Amir Khan Tasting Canvas!

San Francisco, CA– A 3-1 underdog going in, Danny Garcia exposed Amir Khan’s weak chin with a TKO 4 in a 12-rounder tonight in Las Vegas. The undefeated Garcia suffered a huge cut over his right eye in round two, which to some fighters would have instilled fear and caution. Not Garcia, who after he lost the first two frames, went to the body hard in round three, prompting referee Kenny Bayless to warn the fighter from Philadelphia, PA for punching a little south of the border!


Still in round three, Khan and Garcia were exchanging blows when Danny landed a left hook partially on the neck and right hand side of Khan’s head that put the Englishman flat on his back. To throw some additional salt on the wound, Khan’s head bounced off the canvas when he landed, which seemed to wake up the already concussed Amir Khan.


There were 14 seconds left in the third round and Khan was on some of the most “unsteady’ legs I’ve seen in boxing in a long time. Two more knockdowns in round four, the second of which brought about the end of the fight as referee Kenny Bayless averted a possible tragedy by calling the fight off at 2:28 of round #4.


Watching the English TV feed, his fellow countrymen were aware that Khan was all but done after knockdown #1. Jim Watt, ex-WBC lightweight champ from Scotland, knew that his guy was “toast” after that first knockdown in the third. In the first and second frame, Garcia landed blows to the head that were obviously effective seeing Amir’s legs got “funny” both times. After the fight, Khan moaned, bitched and moaned some more, claiming he was OK and could have continued, something that was not the case.


Being out on his feet, referee Bayless gave him the benefit of a doubt and allowed Khan to fight on when I thought he should have stopped it earlier. At the end of the fight, Garcia was confident, yet respectful and spoke highly of Khan. This upset shook the 140 lb. division up like no jr. welterweight match in years.


Garcia is now 24-0, 15 KOs, while Amir Khan declines to 26-3, 18 KOs. Regardless of what direction Khan goes, whether he stays at 140 or moves up to 147, the fights with Breidis Prescott, Marcos Maidana, Lamont Peterson, and now Danny Garcia, they have exposed Khan as a guy that doesn’t take a punch well. So how do you spell “Glass Jaw?” Like this, “A Mere Con.”

Pedro Fernandez


  • Or Matheyse vs Garcia??? that would be the shiznit!

  • Good scrap between garcia vs khan. That kid Khan got heart for days!I think he got caught off guard..I don’t think Khan’s done yet…Id rather see Garcia fight Josesito Lopez rather than seeing Lopez have to move up another weightclass to pad Canelo’s record…smh…so many reason’s this sport is dying. These bs champions, the lack of intriguing matchups, and bullspit decisions….

  • Fair enough!

    And that was pretty funny when Calzaghe did in fact beat his a$$ and Hopkins looked like such a fool.

    I guess that is the flipside, when you say something like that, you risk end up looking like a giant idiot.

    IE if it had gone the other way and Khan had flattened Garcia, his old man would have looked like a f**king moron.

    But, to his credit, he did not!

  • People freak out on both sides. When Hopkins said “I will never let a white boy beat me.” Everyone was up in arms. The bottom line is was there any relevance to any of these guys comments. If someone wants to insult your race you go out there and kick their ass…bottom line is this idea that people only care about racism when it’s applied towards blacks is total BS. I hear whites crying all the time about affirmative action, welfare(more whites are on welfare by the way) and the things. I guess the implication I am making is that nowadays when it comes to racism the double standard doesn’t really apply anymore. I think people most reasonable people are equally outraged at racism, even when it doesn’t apply to their own people. In my opinion the statement that “he never met a Pakistani that can fight”, while it implies racism, is really just a psychological ploy really. Everyone knows that boxing if marketed by race, and the statement would be considered totally unacceptable in other other sports and may ellicit a ban, but boxing is the red light district of sports. No universal governing body, no accountability. This is a sport where two guys go in their to scramble the others brain. I am more concerned for fighter safety than to maka huge deal out of the ignorant comments you’d only expect from people involved in this game. That being said, Jon and Todaline both make valid points, but again this is boxing, it isn’t tennis.

  • Jon, the “blacks can’t take a punch” is a very good, genial comment if it gets the black fighter to try and prove he can take a punch. No matter where it came from. Does that answer your question?

  • Todaline,

    That’s fine. I have a thick skin myself; I honestly don’t mind racist jokes and stuff, even directed at my own ethnicity.

    I just take mental notes on hypocrisy.

    For instance you might remember a controversy when a prominent Hispanic fighter reportedly said “Blacks can’t take my punch” several years ago.

    Who knows if he even said it, but everyone FREAKED OUT when it was printed.

    As long as it’s the same rules for everyone–cool. But don’t get your panties in a knot when you’re the one in the crosshairs.

    I would expect you to also find a comment like “Blacks can’t take my punch” from a Hispanic fighter “genius” and “just part of the game” etc.

    To me it is nonsense!

