floyd is a Premadonna. He wants to set all the terms. Floyd should get off his high horse and least go on the negotiating table. To just say that he’ll never do business with Arum is arrogance. If he doesn’t want to negotiate to help give the fans, the people who basically get him his money, the fight they want, then so be it. However he needs to stop putting the blame on other people. At this point he’s the one mainly at fault for the fight not happening. I have never in my life heard a fighter make so many damn excuses on why he shouldn’t fight another fighter. Now he expects people to consider Khan a valid opponent. I don’t want to hear another negative work out of Floyd’s mouth about Manny if he fights Khan. He rips Manny for Cherrypicking, when in essence he does basically the same thing himself. Just an arrogant self centered hypocrite that expects people to line his pockets when he continues to fight cherry picked limited opponents. You won’t see him getting a dime from me.

  • PJ:
    How many excuses has Floyd come up with in the past? How many roadblocks?
    Remember when Floyd offered 40 million and INSISTED on taking ALL the ppv money right before he fought Cotto..you know, Manny’s leftovers… tell me PJ, was that a fair concession at the time?

    DO you remember when Mayweather kept saying take the test, take the test, when pac already AGREED to testing?

    Here’s a portion of what May had to say when asked about why the pacquiao fight won’t happen right before May fought pac’s leftovers in cotto:
    “You all think I’m scared, I’m a coward? Well guess what? I’m a rich, scared coward. I’m a rich coward…And if that’s the case, why the hell would you want to watch me? I don’t want to watch no coward. I don’t want to watch nobody who’s scared and you all know for a fact I’m not scared. You all know that.”

    “Writers are saying, `Floyd is scared… No, Floyd cares about his family. Floyd is smart. At the end of the day, Floyd is smart. My health is important. My health is more important than money. They can take all the money and my health is more important. If they say, `Floyd, you can live a healthy life like you is right now, or you got to walk with a limp, and walk all bent over, but you can have a lot of money for the rest of your life,’ I’d say, `Take it all back.”

    So again PJ, I ask you in the same tone Tarver asked Roy in the second fight “You got any excuses tonight??? Why isn’t this fight happening NOW?

  • Dumb fight for him, but it allows Arum to keep the money in house, so smart move by Arum.

  • Dumb fight for Manny, as Bradley has gotten better.

  • Pac just signed for another pointless, in house, all top rank, incestuous fight with Bradley. The world revolves around Top Rank. Are there any other fighters out there worth considering? If yes, then why keep giving us these insipid prearranged “fights”? With each passing fight Pac’s “value” goes down, so talks of 50-50 becomes more and more preposterous.

  • … and back then the “best” had the cojones to tell their promoter to MAKE the fight, instead of the “my promoter decides who I fight” BS. If Pac wanted the fight he’d have said to Arum: sign the damn fight. Instead he hides behind his promoter, his fear of the needles, superstition, religion, pride, etc… PJ said it well. And once again, for the life of me, I don’t understand how people will go on this rant about the old timers fighting each other and the new guys won’t as if the parameters were the same. Promoters DID business with one another, Arum won’t do it. What’s so difficult to grasp? Pac is OWNED wholly by Arum, so all he does is fight whomever his boss tells him to.

  • 12 rounds, size of ring, gloves….all for 24 million.

  • Please correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Hagler give Leonard EVERY concession just to get him in the ring?? I used to enjoy when the best fought the best, to see who would come out on top…..NO matter the circumstances.

  • Pretty concise!

  • Hmm lets see all from Arum, Pac is scared of needles, Pac is superstitious, Pac gets weakened, Floyd doesn’t dictate the fighting dates, has to be 50/50, turned down 40 mil, Pac has a cut that won’t be healed in time but fought a month later, 4 months isn’t enough time to promote the fight, there needs to be a stadium built. That is 9 excuses. So who is coming up with excuses again?

  • Yes I read Arum’s comments, the same he has every time Pac has a fight and he needs to sell the fight. The problem is, Arum’s rhetoric never matches his action. Simple, Pac fighting Floyd will make him good money, but he’s not getting ANY options on Floyd’s future fights and if Pac loses that franchise is dead. So you don’t want to hear about the past, but how can a man who’s been cheated many, many times by his wife forget about the past and believe her when she says, let’s start anew, I won’t cheat anymore? The past is what’s preventing this fight from happening. Again, I’ll ask you all to look into how Arum does business. Any fighter fighting one of his fighter is already with him or needs to be signed by him. Arum’s fighters only fight Arum’s fighters, but Arum will keep telling us how willing he is to put Pac in with Floyd, as long as Floyd doesn’t go to jail, and when the Judge agrees to not jail Floyd then suddenly he needs a to build a huge stadium that will take too long to finish, I mean I can spend 30 minutes recapitulating Arum’s excuses here. So the question is: what makes you believe that if yesterday Arum was lying, he’d be telling the truth today?

