Friday, July 15, 2011


Mexico City, MXJuan Manuel Marquez, (138 lbs), Anaheim, CA TKO 1 Likar Ramos, (140), Barranquilla, Colombia. Marquez (53-5-1, 39 KOs) in a “stay busy” fight against Ramos (24-4, 18 KOs) took longer to get to the ring than the fight did! In just 1:47 the fight was over after a perfectly thrown right landed on Ramos’ chin. Ramos was out cold for several scary minutes before coming to. Marquez is now slated to meet Manny Pacquiao in his next outing this November.


New York, NY– Pawel Wolak, (153), Mount Arlington, NJ Majority Draw 10 Delvin Rodriguez, (153.5), Danbury, CT. From the opening bell Wolak (29-1-1, 19 KOs) and Rodriguez (25-5-3, 14 KOs) laid it all on the line with a fury that had all in attendance on their feet!  Wolak, a virtual one eyed fighter from the third round on, never stopped his aggression or punching. Rodriguez kept the same furious pace along with accuracy.  After several checks by the Dr. on Wolak’s hideously swollen face, the final bell rang to thunderous applause.  In the end the correct scores were 95-95 twice, not the 97-93 for Rodriguez.  


Las Vegas, NV– Diego Magdaleno, (129), Las Vegas, NV UD 10 Alejandro Perez, (130), Salinas, CA. After a flash knockdown in round one, the surprised Magdaleno (20-0, 7 KOs) settled down to take control of the limited but spirited Perez (15-3-1, 10 KOs).  Perez was deducted a point for a low blow in round two and lost decisively by scores of 99-90, 98-90, and 98-91.

Edwin “Ace” Ayala


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    Dayam, what a great FNF! Wolak looked like the Sloth from the movie Goonies after that one!

    Not unlike Mosley vs Vargas 2…

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    Am I the only one that felt the FNF should have been stopped ? No one knows the extent of Wolak’s injury by just looking at it. It was a very large unusual swelling that may well have been more than just surface tissue swelling. Atlas, Smoger, and the doctors seem too willing to risk a fighter’s health in their search for the “Next” Artuto Gatti. Yes, these fighters are warriors, but we have to be smart about this: Such a grotesque and unusual swelling indicates the possibility of a deeper risky injury. At this point the bout should be halted. Teddy “I have no real qualifications except carrying Tyson’s spit bucket and imitating Cus” Atlas was way over the top with Wolak’s comparison to Carmen Basilio. Give it as rest, Carmen had a swollen eye, not a swollen lacerated HEAD. He also was fighting the greatest prizefighter ever not duking it out with Delvin for $10K on FNF. The bottom line is that the refs, docs, and commissions need to protect these guys from themselves sometimes. We cant assume a fighter is ok because he is still willing to fight. These are guys that we want to have succesful careers and lives, we are not watching pit bulls.

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    Great ESPN FNF main event. I hoped Rodriguez would get the nod but a draw wasn’t out of line. A rematch is a must. Too bad Atlas the idiot had to take cheap shots at the Klitschkos during a freaking 154 pound fight and say that “If Haye fought like these guys, he would be the HW champion.” If Haye would have been that aggressive against Wlad instead of running for his life, Haye would be on life support right now. Atlas had his chance to fight Wlad with his fighter Povetkin and pulled out. Why is that Teddy?

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    Well, that’s the last hurrah for the old man ’cause he’s gettin’ knocked out early in his next appearance, Marquez’ swan-song…

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    The Marquez vs Ramos card was a perfect stream from Top Rank. How many people here watched it?

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    Nemisis?? Lol.

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    “One eye fighter”, great heart and will from both fighters, we need more guys with that attitude.

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    I’d rather watch a tuneup of the marquez any day than some of the headliners that HBO has been putting on recently! How the hell are they going to miss putting on arguably the number 2 P4P boxer in the world?

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