Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer & Oscar De La Hoya

Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer & Oscar De La Hoya


San Francisco, CA– If you paid $60 bucks for the Canelo Alvarez-Alfredo Angulo card on Pay Per View, then I have to tell you that you got played and that I told you so earlier in the week on radio and in print that buying this was out of the question. I’m not saying that Alvarez and Angulo aren’t world class fighters for they are. But to ask that kind of money for a semi-main that saw #2 world ranked 122 lb. fighter and WBC champ Leo Santa Cruz pitch a shutout over a former 115 lb. titleholder Christian Mijares. The outcome was so easy to forecast that you could have mailed in the scorecards last week.


But it might not have taken you until the third fight of four you realized you’d been hustled by Golden Boy Promotions. But one could see soon after the opening bell that Mijares had no chance to win here sans a loaded handgun. Another bout featuring native Venezuelan and Japanese resident Jorge Linares (36-3, 23 KOs) facing Japan native Nihito Arakawa (24-4-1, 16 KOs) was easy to predict. Arakawa was about as competitive with Linares as a Volkswagon would be with at the Indianapolis 500.


Last minute sub Sergio “Yeyo” Thompson (29-3, 26 KOs) won a winner (UD 10) over Ricardo Alvarez (23-3-3, 13 KOs), Cabelo’s older brother who was given an 8 count in round 3 when he all but went through the ropes courtesy of a punch from the upstart Thompson. Alvarez would hit the deck in round 8 after being cracked with a right hand. Still, the scores read 97-91, 95-93, 95-93, all for Thompson. But truth be told, the fight wasn’t as close as the 97-91 score.


The top earner on the card, ex-154 lb. king (WBC/WBA) champ Saul “Canelo” Alvarez beat on Alfredo Angulo like he were playing a set of Mexican bongo drums. Having not given Angulo a single round, I didn’t think too much of referee Tony Weeks stopping the fight after a nasty uppercut lifted Angulo’s head much like he had been shot with a rifle from the infamous Grassy Knoll.


First of all, trainer Virgil Hunter is not all that brave and I don’t mean that in a bad way. He will pull the plug on his pug if he is taking too much of a licking. Referee Weeks did not know that and the ringside MD had talked to Weeks in between rounds. Bad stop or not, and I say no, the only chance Angulo (22-4, 18 KOs) had of beating Canelo had the fight continued would have had to involve Alvarez (43-1-1, 31 KOs) suffering a Heart Attack. Lastly, there is NO Merit to the rumor this card paid for promoter Oscar De La Hoya’s extended rehabilitation for his penchant for Colombian Dust and booze.


Yeah, but TV KO only charged $19.95!

Pedro Fernandez


  • $60 is steep, no doubt.

    But consider those fighters that really provide the best bang for the buck.
    Cotto deserves HUGE respect for making the big fights that fans want to see. PAC, Marquez, Martinez, Canelo, (dare I say) mostly even Chavez Junior and so on…they are there to display their will to fight as well as showcase talent. And they certainly don’t publicly announce that they are going to take my money and do as little as they please if they feel like it, fight who they please, possibly competitive or not, on any given day whether I like it or not simply because “they already earned their stripes”.

    And anyone declared a pound for pound fighter should have the reputation of the group above…and our current ALLEGED pound for pound champion does not have that reputation…playing safety first, money first, always an angle looking for advantage or vulnerability before any fight. Not a hater, in fact longtime huge paying fan of his immense talent, but this guy is now disprespecting his hardcore fanbase as he rides into the sunset with our wallets…and needs to be reminded our money is not to be taken for granted.

  • Waste of a fight. Angulo just took a beating from Lara, and was stopped brutally a few fights back against Kirkland. The problem with boxing nowadays is fighters who lose fights are rewarded with paydays because they are low risk. Guys like Lara have to fight tough fight after tough fight and the top guys just avoid them waiting for them to lose. The top boxing journalists go along with the script and won’t even bother pointing it out. I remember when Rigo wanted to fight Donaire, and many of the top so called boxing journalists dismissed the fight, and tried to enable Donaire in saying he didn’t earn the fight. What happened when they fought? He got spanked! Wont be buying PPV fights with fighters coming off losses, or bouts where fighters are more than a 4-1 underdog. It just makes no sense to me to pay for uncompetitve fights. I did think Angulo had a shot, but he really is kind of shot as this point. Have no problem with the fight, but it didn’t belong on PPV. Not sure why Canelo won’t fight Lara…It’s OK for him to fight guys like Ryan Rhodes and Hatton, but since Lara is unknown to the masses it isn’t a good fight? The promoters are good at manipulating the casual fan, but any real fan doesn’t fall for the bullshit. Hope they lost money here.

  • And if anyone reasons that well, why am I supporting PAC and MAY. And I say because of talent alone. I am supporting Mayweather based on he is a once in a generation talen, and I am a firm believer that talent is price-less, he has spent a lifetime in the gym perfecting his CRAFT. So I am in a sense buying a ticket to see picasso paint or Mozart play an instrument. And I am aware of the arguments to not support Mayweather, and I am tempted to boycott him, but again I feel it is more about all the years of sacrifice Floyd Jr, has given to the sport, just like OSCAR did, before they were superstars, ie no dating, no proms, no school, always on the road, and so yea they should finally enjoy it.