  • That’s the problem….one excuse after another. First it was PED and drug testing. Then it was the money split. A few years later its Arum now. If Pac left Arum the fight would still not happen. It’s obvious that Floyd does not want to fight Pac for whatever reason. Only Floyd knows why.

  • Excuses! God, I hate to admit it.

  • Todaline:
    Here’s what Bob Arum has stated recently regarding the may vs. pac fight:
    “Absolutely. It can happen. It’s stupid if it doesn’t happen. They owe it to the sport. What, is Mayweather going to fight, Amir Khan? Who gives a [expletive]? We’ve announced we’re willing to make anything happen. Now somebody has got to contact us so we can sit down and explore how it can happen. Isn’t that the way normal people deal? You can’t wave a wand. I’ve said unequivocally, we’re ready to sit down and see if a deal can be reached.” December 3, 2013

    Here’s what Mayweather said recently ““We all know the Pacquiao fight, at this particular time, will never happen, and the reason why the fight won’t happen is because I will never do business with Bob Arum again in life, and Pacquiao is Bob Arum’s fighter.” December 20, 2013

    What say you Todaline? Don’t give me ANY banter regarding the past. Why isn’t the fight happening now?

  • LMAO to these comments. Pacquiao’s umbilical cord is directly connected to Arum’s navel, and that cord is short, in fact so short that Pac has not fought a SINGLE boxer outside of Top Rank in 4 years. Is everyone else ducking Pac as well? Or maybe Arum is promoting EVERYONE in or around Pac’s weight, except Floyd of course. Now, I’m pretty sure Pac would fight Floyd tomorrow, however Arum would never allow that, and you all are forgetting to add Arum to the equation. Again, Pac does not make his own decisions, he does not have that power, he works for Arum.

  • to me, if these two guys really wanted to fight each it would happen in spite of Arum, PEDS testing etc. I agree with PK completely. Floyd does not like to get hit just like Roy Jones did not like to get hit. Yet folks keep paying to watch him fight. Thats nuts. When Roy finally fought a semi credible opponent, credible I said not first rate, he got hit and it was good night. No wonder Roy did not want to fight a guy who hit back. Does Floyd have the same problem?

  • No argument here!

  • PJ: Leave your promoter so we can fight…that’s the biggest crock of spit served both this side and other side of the Mississippi I’ve ever heard in boxing! What happened to the good days of boxing where the best wanted to seek out the best! Pacquiao is the ONLY fighter out there accepted as the masses that could give Floyd a good fight… He has the speed and is dangerous for all 12 rounds…so why not give the fans what they want???

  • Floyd all day over Khan. Khan may lay back and be the mover and let Floyd lead…Khan’s only way for success. Manny says yes drug test me….no. You can have a bigger ring….no. 60/40 split, winner take 60….no. Lets fight for charity…all proceeds go to charity…..???? What will the answer be?!?!….my guess NO. Despite Floyd saying Manny only wants the payday for tax purposes.

  • I just don’t see how Floyd is ducking Pac. He does not want to enter in negotiations with Arum. Arum is the main reason. Arum has listed about 10 reasons why not to sign. Floyd has about 3. One being the drug test which now seems legit since there are plenty of fighters now doing the drug test and even some going as far to enter in year round drug test. Arum has constantly come out with excuses. Floyd going to jail in June but yet the fight would be in May. Needing a stadium built. Not enough time to promote the fight. Yeah like this fight needs promoting. If the fight was signed to today and they where gonna fight this Saturday it would still do huge numbers. Pac is 1 and 2 in his last fights. Yeah yeah folks say he was robbed against Bradley, I believe this also, so if that is the case he is 2 and 2 in his last fights because Marquez was robbed in the 3rd fight. Pac fights Rios and all of a sudden he is back. Please give me a break. He needs to fight Bradley again, lets see if he can handle Bradley. If he can then yeah we can talk about the fight. Fact is any boxer Pac has faced he has looked bad against or lost. Morales, Marquez and Bradley. Yeah Pac looks great against the come forward face first, can’t give angles type of brawlers but he has failed to look good against boxers.

  • Zak nailed it with Money/Maidana and Khan/Broner on the undercard. To me that makes sense.

  • Khan’s chin ain’t great, but he’s got more speed/athleticism than anyone else that Floyd has fought recently… and Floyd hasn’t knocked anyone out recently, except Ortiz… I think Maidana deserves the fight/money more, but I would much rather watch Floyd fight Kahn because I think Floyd v. Maidana would be more of the same (though, I give Chino the benefit of the doubt and think he might actually bring it a little, or a lot, more than Guerrero and Alvarez did)… and, regarding Khan’s chin, maybe Floyd’s thinking that he needs a knockout and Khan is his best bet… The fight I would really like to see is Floyd v. Golovkin… Floyd’s close enough to 160 and GGG doesn’t blow-up after the weigh-in… Super-Welter/Light Middle? That’s bs… If Floyd cares about legacy/glory he needs to go for the Middleweight belt… but, yes, he really should fight Manny already…

  • If Maidana vs Broner were on the undercard more people would pay to see that fight than Mayweather’s. By the way, Maidana would not be a credible opponent either. Danny Garcia and Pacquiao are the only real options for Mayweather at welterweight.

