San Francisco, CA– Having gotten in a pissing contest with a blogger, I figured the best thing to do would be to take it to you, the people that make up the boxing fan base. Most of you know of Evander Holyfield’s 178 lb. Olympic 1984 finale, when he was disqualified for hitting Kevin Berry as the ref called for a break. The punch was already in motion when the official made the call, so disqualifying Evander, to me anyway, was just another chickens*it move made on the Yanks by the Olympic Committee.


Now, there was a number of times that one Evan Fields, he signed for Steroids and related Performance Enhancing Drugs that were sent to his house under the aforementioned alias from Signature Pharmacy. The case was dropped when some plea deals were made in order to keep some high profile clients of Signature out of the press.


Now what this young writer, and I won’t name him because I know how this is going to go and I don’t want to embarrass the young buck, said that the Signature charges that were signed for by Evan Fields, whom the Fed Ex driver has swore was Evander Holyfield, that people send him stuff he didn’t order in the mail all the time.


When somebody sends you a Fed Ex, you look at who its from before signing for the package. In addition, one might accidently sign for something once, but Evan Fields, the man that answered Evander Holyfield’s door, was identified in court documents as Evander Holyfield, this Evan Fields signed for a number of Fed Ex slips.


OK, you have both sides, I think he has, and the Kid thinks Evander never used Steroids. So, I put the question to you boxing fans of the highest IQ, the “Ring Talk” family members: Do you think Evander Holyfield has been a juicer?

Pedro Fernandez


  • The boy was on the juice look at his jaw thats a sign they are on the juice when their jaw is all defined etc like John Cena look at his body and jaw it aint natural brah

  • is the pope catholic, does a bear shit in the woods?

  • Thanks, Dave.

  • P.S. the fighter who got a DQ in the olymics was nammed KEVIN BERRY NOT PAT BERRY.

  • I have been a fan since 83 and although Commander Vander has been accused of this, there is no conclusion when this was all on the line. For instance, you all talk how EH juiced for the Tyson fight, but alot of people don’t realize that Mike demanded a complete steroids test to be done and Evander agreed as long as the results were disclosed AFTER the fight. (this way mike could’nt back out of the fight either way) When it was all said and done not one trace of drugs where in his system and remember that he took the test BEFORE the fight so no one can say that they left his system during the fight and he had a post fight analisys as well. The same thing happened when Evander fought George Foreman. Alot of people forget that Bob Arum of all people went on an all out public accusation, stating that there was no way that EH wasn’t on juice. Once again not one test showed he was juicing. As a matter of fact he has never failed a drug test in his entire history. How come Fernando Vargas took steroids once in low amounts and he was spotted right away and Evander who everyone says takes all kinds of juice never had a trace show up in tests? Don’t you think that if a rival promoter would want to expose Evander this would have been done. The fact is that after all the allegations the simple fact remains that he never failed a test. Period. It’s easy to make accusations but how come after the tests everyone who accused him was suddenly silent? All these people make headlines with thier accusations but when it came time for the burden of proof, they suddenly drop thier claims. Now I’m not actually saying that I think he’s not jucing, I’m just saying that as far as drug testing is concerned, he’s clean. I know the steriods scandal and I’m familiar with the methods that athletes use to hide juice. Maybe he employs these methods, or maybe he goes clean long before the fight. The simple truth is that EH was and is a great fighter and people through the years accused him while he was winning every fight along the way. I’ve heard very reputible people in the biz tell me stories of many top stars juicing, but as far as I’m concerned they are stories. Kids enjoy stories and MEN enjoy fights. It’s not my business to make accusations either way. What is the end game of these accusations? To trash someones name? Take a look at the current champion of the hw division. I could easily make a case for KLITSCKO juicing having a doctors degree to prescribe all the juice he wants could be very convieniant not to mention living in a country where steroids are basically legal. If you take one look at Vlad you might think he’s juicing but I’m not interested in accusations. Hell; I wish we had a young Evander on the boxing scene right now to take out the trash and give us some good fights. And if he was juicing, then maybe all these lazy fuc#ing heavyweights should start cause when Mike and Evander were on top, the boxing world was a great place. Dave

  • Tysons weight was always consistent as well as his body composition. He never got caught having HGH and steroids to his house. Tyson as long as he trained properly weighed no more than 220

  • Yes, I say he did.