    And I am buying Pac/Bradley mainly to support Pac, even though I feel he has seen better days, because Pac has provided my family and friends with many past years of entertainment. And so we kind of feel we owe it to him to give him a kind farewell, and not kick him to the curb because he has slipped like so many fair-weather fans. And we are going to do the same for Cotto/Martinez because Cotto is a warrior who has provided alot of entertainment over the years

    And Canelo has not, and that is my point at all, not one bit. And failed miserably in his lone attempt. So to put him on PPV i feel is an insult and slap in the fase to the fan base.

    And the only pragmatic means for me to do this is buy the PPV, since we cant really buy a bunch of tickets and go to vegas

  • Boxing is boxing, in the sense I know we have to support athletes and artist alike, that we are fans of, and as an artist/business man myself, I tell entertainers and fans alike, put your money where your mouth is. Therefore my father and I support local boxing first and foremost, and we buy the big PPV events such as Mayweather/Pac, and maybe even Chavez Jr, after his gritty performance. And we are happy and proud to do it. I am in the Bay Area, and there are not that many shows, so when there is a show its important for us to go SUPPORT the locals, so that the fighters and promoters are able to put on more shows. Its like any musician or comedian, or film. Yes I can perhaps bootleg music, films, and stream boxing, but as a fan/artist, I realize if I want to have a say and opinion in the product being put forth, than I can only do so if I purchase the goods, so to speak.And if I am a fan than it is my duty to support my entertainer of choice, wether he makes ten dollars or a million dollars, so that they can continue to create or entertain. And the rationalization is athletes and entertainers get paid the most, because they are choosing a very risky venture, thus the starving artist or athlete, or the mega rich ultra super super star. I am in full support, of athlete, and entertainmers maximizing their dollars earned according to talents, based on the sheer risk alone, and small window of opportunity allowed to the above mentione.

    Nevertheless, a quality product should be put forth. If an artist, actor/musician, makes a flop film or record, I will support it because a fan is a fan, but if I feel the talent is phoning it in so to speak or just making bad products because they KNOW, fans will still buy it, then I will not purchase the product until said entertainer, hears the message loud and clear that poor quality products will not be accepted. And when said entertainer goes back to work to make a quality product I will be back to support.

    I supported the early Cotto PPV’s and the Bareera and Morales PPV’s so I am a fan, as I am of independent films. So no promoter or athlete can say I dont know what I am talking about. But I am highly disappointed in Oscar Delahoya, and golden boy promotions as a whole. Oscar swore to the boxing public, and directly to the hard core fan base, and testified that he was going to CHANGE boxing. He was going to make the best fights happen, and bring it back to its golden era. Oscar swore on his watch, that the Sat Canelo PPV was a thing of the past, with the Arum’s and KING’s abusing and taking advantage of the casual boxing fan, and hard core. He named them as corruppt dinasours whose days of exploiting the fighters, and fan base were over with GOlDEN BOY. Well this PPV has proved his failure. Because as a fan, Canelo’s performance against Mayweather, was a BUST, an absolute FLOP. There was no moral victory in my eyes as some said. I didnt seel Canelo, go all out against Mayweather, hell even CHAVEZ JR, took a hellashish beating from Martinez, to get that last round knockdown, for his people, so guess what my dad and I are buying his next PPV, he warranted it. But Canelo did nothing to warrent us buying the PPV sham. Not even a noteworthy undercard match to mention.

  • I hear ya Santa Cruz Jim…My friend ended up ordering it so I didn’t pay a dime…Mexicans get behind their fighters and IMO, Mexicans are keeping boxing alive in the U.S…Canelo looked a lot better in this fight but he didn’t have to make weight..he needs to move up to 160…plus the stoppage seemed odd to me considering Angulo was finally starting to come on…

  • I don’t know which is more corrupt, boxing or politics.

  • No offense, but who would pay to watch this? It’s hardly worth watching for free. Gotta love Oscar. He know’s how to get the Mexican folks to part with their hard earned money.

  • I thought it a was a terrible stoppage. I thought Angulo was going to turn it up in the championhsip rounds. But from the very beggining, it seemed like Angulo lacked pop in his punches. He didn’t seemed to throw with bad intentions. Seemed fishy to me.

    Another thing, is Canelo going to move up in weight? What’s up with all these fighters not making weight these days? Move up to middleweight if you have to! I’ve been a boxing fan for a long time, but I’m sorry, what a load of garbage boxing has become at times.

  • What was Angulo’s deal? Big fight against Canelo and he looked dehydrated, no sweat on him and he had nothing on his punches. He was punching in slow motion, no snap. Real disappointing. Very good stoppage by Weeks. That head snapping upper cut didn’t look good. Angulo wasn’t gonna win and was gonna take more punishment, had to call it early.

  • Boring fights. Canelo will sustain his TV status due to his Mexican followers, but it is not a Top 10 boxer in my eyes. If Sergio Martinez still has it (which I am not sure), Canelo would receive a bad beating from him. But Canelo can win or be competitive with the rest of boxers. I will not pay a dime to see him though, just if the fight is free.

  • Charged 60 bucks knowing that the Mexican fans would fall for it.

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