Will Manny Fight For Womens Rights?

Will Manny Fight For Women's Rights?

San Francisco, CA– The king of boxing Manny Pacquiao is reportedly spending New Years in Australia. He returns to the ring May 7 vs. Shane Mosley. As a newly elected Philippine Congressman, Manny has been working on some minor legislation. Why doesn’t Congressman Pacquiao bring his country into the 21st century, at least as far as women’s rights are concerned and get them to legalize divorce in the Philippines?


The power men have over women in the Philippines can be viewed as antiquated by some, barbaric by others. I couldn’t envision not being able to get out if I were to marry the wrong person. Flipping the coin, I can’t imagine a woman being trapped in a horrible life with a man until death do they part. Is this because of the Catholic Church’s power? One of the few religions that force priests and nuns to live a life of celibacy, we’ve seen where that has gone with priests around the world and their abuse of children.


In closing, is it just me that is blown away by this denial of basic human rights, for women in particular. Wouldn’t or doesn’t this make adultery a common thing nationally?


  • And yes America has done many things we should not be proud of. But just like peoe it’s not perfect. But answer me this, what civilization has ever been grander in all areas than the united states of America??? NONE!!!!

  • By blood what??? Native American Indian if that’s what u mean!!! All peoples of us lineage are immigrants, except native Indians. So am I the same as John smith americano blood I answered u already YES!!!!! But what u want me to say is my great great grand parents are from???? Colombia, Ecuador, chile, but like I said being American isn’t being of European anscetry. I’m more American than 99 percent of any white American. Not just mentality but by birth. Is that answer enough for u??

  • I bring up something Manny can do, and everybody goes after me or the US. We the US, we killed our own President in 1963, murdered the leading civil rights leader and RFK too. I am deeply ashamed of the US government. BUT again the subject is the Philippines, not the US. Address the issue, don’t spin it!

  • @rob rios
    And i ask u if u are american by “BLOOD”, not where u were born & bread.

  • @roberto rios
    U.S., on top of the world, top seller of “destructive weapon”… and u want to talk about women’s right in the phils., how about rallying to the us govt not to devt those weapons, by doing that, we are not just talking about women’s rights, but all of human kind’s rights…..And u pac haters are the ones who talks a lot of bs whenever pac wins…..those pac fans just answer whatever criticism you throw at pac. But it’s all u strokers that make us pac fans sick hearing how pac is not great this one is and bla bla bla.

  • Yes Dencio I am 100 percent united states born and bread. U see the misconception most u people have is to be American is to be white. But true Americans know that an American can be white, black , Asian, middle eastern and ect… And b4 u start rambling were my parents and grand parents U.S American yes they were and so were my great grand parents. And I don’t hate on pacman. And am stoked that he is a bad man. But it’s all u strokers that make me sick hearing how great this one is and bla bla bla. Spitting lies how PBF is scared of pacman???? Please that dude isn’t scared of nobody. I agree with him and also find it suspect that dude won’t test. Why?? And don’t give me that bs of he won’t be dictated to or he gets weak. That Morales loss he had they blamed the winning gloves. They said he wanted Reyes gloves.

  • Glad Im not banished,

    Looking forward to Donaire-Montiel

    I think one of the best things to wish for, apart from peace and good health this new year will hopefully be Evanded Holyfield’s retirement

    To put things in perspective, I watched him turn pro against Lionel Byarm when I just started grade 9…Reagan’s first termin office…And the man is still going, sort of….

  • @roberto rios

    “U people just hate on the US because we are on top.”

    now i know why most of u hate pac, cause he is on top of the boxing world, an asian and a filipino at that. btw, r u an american by blood?

  • Happy New Year to u P.Diddy thanks for the forum!!!!! And to all the pacturds keep hatin, PBF is gonna tax that azz in 2011. One 2 Floyd is coming for u, 3 4 better lock ur door, 5,6 u can grab my stick. 7,8 better stay up late 9,10 ur azz is floyds again!!!!!!!!!!

