Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao


San Francisco, CA– Boxing is fixed! Not saying Saturday’s Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley fight was, just the sport in general. I’m sure everyone saw how effortless Mosley acted between the ropes. Hey, people have been getting paid to lose fights since Don King had normal hair. Deservedly so, Manny was the favored fighter, some oddsmakers had it 8-1, which is an astronomical number for upper echelon boxing.


Mosley, now 39 and a professional since losing to the late Vernon Forrest in the 1992 Olympic Trials, this long before dropping two lopsided 12-rounders and the welterweight (147 lbs) title to Vernon in 2002. He has a son taking up the sport now and he should no longer be in the ring, Shane its time to take a seat. Besides, with his slurring his words, experts I know say he is headed towards “Pugilistic Dementia,” or to us common folks, he’s getting “Punch Drunk


Not a Manny Pacquiao fan at all, I can’t wait for him to get served with a loss. It’s funny how people get all hyped up about the Pacman, boxing, sports in general, when four or five years ago none of you had any boxing acumen or even an opinion to express. I remember the Evander Holyfield-Mike Tyson fights in 1996 & 1997, the second AKA the “Bite Fight” in particular. Holyfield exposed Tyson as a one dimensional thug who couldn’t take a shot nearly as good as he gave.


I can remember crying a river of tears when Oscar De La Hoya lost to Tito Trinidad, and before that there was that Mexican beast the great Julio Cesar Chavez. Look, I understand that the Filipino people, that you all got pride, but boxing will never be the same as it was in the era of Tyson, Chavez, and Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns and Ray Leonard in the 80s. Reason being, much like Major League Baseball was in the 90s, boxing is now dealing with PEDS or Performance Enhancement Drugs.


In just about any era, Manny Pacquiao would be considered a great fighter. He wouldn’t have had a chance with the aforementioned greats in Duran, Hearns, or Leonard, but outside of that group he would have been quite successful. When I said that boxing was fixed, I was alluding to the fact that I believe, in my opinion Pacquiao is not fighting fair. There are many people that think Manny has jacked his body up with red blood cells, also known as “Blood Doping” while training.


The extra blood cells from the use of EPO (Erithropoyetin) can increase your oxygen level anywhere from 30 to 45%. Of course, this allows you to train 45% harder, recover 45% faster, and thus perform 45% better. As somebody studying medicine, I’ve been told there is no perfected test to determine whether an athlete is on EPO. In the old days, before the steroid era, “Blood Doping” was done through transfusions. Until recently accurate testing has been difficult because the EPO made in the lab is virtually identical to the naturally occurring form and there are no firmly established normal ranges for EPO in the body.


The bottom line is that none of us knows what goes on behind closed doors in a fighter’s training camp. Now, I’m not saying Manny didn’t deserve to win against the almost elderly for a boxer Mosley, who turns 40 in a few months, as he pitched a shutout on almost everybody’s scorecards. Pac’s a good man that has done a lot for his country, has a lot of faith in God and is without question a great fighter. But that still doesn’t change the fact that I think the sport of boxing is fixed.

Jacqueline R. Fernandez


  • Welcome to RT. Never read you before. A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment.

    I do think that you ought to write more on this issue, it may not be a taboo matter but generally people don’t discuss these issues like boxing being fixed. Thanks Jackie Fernandez. To the next! Best wishes!!

  • why not rename your website as pedroandhisdaughterhatespacquiao.com?

  • 1200,

    You can’t call Cotto a true test, because of the catch-weight. Had Team Pac not asked for it, then I would have given him more credit (had Pac won). The thing is, Pac don’t have to fight Martinez as a middle. Martinez said he could make 154, but would not give into a catch weight. In other words, 154 means 154. Pac fans them began screaming that Martinez was too big, forgetting that he had to move up to get fights. Typical Pac fans will make an excuse for Pac asking for catch-weights (fairness for fighting a bigger guy, warrior spirit, etc…), but when someone is capable of beating Pac at a lower weight, Pac fans say; “Pac is the Champ, he calls the shots.” It’s that type of hypocrisy from Pac and his fans that disgusts me. Cotto is done, 1st credible guy he fights will end him. He really hasn’t proven anything in his come back fights after Pac.He could have already fought Alvarez, but passed. He passed on Chavez Jr too. He should of took it then.


