• Guys, get informed before spreading Fox News/NRA propaganda. In Switzerland by law virtually every man is a soldier, with military training ans all. They’re not buying guns to “protect against thugs”. They also don’t have the racial and criminal history we have in he US. If you want to cite a good example then cite Australia. They had a HUGE gun/crime problem (just like in the US everyone was a cowboy ready to defend himself against imaginary enemies), until the day they passed a tough gun law. Compare their rates to ours. Regarding the scapegoating of movies and games, compare Canada’s murder rate to that of the US. They play the same games, watch the same movies and have the same culture, living on the same continent. Two different worlds. Main reason in my opinion? No gun culture.

  • Pedro: We don’t always agree but, on this issue, we are of one mind. Haven’t we had enough with this multi-round crap which allows any miscriant to kill more innocent people and inflict horrendous damage to families, cities, towns and the whole country. Drive bys are horrible enough with a tem round magazine but 30 or more?? What madness are we going to. It’s almost like the so called pro life crowd. No abortion(save lives, right?) Pro execution(ends lives and with the state and taxpayers paying for it) It’s almost like the global warming denyers are yelling when they crawl out from beneath the rock they live it. George Carlin nailed it when he said that so-called pro lifers have this philosophy. Pre-birth you’r fine, pre school, you’r f***ed!! That is until the kid reaches military age when you’r just fine again. Seems to me that most, if not all pro lifers are anti abortion, pro death penalty, pro guns af any and all kind and global warming deniers, not to mention the birther crab which they all seem to subscribe to. How can you be pro life when you advocate huge magazines to kill even more and more prople. Pro-life, my ass. One other thing is that the second amendment specifically says”.. a well regulated militia”…: in it. How is some asswhole going to a gun show and purchasing an assault rifle connected to the well regulated militia concept?????? Sorring to go but it’s a red button iten with me.

  • Santa Cruz Jim:

    Please provide a link that supports your statement that it is no longer the case that males are issued weapons. Just last year, voters in Switzerland rejected a proposal that would have ended the Swiss tradition of men keeping their army rifles at home – even after completing their military service.

    I also don’t feel a need to shoot anyone and hope I never have to. If you choose not to own a firearm, that is your choice. I am curious about your statement that it is “a documented fact that owning a gun does NOT keep you safe and usually the gun you own is used against you.” Do you have any support for that statement?



  • Malph’s comments are the perfect example of a thought process that some people think is actually rational. Wow!

  • Malph, get a clue….try to read between the lines and not just see things on the surface. Point I am making is people who think guns give them all of this protection live in a dreamland. People who live in homes with guns are more likely to be involved in situations of gun violence. This idea that a gun is a solution to violence is a backwards way of thinking. You comment in regards to the president and secret service is the dumbest, and one of the most unintelligent comments I have heard in a while. He’s a public figure. Your argument is so offbase. Comparing the secret service to armed civilians shows your lack of logic or common sense. Go to some other website and spew your nonsense. Done with you.

  • Carlos,
    check your facts again on Switzerland. It used to be that all males were issued weapons, not all assault weapons either. This is no longer the case. I travel to Switzerland frequently and know about what I speak Please don’t promote fiction.
    Personally I don’t know why anyone needs a gun.
    I have lived in San Francisco, Chicago and Minneapolis, all big cities and have never felt the need to shoot someone. My dad, a WW2 combat veteran of 2nd Marine Division hated firearms of all types and it’s a documented fact that owning a gun does NOT keep you safe and usually the gun you own is used against you.

  • Carlos,

    In Switzerland, they also have mandatory military training (if I’m not mistaken), so I guess you’re for that as well.


    I agree Prohibition doesn’t work, that’s why they need to decriminalize Mary Jane & look at what the Netherlands is doing with the so-called “Hard Drugs”. Especially with regards to cane and Heroin. An Assault Weapons ban is not prohibition on the 2nd amendment. You still have shotguns (best for home defense, BTW) and hand guns. If you really think we need assault rifles for defense vs the Gov, what do you need when they send M-1 Abrams down your street, or Apache Helicopters? What happens when they can’t flush you out of your bunker, so they just level your block with howitzers or just drop an H-bomb?

    As a former NRA member, it is just sad to see Wayne blame Hollywood and Video games. Other 1st world countries have just as much violence on TV and video games, but you don’t see this type of violence there. It’s funny how right wingers & gun nuts will point to Mexico and say, “See what happens when you ban guns?” The Cartels get their weapons here! The same nuts are dismissive, because “capitalism” should not be infringed on. But, when you talk about the Drug problem, they blame Mexico and Mexicans. If you remind them about capitalism and infringing on American rights to spark up, they attack you as immoral, go figure.