  • with regards to the article, kudos pedro, kudos……

  • Mr. Fernandez is correct. There is no divorce in the Philippine U.S style. What we have is annulment where it takes a lot of monies and effort to avail for one. It is not for everybody.
    Manny Pacquaio could not be a sponsor for it in hall of congress as he is not an effective legislator to back it up in floor debate.
    As what I know, he is an elite boxer, but a politically “illiterate” solon on topics like divorce and women’s rights.
    As what I know he was elected as congressman by the wide-eyed hoi-poloi who thought his boxing skills is as good as his legislative skill.
    We would be blown-away when he runs for the senate and the presidency someday.
    Onli in da Pilipins!

  • Pedro, did I get barred?

    my email was

    My previous posts were about religion a little much and in retrospect I probably went overboard in my comments about the Philipines, though I didnt use foul language and was able to quote my information sources

    either way happy new year to all boxing fans in the world, James

  • Wrong Pedro Fernandez, but thanks!

  • boxer: Pedro Fernandez
    Global ID 196218
    sex male
    birth date 1946-02-06
    division middleweight
    stance orthodox
    country Argentina
    residence San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucuman, Argentina
    birth place S.M.Tucumán, Capital
    birth name Juan Pedro Fernández
    won 14 (KO 10) + lost 0 (KO 0) + drawn 1 = 15
    rounds boxed 82 KO% 66.67

    YOU ARE 14 and 0.

    Are you fighting bums? haha :) just kiddin’

    Is it really tough inside the ring?
    I read you were forced to retire because of eye problem.
    Sad you didnt have a chance to become a world champion, but you were blessed of having a radio talk that is runing for so many years.

  • PEDRO is respectable, you could picture in your mind what is his profile by reading this.

    Dear Bill,

    I hope you and yours are well!

    Here are the Top 10 reasons why Pedro Fernandez should be the “In Studio Analyst” for the Friday Night Fights on ESPN 2.

    10. My 12 years of RING TALK means I don’t write copy and then try to read it on air.
    9. Race Card: The team is all prissy white.
    8. Four time North Calif. Golden Glove Champ & ’84 Western Olympic Trialist.
    7. At 41, I have 31 years of boxing related experience.
    6. 27 years of Journalistic experience/Award winning writer.
    5. Public relations experience. Highlight was being Ali’s PR guy through
    two tours of China in ’93 & ’94.
    4. My award winning web site @ and the fact that I am writing about the sport everyday.
    3. On camera persona, along with an unparalleled ability to fill air time.
    2. Grasp of subject: As host of Ring Talk, my ability to answer phone calls and e mail from around the globe clearly illustrate the instilled acumen.

    And the number one reason why Pedro Fernandez should be the “In Studio Analyst” for the ESPN 2 Friday Nights.

    1. Pedro is a broadcaster with a boxing background that can put forth knowledge in a manner that is easy for the viewer to understand and that he or she can acquire knowledge from!

    Enclosed you will find my video demo, bio, and the second hour of last Saturday night’s Ring Talk show.

    In closing Mr. Cayton, the future of televised boxing is here! Give me one chance and I’ll make you look like a genius!


    Pedro Fernandez

    The writer has his own site at and can be reached at


  • Pedro does not have a brain full of boxing history only, he does talk about everything, so it is his prerogative of what topic he wants to talk about. Besides, this is his page.

    I find it hard to accept some of us, Filipinos, jumping overboard, overreacting, and whining about something. Every opinion has the right to be right but facts have no right to be wrong.

    Pedro, just don’t generalize and you’ll be on the right direction.
    Pedro Fernandez keeps Ring Talk going 25 years

    Pedro Fernandez’s first San Francisco boxing talk show in 1988 followed a Filipino civic affairs program (starring Emil Guillermo). Now most of us are following and talking about Filipino boxers.

    But if you’re the real deal, it isn’t all about Manny Pacquiao, and Fernandez has been showing his boxing range on the air for 25 years now, ever since he got his first show in Las Vegas.

    The S.F. native, a former Golden Gloves champion and a former policeman, first got my attention when “Ring Talk” gravitated to KNBR (680) in 1992 as Tony Salvadore and Bob Agnew formed the all-sports format and put Pedro in a Saturday-evenings slot.

    I was impressed with both his on-air aplomb and the caliber of his listeners, so I wrote about “Ring Talk” in my San Jose Mercury News “Sports on the Air” column. I wrote about him again when Pedro and KNBR parted ways for a while in a contract beef.

