2008 A.P. Photo: Evander Holyfield

2008 A.P. Photo: Evander Holyfield

New York, NY – This coming Saturday night, future Hall of Fame inductee and ring legend Evander Holyfield (43-10-2, 28 KOs) will face battle tested but often bested pug Sherman Williams (34-11, 19 KOs) in a slated 10 round heavyweight main event from the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Televised coverage begins at 9 PM ET on PPV.


Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield started his career at light heavyweight and successfully moved up to dominate and unify all belts in the cruiserweight division when the bar was set at 190 lbs. Evander then catapulted to the heavyweight ranks and became the only fighter in fistic combat history to win a crown four times. At the highest weight on the scale, Holyfield fought virtually every great fighter of his era and has wins against and shared memorial wars with some of the best of the best. Usually pitted against his adversity as the smaller man, Evander was able to accomplish his success by portraying a high work rate of sustained activity which displayed an arsenal of blistering combinations while maintaining excellent hand and foot speed. Evander was also known for his tremendous boxing IQ, chin of granite, “sleeper” power, and a determined filled heart.

“V” IS 48 GOING ON 68 OR 38?

However, boxing is a young man’s sport; and all the aforementioned attributes contribute to that theory. At the progressive age of 48, the question raised to Evander is can he still command facility in talent and manifest an emphatic triumph over the odds that require such a demanding and tasking work rate of doing so?


Sherman “Tank” Williams is no “spring chicken” either. At the age of 39, this near 14 year veteran journeymen, albeit always willing to throw down, has had more downs than ups and has never faced anyone near the caliber of opponent to that of Holyfield. Although Williams record in his last ten bouts may read impressive (9-1, 4 KOs), he was adding to his resume beating on guys that my four year old niece could whip on.


Having spent time in Holyfield’s training camp just yesterday; the topic of conversation usually addressed by the media to him is why do you keep fighting? Over the years, Evander has made it quite clear to all those that will listen that is goal is to be undisputed champion one last time. I caught up with Holyfield after a very impressive training session and asked him a few questions regarding his future and what drives him. During the conversation, Holyfield explained that he still enjoyed and loved to box and expressed the desire to fight three times this year. He is mindful of his age but honestly believes he still has what it takes to dethrone any of the current belt holders. He also offered the notion that money isn’t the motivation and feels that if the money is there for any of the belt holders to face him, they will get money hungry and he will get his opportunity.


Promising contender Travis Kauffman (21-1, 18 KOs) squares off against seven foot tall giant thug Julius Long (15-14, 13 KOs) in a proposed 8 round tilt.

Former world title challenger Monte Barrett (34-9, 20 KOs) takes on hapless scrapper Charles Davis (19-24-2, 4 KOs) over ten rounds or less.

John Signorella


  • Holyfield’s counterpunching was not as dependent on speed & reflexes as most other counterpunchers, rather Holyfield depended on his chin. More often than not, Holyfield took a shot and punched back at the same time instead of countering off a slip or block.

    A gross simplification of Evander’s tactics in many of his bouts was to dangle his chin as bait and then puch with his opponent. A prime Holyfield could have used his excellent mbility, well drilled upper body movement and hand-eye coordination to gradually work inside of taller or slicker boxers – but he didn’t seem to have the patience and discipline for it. Instead, like Morales and Mosley for example, he often was content to eat shots in pursuit of a big punch or combination.

  • I don’t know if Holyfield is broke or not, but either way I don’t believe that finances would be the ultimate consideration in his decision to keep fighting. After all Holyfield had plenty of chances to retire while he was incredibly wealthy in terms of money and ring accomplishments – but chose note to.

    I think it’s quite obvious that the driving force is in Holyfield’s emotional and psychological makeup. The same forces which kept him fighting in many bouts where most guys would have been done.

    Just look at the guy’s bio; despite all of Evander’s religious proclamations of inner peace and contentment, his whole life is a neverending quest for recognition and tangiable legacy – and not just within boxing. Look at all the beautiful women, the children, the enourmous mansion and property, the grand charitable gestures …

    It’s pretty clear Holyfield is a man with a deep and overwhelming need to keep proving something about himself. That he has not outgrown it at 48, or been satisfied with all he has achieved by now, I really can’t imagine how this will eventually resolve itself.

