Bute Taking & Froch Giving!


Los Angeles, CA– Saturday’s fight from Nottingham, UK between Carl Froch (29-2, 21 KOs) and now former IBF super middleweight (168 lbs) champion Lucian Bute (30-1, 24 KOs) was a crossroads fight for the Englishman Froch. Could the Brit come back from his one-sided defeat to universally recognized 168 lb. world champion Andre Ward (25-0, 13 KOs) last year? Would Lucian Bute silence his critics and win impressively in Froch’s home town and move himself into the upper echelon of prizefighters? No, it wasn’t meant to be as the Englishman impressively beat on the heavily favored Canadian, by way of Romania before winning a TKO in round five.


After Bute failed to get the fight he so desired against Ward, the winner of the Super Six World Boxing Classic, he took the next biggest fight available against the rugged, but perceived to be the lesser man when comparing skills to Carl “The Cobra” Froch. Doing the unexpected, Bute went into the UK expecting to win big and use the victory as leverage to lure Ward into Canada for a super fight. Unfortunately Lucien was in over his head, because from the opening bell it was clear that Froch not only had a superb game plan, he was the stronger of the two. Expected to come forward, Froch did the opposite. He instead waited for the Canadian to come to him, and used his jab to set up his power punches. After less than five rounds, in which Bute was dazed in every three-minute stanza, Bute was left concussed and probably wondering why he didn’t just take another easy fight against another one of the semi-stiffs on his resume.


First thing that comes to the mind of a boxing fan when an unbeaten fighter loses is that he was exposed. However, what was exposed appropriately is how good or possibly great of a fighter the Englishman is. Remember, a fighter is only as good as his opposition, and if you fight the best fighters available time and again, you are bound to lose here and there. It’s obvious that some prizefighters learn from losing bouts and get better as a result. Froch, once thought as nothing more than a crude brawler with wrinkles in his game, has learned from fighting top fighters consistently. In fact Bute wasn’t really exposed, he just fought an opponent who had the tools to overcome Bute’s difficult southpaw style and the courage to take chances and trade punches with a fighter possessing perceived advantages in speed and power.


The Canadian will obviously need to regroup and rethink his career in the short term. As for the Englishman he has some unfinished business. Mainly a rematch with now light heavyweight (175) Mikkel Kessler (45-2, 34 KOs). Their first fight was a close decision loss for Froch in Kessler’s native Denmark. An entertaining fight, a rematch would certainly be welcome in Nottingham or the Dane’s homeland.

Kevin Perry


  • Excellent article Kevin!! I have to admit, I did not expect Froch to do away with Bute in that fashion, yet not too many things trump being battle tested and Froch has been fighting tough opposition non-stop for 3 1/2 years while Bute has fought marginal opponents for most of his career.

    And also, kudos to you Kevin for mentioning on Pedro’s show on Saturday that you questioned Bute’s chin and boy were you dead on with that. Looking back at Bute’s first fight with Librado Andrade, if not for referee Marlon Wright, who was more interested in sending Andrade to his neutral corner instead of counting over Bute, a more experienced referee would have possibly stopped the fight with seconds remaining in the fight because Bute was toast, ala Meldrick Taylor vs Chavez Sr.

  • All the fighters in the super six are lucky. Because they all got to fight other elite fighters, several of them. There is no replacement for this type of experience. They are all better for it, some more than others. Froch might not be the cream of the crop, but spending all that time in the ring with the likes of Ward, Kessler et all was more than enough so that Bute had nothing for him.

  • I would add that the referee’s confusing choice of hand gesture shooting both arms into the air to make Froch stop punching, rather than yell at him to just stop, led Froch to believe the bout was stopped. Bad choice of a gesture and loss of control from not looking behind him to see where and what Froch was doing. Too much confusion. Where do they get these guys?

  • Big ups to frotch. B4 the super six I wasn’t a fan. But after he earned my respect with his hard work and dedication. He obviously isn’t the best athlete.but maximizes his lack of talent with heart and drive!!!! I knew he would win this fight he is battle tested!!!! Bute is good yes overrated but for some writers to insult his accomplishments is BS!!!! The guy is a former champ with some good wins also showed heart to go to frotch!!!! I’m just glad to see a division that has never gotten its just do showing the rest of the boxing world how it’s done!!!!! Win or lose challenge ur self and the best come win or lose you will have earned respect!!!!! Big ups to ward,frotch,kessler,Abraham,Durrell,Taylor,Johnson, and fcuk green that’s a big mouth overrated female dog!!!!!!