    “Ring Talk” later resurfaced on KNBR’s weaker setting at 1050 and stayed there until fairly recent years. For some years Fernandez also was an adjunct reporter for HBO.

    With the retirement in the 1990s and death in 2006 of his mentor, San Francisco Chronicle boxing writer Jack Fiske, Fernandez probably seized Fiske’s mantle of Bay Area pre-eminence more than anyone.

    Nevertheless, Fernandez said, he started getting pre-empted and jacked around by KNBR-1050 after he was admonished for declaring on the air in 2003 that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and stating other political opinions. He has since gravitated to KTRB (860), where “Ring Talk” runs two hours weekly, usually on Sunday evenings.

    I’d say he’s been validating the theory of evolution by adapting to the shifting tides of the boxing and radio worlds. He can rattle off ratings and revenue figures and trends enthusiastically, but he’s as jaded as one would hope where boxing itself is concerned. “Wisdom overcomes the rush,” he says. “There’s no longer a rush. I like to say I’m ‘boxing impotent.’ ”

    That doesn’t mean he isn’t enthusiastic about, say, Nonito Donaire, Andre Ward and Robert Guerrero, three stars the likes of which the Bay Area hadn’t seen in our long lifetimes. “Not an understatement,” Fernandez agreed, also saluting their intelligence. “We’ve got three great fighters, and they’re not punchy-drunk.”

    But the overall picture is more sleazy than ever, he proclaims, as power has shifted from promoters to hotel magnates and the like. “I despise 95 percent of the people in boxing,” he readily says. Like so many around the sport, he’s often on the verge of outrage, and it works for him.

    In my line, they preach “write what you know.” That’s the spirit likely to keep Pedro Fernandez on “Ring Talk” for many more years.

  • Dung, it is a fair question. And you Filipinos, you are ashamed to an extent that your country is still in the dark ages. By the way, dung in english is cow sh*t! LOL!

  • just try and write about boxing pedro. no matter how stupid the article is, at least there’s a chance that readers will think you are knowledgeable with the subject. don’t stray on unfamiliar territories that require critical and objective thinking. that’s my two dungs for you.

  • Here in the Philippines, there is the so called annulment which voids the marriage as if no marriage had taken place. It’s a divorce of sort but not totally divorce because the government lays down certain grounds in order for the nullification of mariage. Otherwise, there is the so-called legal separation wherein, in the eyes of the law, you are deemed marriage but you are separated from “bed & board.”

  • With regard to power, this day in age, woman are of equal with men in the Philippines. Such cases of domestic violence against woman are isolated. Antiquated and barbaric is an overstatement. We even had two female ex-presidents of the Philippine Government.

    But talking about Divorce. Yes, Pedro, you are right. The Church has a lot of influence to State. Politicians sometimes tends to side with Church, if they will not, Church will bash them come election day, and that will be a minus to aspiring politicians. Negative ratings will pile up like Santa’s gifts inside his bag.

    Not only woman are affected by these. I, for one, cannot live a life I want because I am a married man but separated.

  • What’s the US got that I should be envy about?
    The millions of house foreclosures?
    The millions who lost their jobs?
    The ex-president Bush (who’s also an idiot) and Obama who a lot of people mistook for a messiah? They’re actually the same bird. just differetn feathers.
    The stupid wars based on lies?
    The killing of thousands of innocent civilian (even allies) in the middle east?
    The greedy corporations that’s sending jobs overseas?
    The billions of dollars (in aid) given to its friend countries when its own people are suffering from hunger and poverty.
    your government’s rape of your constitutional rights based on bogus terrorism?

    Obviously pedro and roberto (it rhymes!) don’t have a clue of what’s the US has become. save a few who has big screen, un-foreclosed house, fancy cars, three-time a day meal and of course the filthy rich CEO of greedy corporations, majority of YOU are now living in a third world country.

    DUNG is where you are living now. wait til it gets worse and you’ll see.
    so for now, enjoy what you got. it won’t last long.

