David "Nino" Rodriguez


San Francisco, CA– Although I was the one who brought David Rodriguez to Northern California to help him kick the use of Anabolic Steroids, set him up at hotels, teamed him up with the reformed and now anti-steroid guru Victor Conte of Sports Nutrition for Advanced Conditioning AKA S.N.A.C., but that’s where the relationship ended. You have to credit and commend Conte, for he cuddled the emotional roller coaster that David is like a son for a month. Why would I do this you ask, well it was my hopes to turn a Mexican-American pretender into a contender. Earlier this week, somebody asked me why this writer has been mum on the Texas fighter since an appearance on “Ring Talk Boxing & MMA” radio almost two years ago.


First off, the emotional issues that I was aware of surfaced the night David kept me waiting in San Carlos, CA. I waited six hours for him to check him into a pre-paid hotel, but he never called and wasn’t answering the phone all day. When I finally got a hold of him, it was 11 PM and he was holed up in a motel on the California coast. His reasons for not being in San Carlos at the designated time was that he was fearful of driving at night. Had he called me when, or shortly after the 4-5 PM deadline came and went, I would not have told him, “I’m not your mother f*cking babysitter.” From that point forward, we may have talked once.


Immaturity and emotional issues aside, I always wished the best for David for a number of reasons I won’t get into here. But if I were to call him disingenuous and selfish, well I’d be describing the undefeated heavyweight from El Paso, TX like Curly Howard of The Three Stooges would say, “Poyfectly.” Although David had dropped a few racial jabs at African-American fighters in my presence, I never called him on it, not until now!


On the night of December 30, 2011 in Scottsdale, AZ, Rodriguez had been out partying and drinking. When you combine alcohol with emotional issues and prescribed Anti-Depressants, any MD will tell you what you have is a human time bomb ready to explode. Well, it appears that bomb detonated outside of an Arizona eatery in the wee hours of the night when David reportedly flirted with a woman that was with some African-American males. Nobody knows what set David off, but he is said to have ripped off his shirt and started yelling “Nigger.” Rodriguez supposedly also let it be known that he was an undefeated heavyweight boxer with 34 knockouts in 36 wins.


According to my sources, David was acting, no, more like resembling Lou Ferrigno who played the mighty “Hulk” character on TV in the 70s. Reportedly acting like a rabid dog sans a leash, Rodriguez, said to be drunk and if he was taking his prescribed Med’s, drugged out as well, Rodriguez, again shirtless and huge, challenged the Black guys to fight while calling them, “Nigger.”


Look, if some guy built like the Hulk was threatening my physical well being, all the while shouting racial slurs at me, I don’t know how I’d respond. The smart thing to do would probably be to run if possible, or maybe use a Stun Gun or Pepper Spray. With David apparently intent on looking “muy” macho here, it appears the men had no option than other to fight. Now I don’t know about you, but if a big, buffed 250 lb. guy gave me no way out, I might break a bottle in order to save myself from physical peril and possible death. I mean folks, I’d rather by tried by twelve, than to be carried by six!


David Rodriguez's Slashed Face

Afterwards, Rodriguez claimed that he was attacked with a knife, that’s not what I was told. It was a broken bottle that one of the men cupped in his hand that slashed Rodriguez in the area of his neck. No where in the Flagstaff newspaper account, which was the product of an interview with Rodriguez in a hospital some time after the incident, did David mention dropping the “N” word, ripping off his shirt, challenging the men to fight or boasting of his ring prowess. Instead, Rodriguez, who is 36-0, with 34 KOs, all against has-beens or journeymen, portrayed himself as a man lucky to have survived an unprovoked attack.


In his first media appearance since shortly after the December 30th altercation, David was saying the time is now right for him to fight either Wladimir or Vitali Klitschko. If you were to look at his record, Rodriguez, who turned professional in 1998 and is now 34 years old, the numbers, 36-0, 34 KOs, appear impressive. But the independent’s computer ratings have David #32 in the United States, #78 worldwide. Those ratings are an indictment of Rodriquez, his talent or lack there of, and the fighters he’s faced in his 14 years of professional boxing.


The best fighter “statistically” Rodriguez has faced was the 276 lb. Rick Dyer in 2007. Dyer was 13-0, 13 KOs, but Rick had never beaten a fighter with a winning record with the best being the 17-21 Jason Nicholson. Even though I knew David had emotional baggage and anabolic issues, you can’t say I didn’t try and help him. That being said, the best thing he could do now is retire undefeated, because in my professional opinion if he were to ever fight somebody that could, David Rodriguez would be exposed for the “fraud” that he truly is!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Pedro, He hasn’t any love for you are me. Nor kindness or affection.
    Still, he still has a chance at life if he gets Anger Management done and soon.

    I do like what Frank Zappa said about the use of drugs.”A drug is neither moral or immoral-It is a compound.The compound itself is not a menace to society until a human being treats it as if consumption bestowed a temporary license to act like an asshole.”

    Have a happy

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Tom McKay, the story on David Rodriguez stands! He’s a piece of crap!