  • not a good fight I think… but moneywise this will probably bring in big big PPV bucks from overseas (stop thinking just American PPV buys Zack). Floyd probably making this fight just because he will rake in so much from the PPV. And I guess also because he likes easy fights

  • If may doesn’t even TRY and attempt to line up a fight with Manny after the khan fight, he basically SPITS in the face off ALL boxing fans! EVERYONE only wants 1 fight, more than ANY fight out there, and he can’t make it happen? At least Mention the IDEA, and stop bullspitting regarding fighting PAC! if he’s such easy money, get yours homie! WTH do you have to LOSE? All I hear is 40 million excuses!

  • Floyd doesn’t want to fight Manny because Floyd doesn’t like fighting and doesn’t like to get hit. Floyd likes to coast. I think Floyd beats him, but he will have to fight to do it. Thats one thing Manny will do, he has the speed and style to make FLOYD FIGHT! He’s not one of those slow Mexican fighters that Floyd likes to tangle with. As for Khan, the fight is a joke. Floyd pisses all over Manny, even though the fans still demand he fight, yet wants to fight Khan who hasn’t had a meaningful win in a while. He barely survived against Diaz, and got KO’d by Garcia. Losing respect for Floyd more and more everyday. If he isn’t going to fight Manny, fine. However he needs to keep talking about the guy if he won’t fight him. I agree Pedro, he’s run out of excuses. Manny is willing to take the tests. The barrier is gone. He was willing to do business and negotiate with Bob before. Why the sudden tne around?

  • Pedro Fernandez- I used to think it was Manny’s fault because he didn’t take the tests 3 or so years ago. But now I think that Floyd sees how fast he is and remember Floyd don’t hit hard and hasn’t KO’d anybody since Bill Clinton (joke) was President. So Yes, I think he is ducking Manny and wants to humiliate him because of his Tax woes. Any comments?

  • Skip Bayless – “Did Floyd DUCK Manny Pacquiao?”
    50 CENT – “Yes. That’s a 100 million dollars, and he just left it. At this point, it’s more him sorting out who’s the perfect opponent than him fighting the toughest fighter to fight.”

    STEPHEN A SMITH (longtime die-hard Floyd-supporter), ESPN. – “I’m saying because of the Manny Pacquiao I saw yesterday, I have to believe that Floyd is DUCKING.”

    MIKE TYSON – “Hey listen, he doesn’t want to fight the guy, it’s obvious. I don’t know if he’s scared of him or not, but he just obviously doesn’t want to fight the guy.”

    FLOYD MAYWEATHER SR. – “My son fighting that little man, I’m concerned about my son’s life.”

    TIM BRADLEY – “Floyd doubts himself. Why won’t he fight Manny? Scared, man. He don’t wanna fight that. Floyd don’t wanna fight that. He don’t wanna see Manny in the ring.”

    LARRY HOLMES – “Pacquiao did all he can. He did all I would have done. I think Mayweather just got a little too scared if you ask me. If he thinks Pacquiao is taking drugs so what, he should just say: ‘You take it, you kill yourself that isn’t going to help you, because with my talent and ability I believe I can still beat you.’ But he was scared to take that challenge. If they never fight it won’t be Pacquiao’s fault. Every time they came round to fighting, Mayweather put his excuses in.”

    JAMES TONEY – “It shows you right there that Mayweather’s not a man. If you be the best fighter in the world, you fight the guys, know what I’m sayin’? No matter, don’t put down no stupid @$$ stipulations, right. Hey, he should be a little scared. And Pacquiao is proving he’s one of the best fighters in his era, in this decade.”

    MICHAEL IRVIN – “I want Mayweather to stop messing around and making us brothers look bad by running. Okay, listen. Stop running, man. You’re making the brothers look bad. Get in the ring, even if you lose, it’s an honorable loss.”

    ATG radio – “Do you really think that we’ll ever see Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather fight?”
    GEORGE FOREMAN – “No. Not at all. No, it’s not gonna happen. Mayweather had a chance to do that fight years ago, and maybe for good reasons, he didn’t want it because there was a chance that , in early when he made up his mind to come back in boxing, Pacquiao would’ve run over him! Then they got a little even in time, and then Mayweather got pretty smart and understood, hey, why? I’m making all this money without fighting him, why fight him? So now there is definitely no reason to do it.”

    FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR – “My health is more important than money. They can take all the money, my health is more important.”

  • @CUEVAS …funny and true

  • José-Ariel Cuevas

    Nothing says “Cinco de Mayo” like Floyd-“A Mere Con”. If it comes off, you best believe that Óscar and his coke dealer, er, main partner, Richard Schaefer are going to stuff the card with Mexican fighters as if it were a chili relleno.

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