  • Dung, name is fitting. If we had the human and civil rights violations in my mind here, I’d be asking my Congressman the same thing! So instead of admitting to the fact this antiquated rule is a church thing, the same church that didn’t want people using condoms to prevent AiIDS. As some of the readers have pointed out, adultery is a national problem because of such.

  • Dung is exactly what u are!!!!!!!! Of course the US of A is the best country in the world!!! As a matter of fact I’ll go even further to say the U.S is the greatest civilization ever created by mankind!!! If I’m wrong prove it!!!! U people just hate on the US because we are on top. And guess what we will stay on top!!! And please don’t mention china they ain’t going nowhere. They are destroying their country from the inside out. And have no rights as people polluted beyond belief no fish in rivers air quality non existent. Need I go any further??

  • “Nobody is an expert. I am a human being that believes in Civil Rights for men and women”

    Civil Rights huh? you are an idiot if you think you still has those where you live. so before you try and clean up the shit of other people’s backyard, start in your own, sheep!

  • I wonder why Pedro is a Certified Manny Pacquiao hater , huh…

  • Nobody is an expert. I am a human being that believes in Civil Rights for men and women. The church has the Pinoy Govt. by the throat!

  • But Manny is NOT a US Congressman, so WTF does the US rates have anything to do with the fact that Divorce is legal in every country, except yours and Malta.

  • You guys are buffoons! He is a Congressman, isn’t he?

  • This guy thinks that because he knows a couple pinoys, he knows about filipino culture already and an expert at it. this is the same reason the west will not succeed in the middle east occupied countries. they want their shitty culture shoved into these people’s throats.

    why pedro, you still think your country is the greatest? didn’t you know americans were raping filipino women right after you guys kicked out the japs? and don’t you know americans are still raping filipino women?

    damn ignoramus!

  • Pedro,as much as i respect everyone’s opinion, i want to point out that there are only two reasons that anyone can responsibly criticize a certain culture’s rule/law.
    1. one is living the culture
    2. or one has enough knowledge of the culture

    It is apparent that you do not know anything about “lEGAL SEPARATION” law in the Philippines. Go look it up or call a Philippine lawyer and discuss it as opposed to Divorce.

    You have touched on a sensitive topic that has religious undertones and if you really are ready to defend your stand then please email me. Better yet, open a thread for a formal debate just between you and me. A thread is the easiest thing for you to do but if you can’t do that, then it means your knowledge of the subject is not really up to the challenge. This will not be open to anyone’s comments. Just you and me. Others can only read but not join. And remember, all quotes used must have references. You have until Jan 5 12 noon Pacific Standard Time to accept this challenge. The theme would be “Divorce as an alternative over Legal Separation in Philippine setting”.


  • 300 years under Catholic rule and yet the worst, adulterous, abusive fathers and most corrupt people in Asia.

  • Pedro
    Philippine culture is different than USA…you can’t impose one to another…it’s not right to say if it works in the USA it must work to other countries….not all countries Pedro…you must do some research before going into this don’t know nothing about Philippine culture….but it’s a good argument…jb

  • “In closing, is it just me that is blown away by this denial of basic human rights…”

    Yes, its just you Pedro.

    Divorce is not even a constitutional right. Its not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. In the U.S., it’s governed by state laws, so you have 50 different laws covering divorce. Likewise, there is no mention in the UN’s Universal Human Rights of the Right to Divorce. Article 16 refers to a right to marry, nowhere is there a mention of the right to divorce. Also, did you know that the European Court deemed that the right to divorce is not a basic human right?

    Next time, write about things you know about…like Floyd’s nuts.

    PS. The anonymous moron who said that NO DIVORCE equates to ADULTERY, ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN and DOMESTIC VIOLENCE probably has an IQ of a gnat. The great U.S. of A. has divorce and yet adultery, illegitimate children and domestic violence is prevalent, probably with the highest rates in the world.

  • Divorce is for idiots. Why marry in the first place if you will separate later?

    Marriage is for better or for worse, only idiots can’t understand that. Stay away from marriage if one partner only likes the better part. Marriage is based on love not on profitability. Profiteers and idiots should stay away from marriage.

  • Yeah right you’re for civil rights for all. Why don’t you write then about other countries where women are really obviously abused? Why pick on PHL? Your hate is so obvious.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m also for divorce. But why are you generalizing that men power over women here are viewed as antiquated and barbaric. This is not true. Your writing is either malicious or ignorant.

