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San Francisco, CA– The most prolific writer in the history of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, Dave Meltzer, AKA the “MMA genius,” who publishes the weekly Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a 40,000 word publication which is essentially the trade paper of the UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator Fighting Championships, in other words the world of MMA, discussed UFC 148 & UFC 149, the problems the UFC has in showing their fights on the “limited” Fuel TV Network, in addition to a myriad of other subjects relating to Mixed Martial Arts. Meltzer is the real deal and we feel “blessed” when Dave can find the time to appear on the “Ring Talk MMA Hour.” TO LISTEN NOW CLICK ON THE BLACK ARROW IN THE GRAY BOX ABOVE! Don’t forget, “Ring Talk” covers Boxing & MMA for two hours every Saturday on the Sports Byline Broadcast Network for two hours starting at 11 AM PT, as well as an all new Sunday one-hour “weekend wrap up” that also starts at 11 AM PT. LISTEN LIVE here at

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    “The Advantage Has Been Taken Away”

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