  • Also, dont count out cotto yet..Prob. wont happen cuz of promotional bullspit, but Cotto should fight Saul Alvarez so we get the whole mexico vs puerto rico rivalry going on…

  • Skerge: A person that thinks Pac is the goat don’t know much about boxing history..I think saying most feel that way is overstretching it too..when pac took on cotto, it was pacs first true test at welterweight..at the time, pacs only test previous was de la hoya at 147, a fighter who many thought would’ve been beaten by cotto and margarito easily at the time at 147..Pac taking on cotto was a step up in competition for pac! Forget about those 8 belts, but one cannot argue pac has 4 lineal titles in diff. weight divisions. If his dr. said that 144 was dangerous for him to make it, then how the hell did he look fine at 146 against clottey?

    If pac were to take on Mayweather AND Martinez as a middleweight and win, then we’d have to consider pac in the top 3 of all time imo. Chances are, not going to happen..SRR’s legacy will remain untouched for a very long time! Only pacnatics and maniacweather fans would think otherwise…

  • Techs,

    He’s taking some worn scalps and has most convinced he’s GOAT and an 8 div champ. I agree with JMM vs Diaz and then EM if JMM looks bad. Pac didn’t call out JMM though. Pac was in tough with Cotto first 4 rnds and Rito, but that’s what makes it even worse, because the deck was stacked in Pac’s Favor. Had Pac beaten Cotto and Rito on an Even playing field, I would give him more credit. I would still think he was an opportunist. But to beat Rito for a belt stripped from Martinez, and then claim Martinez is too big? That’s bullocks! Shit, I would prefer Pac vs Julio or Holt and this point. JMM too old, too small, and way worn out.


  • Skerge: Fair enough…I think Pac has been carefully managed in his move up in weight..Nevertheless, he’s takin some big scalps along the way..Can’t please everybody. Example: pac callin out jmm and alot of people complain. If pac didnt call out jmm a lot of people would complain. Marquez is one of favorite fighters but if he doesnt do spectacular against david diaz, I would rather see him fight erik morales than pac. They both can slug it out and have the experience and heart to make it a good fight. Like you, I hope team pac actually picks a young lion like bradley or ortiz, and actually fight them at 140 and 147 respectively before he retires. I know the cotto and margarito fights seemed like wipe outs to most. But what people forget to factor is that it was obvious pac was in a rough fight against rito and cotto. How do I know, just look at him right after the fights..

  • 1200,

    Pac @ 135, yeah he may be a bit drained. It’s tough to believe Team Pac when they say he has to take protein shakes to get up over 140 though, then complain 140 is too low to drop for JMM.

    Imagine, heck, let’s see it. Maybe Ortiz would be willing to go to hell to beat Pac. Maybe Berto can hit Pac with that double upper or rt hand, and KO him. We can speculate, but will Team Pac make it happen? Not until Roach sees a flaw or notices wear, and that is the truth.

    Cotto’s Dr. said 144 would be dangerous for Cotto to drop to, so 1 lb makes it better? Fact is, it should have never happened with a catch-weight. Cotto lost because he had no trainer, had to cut weight, was 2 fights removed from the Margocheato beating, and was outslugged. Again, Pac cherry picking.


  • Skerge:
    meant to say IF he could do it, im sure he’d be drained..
    I disagree with you on cotto being drained at 145..he made 146 just a few months back against clottey and did not look drained at 145 for the pac fight..cotto lost because he got outslugged in the 4th round!

  • Skerge:
    Actually, iwas thinking of pac dropping to lightweight to fight the likes of marquez, guerrero, or rios…he could do it, but im sure he’d be drained..i think ortiz has the best shot at welter but tell me, who would you bet for if pac fought ortiz at welter?..if maidana could make him submit imagine what pac would do..

  • 1200,

    Come on, are you know saying Pac will drain himself if he comes in at welter or less? That’s BS and you know it. Just look at the excuses for Pac draining Cotto, Marg, DLH. Ariza will say Pac has to drink protein shakes to make the upper part of 147. It’s tough to say who I would favor vs Pac, because Pac has not fought anyone at their best going way back to MAB (plate in head scandal), except for EM (1st time) and JMM (2 close & controversial fights). David Diaz don’t count & neither does Solis. You know deep down that Pac’s career has been carefully crafted by Bob. You’ve been around long enough to know how Bob works. He could fight Berto or Ortiz though, and I’d bet the odds would be closer than Pac vs Marg or Mosley. Who’m everyone knew where faded. Including Roach and Ariza. Those odds would even be closer than Pac vs JMM 3.