  • ur trying to single out the philippines again pedro…i understand ur hatred for that country because of one man Manny Pacquiao or simple known as the MEXICUTIONER…

  • Many women here in the Philippines feel they are being held hostage by the Church because the government won’t pass the Reproductive Health bill. Pacquiao is a devout catholic and will never go againt the Church. Overpopulation is the country’s 2nd worst enemy( corruption comes in 1st )but the fanatics will always put the Catholic Church ahead of the country’s future and well being. Wake up!!!!

  • Matthew 19:9
    “I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery.”

  • your just saying that to spite floyd because you cant do what he does!

  • I’m in favor of divorce. This should implemented a long time ago. Our catholic church is no longer capable of maintaining a high standard of family values. I could no longer imagine the amount of broken families, adultery, early pregnancy, live-in partner relationship. This is a reality check. In order to lessen this burden, I’m in favor of divorce.

  • You’re kidding, right?? Jinkee is an emotionally abused wife who has to deal with her powerful celebrity husbands adulterous affairs in the public eye. Selecting Pac would be as ridiculous as selecting Tiger Woods to represent abused women. At least Tiger wood’s wife got the last laugh, but Pac is so beloved that if Jinkee tried divorcing him and suing him for half his estate, she’d likely be viewed as the villain.

  • Screw Philippine culture, I’m for Philippine Civil Rights for all!

  • Pedro in all of Asia. The Philippines have the highest number of female senior management positions. In fact The Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR)
    did a survey. The Philippines came on top with 47%. Compare that to Mexico (11%) and the USA(who didn’t make it to top 22 countries).

  • that’s right pedro, your story has nothing to do with boxing. regardless you still able to show how ignorant you are. your boxing comments are bad enough — and you pick up another culture as topic? are you trying to make your self look intelligent? then just talk about boxing. you have almost zero knowledge what filipino culture is. or this is just a way of saying you miss bashing treatment from pacfans. ok guys let pedro have it! and you can do pedro’s ass too — if you like…

  • Archangel, the story had nothing to do with boxing. Civil Rights in the Philippines was the subject.

  • This writer once again didn’t fail to make himself sound stupid! When the PACMAN kills Mayweather in the ring literally Manny will do all the women in the world great favor! Manny says boxing is not for killing but if he fights coward Monkeyfloyd Jr. he will make an exception!

  • This writer again didn’t fail to make himself sound stupid! When the PACMAN kills Mayweather in the ring Manny will do all the women in the w

  • Well, what do you expect from my country. I am filipino and Im sick of seeing how my people have given up hope and beg for foreign aid. I am disgusted on how corrupted the government is, and the church having influence in state affairs, outdated and unreliable justice system (Vizconde Massacre, general garcia?), so many rebels down south extorting companies (NPA, Abusayaff, MILF, MNLF) and they’re neverending war, when caught are simply let go, stupid peace talks, why can’t they just kill all those fuckin muslims to end the war, the hypocrisy and stupidity the church teaches us (forgive and forget). Look at how the americans deal with the indian natives in america, they killed them almost to the brink of extinction. That’s how you end the war. Our country needs a clean slate, cut the bad part and start fresh.

    And by the way, how long have we been the only Catholic country in South east asia? more than 300 fuckin’ years. Has there ever been a filipino pope? And they say there is no discrimination in religion. Christianity is for the white. Church is not God coz God does not discriminate.

    In all honesty, the only person that makes me proud to be a filipino is Manny Pacquiao, otherwise I am ashamed to be called one.

  • Some gay priest here in the Philippines are rapist. Some (priest maniac) even administer their own weeding, they are so powerful here in the Philippines. We even have a Governor priest here who just lost his re-election. Our Priest here are so rich, they own 20% of land here in the Philippines. They can openly supports any political tyrants in exchange of their supports, open telling people to vote this particular person during mass. Yeah, I personally witness this that’s why I don’t go to church anymore. I pray to God anytime anywhere I can. I don’t need another sinners pretending to be sacred.

