Lorraine & Don Chargin

Lorraine & Don Chargin


Cambria, CA– All I can say about Don Chargin is he is beyond amazing. Now 82, I expect the “Boy Promoter,” as he was billed in 1951 when he made his promotional debut in San Jose, CA to eventually be included in the Guinness Book of World Records seeing he has promoted boxing for 60+ years. That being said, it is Chargin who signed Strikeforce MMA welterweight (170 lbs) champion Nick Diaz and ex-IBF super middleweight (168) boxing champion Jeff Lacy.


The bout, a boxing match will occur in the fall according to Chargin, who is worn out from all the calls he’s gotten over this megamatch that will take place at 170 lbs. With no site yet, Chargin has said many major hotels in Las Vegas have expressed interest, and that’s he’s even willing to listen and see what Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones will be willing to offer to put the fight in Cowboy’s Stadium.


When I broke this story on “Ring Talk Worldwide” with Diaz’s manager Cesar Gracie a fortnight ago, there were those that thought it was a bluff! Diaz-Lacy will be a boxing match that will not only gain worldwide media attention, it will surely rankle UFC & Strikeforce chief Dana White. The czar of MMA, White has finally come up against somebody that beat him to the punch promotionally, that being the “Boy Promoter” Don Chargin.

Pedro Fernandez


  • This is a big step for Diaz, even though Lacy is considered shot, he’s still a former champ. Diaz’s first pro boxing match will be with a former champ. Very risky.

  • Thats pretty much how it is it or so it seems. Dana had stated after UFC 129 he was going to talk to Diaz and try to convince him not box but would ultimately leave it at Diaz’s discretion. Really though I don’t see it as them forcing Dana’s hand. He could always set up a Diaz vs GSP fight after Diaz’s boxing match with Lacy.

    I wonder what kind of $$$ Diaz is looking for, his last fight with Daley got him 100K+. While that isnt a huge figure like Lesnar, GSP or Silva gets, its not bad for a non PPV fight on a 2nd tier MMA organization such as SF. Besides he made more than the 100K+ posted since all endorsement deals and sponsoring money is never disclosed.

  • David in Dunedin

    Thanks Brian, I didn’t realize he had a boxing match in his Strikeforce contract.

    But I also heard this morning that the reason he’s doing it is to force Dana White into giving him a big money unification match with GSP. Diaz’s people, from what I read, told Chargin that if they get the MMA match with GSP they will ax the boxing match with Lacy. Seems to me the only reason he signed was to force Dana White’s hand. So I guess it’s Cesar Gracie who trumped the control freak that is Dana White!

  • How did Chargin trump Dana White? When Diaz re-signed his contract over a year ago there was a privision that allowed him to have 1 Boxing Match in 2011.

    Even though the UFC bought SF Dana has no choice but to allow it since it in Diaz’s comntract.

    Silva couldnt fight Jones since he is under contract to the UFC and there is no provision for him to box and Dana won’t allow it.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Chargin trumped Dana Whitde, simple as that!

  • David in Dunedin

    I don’t get it. Anderson Silva wanted to box Roy Jones but Dana told him “HELL NO!”. Zuffa recently bought out Strikeforce which means that Dana White basicly owns Diaz’s ass, right? How is he going to be able to box for Chargin when he is already under contract for someone else? I’m not trying to be a wise ass I’m just wondering how that’s going to work.

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