• I am a bit late on my first point, Mayweather is more boring than Hopkins ! Now about the most exciting, Pacquaio was the most exciting fighter for about ten years, I think I can say most people thought his last fight was pretty exciting, no ?

  • Very good points. The guys I mentioned usually are big favorites in their fights except for Ruslan. Honestly, I am definitely in the minority here but Donaire-Rigondeaux was one of the most thrilling fights of the year for me. I knew either man could end it with a big shot. I expected Rigo to outbox Nonito but I knew if he touched Guillermo’s chin he could drop him.

    I guess the reason I find GGG so entertaining is the same reason Tyson was entertaining despite being a huge favorite in most of his fights. You know a KO is coming but you don’t know how. Will Golo crush him with a body shot i.e. Macklin? Will he brutalize him into submission like he did with Stevens? Will he lay him out cold like Ishida? There is real intrigue there to me imo. Gennady is more versatile than many give him credit for. Santa Cruz is a relentless volume puncher who overwhelms his opponents. I’ve always found that style to be entertaining even if it isn’t always pretty. Your point about perceived drama does make a lot of sense though. 50-50 fights like Donaire-Rigondeaux are highly entertaing imo, but not something I might rewatch like I would Bradley-Provo or Rios-Alvarado for example. Also, just want to say the list isn’t in any particular order. If it were, Rios and Provo would be at the top in terms of sheer entertainment value.

  • Not sure if I agree fully. Provodnikov yes, and Golovkin is good. But in my opinion I get excited about bouts between two guys where I am not sure of the outcome.As much as Golovkin brings excitement, it’s unfortunate that other fighters get ridiculed when they don’t score stoppages against worldclass opposition. Case in point, Guillermo Rigondeaux. He’s viewed as boring by many, but when facing the same calibur of opponent as Golovkin, he was blowing those guys away impressively. When you see pressure fighters fight guys that they can’t hit consistently, then the onus becomes that the fighter that isn’t getting hit is the one thats boring. Excitement in my view is brought forth by matchmaking, or perceived excitement. Rios was exposed by the first fighter he faced that didn’t stand right in front of him.Santa Cruz, well he’s good to watch, but highly favored in every bout he’s in. I can’t get excited about missmatches. Khan in my view is exciting because he can’t take a punch….Your list isn’t bad, but for me to get excited about a fight it’s hard when the favorite is a 10-1 such as Golovkin was this weekend. I just really wanted to put things into perspective here. If there is no perceived drama, what is there to get excited about? I am sure my view differs from most. I’d put Provodnikov at #1. He’s fought comparable opposition but has never been in a bad fight, and I guess he’s more flawed.

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