• Geoffrey… I think Renee Richards, by the rule book of Tennis etiquette was obligated… to step onto the court with ‘balls in … … the shorts’.

    I don’t think the same etiquette rule applies to the sport of Woman’s Boxing or Fallon Fox.

  • Geoffrey Sadao Prenter

    This is like a flashback to Renee Richards playing men’s tennis in the 70’s.

  • Don’t really have a problem w/transgender people per se, though I do think it is a weird thing to do. Having said that, it is ridiculous that Fox should be allowed to compete w/women.

  • Our entire society is in a heapload of trouble when we actually start considering questions this blatantly stupid.

  • Nope. Men are much stronger than women despite the feel-good stories of men shedding their penises.

  • They should have a transgender class. Or they could ask a future opnenent if they want to fight him. But that was unfair, they should of told the girl that she was fighting a man.

  • It is not fair ! The first two women opponents should seek an attorney . If they were not told , it should be gross negligence on the promotional fight leagues part . It is basicaly an assalt not a fight ! These women could have gotten seriously hurt ! The risk was much greater to them than fighting another woman.

  • What’s the problem? California is introducing legislation (AB1266)that makes this protected behavior among SCHOOL CHILDREN! Along with kids choosing what sex bathroom and locker room they choose to use. Tom Ammiano, San Francisco.

    Fallon is just as much a woman as our grandmothers were … You Go GIRL!

  • She should be locked up, that is an unfair adavantage, She should be fighting men.

    Ban her worldwide this is a disgrace,

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