  • I’d me more respectful if some of these guys actually got themselves into proper shape for their fights. Most heavyweights of the 70,80’s and 90’s weren’t fat slobs, they consistently came into major bouts in shape. Guys like Holyfield always gave themselves the best chances of victory because they could sustain the action and pressure. American heavyweights today are so hell bent on just power, they fail to realize power means nothing if you can’t hit your opponent. Joe Louis was small, but he could punch. Speed is an asset that more heavyweights need to work on. There were a lot of big heavyweights in the past who couldn’t beat the smaller guys because they were much better. Power is overrrated.

  • American Heavyweights cry, “Bring me a Klitschko.” I will start respecting American Heavyweights when they start saying, “I’m going to get me a Klitschko.” That should be the goal, right? Earn it America!

  • Don’t mess with Pedro Fernandez . They don’t call him poisoness pen Pedro for nothing. Lmao

  • David has some great tools and can hit like thunder. It is his temperament outside the ring that is a possible problem. I do believe that when he was age 26 and had had the right motivation, he could have challenged for the world title. Of course, like many of us at one time or another, he carries some ugly baggage. Nevertheless, after his disgusting affair and luck in Scottsdale, I feel he should retire undefeated. He has a few good wins and with his fathers guidance might becoem a good businessman.

    As for you taking him in like a child, join the choir. Some of us, Louie Burke included,spent over a decade with David. We know him inside and out. It is a sad commentary that he wondered into uncharted territory physically… as in the long run that affects one mentally. David was a fantastic young kid and I wish him a healthy return to the real world. And though you have a gutsy column and possess excellent knowledge it would only be fair to have David comment on your take…if he so chooses. Believe me, I have trained a few hundred boxers and kickboxers and many have the same problems as David. A few turn their lives around. David is a smart young man and right now, he can do it too.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I didn’t say he ducked Klitschko, either one. I said he called them out. Another news source “claimed” he turned down an offer, something I cannot confirm or deny! I did it as a favor to his management team. I have no love for David, before or after our interactions. Might be nice for the game if a Mexican-American heavyweight coud contend. Instead, he made trips to Mexico to buy steroids, that he admitted to!

  • Pedro, You may be right but you may be wrong. Too much emphasis on the testicles. Where did you get the info that he turned down Klitscho? Prove it. No doubt that David has gone sparky too often. If only he could prove himself against a top 50 contender…we might actually root him on.For now, he seems to be in and out of control. Didn’t you know that when you hung out with him?
    were you expecting to gain some big bucks down the road if he was the real deal? Time marches on and David should as you say, bring it to the big hunks or retire.

  • Pedro why did you write this article if you didn’t give Rodriguez a chance to respond to your accusations? Your story sounds like that of a bitter girlfriend who was left on the side of the road with her panties in her hand. Regardless if he called someone a nigger before or after a street….who cares? He got the worst of it by getting his face slashed, and that’s that….time to move on. Whether he’s on steroids or not, what concern is the size of his balls to you? Pedro stick to boxing, and stop insulting people….you sound like Jose Canseco….a crybaby rat!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I brought him here to clean him up re: steroids. Do a Google search, there are other sites that had him hurling racial insults before he got his mug sliced. I stand by my article 200% and if David wasn’t portrayed correctly, I’d be hearing from his attorneys by now. The latest he wanted a Klitschko and then turned down a proposed fight. They say steroids shrink your testicles, before the use of Mexican steroids, yes, I even know where he purchased them from, he had balls the size of a goldfish. Nothing I said isn’t backed up 200%.

  • Pedro – I respect your opinion, and always look forward to your columns (and radio show) that for the most part, call-boxing-as-it-is. And, I know you are speaking from your personal experience, first-hand, with Rodriguez … However, nobody is perfect… and throwing out accusations of the “N” word and “steroid use” is pretty harsh. And, even if it’s true, I think some of your readers (including me) would have liked to see David’s defense, or reaction to the accusations, just to get both sides.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    David Rodriguez deserves nothing. He got what his mouth got him into, trouble hae couldn’t handle! I tried t save David from steroids, MF’er don’t don’t tell me about giving him a chance. Red the story, I went out of my way for the fraudulent heavyweight who this week turned down a Klitschko fight, something he clamored for before i wrote the expose!

  • Although there may be some truth to some of Pedro’s assessments of David Rodriguez in this “article”, it’s super one-sided and appears highly exaggerated. It sounds to me like Pedro has a bit of a vendetta against David Rodriguez. However, if he truly was fair, Pedro would have gotten David’s side before printing the “commentary/opinion”. Apparently the police reports say a witness was saying that Rodriguez was bustin’ out the “N” word … probably true. Shouldn’t have done that. Rodriguez may have gotten a bit crazy. Perhaps should have walked away … Instead, he stepped to someone who also got into a verbal confrontation with him … not-so-nice words are exchanged. The dude pulls out a knife. Asi es la vida. Those things happen a lot in street confrontations. What makes this “N” bomb any different? Look at the context of the situation Pedro. Also, those alleged accusations against DAvid Rodriguez are “backed up” by the “police report” written by a high school-educated police officer in a part of Arizona (MARICOPA COUNTY.. AKA PHOENIX-AREA AND SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO-LAND) known to harass Hispanics. How do you know David Rodriguez is getting a fair shake from one of the two cops (African American and White cop) -What makes those “accusations” true? -And as far as the steroids allegations — Come on Pedro — how many athletes (in any pro sports) push the limits with steroids? If that’s true with David Rodriguez — what’s new??? How’s that different? What are you bringing to the table in this article besides one-sided-bashing? -Looks like you were just looking to bash Rodriguez in your article because you feel he “wronged” you in the past. I respect your columns, and most of your reports on boxing .. but, you really should have gotten both sides of the coin on this commentary.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I told you he was a fraud!

