• some things to consider…. floyd hasnt fought 2 fights in one year since 2007….Not that he was in a rough fight against the ghost, but supposedly he hurt his hand and here 4 months later, he’s in with a SOLID jrmiddleweight in Canelo who has pretty good hand speed and throws solid combinations…i just hope May doesnt stink out the joint and actually tries to go for the k.o. if he has saul in trouble….I think May couldve knocked out cotto to if he gunned for it…

  • F*%K Oscar……41.5 Million….and no fishnets Mother F%$Ker

  • Colin, if you look at the fight, Mosley lands a crushing right on May 55 seconds into the second and 10 seconds later May is backing Mosley up. Dos that sound like a guy out on his feet? At 1:45 he almost knocks him down, but by the end of the round Mosley was in retreat, and the fight was essentially over.

  • @Colin: Shane NEVER had Floyd out on his feet (perception is very subjective). He had Floyd buzzed for a few seconds (twice), that’s the most you can say, however Floyd came right back, and like a Borg, adapted within seconds and took over the fight. And you’re wrong when you say: The only think that saved Floyd from getting knocked out is the fact that Mosley quit punching. Mosley quit punching because of what was coming back to him. simple as that.

  • Between Pacman and Mayweather, the former fights even with great risks of losing, but the latter only fights if he’s sure to win. Mayweather may be more skillful, but I think Pacman is the better fighter because he really ‘fights;’ for what is a boxer if not a fighter?

  • Oscar is just saying that because somebody brought up his “cross dressing.”

  • Skerge, on point again!

  • Pedro,

    LMFAO at that “Soap” reference. Went waaaay back for that one. OK, how about Keith Kizer and giving TUE’s to fighters. It’s even rocking the MMA world. Dana White came out and bashed critics who were calling his sport a breeding ground for Testosterone Replacement (TR). Many in the media are saying (like you did) that NSAC is going to get burned playing that game when some fighter ends up dead in the ring and the opponent will either test positive for elevated levels of Testosterone or found to have been given a TUE. Maybe then we’ll get a national commission.


  • hey were getting close to the Pacquaio fight….waiting for those goodies Pedro has in store for us:)

  • @ Pedro: How many times are you gonna keep bringing up this dumb stuff comparing Pac’s fights vs. JMM and Floyd’s fight against JMM. As a former boxer (which I know you are also), YOU KNOW, styles make fights. I don’t even want to start laying it down because it is ridiculous. Frazier beats Ali, Frazier gets destroyed by Foreman, Ali beats Foreman. Norton beat Ali, Norton gets destroyed by Foreman, Ali beat Foreman; and the list goes on and on. In their prime, Floyd had the height, and reach, and was the cleaner puncher, but Pac had the speed and power. Most great fighters have physical advantages over their opponents be it either speed, power, height, reach, etc (of course they all have the mental element needed to be great also). When that bell rings, you never know what is going to happen. I think Floyd would have probably won a decision and boxed from the outside, but any time you have an opponent throwing shots at you you are susceptible to being KO’d. Boxing is one sport where a common opponent does not denote a clear representation of what will happen when those two opponents meet. By the way, Floyd beats Canelo by an easy decision by running all around the ring and pot shotting him. I doubt that he has the guts to stand his ground. The king of double talk (now a catch weight is okay)dances to another boring decision.

  • pedro! what do u think of oscar saying floyd wont make it to the 9th rd against canelo? do u think oscar is putting his foot in his mouth.

  • Why do u say stupid ish like PBF beating JMM easily then that constitutes his beating pacman easy? U have been in this game too long to know styles make fights? Duran got start he’d by hearns so that means he beats ray and Marvin easy? Roy jones beat Hopkins and traverse koed jones!! So traverse should’ve whipped Hopkins?? If the events were so predetermined why have them??? The undefeated patriots should’ve beat the giants in the Super Bowl. So why play the game?? Willie Pep killed all the guys Sadler would lose to and sandy would wax peps ass???!! So please stop with the Floyd’s way better than PAC. Both are hall of famers. And to be honest I’d take pacman a career before I took Floyd’s. pacman fought most available tough outs. Beat many future hall of famers? How many hofamers has Floyd beat??? Oscar, hatton? Maybe Chico please don’t make me list pacmans. Also pacman koed hatton with ease and koed cotto. Floyd had tough time with both. So does that mean he ko Floyd. Come on ur better than that brother

  • If Floyd Mayweather Doesn’t Want to Fight Manny Pacquiao ? Then Fight Metta World Peace Or Dennis Rodman! HAHAHA !

  • Manny Pacquiao The Greatest Boxer Of all Time ! make it Winner Take All Against Floyd Mayweather. He Ain’t Nothing For Manny Pacquiao!

