• I asked online how Hopkins could all of a sudden get in the top 10 P4P list after beating Jean Pascal [nothing against Pascal] when someone answered back, reminding me that Ring magazine was now owned by Golden Boy Promotions [I should have mentioned the P4P list was in Ring] ! You sure are right about Ring’s credibility, Pedro !

  • Hey Jake, ex or current Indiana Boxing Commission guy, not one person.

  • In response to PJ, there has not been ANYONE prosecuted for violating the Federal Law on boxing! There does not seem to be any effort to clean up boxing.

  • P.J. See John Ashcroft.

  • Pedro, has there been any update on Operation Matchbox???

  • John Gay of Sacto. has most of it…I’m told..

  • Thanks Pedro, will subscribe to this. Miss the days of Fiske 2x a week, the publication from Santa Cruz – as well as The Ring with Nigel Collins at the helm.

    Do you know what happened to Jack’s extensive boxing memorabilia collection?

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