  • Skerge: Put it this way…who against pac 147 and under do u have favored against him, where both fighters dont come in drained?

  • 1200 Techs,

    The only thing Pac is ahead of his contemporaries is that his promoter Bob Arum, has perfected the art of cherry picking which he had time to perfect while promoting the likes of Floyd, DLH, and Leonard. You bring up Morales, you mean that same dude who Team Pac made come in weight drained? How many excuses did Pac offer up in his loss to him? You knew Cotto was done before Pac. Yeah Pac can get down t 135, but he won’t. Not even for a faded JMM. I’m just waiting for you to open your eyes and realize what you are already figuring out. All you need to do is put it together.


  • first and formost!manny is good! but on juice ?yes! look at his fights wit morales!and marquez witch who he really lost 2 !out of 24 rounds marquez won 14 of those 24 with tha fights combined! morales beat him! and manny was gasing out in the fight with morales!Now marquez besides tha knocked downs he won that fight! manny is suspect to the right hand lead! against the rite fighter and morales was tha first to show that, then marquez made a statement of that once he adjusted to mannys style of fighting! manny was was geting pott shotted by marquez viciously tha knocked downs was why manny got the draw and then the win! now even tho clottey didnt throw alot plobaby cause the fight was fixed but if you pay attention to that fight once again boring fight every time clottey did deside to through tha punch it was the right hand lead! so if he did fight floyd he would get beat! and jus answer this ! why would a fighter denie the olympic drug test and it was a bigger pay check! to accept a fight to a lower caliber figther a smaller pay check and take the test witch he did take when he fought clottey and after the fight his face was swollen after the clottey fight, i think for him to fight floyd he knows he has to be juice in cause he wont win!how do he jus come outta nowhere wit this freakish strength and speed and endurance witch was suspect with mosley and at the end of the fight blame it on shoes and leggs no he be on juice

  • Manuel,so Tyson did the right thing by biting holyfields ear off? thats like saying margarito should been allowed to fight with plaster to even the odds against shane, cause somehow he
    “knew” shane was on roids…cut the bs..if you have no evidence of those fights being fixed, then u got nada…nada damn thing!

  • as far as the Holyfield v. Tyson fights, Holyfield was a known admitted Steroid cheater too.

    It was almost a trend for the big name Middleweights like Roy Jones, James Toney, etc. to use Steroids for when they moved up to Heavyweight Division, to make up for competing against the “Big Boys”.

    I believe Holyfield was on Steroids througout his heavyweight reign, which is why his hair fell off (from steroid side-effects).

    and not only was Steroids the reason Holyfield was able to beat Tyson, Holyfield fought a “dirty” fight from the start, with excessive holding, pulling Tyson’s head down, intentionally headbutting and causing cuts on Tyson.
    Tyson did the right thing in biting Holyfields ear off, cause Holyfield is the one that started the “dirty” fighting, not Tyson.

  • 1200 Tech,

    DelaHoya, Clottey, Margarito and Mosley hardly landed on Pac. They all “threw” their fights with Pac, so that they would get rewarded, and thay have been rewarded well, cause Arum and DelaHoya co-promote Pac and they have all tapped to the vast Asian market, where Pac generates $100 Million from mostly the Asian market, which is something no onther fighter can do in boxing, other than Pac.

    Pac is s sham, a fake legend, that:
    1.) fought Old Faded Greats,
    2.) Ducked many tough fighters like Humberto Soto, Valero, Guzman, Juan Diaz, etc
    3.) Pac used EPO Steroids/Hormones, cause EPO is the PED chosen by most fighters
    4.) Pac gets FIXED FIGHTS against Clottey, Margarito, Mosley, and DelaHoya

  • I remember when people were salivating over when the cotto and clottey fight was made..but somehow, those guys to some werent considered “challenges” to pac, who can prob, shrink down to a lightweight!

