• David Rodriguez did show some guts. But look how big he was. When he was out here and off of anything, I think he was like 235…I think his rewards from boxing was telling people he was 34-0, 31 KOs…I think that was good enough to satisfy David…Wasted talent or he never was all that talented? Which is it? The Steroid use….He could punch but inactivity due to being a headcase, his prime swept by him. As for talented, it’s hard to say if he could have performed at the highest level, I really can’t be sure one way or the other. He was into getting laid and partying at a time when he should have applied himself to the fullest. A shame…

  • Man that KO was tough to watch! Kudo’s to Wilson for the heart and power to stay in there, and kudo’s as well to Rodriguez for being willing to step in the ring and trade shots with someone as strong as him. I actually felt sorry for Big D when he was knocked out…a very sobering reminder that boxing is the hardest sport.

  • Thanks for posting the video Pedro, Rodriguez is just lucky that he didn’t ever go up against an Arreola or even a Chisora, because he surely would have been decapitated. I am a proud Latino but I was glad that Wilson won this fight! the man is a decent dude. To go 36-0 without ever fighting a man with a pulse is repulsive enough, to have been ranked in the top 10 was a joke. This guy wasn’t even half as good as Alex Garcia or Eddie Lopez, two previous heavyweights of Mexican heritage. Rodriguez had spoiled brat written all over himself, sad but if he had had the balls to go up hard early in his career he would have suffered these losses early and perhaps learned from them cause he can clearly punch. Just too late now.

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