  • Pedro ,
    Talk about the failed drug test Floyd supposedly had…. Thomas hauser….. You like to assume PAC does PED’s …. Plus , a couple of mayweather promotion fighters failed drug test … Also , lets talk about the catch weight ( 152 ) you sure were quick to pull that card on PAC when he fought cotto at a catch weight , lets be fair …and give ZERO credit to PAC for that win… So if Floyd beats canelo will you give Floyd full credit for the victory or will you criticize him like you do PAC ?

  • Pedro,
    Hold up ! Manny couldn’t hold his jock strap ?!?! Why only single out manny ?? I did mention freitas , kotsya , etc…. I know you don’t like manny but lets be real , that fight was 50/50 2009-2012 enough said… To close for Floyd to take. Plus , if you go by the logic of the JMM , PAC, Floyd round robin …. How about PAC out-performing Floyd vs the likes of cotto, Oscar and hatton, oh also Mosley ….Floyd struggled with all those dudes and PAC almost killed them dudes, just sayin’ . Fights are fought in the ring not by public opinion , which Floyd loves to win by . Thanks

  • I really don’t know who will win this fight, but it’s quasi impossible for Floyd to lose a decision in Vegas. However, I do think that Alvarez will do much better than any thinks, he has a chance, esp. when I think about Mosley having Floyd out on his feet in their fight. The only think that saved Floyd from getting knocked out is the fact that Mosley quit punching. Smells fishy to me.

  • Skerge, MaxBoxing dug into it and got little out of it. Nevada Commission told me, “Floyd has NEVER tested positive” for PEDs. As for Hauser, he doesn’t desrve the accolades bestowed upon him. Well connected, good writer, but he’s in my opinion about as much a boxing guy as Billy Crystal was straight in the TV series “SOAP.”

  • Ramon, eat this. Manny Pacquiao couldn’t carry Floyd’s jock strap. They are in different leagues! Did you see Pac go through hell with JMM thrice before being KTFO? Floyd fights him 12 rounds and doesn’t lose a minute!

  • So Pedro, your saying that if Floyd didnt think he could beat Saul he would duck him ? Like he’s done so many times before with other fighters?.. A truly great fighter ( an all time great ) like Floyd believes he is ….. Goes in to a fight whether the fight is 50/50 or 70/30 etc…. It seems Floyd only goes in if he’s 100% sure he can win…. If not of course the duck comes into play.

    Of course all fighters go into a fight believing they can win… But when there’s doubt most fighters will still at least attempt it… Paulie vs broner come to mind !! I don’t think paulie thought he can win but he at least tried and almost did…. Something we ALL KNOW Floyd won’t do… It’s not in his character . That’s why we didn’t see freitas , kotsya , casa mayor , margarito , and most of all MANNY fights. Floyd is not satisfied if he thinks its 70/30 that he wins…. He needs to make sure it’s 100% … So I agree with Pedro Floyd would have ducked Saul if he knew he couldn’t beat him

  • Even a slower version of Mayweather shouln’t have any problems with Alvarez. Speed advantage will be quite obvious on fight night. And we all know that speed kills. Actually I don’t quite get it why Canelo is called the next superstar of boxing on some pages and why they call it THE superfight of the year. Garcia-Matthysse will be a much more intriguing fight. Canelo’s a good fighter but nothing special. Sorry guys, …

  • Pedro,
    As one of the first, if not the first writer to take on the PED abuse in combat sports, why not dig into the “rumor” about Floyd testing positve 3 times? He supposedly then got a “waiver” for his positive “A” sample, and his “B” sample was never tested. How’s that for a story? Is there any truth to Floyd getting a Temporary Use Exemption TUE for any banned substance? I know Xylocaine was banned by WADA, but the NSAC allows it in Nevada if administered by a doctor. I think they call it the “Floyd exemption”. Maybe you can let Jason Nava run with it, since he had a post on PED use. Rumor also has it that the reason Floyd settled the Pac lawsuit, was because Pac’s lawyers wanted to subpoena the USADA results of Floyd’s fights with Mosley, Ortiz, and Cotto. I’m citing Thomas Hauser by the way.


  • I think fmj decisions Alvarez as well,

    As he’s climbed fr 130 to 154 how do u think he’d have done against these fighters in their primes?

    Pacquiao at 130
    Chavez Sr at 135
    Kostya Tszyu at 140
    Felix Trinidad at 147
    Either Terry Norris, Julian Jackson, or Tommy Hearns at 154

  • I hear no buzz about this fight? I’m not even excited about it. PBF is usually fighting slow footed and handed fighters. This is no different. Wins wide UD. I’m not ordering any of his fights unless its pacman.

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