  • So, unless you have BIG money, you’re tied to another human being to death? Whatever happened to the right of the pursuit of happiness? I understand the US statistics, but I don’t see why anybody should be denied the right live as happy as possible!

  • Ignorant? Backwards? Oppressive towards women? I think that if Congressman Manny went on TV and said that Divorce should be legalized, as it is everywhere I can find except the Philippines & Malta, that it could be a done deal!

    He is a politician, I can’t believe the other readers are pissed because I asked a Philippine Congressman to address a Philippine issue involving both woman and men’s rights, divorce!

  • this the first time i agree with u on this one and im pilipino.

  • The Church, for decades, just transfered those bad guys from playground (church) to another playground (church.

    Father John Enright of St. Ignatious (spell?) was my mentor for a good period of my young life, and I am not even Catholic. What I’m pointing out is that if it is the Catholic religion that is thwarting equal rights for women, then they should be taken to task!

  • As for the Catholic control of Philippine Govt, Italy, where the Vatican exists, has divorce and legal abortion.

  • not having divorce is not a problem for women alone, pedro. it’s as much a problem for men who’re trapped in an uncomfortable marriage. the real culprit is the catholic church, which forbids it, and the government–politicians, especially–who are beholden to the church.

  • No doubt, Pacquiao is certainly against cruelty for women, unlike another boxer who beats up women and end up with a.. duh? “misdemeanor battery”

    In the Philippines, such act (and similar acts like deprivation of physical/emotional and material support, and abandonment) is no misdemeanor, but a serious **felony** as implemented through Republic Act 9262. That should have forced men to love their wives and keep families intact. The only problem is when “love” gets across everything and the wife/girlfriend/date threatens the cops with “police brutality” charges unless they withdraw the battery charges. Ditto for nuns and priests who are given the freedom to leave their vocations and get married, but wouldn’t do so.

    In a nutshell, Pacquiao is simply respectful of culture and is worthy of being emulated. He never criticizes other peoples’ cultures and he does not give racist rants in an online video.

  • You’re generalizing, Pedro, and a bad one at that. For every Catholic priest that abuse children there are thousands that lead exemplary lives, and some even saintly. Do you think the church condones this behavior? Being an intelligent man, I’m sure you don’t. I favor divorce and contraception and I wish they make it legal in the Philippines. However, you can be a Catholic and still do these things. We have marriage annulment in place of divorce and our women take contraceptives all the time. Who says all catholics are good? The thing is your rant about the abuse is just below the belt.

  • No, you are not alone in calling out the rights of women in the Philippines, however the church has truly influenced the government’s policy that even the use of condom as part of the family program of the government has been criticized by it

  • Pedro, it is the height of presumptuousness and arrogance to impose your own flawed cultural and moral values on a country that you don’t really understand. There is a reason why 50% of all marriages in the US end up in divorce and why the marriage rate is declining. Americans have forgotten how to work hard at their relationships and have become used to walking away when the going gets tough simply because they can.

    When people have no choice but to remain committed to the matrimonial vows that they made in front of the altar – to love and to live with each other through easy and hard times – then giving up is not an option. Here in the Philippines, if a woman suffers physically from her husband’s hands, then there are sufficient legal options available to protect her. But a woman who is simply pissed off because her husband doesn’t put down the toilet cover will not easily find a way out of her marriage, and vice-versa for men.

  • Yes you’re probably alone Pedro. Deleted further.


  • “The power men have over women in the Philippines can be viewed as antiquated by some, barbaric by others.” This is so ignorant. PHL already had 2 women presidents. Does you country had any? A lot of corporations are led by women here. We treat women with respect and they have equal rights. BTW, we have legal separation here. Do not talk about something you don’t know a thing about. Just talk about boxing.

  • yes, u r right mr. writer..without divorce in the PI, adultery is very common nationally..sad, but its true..

  • There are more important issues in the Philippines that need attention than legalizing divorce.

  • If a woman can’t tolerate his husband in the Philippines, she is still free to leave him with or without divorce. Now that’s what I call woman power. A divorce procedure only fattens the wallet of an attorney…Sheesh Pedro. You’re still dumb after all these years…

  • This must be a lead in for comments on Mayweather’s personal history with women…..let’em rip Pac fans.

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