  • third encounter in the 3rd round that is…

  • Pac is way ahead of all his contemporaries and has been for a while now. Hard for some to see that, but it’s true. Maidana, who gave everyone hell in his weight class all of a sudden is “overated” after his performance against Morales, the same dude that sat on his butt in his third encounter in the 3rd encounter with pac! same round that mosleys catchin heat for wussin out after pac put the como te llamas on him! you’ll hardly hear ANYONE callin el terrible a wuss though..Who thought pac would outslug a destroyer like cotto, not to long ago was number one welter in the world and margarito being the second? And just to further prove that pac is ahead of his contemporaries, who within his weightclass would be favored against him right now?

  • Manuel how do you know this about pacquiao with the sh*% your slingin? don’t tell me “Ugh, I just know..” GTF out of here with that bullspit…

  • I know Pac “juices up” with EPO and “the cream”, and avoids detection cause EPO desintigrates in the blood within 42 hrs of use. Pac also uses HGH, A-Side Meth, and other PED’s, than only Alex Ariza and Victor Conte know.
    This is why Pac turned down a rematch with Miguel Cotto, cause Cotto wanted Pac to be OSDT for EPO.

    Jackie is Pedro’s daughter, her mother is Mexican that’s why she cried a river of tears when Oscar lost to Tito

  • DelaHoya vs. Pacquiao was FIXED
    Pacquiao vs. Clottey was FIXED
    Pacquiao vs. Margarito was FIXED
    Pacquiao vs. Mosley was FIXED too.

    DelaHoya and Arum (both whom promote Pac) have been FIXING Pac’s recent fights @ 147lbs, cause Pac has become a huge “cash-cow” in the vast Asian Market, and DelaHoya and Arum are going to do anything within their power to make sure that Pac wins each and every of his fights for the next 2-3 years.

  • Altria,
    Glad you made the point, that they both can be true.


  • KP,

    Really, You are comparing Chavez vs Randall to Pac? Chavez had over 90 fights vs Top Comp like Whittaker, Taylor 2 times, Ramirez, etc… Pac had trouble with Agapito Sanchez, and David Diaz (yes, hard to imagine Diaz lasted longer than Shane did, as Shane called it quits in after the 3rd, or Hatton). Chavez could pick off punches, and work the body on the inside. He could handle speed (see Taylor fight), and he could take a punch. I’m not Mexican by the way.


  • Interesting article. Connects the epo study because Manny is a phenomenal fighter. Sure you can cook that together but no benefit of the doubt whatsoever that he’s not juicing. Totally agree that the current era of boxing is past its Golden years. Then again when was the last time the big networks had boxing shows or the heavyweight division was at its best? Manny is one of the very few bright stars of boxing. His personality outside the ring shows he’s a huge star and that definitely helps draw boxing. Love him or hate him, we need him. The only guy I see really threatening Manny is Sergio Martinez. That is of course if the promoter lets that happen.

  • I have to weigh in on Jon’s statement where he states “Well which is it: Is he a farce who handpicks his opponents or has he moved up the weights so amazingly he must be on PEDs? He can’t be both.”

    Actually both statements could be true. These two things aren’t mutually exclusive. That is to say, they don’t inherently contradict each other. It is possible to beef up (legally or illegally) and pick opponents who you believe you can best in a boxing match.

    While I’m not saying herewith that Pacquiao is guilty of these two charges, I am saying, contrary to what Jon has said, “he can be both”.

  • Can we get a picture of prete fernandez jr. ?

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Good history, you did your homework!

  • Pacman is on the bean then the great Jimmy Wilde had to be on something really special 134w 100kos…thats only his in the ring record. Jimmy kod nine men in succession bareknuckle ranging up to 160lb+. Every once in a blue moon a phenom comes along……recognize.

  • Beating the likes of Dela Hoya (way past his prime) Cotto (catchweight) Clottey (sucks) Mosley (see de la hoya comment) will in no way prepare you for the likes of, Duran, Leonard, and Hearns. Imagine putting Pac in with these guys in their prime? Good luck!

  • I think Pacquiao is a great fighter in this era, but I do not believe he is in the class of Duran, Leonard, Hearns, or Sanchez. But I believe he has the style and movement to outpoint Chavez, I do think that Arguello vs Paquiao is a toss up. Also a fight with a prime Whitaker is a toss up.