  • Promoter Greag Cohen called Rodriguez’ bluff and was working on getting a Klitschko for him to fight, but Rodriguez turned it flat down.

  • Damn Pedro that’s sad to hear, I knew him well espcially back in his amateur days he was a great kid then. I wish him the best, and if I could help him in any way I surely would.

  • Mac knows what time it is..Just read your post..I dont give a f*&%, heavyweight champ, fraud, whatever! ANYBODY can get it! Just look at dudes pic on this article. He PICKED on the WRONG dudes!

  • Todaline:To tell you the truth bro, I do a pretty damn good job avoiding fights just for how I carry myself. Me, Id rather walk away from a fight ANYDAY if I can avoid it. My same friend I mentioned, he knows deep inside I care about him, and that I dont judge him, and I sure as hell tell him he needs to lay off them roids cause HE knows, I know, everybody should know, that sh%t is not good for you! It f%cks with your personality, your health, mad mood swings, terrible sh*%.

  • Todaline: Sorry brada. I dont take lip from ANYONE. I’m a very respectful individual and my mma friend knows this. All my friends know I’m a very repectful individual, and they KNOW I don’t f%$k around when it comes to disrespect. On top of that, I never disrespect someone unless they dish it out to me, and even then, Im pretty cool headed. A couple years ago, I had a bunch of folks at my house drinkin it up and I received some terrible news while all my friends where hangin out outside. I found out one of my friends was shot, and could possibly be dead, which was later confirmed. My buds were outside in my front yard having a friendly mosh pit tossing each other around so I came outside with a chip on my shoulder and just jumped in and got in the friendly game of shoving each other around. (They were pretty plastered at this point.) My friend, the roider who gets obnoxiously loud sometimes, grabbed me from behind and tried to take me to the ground and put an armbar on me. I was so amped, nobody had any idea regarding the news I recieved, I picked his ass up and slammed him, luckly for him, we were on the grass and I got on top of him and placed my forearm on his neck and I raised my hand to sock his ass but instead, I told him matter of factly “Dont f#$k with me bro I will f*&k your ass up! I aint playin homie!” All my other friends were in shock and just said Damn! He’s pissed dog! He’s gonna kick your ass! I let him up and he told me “Your strong bro.” Till this day, he keeps trying to get me to train MMA with him. Him and I, we both weighed the same at 190 but he’s taller than me. He knows what time it is. Not saying I could kick his ass now, but at that time, I would’ve tore his head off. Not only that, he knows I’m a stand up guy and I got his back too. Like Pedro, I dont kiss ass and I certainly aint gonna listen when somebody is yelling at me brada! Steriods or not!

  • 1200, what you do with your friend is called “suicide attempt”. You never know when a “roided” guy will snap. We value your posts, so pay attention to your valued self.

  • Friggin roid rage…ive seen the effects first hand with afriend whos trying to go pro in mma…he goes thru mad mood swings…i often have to tell him when were hangin out to just chillax..his voice just gets loud, and he gets demanding that we listen..sometimes i’ll just flat out ignore him just to push his buttons and i tell talk to me mofickie, dont yell at me!..

  • Well I always thought the kid was a hyped up, stero-type roided up asshole. Like 1 of those jerks in a 80`s movie driving around in an I-Roc Z lol. Anyway….Guys like him are a dime a dozen in every town you go into. Roided up punks with big mouths that hit on every woman they see and act like insufferable kids with aggression problums.
    This idiot is lucky to be alive, some people you try that on will put a bullet in you without a second thought or at least pop one in the knee.
    Nice work Pedro!

  • David in Dunedin

    Unfortunatlely there is a reason why you are not a well known boxing scribe as you should be. You hold nothing back and aren’t afraid to step on anyones toes. That is why you are THE BEST!

  • Pedro you always keep it real and bring us the best stories in boxing. I’m looking forward to his next fight against a “Nigger”. Think that guy won’t have a little extra motivation?

  • The only “name” on Rodriguez’ resume I recognize is Owen Beck. Maybe his management team should match him up against Tye Fields.

  • Definitely worth knowing. Thanks.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Thanks Martin, a bunch of websites ran that nonsense. So I decided to counter the myth with the truth!

  • Funny how when you read someting online you don’t usually think about whether you’re getting any or only a bit of the story. I just read an article on this guy on another site, about how he was “hurt” and wanted to fight the Klitschko’s. His Record seemed fishy… Now I read this, hah hah what a nut. I wonder if the other writer knew about this…

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