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San Francisco, CA– There is nothing quite like a fight in which the masses are unclear as to who will win. That’s why Manny Pacquiao’s reputation and aura among non-Filipinos has faded dramatically in the last year because Manny has been fighting “set ups.” That being said, the signed boxing match between Strikeforce MMA welterweight champ (170 lbs) Nick Diaz and boxer Jeff Lacy is dead in the water.


It appears that Diaz of Stockton, CA, whom I picked to beat Jeff Lacy, a 2000 Olympic boxing and ex-IBF champ at 168 fighting out of Florida, was “snuffed out” during a 2 PM PT conference call on Monday that had Diaz’s manager Cesar Gracie, UFC czar Dana White and other plugged in. The word from a source, to which Gracie would neither confirm or deny is that Diaz will get a bout with the Canadian “greaser” Georges St. Pierre, considered by many the best MMA fighter in the world.


When I asked Gracie if Nick would be lead a team of fighters in the Pike TV series, “The Ultimate Fighter” against a team led by St. Pierre, manager Gracie hemmed and hawed, again neither confirming or denying such. The shooting of the series is set to begin on June 4, but with me having a tremendous amount of respect for Diaz, I don’t see him performing well in that role.


Although Diaz was pumped up over the prospect of fighting Lacy in a boxing match, Dana White feels that a loss would not only lessen Diaz’s value, but it would hurt the UFC overall. In other words, White, a prick, as well as a genius to many, was willing to let boxer James Toney, obese and out of shape, tussle with now retired UFC legend Randy Couture in an MMA bout, but won’t approve a Diaz-Lacy boxing match.


Truth of the matter is Diaz, a Strikeforce champion had a “one boxing match” clause in his Strikeforce contract. But with White against it, although legal analysts suggest Diaz would beat White in court, the battle would take two years meaning Diaz wouldn’t be fighting for two years. Plus, White has zillions of dollars and Diaz and company don’t. Thus, although Team Diaz would likely win, they would in essence lose.


Boxing promoter Don Chargin, the man who had signed both Diaz and Lacy to a boxing contract, told me on Friday that the fight was dead. Diaz’s manager Cesar Gracie confirmed such Monday evening. Although he is looking out for his own interests, Diaz whipping a one-armed Lacy, the left hooker who because of injuries and surgeries no longer has that vaunted left hook, would have been a plus for White, the UFC and Zuffa Sports, the UFC’s parent company.


Because in his match with BJ Penn a couple of years ago, his corner applied Vaseline, which is prohibited to his back and shoulders, making it extremely difficult for Penn to try and take the “greased” up Canadian down.

Pedro Fernandez


  • I forgot to mention what you brought up… White has also all but sacked the WWE market as well.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I totally agree. He took the WWE, then the WWF blueprint and tried to do the exact opposite of boxing Jack, like making events into like Rock concerts, always something happening. Boxing promoters have fans sitting on their hands for as long as 45 minutes before a big fight without any ring action. Mad props to Dana, I just wanted to see Nick & Jeff, cause I think Nick is something special!

  • Say what you will about Dana White… He is smarter than anyone in Boxing is.

    Any smart man in boxing right now (and there are NONE) should be studying White like a lab rat… White has been playing Boxing for over a decade now. He is brazen and open about it… The business model of his league IS the antithesis of the boxing.

    I have my issues with Dana White but Respect, Admiration and Intrigue are not among them.

    Contrary to what White has said in the past… I believe that his ultimate goal all along has been to wipe Boxing off the face of the planet and replace it with his product…

    White is brilliant. You go to one of his events, you get to meet and greet with the athletes. His athletes are now being encouraged (with money) to interact with the fan base via Twitter and other Social Media networks.

    Boxing on the other hand can’t make the only fight that matters (Pacquiao – Mayweather) and hasn’t had a HW Champion since Lennox Lewis retired in 2003.

  • I read about this 2 days ago on an MMA site, White had said there are still hurdles to overcome and its quite possible that in order for GSP vs Diaz to happen Diaz will have to sign with the UFC. If that happens, Diaz wont get a boxing match in a UFC contract.

    If the fight happens, it should be interesting. Although Diaz is a tough as nails fighter with great heart and conditioning his greatest wins in SF has been over K J Noons and Daley. With the exception of Daley who is/was in the top 10 Diaz last few wins were over Tomato cans.

  • Hector Duarte Jr.

    “I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.”
    -Tyler Durden

  • It’s really unfortunate that Dana white feels the the need to interfer with this fight. I was looking forward to this spectacle. Seeing how a elite mma fighter would have handled fighting a faded former world champ. Do you think it’s more a case of Nick Diaz twisting dana whites arm or Dana really being unsure of diaz’s ability to beat Lacey? Jeopardizing his marketability for a showdown with GSP. Also too funny on the “greaser” tag. It almost got me angery. Which is one of the main reasons I love this sight. Lol

  • Thanks Pedro for the scoop! It looks like you got the story right before anyone else in the MMA world! Well done!

  • From the beginning this fight had little chance of happening and Diaz’ own people had said they would opt for a title shot rather than the gimmick fight should the UFC offer it. The UFC didn’t strong arm, they caved. Diaz bullied Dana, not the other way around. I’m glad he did as well, he fights hard and deserves the chance. That said, GSP will most likely produce the boring type of winning strategy he usually does with the X factor being Diaz’ power and aggression…..GSP hasn’t fought anyone with the tough as nails, come forward and damn the consequences type attitude that Diaz possesses. Diaz may lack in skills but he’s got more guts and balls…..I hope it’s a good fight.

    Nothing to be outraged about here, I was curious about the Lacy fight, but in all honesty it’s the only Lacy fight I could possibly care about circa 2011. It was pure gimmick, and Diaz is ultimately getting what he really wanted.

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