Bernard Hopkins needs "Just for Men"

Bernard Hopkins Owns “Just for Men”

Las Vegas, NV– It seems as if Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins has been around the boxing game forever. With multiple championships in the 160 and 175 lb. divisions, the 49-year old current IBF light heavyweight champion (175) faces once beaten WBA titleholderĀ Beibut Shumenov (14-1, 9 KOs) Saturday night on Showtime Championship Boxing. The Kazakhstan native’s short resume is deceiving as the current WBA beltholder won his title in his 10th professional fight, a Split Decision 12 over slick southpaw Gabriel Campillo in a rematch in 2010. He has defended that title five times but has had large gaps on inactivity. If Hopkins is truly slipping at 49, Shumenov has the busy punching style to send Bernard reeling into a long overdue retirement.


The opinion of our Ringtalk radio host Pedro Fernandez, and HBO godfather Larry Merchant who aired on Ring Talk radio a few weeks ago is that “Popkins”(as he will be referred to here) ability to fight at the elite level at such an advanced age is an indictment on the level of boxing talent today in the division or lack thereof. Shumenov must not only win this bout, but do so in such a decisive manner to rid boxing of the “ancient” Philadelphia native. Hopkins has never been stopped in 64 fights. A definitive and conclusive win will put the Kazakh in the drivers seat for a potential unification showdown with WBC and lineal champion Adonis Stevenson (23-1, 20 KOs), who must prevail in his Showtime debut May 24th.


Is Bernard at this stage of his career more of a novelty than an entertainer? His last bout had some action, but at this stage Hopkins game plan is more about limiting action than being a part of it. One would expect that Shumenov has the tools and conditioning to pull off a decisive win. The real problem here is that whenever you think the Philadelphia near Sr. Citizen is about to go away, he produces another breakthrough performance. One has to expect that the train stops here. There is no beating father time. Shumenov, while not as crafty as Hopkins, is younger, faster, and at this stage appears to be more athletic.

Kevin Perry


  • As bold as his statements were before the fight, Hopkins did just that – take Shumenov to school.
    Alright – his fights are not entertaining to watch, but the way BHop dismanteled and dissected Shumenov was something to see if you are into the finer fighting art of the sweet science. Let alone being 49 and looking at least 15yrs younger. True inspiration – at least to me.

  • BHOP is a legend and this was an entertaining performance. He also entertained in his last fight, which hasn’t been common at times. I think he’s still one of the best p4p, only a handful of fighters were able to beat him and most weren’t dominant. I think only Jones (avenged due to Roy declining), Calzaghe and Dawson beat him without question, sans his first fight/pro loss. Bhop does well against guys who don’t move well and has more trouble with athletic types, but he beat Pascal and I wouldn’t count him out against Stevenson or Kovalev. I just don’t know why dudes hate dominant fighters so much, from the Klitchsko’s, to Hopkins, Ward and Floyd, it seems there is a fair amount of ‘fans’ just waiting for them to lose, while they’re doing amazing things in the sport.

  • I’m not a Hopkins fan at all, but damn we can at least give him some credit (stop right there 1200). The guy is 49 and toyed with Shumenov. Granted, Shumenov is not as good as he thinks he is, but he beat some good guys. One comes to mind, Gabriel Campillo, who beat Cloud, only to get robbed, according to most. But mostly, the fact that he’s 49 and champion, battling men far younger than him makes me think he deserves some props (a lot actually), but ain’t it funny that anytime a fighter you don’t like wins, then the opponent suddenly becomes “the most unskilled, a joke, no skills boxer”? Could it be that the guy across from him took his skills away?

  • Not sure why people are hating on Paulie. No he is not a hall of fame fighter but he made a lot out of his career with what was given to him. Never ran from a fight, fought good fighters, didn’t have much power and on top of that had hand issues yet he still fought through them, if he hurt his hand in a fight he didn’t quit he kept fighting. Paulie has had a dang good career and is a pretty good commentator.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Watch my Monday response Joe.

  • Keep hating, BHOP just dusted another one half his age!

  • Shumenov was the most unskilled and passive “champion” that I’ve seen in quite some time. His basic skills, speed, and ring acumen are a joke. The WBA is a joke by default, this is their champion ??!! Hops took 1 round to figure him out and then do what he does.
    Best part of the night was watching Paulie get smashed. He actually said that a win last night would make him Hall of Fame eligible. Paulie and his fellow broadcasters have elevated his 2nd/3rd rate abilities to that of an accomplished top tier champion. Paulie, never beat or even successfully competed with, any top tier fighters. Paulie, please transition to full time broadcasting and give Marlon Starling his ring moniker back.

  • I watch his fights for the same reason I watch Andre Wards fights, I can’t stand either one & I hope they will get kayoed!

  • Love him or hate him, Hopkins is a legend destined for the Hall of Fame. Watch him while you still can. He subtly adjusted his style, and has looked good in his last couple of bouts, meaning, he has become more fan friendly by taking some risks. This is a stiff challenge for him, so I will certainly be watching.

  • Hopkins is a con man and and entertainer and laughing all the way to the bank. He keeps getting paid because Showtime thinks someone is watching him. Not me

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