  • Jon, you need to understand psychological warfare. What Angel did was pure genius. He knew his son could not win the fight had Khan BOXED so he enraged the boy to make him fight THEIR fight and it worked. Roach and Khan have become so full of themselves, humility is no longer in their DNA. Roach with all the “Trainer of the year” awards, gotten on the back of Pac, started to believe his own BS. As someone pointed out, not a single Roach fighter knows defense.

    To go back to your ethnic rant, suppose that he had said I’ve never met a Brit who can fight, or an Italian, or a Swedish, whatever. Would you be so outraged in those cases? No, because they’re WHITE. But because Khan isn’t you see Garcia’s comment as racist. Jon, boxing isn’t a child’s game. It isn’t for the practitioners nor the followers, so we should be able to decode what’s been said and done before jumping to conclusions. However this being America, where EVERYTHING is seen through a racial lens, I do understand your reaction.

    For you information I am Black.

  • A lot of hideously ugly ethnic stereotypes are arguably “true.”

    Rest assured if I started ennumerating those that a bigot could make a case for, you would ban me from your board.

    However, I will remember the standard now, going forward:

    Ethnic ridicule is permissible as long as it’s arguably true.


  • Pedro Fernandez

    Jon, Outside of Khan who his kid drilled, that may very will be a true comment! Boxing & fighting are two different. OK smart guy, name some?

  • I have no problem with smack talk; saying something like “I’ve never met a Pakistani who can fight” is a little beyond the pale, no?

    Can you even imagine if a white fighter made a similar comment? He would never be on HBO again. And your web site would be ripping him into shreds calling for his head.

    Come correct; you know it’s true!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    No, he talks smack and if you were a fighter, depending on your personality, you either talk a lot of crap or you don’t. Or you do both. I played the weigh ins well, sometimes getting in someone’s face, look as mean as I could. The next night of the tourney I wouldn’t say a word.

  • Khan can come back (pun intended). He was ahead and got caught right behind the ear. Balance and the ear are directly related and he got hit pretty hard in that area. I know that the phrase ‘weak chin’ is a general description, but technically the damage wasn’t because of his whiskers. Khan is far from perfect, but he’s good enough to come back.

  • Todaline,

    He is a loser in the game of life because he is a creep.

    I take your objection as evidence that you are either uncommonly interested in semantics or as a tacit endorsement of his nonsense.

    Either way, it doesn’t make a difference to me.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    This is boxing, not “worked” pro wrestling.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Alberto, Maidana is as shot as a felled deer!

  • Maidana vs Garcia next…if Maidana wins his next fight … Khan should fight Prescott on ESPN2

  • Yeah, it wasn’t smart but he decided to fight it out. Admirable though hopeless in the state he was in. Victor Ortiz would have said “I don’t need this” and quit!

    Khan needs to understand exactly what it is he’s got. He’s fast and has good power, but he has good mechanics rather than good technique. It was so easy to see Khan getting tagged by that exact punch. Maybe after this loss he can start concentrating on basics.

    Anyway I think he makes for good fights because you know anybody with a punch always has a shot against him.

  • Even the dedicated fans make such a big deal when a guy loses once or twice when they get to the big show..it’s no wonder the promoters are guarding Canelo and Chavez Jr. Khan had the stones to fight with his balls and lost. Good fight, take nothing away from Khan. Look at some of our other big stars that fought to survive and just aggravated you as soon as you saw it happen right before your eyes in a fight where they gave up and we all knew it. You say to yourself, here we go again. Mosely had that one down to an art form. Booooring.

  • I think that everybody should cut the kid some slack he fights tough outs. Dares to be great. Fights till his body betrays him. What more can you ask? He isn’t as good as he thinks but he is talented enough to have been a 2x unified world champ and Olympic silver medalist, which is much more than all of us blogging here can say? Maybe if we stop clowning guys when they lose u would see the fights u want because 1 loos would make a guys career look like a joke?

  • I say Josesito Lopez versus Danny Garcia is the fight I want to see, and I say leave Canelo to fights people his own size instead of potentially killing the careers of deserving (but outweighed) little guys!

  • Pedro,”We never have critized Mr.Roach,Pacquiao,who is so close to being done”.well, you’d been saying that to pac for at least 5 years now!Look where’s manny now,even in the so called “lost” in the recent fight,he’l still expected to earn at least 30M in every fight.

  • Good article Pedro. Also, Just want to give KP props as well. Though the outcome wasn’t exactly the way KP said it would come out, he did provide the ingredients for the cooking up of the KO as he indicated in this excerpt from his article last week. Peace:

    One thing that is being overlooked by those picking against Garcia is that timing can beat speed, and Khan’s posture in the ring or lack thereof can be an advantage for Garcia. Speed is a great asset to have, but being in control and having good balance is something that favors the Puerto Rican-American fighting out of Philly. I will go out on a limb and say Garcia wins this bout by close decision. He’s improved in every fight, and Khan while explosive and dynamic has numerous flaws that can be exploited

  • Khan is not a top fighter, on account of his chin. The question now is: can he still deliver from the second tier? (This is not an oxymoron: there are plenty of fighters who are able to deliver compelling fights from the second tier: Gatti and Ward, for example.) Or is Khan minus the hype just history?