  • Just curious? I have rarely seen more indecisive communication by a referee. No standing 8 count right? Bute starts to sink the ref Brown does not wave off the bout but starts to give a mandatory 8 count as if Bute was knocked down. He sends Froch clearly to a neutral white corner, Froch goes to a red corner and his promoter jumps in the ring. While they are celebrating, Earl Brown keeps counting, not knowing what is going on behind his back. Then when the ref turns around and sees no one listened to him, he stops the fight. Total loss of control like Walcott in Ali v Liston II.
    28.05.12 @ 02:07:52

  • In talking to Ward before the Froch fight, he mentioned he wouldn’t stay on the end of Froch’ punches like so many of his other opponents. Not only did Bute, whom I picked to win by the way, not only did he stay right on the end of Carl punches, but he put his back on the ropes too, adding leverage to the already hard shots he was receiving. Froch footwork is crude to be sure, but reminded of the phrase in the song, feet don’t fail me now, Lucian’ feet failed him. Not only that, for the life of me I don’t understand why he just didn’t circle right away from Carl’ power. But Froch get’s credit for taking advantage of the situation. That was his best performance ever. Of course you can’t count Bute out in a rematch provided he makes some adjustments, but he needs a new chin to go along with those adjustments. He also to me looked tentative in spots as if the atmosphere was intimidating. You wouldn’t think that would be the case but if a banger like George Foreman can be intimidated as he was before his fight with Ali, although under quite overwhelming circumstances, than it stands to reason that Bute may have succumbed a bit as well. You also can’t dismiss that Froch had something to do with it once he began to land big. Excellent fight like I expected

  • when i was reading all the hype regarding bute,i was reminded of a sort of upper case paul spadafora with power…personally,i had grown to respect froch for taking the hard road…willing to fight the tough fights…on the road if necessary..and obviously the guy`s no “caveman”…as pedro indicated,he learns from fighting the best……he was a tough guy with some skill and strength….not a “beautifully technical” fighter like marquez…but quite an adaptable grinder with a decent mix of awkward skill and an enormous will to win…and at home?….it`s obvious that bute`s people underestimated froch…fighting all those fringe contenders at home certainly didn`t prepare bute for froch….

    i am extremely happy for froch…when a guy steps up,like froch did in the super 6,and gets dissed_(in some instances) by his hometown fans(because of some perceived issues with joe calzaghe),it leaves a bad taste….froch deserved his day in the sun…we need more guys that are willing to give fans what they want(the high profile match-ups)…

    theres a bit of justice served with last night`s result..

    congrats to “the cobra” and british boxing in general…

  • Well-written.

    Good point about all Froch learnt in the Super Six–fought five top-of-the-line, world-class fighters–lost two fights (I thought he beat Kessler but thought he lost to Dirrell so it evens out)–and how that was invaluable experience that made hm a much better fighter against Bute.

    Nice to see you did not use the old “Bute was overrated” excuse like Dan Rafael did in his EPIX fight call.–It was because Froch was good that he won, not because Bute was not bad.

    Rafael is either biased or does not have a good command of the English language–Ward “took apart” Froch? “Took apart” to me implies a knockout or at least a few knock downs. Easily beat even dominated yes, but not “took part.”

    Anyway, a very enjoyable fight despite its brevity.

  • Good call KP u said in your predictions that u thought there was a shot for a Froch KO I didnt see that happening wish I would have taken your advice and played the under line with froch winning the fight lol.

  • Kp, Froch is a good fighter but ward is a great fighter.bute was a litte overrated anyway .he showed yrs ago he could be hurt and knocked out. Bottom line! Bute got .exposed again and would have got killed by ward

  • Great bout! Good observation that Froch has learnt from opposition. He was throwing some nice, compact punches to the side of Bute’s head whenever they were clinching, as Andre Ward did against the Cobra.
    Very enjoyable stuff.

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