Alistar Overeem-Brock Lesnar


San Francisco, CA– Looking at the next two UFC “main” events only, the UFC goes next Friday night in UFC 141 live on pay per view from Las Vegas, NV. Not Saturday, but Friday night December 30 at 10 PM ET (7 PM PT) Zuffa Sports, the UFC’s parent company, gets a little “risky” with one of their incredible draws Brock Lesnar going against Alistair Overeem, a fighter with a 6’5 frame and 255 or so pounds. We know Lesnar, a half inch shorter, cuts 20 lbs. to weigh the 265 heavyweight limit and will weigh about 285 come fight time. If Lesnar gets beat here, I’m sure they’d find another fight for him, but his value on PPV and overall would plummet.


Brock can kick ass when he’s front running. While Lesnar was the UFC heavyweight (205+ to 265) champ, almost losing to Shane Carwin, and then being destroyed by Cain Velasquez who on November 12 on Fox TV was thumped by Junior Dos Santos, that he doesn’t. Overeem on the flip side has gone 10-0, 1 No Contest in his last 11 fights. I think it’ll boil down to whomever can take the most punishment first. Will it be Lesnar’s fists or Overeem’s knees, what finish do you foresee? “Cause it ain’t going the distance,” that from Brock Lesnar when told it’ll be five-five minutes rounds. There is so much pressure here, the winner is done. Hey, it’s a cool, a Friday night PPV topped by a heavyweight fiigt that in all probability will not go the five-five minute rounds.


Both men have seen their share of comic Earthquake describes, ‘I don’t what you do for a living, but I’m pretty sure you ain’t getting all punched up in your eye” .I think there’s way a slight lean towards Lesnar as he’s the “company” and “ratings” guy. That be said, if UFC czar Dana White gets a great fight and Overeem wins, the Bostonian might pause for a second and then move on.


Although the original idea was to go New Years Eve with Lesnar-Overeem, the UFC as I said earlier will go Friday at 10 PM ET or 7 PM PT.


Evidently, Anderson Silva’s injuries didn’t heal up in time for him to head this January card, but the 20-1 (145 lb. fighter) Jose Aldo will meet unbeaten (11-0) Chad Mendes. They want to do Anderson Silva-Chael Soonan II in an outdoor soccer stadium of 40,000. Big mouth American Soonan and Silva I was all Chael until Silve got him in a submission hold hasn’t lost since 2005 and will certainly be favored. Can’t see Aldo losing here but the game of MMA has so many ways in which a person can lose in MMA that there may never be a really long reigning heavyweight champion, but I got to tell you that Jon Jones, the once beaten light heavyweight champ (205) has nobody at his level. His tearing up Lyoto Machida in quick and impressive fashion puts him on your “pound for pound” list. For more UFC news go to or Wrestling and check out Dave Meltzer’s “weekly newsletters contain as much as 50,000 words per week on primarily on MMA & wrestling.

Pedro Fernandez


  • I guess I might’ve been wrong about Overeem. I still want to see him with a fast and mobile fighter. Props to him, he looked monstrous.

  • Overeem by knee to Lesnar’s jaw, his Muay Thai will rule!

  • Pedro, please add a tweet button (very easy to do, I have one on my site) and I will tweet EVERY ONE OF YOUR ARTICLES TO MY *ALMOST* 1,000 FOLLOWERS.

  • This is a fight for everyone to put there money where there mouth is. Maybe once a year odds like these appear for a big fight in the sports Books. I m flying out Friday Morning to my favorite Sports Book to place my wager.

  • Who cares.?!! Create an MMA website…stick to boxing!

  • Vegas has the fight almost even money. Its a great bet either way . Rare chance to make some real $$$$$$$$ if your a betting man.

  • Really not sold on Overeem. The guy was KO’d by Belfort, Liddell, Rua, and a bunch of other guys.

  • Lesnar has been talking with the WWE gang for a while now. I think it is over for him but not by way of anything he could personally be faulted for. He has had incredible health obstacles, he was always behind the experience curve and has had damn little good luck when what he needed was his fair share of it… Everything he accomplished was due largely to a freakish athletic ability he really doesn’t have that ace in the hole anymore.

    I have NO DOUBT that Brock could be a superstar in the WWE just like he was before. Because these events are STAGED and CHOREOGRAPHED… The UFC is a different breed of animal… ITS REAL in every way, shape and form and probably a step or two ahead of Brock’s capable of giving.

  • Classic grappler vs striker. Who can impose their will? Is it Lesnar with his great wrestling or Overeem with his world class striking?

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