San Francisco, CA– In what can easilly be desribed as a spirited 12 round encounter, Carl Froch outpointed Mikkel Kessler Saturday in London to even up their series at one win a piece. Froch showed lots of heart, resiliency, activity and his refusing to budge from anything his rival threw at him. “The Cobra” from Nottingham, UK doesn’t do anything especially well (except take a punch) but he is a winner, going 8-2 in his last 10 bouts against an unparalleled level of opposition. 


Andre Ward II: This match seems to be the most natural course for both men. Froch has already avenged his other loss at 31-2, so it just seems fitting to do the same with the other blemish on his record. However, there seems to be a few roadblocks getting in the way of this fight being made.


First off, Ward may be the man to beat and the real “champion” of their division, despite what the alphabet groups say, but the reality is that boxing is more than just a sport; it is the entertainment business. For this reason, despite their rankings, “The Cobra” is the draw of the division and holds plenty of the swaying power in negotiations. In other words, Carl Froch, being the more exciting fighter and participating in the more dramatic bouts, puts more asses in seats than Andre Ward.


Froch wants the rematch to happen on his home soil. Ward, being just as much of a warrior as his European counterpart, may agree to this but it could possibly prove to be a barrier in the negotiation process as the American would more than likely request a bigger slice of the financial pie to compensate Ward for his sacrifices.


Another obstacle is the fact that Ward won their first fight handily. In his post-fight interview with HBO on Saturday, Carl didn’t seem particularly excited about the prospect of facing his one-time conqueror again, citing that the “Son of God” has a boring fighting style that people don’t get excited about. Froch may be willing to fight the Oakland native again but his promoter Eddie Hearn is more than likely to take advantage of his fighter’s current momentum and steer his pugilist in another direction.


Jason B. Nava


  • Ward was treated more than fairly when he fought in the Olympics in Athens Greece. He got a couple very dubious decisions on his way to a gold medal. He cant cry like reluctant Roy Jones did for 20 years after getting jobbed in Korea. Like speddz2002 says , is Ward “Man” enough to go over to England and prove hes one of the best champions in recent years. I doubt it very much. By Wards own admission Hes a “Son” not a man.

  • If Ward and Froch never fought before I think Froch could make a case here that Ward should come to the UK. He got beaten so decisively though that it’s hard for him to warrant any demands here. Froch is more of a draw, but Ward has HBO, also with the right foe I think he could do really well at the gate against Froch in Oakland and I think Froch should oblige him. Froch should be able to get get fans to go to Oakland. Good fight, but I think Froch is overstating his relevance. I will give Ward a alot of credit if he goes to England. It will shut up his detractors about him not going on the road. the guy won a gold medal for pete’s sake. He’s obviously won championships on the road before.

  • Kurt, Great post.

  • “The Cobra” is the draw of the division and holds plenty of the swaying power in negotiations.”

    Bingo. Ward can’t draw and Froch can, period. If there is to be a second fight, it needs to be in the UK where the fans are more enthusiastic and knowledgeable than American “fans.”

  • The first comment above makes sense to me. I was at the Ward-Froch fight and had to watch a replay to find one round for Froch. And this was with a broken hand. Froch is definitely wanting a home venue and for perhaps more than just the sake of being at home. Froch is not dumb and would like a little more leeway in the judging thinking if he just let’s his hands go he might get the benefit of the doubt in a few of the rounds. But he’s got to know also that matching up with Ward will only bring another ass kicking and corresponding title forfeiture so yes Hearn & Company if they are smart will take another fight here or there to build up to Ward. At the same time Andre is not dumb. First off at Boardwalk Hall there were barely 6,000 people if that so that unless they get Wembly and the right conditions, Ward will want to fight in Oakland to try to fill Oracle up to 19,000 like Dan Goosen expected for Dawson but fell well short of. The fight will eventually happen though. Ward needs a fight or two off of his shoulder surgery.

  • Kurt,

    Great post, as I get the same feeling he would rather broadcast and take money fights. But to give Ward a little credit, he did win the Super 6(albeit it with a HUGE home-field advantage), knocked off Dawson(who had no business dropping to 168), and currently has nobody in his division to challenge him…..

  • KP,

    Ward has fought in his back yard most of his career. If I remember correctly, he didn’t want to go to AC to face Froch. Just don’t think he will cross the pond, no matter how much money he makes. Froch-Golovkin would be a great fight if it comes to fruitation.

  • Kurt, you are a moron. He wants to fight Froch. I just don’t think it will be in the UK. Don’t act like he’s ducking the guy. He already fought him. Sorry Froch, but if you want to beat Ward you got to go to the US. You already had a shot and got schooled.You assessment is so flawed. The gy you accuse him of avoiding is a guy he already beat. You are living in a dream land.

  • Ted and Kurt, you are both ‘right on the money’ IMO. Boxing is a business and I understand the benefits of low risk high reward but………as a fan first and foremost, I want to see more Froch types who are willing to go in against anyone who wants to ‘bring it’.

    The ‘hug-fests’ that Ward indulges in, and the ‘slap and tickle’ events that Mayweather affairs have become, do not entice me to stay up and watch (UK broadcast times). I appreciate they are infinately more talented than Froch but they are oh so boring.

    Froch would likely get schooled by Ward should they fight again, Froch needs 15 rounds vs Ward. He has no need to go to the US to fight him again having been man enough to go there first time out. Time for Ward to reciprocate and step out of his comfort Zone.

  • Let him fight Chad Dawson with no BS Andre Ward like ‘catchweight’…

  • Kurt,
    You’re entitled to your prediction but let’s see how this plays out. I don’t think Ward has any other options that will do similar numbers to a fight w/ Froch. His back may be against the wall at this point: go to England and risk getting screwed, or stay home and take a less riskier fight for far less money. e

    He’ll have to pick his poison. Ward seems to be willing to take on all comers. I have no reason NOT to give him the benefit of the doubt yet,

  • Ward beat his ass once and it wasn’t even close. Froch likes to act and talk like a tough guy and now he’s saying that Ward is boring and not exciting but looking at their first fight Ward went right after Froch with a vengeance and basically dismantled the guy and took his heart away where Carl was afraid of getting countered. Ward will stop him the next time they fight. Just wonder what excuse Carl will have then…

  • I bet Andre Ward never fights another top fighter again. He thinks he has paid his dues (As does KP) and its time for the gravey train to begin.His HBO gig etc. He will ride the wave of winning the super 6 tournament for the next 10 years. Which for all of us fight fans means another Floyd Jr. stunt and endless excuses as to why he cant get in the ring with a credible fighter. Been there done that. Roy Jones started this BS back in the 1990’s he passed the torch to Mayweather who will pass it to Andre Ward who will pass it to Adrian Broner. There is no other honest sport or honest sport writers that would put up this this sort of crap .

  • Same as Mayweather. Look for the most amount of money at the least risk.

  • No reason for Ward to go to Britain unless they make him a ridiculous offer. Also, when you consider how horrendous the judging was in the first bout with two judges scoring it 115-113 in a fight thats was clearly one-sided, a bout that was in the US, why would he roll the dice and go to the UK. I’ve seen so many bad decisions for hometown guys I don’t see Ward taking the risk. It is possible though the Froch can be stopped. His chin is really good, but Ward is so mach faster and appears to be punching harder. I think Froch should fight Golovkin. It would be a war, and Golovkin is having a hard time getting opponents, he’d go to England and HBO would buy the fight. I think thats the best fight that can be made at 168 right now. Froch needs to come to Oakland to beat Ward. thats the reality. Ward has nothing to prove.

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