  • Jesustheprophet

    Again Pac’s fans are a bit delusional. How can one rank Pacman so high in the ATG list when there is no way on knowing that he was the greatest 126 lbs ever.

    How do we know that Pacman was the greatest 126 lbs ever?
    How about 130 were he fought the same guys he fought at 126 lbs, in rematches?
    How about 135 and 140 where he had one fight in each of these divisions?
    How about at welter where he beat a paper champ, who won’t a vacant title?
    Real champ at that time was Mosley.
    How about at 154 where he has a title without ever fighting at the weight?

    Get it through you heads Pacnuts, your idol is vastly overrated?
    Inhouse fights against paper champs and what not?
    1 fight at 135 and 1 at 140 lbs.

    Pacman should really be judged at 126 lbs. Everything above that is not that impressive.

  • i feel pity for pacman..the guy is not boastful he is a humble guy who just want to fight and entertain people yet lot of guys look down on him and say negative things on him without any proof..the only thing is for sure, manny pacquiao is a multi millionaire and none of this so called writers cant compete with manny in terms of wealth. they’re just envious that a very poor kid from the philippines work hard just to earn a million of dollars legally…

  • Congratulations on your first (I think) published article for Ring Talk, and best of luck in the future, Jacqueline.

    With that said, I have to agree with 1200 Techs who stated:
    “For me, I dont understand why people who like boxing DONT like pacman..If you watch his fights as a kid and knew his background and witness the intesity he displayed in the ring and how he carries himself out of the ring, to the string of success he has had, what else does the guy have to do to earn respect?”

    And Jon, who stated:
    …..Well which is it: Is he a farce who handpicks his opponents or has he moved up the weights so amazingly he must be on PEDs? He can’t be both”.

    As far a Pacman being able / not able to beat Leonard, Duran, Hearns, Tyson, etc., well that’s all conjecture that we as avid boxing fans like to discuss in an open-minded intelligent manner (hopefully).

  • also agreeing to half ass random osdt testing for two months hardly clears up all suspecions does it, when there is no such test that accurately measure epo as stated in this article?..but i’ll say it again, pac should just publically say he’s willing to take random osdt testing and ask for a public response from mayweather..

  • Your right pedro..No one in 150 years of boxing has done what pacquiao has done (flyweight to welterweight) but there are many boxers who have moved up in weight and have remained succesfull..

    heres some footage of armstrong almost winning the middleweight championship of the world..

    but is his success only linked to him gaining strenght? what about his technique, has that not improved? I am all for more stringent testing and fairplay..but why does it seem like its only pacquiao that gets bashed for suspected ped use? the guy was a kid when he started boxing! look at sergio martinez..a few years ago, he wasn’t taking scalps like the way he is now..like this article says, there is no sure way to detect epo in athletes, so tht would definitely include half ass osdt..until then, why only throw one guy under the bus when u can raise suspecions about most of these top fighters of today?

  • Sorry but Pac would wipe the floor with Chavez, he was really slow and had problems with movement. He couldn’t beat Frankie Randall. He’d be lunch meat! However Duran, Leonard and Hearns beat him with only Duran having slightly a bit of trouble early.

  • What about everyone’s favorite the great Duran, a 135 lb’er moving up to win titles at 154 (Moore) even 160 (Barkley)? (of course that has to be natural as it’s never been questioned on this site).

    Nevermind he had that guy in his corner for the first Leonard fight (which he may have won by aggression but did not land the cleaner punches and was clearly not the better boxer as proven in the next two Leonard fights) who would grind up the asthma medicine to help open the lungs to get more oxygen. Now if that’s being done in the ring, how can we be certain what was being taken in training? (and yes ‘roids were around back then as well just ask Schwartzenegger). But again, no one seems to questions Duran’s “cleanliness” even with such a dubious character in his corner.

    As far as the hypothetical Pacquiao vs Duran, I’ll offer this. When Pac moved up in weight, he was dominant, I don’t know that Duran was as dominant. Even with Durant being naturally much bigger, at 135 I don’t agree with the writers here that a Duran victory over Pacquicao is a given.