    They do the same thing with the Big Gov and state’s rights arguments, and it just shows what total hypocrites they are. So, I guess The Neo-Cons are for Big Gov, since they want armed guards at school, or do they want they state’s to handle it themselves? I guess there is no such thing as “common” sense.


  • Kevin, but at the opposite end of Switzerland, you have plenty of countries with very strict bans on guns where gun violence is at an all-time high. Like our neighbor boxing fans in Mexico. Like Chicago or DC itself and it’s strict laws that do absolutely nothing.

    I think the problem is that people have no idea what an “assault rifle” is and think it’s like full auto Mac-10’s. We had a ban. It didn’t do anything, but harden the radical gun folks and poison more discourse.

  • Kevin:

    1. Regarding your first point about semi-automatic guns not existing when the Constitution was written, that is correct. However, a huge number of people in this country – the “Pro-Choice” crowd – fight tooth and nail over a woman’s Constitutional right to abortion. But the right to abortion is not even IN the Constitution! Most people and judges regard the Constitution as a living document that has to be interpreted in light of the times, otherwise many of our so-called Constitutional rights wouldn’t even exist.

    2. When you have burglers, felons, home invaders and the like commonly using pistols with magazine capacities in the high teens, a six shot revolver simply isn’t going to cut it. Malph is right, if revolvers were adequate, the President’s bodyguards and police officer would rely on them, which they most certainly do not.

    3. You may not personally know one person who has used a gun in self defense, but there are legions of them out there. Just spend a few minutes on Google researching the issue and you’ll see for yourself.



  • Kevin,

    Maybe you are right. I’d like to see our nations mayor’s, governor’s and the
    president’s bodyguards limited to six-shot weapons. They could lead by example! Show the people how it’s done! You only need six, right?

    Oh…and those people you know who committed suicide…did it take them more than six shots?

    Stick to boxing and mma guys…you do that well.

  • No ones talking about prohibition here. Your comment is way off base. There is no need for Americans to have weapons of mass destruction in their care. I mean there’s more attention paid to censorship, than gun owevrship. Bottom line is when a right to beat arms was put in the bill of rights, semi-automatic guns did not exist. So this idea that peoples freedoms are being violated is BS. Having a gun that hold six bullets to protect your family from intruders is much different from being allowed to have weapons with the capability to smoke 20-30 children within a matter of minutes. There’s no gray area in my opinion. In my opinion this is not a total solution to the problem. many other steps must be taken. This idea of gun owners rights being taken away I feel is an excuse used by NRA, and gun manufactures. One problem is this countries unnecessary obsession with guns and violence. I can names at least 5-6 people I have known that have committed suicide with a gun. I have yet to know one person who has used a gun in an act of self defense.

  • I understand the sentiment but prohibition don’t work guys. It did not work with alcohol,drugs,gambling or prostitution. It won’t work with guns.

  • I agree with Pedro , All Assault Weapons Must Go ! First a Buy Back program , then manditory surrender , then 20 years if you get caught with one.

  • You make a decent point Carlos, however I think banning assault weapons is a step in the right direction. The culture needs to be changed, however a lot of that has to do with parenting. It appears those issues are a matter of economics. Switzerland is a much different country with a different levels of equality. Hard to compare the two in that instance. I do agree that this country glorifies violence. i am of the opinion that many of these people do this to get fame and thats what they get immediate fame. I mean people don’t get put all over the news for doing positive things, only for negativity. However the solutions being put forth by the NRA are unrealistic and self serving. I mean if schools and government can’t even afford to keep kids in school for a full two semesters, and are continually laying off teachers, and tuitions continue to rise, where is this supposed money supposed to come from to have peace officers at every campus. Sounds good in theory, but not realistic in my mind. The opinion that having a gun stops violence is a narrow minded way of thinking. Bottom line is everyone has an agenda, and if there was an easy solution to the problem it would have been done already. The fear mongering needs to stop. We can’t spend all our time trying to stop every crazy person. The solutions first and foremost starts at home with parents and their children and how they are raised.

  • Pedro:

    That was tried before, from 1994-2004, and it didn’t work. Banning assault rifles is a simplistic response to the horrific tragedy in Connecticut that will be ineffectual. In Switzerland, pretty much every adult male is issued a fully automatic assault rifle they are required to keep at home, yet you don’t see mass killings in that country. The U.S. needs to do something about its culture that devalues life and glorifies violence. As examples, look at what gets broadcast in movies and on TV, as well as the videogames our kids play. Our country also needs to do a much better job of diagnosing and treating mental illness. Knee-jerk reactions are not the way to go.



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