Devon Alexander

Devon Alexander

Los Angeles, CA– Saturday’s Devon Alexander-Tim Bradley fight is the type of fistic encounter the boxing community has been clamoring for. Two undefeated fighters who quite possibly are in their primes squaring off for all the marbles. WBO 140 lb. champion Tim Bradley (26-0, 11 KOs) of Palm Springs, CA and St Louis, MO native and WBC 140 lb. titleholder Devon Alexander (23-0, 13 KOs) will battle in of all places Pontiac, Michigan on HBO.


Alexander is only 23, and while some believe this fight is happening a bit two soon, I beg to ask the question. If not now, then when? Stars are built in the ring in challenging fights where the winner isn’t already known before the bell rings. That is where the intrigue is. If both guys go in and produce a better than expected performance that is how they can establish themselves as stars and be able to pull future fans to the gate at their fights. It’s hard to build fans, especially for African American fighters if they don’t have a fan friendly style or if they aren’t engaging in the types of fights that get the attention of the general sports media.


Bradley is the boxer puncher, with a solid jab and is an aggressive in-fighter. Alexander, a southpaw (lefthanded), has power in both hands, good hand-speed and volume. Both performers have good chins. It’s a tough match-up to pick, but Bradley is the obvious favorite as he’s had more professional experience and has improved tremendously throughout his career. Alexander, the probably more gifted athlete, showed in his last fight against Andriy Kotelnik (31-4-1, 13 KOs) a propensity to get hit and a lack of defensive prowess, leaving his head straight up in the air at times squared up to his foe. Bradley who has a very good overhand right should be able to land it in spots. Alexander’s biggest advantage is speed, but the southpaw stance should be neutralized by Tim’s right hand lead.


The safe bet here is Tim Bradley, who should be able to exploit the inexperience of Alexander at this level, and should be able to dominate at times on the inside and limit exchanges with Alexander when the St Louis native is in range. Bradley is underrated as a boxer and needs to pick his spots when to box and when to brawl to take Alexander out of a rhythm. Bradley should win by 12 round unanimous decision in a hotly contested bout with many close rounds. A knockout victory would be extremely surprising, especially for Bradley who hasn’t had a KO since 2007. Alexander has stopped five of his last eight foes dating back to a unanimous decision victory over DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley (31-7-1 at the time) in January 2008, thus if a knockout does occur that would more likely result from Alexander. In this case, thats why they fight the fights, and when the outcome is unexpected that within itself creates the drama.

Kevin “KP” Perry


  • Good call on Bradley as the clear favorite in the fight. I couldn’t really get myself to make a pick – my head was saying Bradely but my gut was leaning toward Alexander for all his supposed athletic upside and determination. In immediate hindsight, I think someone must have slipped my gut a few halucinogens.

    I guess I allowed myself to see what I hopped to see or wanted to see with regards to these guys, especially Alexander. In reality it’s closer to the truth to admit the decractors who saw these guys as very average were alot closer to the truth than the optimists.

    This fight did clear up one thing in the jr. Weltherweight division – the two best 140pounders in the world fought each other – last year on December 11th.

  • Tough fight to call. ima have to go with Bradley on this one. The man’s will (TImmy) is something to behold..He’ going to have to find a way to work alexander’s body early on, which will be tough due to alexander’s hand speed and great counterpunching skill. I see Bradley pouring it on late and taking the last rounds, winning a close ud, but not before he walks through fire.

  • “the winner isn’t already known before the bell rings”

    This is a fight fans fight. The knowledgeable fight fan wants to see the best fighting the best in their prime.

    I hope it does well ratings-wise because this is the type of fight that makes boxing better than any other sport (including MMA).

    I’m throwing a party inviting a mix of boxing and non-boxing fans so that the latter can get good exposure

  • Agreed, KPeezey for sheezey, I’m going with Bradley.

  • Great fight between two of the best in the sport.

    Bradley can’t go out and just chuck right hands at Alexander and hope to nail him repeatedly as Alexander is too smart for that and will blast him with counters if that is all he tries in there.

    Bradley’s hook underneath will have to come into play to set his big rights up top.

    I thought Peterson would do a job on Bradley, and with that being said; I’m going with Alexander here in a terrific fight.

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