  • I do believe if this were another “type” of fighter, who never failed a drug test mind you, he would be regarded as the greatest fighter ever, rah rah rah. (as I don’t recall reading similar accusations leveled against a prime Chavez or a prime RJJ)

    But for someone like Pacquiao to be, let’s conservatively say “one of” the greatest in his time, the sport has to be fixed and/or he has to be doping because (unless Chavex or RJJ) it’s just not possible that he could be this good without some sort of foul play, right.

  • Glad to see your daughter on board Pedro….Dont agree with her but what else can I say .Hi Jacqueline.

  • Jesustheprophet

    I have issues with experts ranking Manny so high on the ATG List. We are not even sure that he is the greatest 126 lbs ever.

    Do with know that he beats a prim Salvador Sanchez, Azuma Nelson?

    At 130 can Pacman beat a Alexis Arguello, Floyd Mayweather?

    Pacman fought Erik Morales,JMM and MAB at 126 and then fought the same guys at 130lbs. He never fought a real 130 lbs.

    So how can he be an alltime great when he never dominated 1 division?

  • Pete the Sneak

    Good article Ms. Fernandez. I agree their certainly is plenty of room for speculation concerning Pac Man. It does pain me however, to see Pacquaio’s name even mentioned with Leonard/Duran/Hearns/Chavez. Any of those guys would have chewed Manny up and spit him out like an annoying food particle stuck in your teeth. Please!! Also, a quick question, did you cry when Oscar lost to Tito because you were a fan, or becuase you tuned in and saw a track meet instead?..LOL..Anyway, good luck and keep the ‘Real’ articles coming. Peace.

  • im still amazed at the logic of this so called experts,esp this pedro. on one hand they are very convinced that the pac has no chance with the great of the past. but they question his rise in weight and maintaining speed,strength, etc on PED. now,which is which Shaun? your just contradicting yourself. As what Jon said, up to now they cant still believe that a small asian dominate their so called sports.and they cant hardly wait when will it end. it drives them crazy!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    One reason, in 150 hears of prize fighting nobody has done what he has done, moving up in weight, getting stronger against bigger msn, And just likr badeball in the 90s, nobody ever hit home runs k=like those guys and they were all i=on steroids. That;s why and if that is hard fir yout to understnd, nothing will ever convince you of the need for testing,

  • Pedro Fernandez

    She is my beautifuk, smart, and tough as naiks daughter, After the Fight Chick Frances Martel left me fr law schook and MSNBC, I needed a chick with balls, Jackie has her daddy;s relentless no BS taking attitude. I hope she can continue to produce copy wi=orth reading and causing argumrnts ani=ong ya’ all,

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Duran was close to Pac’s height dum dum!!

  • http://ringtalk.com/boxing-dragon-lady-lorraine-chargin-don-chargin-jacqueline-fernandez

    “I remembered how Lorraine took care of my daughter Jacqueline like she was her own, affording us free hotel rooms, great meals, this in addition to giving the three-year old a first row seat at any fight we attended together.”

  • Is the writer related to pedro? no wonder!!!

  • Ray at 5’11??? and Duran, close?? Yeah, with elevator shoes!! What a joke to prove a point. I’m pretty sure Pac vs. the aforementioned three, would be competitive…not sure who would win, though.

  • If pac fights JMM, i hope pac drops down to 140..Fans want to see an exciting fight! Marquez will not bitch out like Mosley did..Or i doubt he’ll sit on his ass like Morales did in the third fight..

  • I agree I dont think pac couls hang with leanord or durran or even hearns I also dont think he could have beat pernel whitaker eaither or bernard hopkins in his prime. I dont think he can beat floy and if the fight happens floyd will prove it to the world. All I have to say is anybody who is going to turn down a garrented 60 million dollar payday over a blood drug test has something to hide. If you guys think he is clean pull your heads out and put them back on your shoulder. Ask your self one question who you fight flopyd for 60 mill if you had to take a blood drug test. I can tell you I would fight anybody for that kind of money, heck I would let tyson bite my ear off for 60 mill. So with that being said pac is using and he dont want to fight floyd cause he will be exposed or have to quiet and he knows he cant beat floyd with out it.

  • Roberto has a point..have we now come down to picking fighters of the past to take on the great manny pacquiao? lmao..what about his contemporaries in his weightclass?