  • Evander was a great counter puncher. The best in the last 30 years. Counter punchers rely on speed and reflexes. He no longer has either. He has money problems and has to maintain his 40,000 sq foot house and support the 10 kids that an alleged good Christian sired with a variety of women!! In my opinion he should be denied a license to fight. I hope all the websites that are over hyping this fight will write about him when he is walking on his heels and drooling on himself. It does not matter if he wins. He has always taken lots of punches and he will come out of this fight with more abuse.
    I cannot in good conscience what him fight

  • I wonder what ganders stoy would have been without the roids???

  • Jack, Maybe Holyfield needs to talk to B. B. King’s lawyer–he’s had 10 kids with 10 different women, or something like that. But raking in the dough while sitting on stage with a guitar is a lot different from what Evander does for a living.

  • He’d have a shot only with a wildly lucky shot. He couldn’t keep up the pace with any of the top guys, probably not even with the sloppy Areola. His challenges are publicity, “carny” stunts that lure fans into paying $29 to watch him slap around a 38 year old like “Tank” Williams. If they can get a pay day out of it and not get hurt, more power to them.

  • I would love to see evander get a shot at David haye! I know I know I’m a twisted. Seriously he might have a shot. Let him prove he can have one more shot. A couple of decent wins and let him prove us wrong or right. Hell if Hopkins, holmes and foreman could still be relavant at that age then holyfield.

  • John,

    Evander was one of my favorites in the 90’s and I’ll always remember his ring prowess fondly… BUT!!!

    The primary reason is fighting today is because he is ‘broker’ than the English language is when it comes flying out of Floyd Mayweather Sr’s mouth when he Says-a-fies stufz.

    And while he may claim that it isn’t about money… I’m sure that the scores of lawyers whom, no doubt are all retained by the NUMEROUS WOMEN he fathered ‘Out of wedlock’ children with… would tell you a VERY DIFFERENT STORY!

  • Holyfield claims a fight with either Klitschko should net him 20 million; it shows for all the head blows he’s taken he hasn’t lost his sense of humor!

  • Well I don`t think Evander should be fighting he`s a grown man and its on him. Look at Duran, he kept fighting well past him prime just cause he loved it and couldn`t really pull himself alway from fighting completly, it took a car wreck to push him away. Sad thing is even this faded shell of Holy does have a chance depending on the style match up. If he fights a compotent fighter that can move and box he`ll lose. match him up with someone that will fight with him and he`s got a good enough chance since the division is garbage. Hell he shoulda got the win over that freak show Valuev. That bigmouth punk Haye likes knocking off old men and no hopers, he should give Holy a shot since Holy should of owned that belt he`s gushing about lol.

  • Holyfield was stopped by James Toney in 2004. That was almost 7 years ago. There is no way he has even remotely a shot at winning the heavyweight title at this stage. The only way is if somehow the K’s retire and some stiff wins a vacant belt. Otherwise the old man is living in la la land. I hope he quits soon, but who am I to tell someone to stop doing the only thing they truly know how to do for a living. If he’s been medically cleared there’s nothing we can do but hope and pray he doesn’t permanently injure himself, what in the minds of many he’s already done!

  • Holyfield will be beaten badly if he faces either of the K’s or really any of the top heavyweights. No way he will ever be undisputed HW champ again unless a freak accident kills all top HW’s at the same time.

  • Why does he fight? What else would he do? He lacks Foreman’s glib wit and put-on charm to make it on the evangelical circuit, still has enormous energy, vanity, and expenses. Hard to figure any way out for him.

    It sounds pathetic, but in Evander’s case, it is also ghoulishly interesting. This is a guy who was told he had a hole in his heart, went to a faith-healer, and declared himself cured and went back into action. Maybe the diagnosis was an error, but if I heard I had a hole in my heart, you can bet the hiking trails and gyms would have seen the last of me!

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