  • Nice body shot ten count, 5,6,7, will Roberto get up?

  • Right Roberto, and there is no way Tyson was ever juicing – he’s too much a man of principle living a monk’s existence and would never ingest anything other than organic sporuts, stone ground whole grains and fair-trade geen tea…

  • No steroids…Evan’s just been blessed with abnormally large orbital sockets and jawbone late in life :)

  • Bro holy been juicin!!!! When he decided to go heavy. If anybody know gyms u know when a dudes traps touch his ears he is roiding!!! I wish we cohorts seen the Tyson holy fight when holy wasn’t sooo juiced.

  • The evidence, if you will, that suggests that Holyfield used steroids is extremely circumstantial–at best. But, it’s enough for me to be more than a little suspicious. Putting aside the package deliveries Mr. Fernandez refers to, simply witnessing the transformation of Holyfield’s body, coupled with the fact that he, like a lot of athletes, worked with trainers who are fond of using supplements, makes me wonder about him.
    Speaking of (legal) supplements, I often wonder where the line is drawn to separate legal performance enhancement supplements from banned, or illegal, performance enhancement supplements. Moreover, since both substances are designed to provide the athlete a competitive advantage, is this distinction meaningful or meaningless?

  • i agree with u Martin, and i now understand why people r against Floyd. He wants a clean game and the other boxers, i will call them cheaters, want to continue cheating.
    all along they were accusing Floyd of running away from fighting Pac, but up to now PAC has refused random tests. Contrary to what Arum wants up to believe, PAC and Arum dont want random tests. The question is why?
    now PAC wants a fight with a steriod user, Mosley, who wasnt caught by the way even though he was taking steroids. PAC will not demand random tests with a steroid user, and the question is why?

  • This isn’t a debate. It’s obvikus he did. Circumstancial evidence about Evan Fieds aside.he took steroids. And so do most nowadays…

  • i think they should check all Fedex parcels in Philipino, or maybe parcels for those in gorvernment in Philipino. They will be able to see who has been roiding.
    the sad things about roids is the side effects, time will tell

  • Evander is one of my all time favourite fighters – I believe he juiced for many years.

    Watched a Golota Bowe II again last night. I think the big Pole was juicing around that time. Those fights ruined Bowe, I beleive the ref should have stopped that fight on many occassions as Bowe was taking clean heavy punches throughout. He had no legs and no reflexes!

  • Of course he did!


  • I think that he did and possibly still does. I can understand being naturally athletic, being able to take a lot of punishment and still maintain a very cut physique, when you are a heavyweight for a while, but that’s only for a while. He passed the for a while a while ago, plus IMO, his physique has always been a bit juicer like. Haha, he should fight on the undercard of Pacroid vs. Mosley. Definitely, battle of the juicers!!!

  • Tell this KID, he needs to GROW UP. Throw his ass into the Real Boxing World for a few years… If he comes away from THAT with a head full of mush like he has now… Send him to the Ohio State Fair .

  • thats not evidence thats heresay 3rd party or worse b s something that the Star or enquier magazine does to sell magazinez- lets see the sworn affadavides that are mentioned or better yet the fed/ex delevery man then its still not fact HELL I COULD GO TO CITY HALL AND SWEAR I SAW elvis at the corner wawa thats not fact! fact is EVANDER ADMITING TO USEING STERIODS OR E H WRITEING OUT THE ORDER FOR THE STERIODS himself on clear film so you could see what it all says THEN ACCEPTING THEM THEN INJECTING? THEM ALL ON FILM AND WOULD NEED AT LEAST 2 WITNESSES TO THE ENTIRE HAPPENINGS FROM POINT A TO POINT B OTHERWISE ITS ALL JUST TALK CONJECTURE INUWENDOES AND- GOSSIP AND THATS WHAT THOSE RAG MAGAZINES AND LITTLE GIRLS DO LOL so it ain,t easy to convict an innocent man only a guilty one and in my estimation JUDGEMENT based on the talk talk talk—-NOT GUILTY AND STILL THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE FREE WORLD EVANDER the commander HOLLYFEILD LOL

  • Of course Holyfield used PED’s. He’s even more obvious than the countless other name fighters who also have. Like it or not, in this era, PED’s are a fact of life in sports.

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