  • For me, I dont understand why people who like boxing DONT like pacman..If you watch his fights as a kid and knew his background and witness the intesity he displayed in the ring and how he carries himself out of the ring, to the string of success hehes had, what else does the guy have to do to earn respect?

  • Manny wouldn’t have never made it pass:

    Chandler @118
    Gomez @122
    Sanchez @126
    Arguello @130
    Camacho @ 135

    I say that to say, in that era there wouldn’t be much of a Manny to talk about.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Thank you, Mr. President.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    They didn’t fight thrird rate guys like Clottey & Margarito’s ilk in major fights, they fought each other sir. Tommy was 6’2, Ray 5’11, Duran was close to his height. Like Emanuel Steward said last month on my show, “Tommy would, Ray, Duran, they would toy with Pacquiao.:

  • The thing that sucks though is why is manny being singled out based on suspicions? what about other folks that “draw suspecions” as well? You said it yourself that “there is no perfected test to tell whether or not an athlete is on EPO”. So I presume that would also mean that the half ass “olympic style” drug tests Mayweather proposed wouldn’t work either right? It’s not that hard to understand why people like Manny..what happened to vargas or chavez jr, ones who failed tests..dont remember these guys ever being hailed as elite..sounds like you need more than ped’s to be succesful in boxing…

  • Pedro Fernandez

    We have different writers sir, If you bothered to read the bylines, you’d realize such.

  • Good article, I agree with you we don’t know what happens behind close doors.And fights like Pac vs shane don’t help the sport,he took the money and ran.

  • The gist of the attacks on Pacquiao on this site are illogical. On the one hand, the writers say that they believe Paquiao has been able to move up in weight while retaining his speed and power so amazingly that he must be on drugs. A big part of their argument is that his phenomenal rise through the weight classes is, to their expert eyes, impossible without PEDs.

    On the other hand, though, they say he is a farce, hand picks his competition and many other insults.

    Well which is it: Is he a farce who handpicks his opponents or has he moved up the weights so amazingly he must be on PEDs? He can’t be both.

    I’ll tell you what I think: I think that there is a lot of intentional and probably unintentional racism at work. I think a lot of people are simply in disbelief that a tiny Asian could not only beat but obliterate the best boxers of his era in six divisions.

  • oh the haters is now again boxing “experts” with their fantasy fights. again they predicts that the pac cant hang with those greats of the past. how many times this so called “experts” predicts the downfall of the pac. if i remember right, its almost 8 yrs now and still counting. remember, its only the pac that will retire still on the top compare to your so called great of the past.

  • Finally! That’s what I’ve been saying, but no one believes me that Pacroid is on something! There was no way he could’ve moved up from 130 to fight and beat Cotto or Margarito at 154 w/o juicing.

  • but still what youre saying about manny is just an opinion and not fact, so you really cant knock him

  • If you look on BoxRec at fights scheduled around the U.S., you can see many gross mis-matchs that are “fixed” by the matchmaker. This is one reason boxing is losing out to MMA.

  • What we do know is this…Pacman can pac a punch,I mean when have you heard of SRL/TOMMY/DURAN breaking an opponent’s face?Who’s next to say they’ve done what PACMAN has done in the ring!

  • I would agree, and when Manny visited me in the White House I could tell he was on Juice.

  • love to see the pro pacquiao comments saying how pacquiao is the greatest man that ever lived since Jesus Christ.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    The little chick can fight. At 105 lbs., dropped some drunk that came at her at the Giants-Phillies playoff game last season. She is not to be messed with.

  • pedro vs pac nuts

    This is great and I agree with it – and what Pedro just wrote in the comments. Pac is not in SRL/Tommy/Duran’s League…Good job Fernandez’s.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Pac couldn’t carry Ray’s, Roberto’s, or Tommy’s jock strap!

  • You done messed up saying Pac couldn’t hang in there with Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns and Ray Leonard in the 80s. Not only will you see in the comments on this thread that he could hang with them but that none of them would even come close to defeating him and he would knock them all out with ease.

  • Boxing, MMA, football, baseball, basletball ect… all of it has a pretty deep layer of bullshit on top of it, no real surprises there for most. Though its nice to see a good reminder to people that prolly think its all on the level this article still kinda feels like a fan rant.

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