  • Good for you Jon, but as of NOW he’s no loser as he’s NEVER lost. When that happens we’ll sure have that conversation.

  • Scottish SteveG

    5 years ago Khan fought a guy from my hometown (Glasgow) called Willie Limond…hand-picked, no doubt. Limond is/was a decent pro and good technician but with no punch (very few KOs). However, he put Khan down in the 6th and had him in serious trouble. Bear in mind this was well before the Prescott starching.

    Since that night in 2007 I suspected Amir could not cut it at the highest level…and said so out loud. A few folk on the (Brit/UK) boxing forums accused me of, “having an obvious dislike for him”. BS – just called it as I saw it (nothing against Amir as a person…what-so-ever).

    However, I wasn’t alone – many other Brit/UK fans have had their doubts about him for a long time. So please don’t make the mistake of thinking that we’re all shocked and hugely disappointed over this side of the pond today. Absolutely NOT the case. Same applies to the demise of a certain Mr Hatton. Many true boxing fans over here (that don’t drink 10 gallons of beer on fight night) knew that he and Khan were over-hyped and overrated.

    Just symptomatic of where we are (unfortunately) in world boxing right now: the money-men/promoters/marketing guys are running amok. And the dumb media fall into line with their lack of independent thinking and verbatim reporting of what the boxing ‘big-wigs’ want us to think. Sad.
    JC Chavez Jnr is no different: marketable ‘cash-cow’ who basically cheats (as he should be fighting at light-heavy). Sorry but I really hope Sergio M thrashes him.

  • Todaline,

    I can call classes trash anything I want.

    I’ll be excited to see his kid get iced; and believe me, it will happen.

    He got lucky that Khan has no chin, otherwise he was heading toward losing all 12 rounds.

  • punchdrunkfighter

    A Mere Con – Pedro right AS USUAL!

  • Scottish SteveG

    Question: can he take a good shot? Answer: no, Amir Khan’t. :-)

  • Pedro Fernandez

    We never have criticized Mr. Roach, Pacquiao, who is so close to being done you can stick a fork in him. I like Sergio Martinez over Julio Cesar Chavez jr, that is no knock on Roach. The only truth in your statement is your blogging name!

  • Jon, you can’t call a man who’s been winning, a loser.

  • Amir Khan or even Manny Pacquiao or even Freddie cannot expect a fair treatment from this website…so too bad Amir Khan, what more in defeat?? This website sucks

  • Garcia’s old man sure is a POS. “I never met a Pakistani who can fight.” WTF? If he was white and said that he’d be tossed out of the sport.

    Now he says no rematch; LOL, yeah because Khan was beating his kid barely trying the first two rounds.

    Not that I think Khan would necessarily win the rematch, he might very well get KO’d again.

    Anyway, now I kind of want to see Garcia get KTFO just to shut up his loser dad.

  • Pedro, Khan didn’t seem to complain too much on the HBO broadcast from my perspective. All he said was, he felt he could continue (ha) and it wasn’t his night. I don’t like Khan at all and I’m glad Garcia won, but Khan seemed to realize he got his face kicked in.

  • I thought the HBO commentators were biased as usual. Though perhaps Khan won the first two rounds, they were still competitive. Garcia wasn’t being “badly beaten” in those rounds at all.

    Interesting you were able to get the British feed. I watched many a fight with Jim Watt and Reg Gutteridge on ITV during the seven years I lived in England. How were you able to get the British feed. Internet?

    Maybe Danny Garcia’s next fight can be against Josesito Lopez if Lopez moves back down to his natural weight of 140 pounds. Or Garcia can move up to welterweight (assuming Lopez does not fight Canelo).

  • poor khan……2 in a row…..morales is really an elite fighter, he stood his ground through 12rounds against garcia while khan only lasted 4rounds….this is how u separate a hall of famer from a newbies…taking note that morales is already past his prime when he fought garcia…bradley,khan,alexander i dunnoh about these guys but they are not the elite only that the promoters build up their names…lot of talented fighters who are not really recognize because of this boxing business…

  • It seems like Khan is less able to take a punch than before. Going in his chin was vulnerable but then he got hit on the neck and wobbled like an inflatable at a car sale. Then he was grazed on top of the head and did nearly the same. The shots Garcia was landing just weren’t the most pinpoint shots which is a little perplexing and signifies Amir can’t take a shot anywhere from the neck up at all. Perhaps Garcia’ father should be credited for getting under Khan’ skin because Khan in trying to perhaps be more aggressive than usual didn’t stick with his jab and tried to go after Garcia too much rather than just slap, grab, and run which has served him well up to this time. Garcia was impressive against Holt which led me to believe his chances of winning weren’t too shabby at all. Didn’t think Garcia would affect Khan like Breidis Presscot though.

  • A Mere Con! So once again, does Prescott need to win a few more to fight you again? You prick! You always had a sense of entitlement. You are only entitled to fight on ESPN or Shobox ext. earn your right to be in another big fight. Just like you said Prescott should do… Prick!

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