Jermain "The Trick" Taylor


San Francisco, CA– Many guys have never experienced a good time with a prostitute. 2000 Olympic Bronze Medal winner Jermain Taylor is not of the aforementioned group, this after some skank hooker accused him of rape earlier this week. For the record, I always never “understood” the concept of raping a prostitute. If anything, I liken it to the crime of “Defrauding An Innkeeper,” that’s when you skip out on a hotel bill or don’t have the required coinage when it’s check out time. That being said, the best heavyweight boxing has produced in the last 25 years, and no his last name is not Klitschko, Ike Ibeabuchi (25-0, 15 KOs) is locked up in a mental hospital type of prison in Nevada for you guessed it, “raping a prostitute.”


Ike Ibeabuchi

Having had the pleasure of doing a one-man (like Howard Cosell & Don Dunphy) broadcast of the Ike Ibeabuchi-David Tua fight of June 1997 in Sacramento, CA, considered by those with any tenure as the greatest heavyweight battle since Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier, the greatest of all time. In the 12-rounder won by Ibeabuchi, he and Tua threw more punches in their 12-round war than any two heavyweights in history. Simply put, it was the greatest, not the biggest, but the greatest heavyweight fight I’ve even seen and I go back to Sonny Liston-Floyd Patterson. In 1999, Ike, aka the President (after the 34th US President Ike Eisenhower) called a female escort to his hotel room at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, and reportedly he tried to pay her with a check. After refusing the check, Ike is said to have locked the hooker in the bathroom, where she used the telephone, which brought both hotel security and the Las Vegas Police. This was supposedly not a one-time thing, as Ibeabuchi had “pay disputes” with other hookers.


Earlier this week, some hooker claimed that Jermain Taylor had raped her. She said it involved her getting paid $500, some oral sex and marijuana. A couple of days after alleging this to police, the woman recanted her charges, claiming that she and Jermain got into an argument after smoking some weed and she blew him (oral copulation) to which she said she received five “C” notes ($500). She also claimed that Taylor, who we will refer to as “The Trick” from here on in, had paid the broad as much as $2,000 for sex. Having been to 32 countries and been approached by a number of working girls, few girls were worth $500, let alone $2,000 US dollars.


Oscar Bonavena & Sally Conforte

The Holy Rollers are the reason that prostitution is only legal in a few counties in Nevada. The most famous of these brothels was the now defunct Mustang Ranch, the same place that 1960s & 70s World heavyweight title challenger Oscar Bonavena was killed just outside of Reno, NV, after working as a bouncer at Joe Conforte’s legal house of prostitution. The record states that Oscar was banging Joe’s estranged wife Sally Conforte. After some verbal skirmishes, Bonavena returned to Joe Conforte’s brothel and under “alleged” orders from Conforte, guards were told to shoot Bonavena on sight. Willard Ross Brymer, Conforte’s ex-convict personal bodyguard shot Bonavena through the heart killing him instantly. There was a .38 caliber pistol next to Bonavena’s body, which was more than likely a “drop gun” put their Brymer and his confederates. To show you the power Nevada’s biggest and legal pimp had, Brymer only served 15 months for “Involuntary Manslaughter.”


What I found out as a Policeman was that hookers, who in my mind have the right to sell their bodies, kidneys, eggs, anything that is theirs for money and or some form of compensation, is that they will drop a dime on you in a minute. I knew fellow cops, one of whom got a freebie (blow job) every working day, and his wife left him because he wouldn’t put out. Having seen the ex-wife, as the cop was an academy classmate and the hooker, I can see why he refused to bang his overweight and unsightly wife when he was reaping the sexual treats of a raving beauty. For those who have a problem with the prior statement, learn to deal with reality!


There are guys that will admit to paying for sex, and those that say it’s beneath them, when in actuality they, like Jerome and the aforementioned Ibeabuchi were good old fashioned “tricks.” For those of you unaware of the term, a trick a man that pays for sex. In closing, the public humiliation Taylor will have to endure, let alone the prospect of his wife walking out on him is unfair. Prostitution should be not be a crime, for what a woman wants to do with her body is her own business!

Pedro Fernandez


  • I went to school at Reno High with Dean and Dean was a bad ass dude who could take any guy in the school. He was a friend of mine, and he told me that if anyone messed with me to just let him know and he’d take care of ’em for me. I felt protected by him and I never saw him as a bad person at all. His older brother, Ross, I’d only met once or twice was just as kind to people he befriended and I was sorry to hear he went to prison for what he was hired to do by Joe himself, who is by now still unaccounted for and probably hiding somewhere in South America

  • Ike I might be the most talented or exciting HW in the past 25 years but no way is he the best. He threw his life and career down the drain and his potential was never realized. That is how he will be remembered.

  • I’m much more concerned about what’s going to happen the next time he gets hit by someone who can punch than I am with his sexual adventures.

    Bit if Taylor is dropping pornstar-date cash on work-a-day hookers, it might explain why he’s hauling his broken body back into the ring. Doesn’t he seem like the kind of country boy who can be taken for lots of money?

  • For many years boxing people continued to mention Luther McCarty as one of the all time great heavyweights even though he died at 21, before he had any serious matches. Had Ron Lyle been sent back to prison after knocking out Larry Middleton, who today would imagine him being beaten up by Jerry Quarry? Perhaps exactly the same thing could have been said about Mac Foster.

    Fighters are great when they prove they’re great and not before. Ike had talent and his fight with Tua was one of the best I’ve seen, but the decision could have gone either way — and Tua was hardly a great fighter. Tua was handled much easier by many others including Lewis.

    As for the KO of Byrd, well styles make fights and a swarming, big punching, big heavyweight always goes through a small, cute one. Just think about Byrd facing Frazier and you know what I mean.

    No serious boxing observer should extrapolate from a couple of impressive performances to the conclusion that he was the best heavyweight of his generation. There’s just nothing to substantiate that view unless for some reason you just want him to be considered the best.

  • On the prostitute thing. In Canada we just had some of the hooker laws overturned. This was a result of the laws not protecting but hurting the people that work in the oldest profession. Hookers are people but get treated like garbage by society. That’s the reason Robert pickton could kill almost 50 souls. Nobody bothered to investigate where their were going. Another group in society that was beaten and abused as children than get kicked when their adults. I’ve got friends that have “been around the block” they always told me you pay for it no matter how you look at it. Think about this if you were married for ten years and got a divorce it would cost you around 200 grand minimum. Now think if you went to the old rub and tug every week and spent $250. That’s about $120000. You’d actually save $80000. And I bet you would not be a typical divorcee who hates women and life in general. Lol

  • I could see Ike beating wlad 1 outta 3. Maybe two of three. Vitali on the other hand I think would have won them all. Maybe.

  • $2000.00…..can I put some of that on Layaway!!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Ike would’ve beat them all, Tyson in the 90s too!

  • Why should Ike fight Lewis or the Klitschkos? They are 50 pounds over Ike’s weight and about 6 inches taller! Thee over-grown bullies should stop beating on tiny men and fight each other, including, their brother. The sanctioning bodies should do one thing right and make each Klit mandatory for the other. Or else, perish!

  • Wlad Klitschko has three losses to journeyman level fighters, all by KO! No one is denigrating his ability, I think Ike would have been a good fight for either Klitschko, or Lewis. Vitali’s claim to fame is a loss to Lewis, and yeah Vlad’s pretty much cleaned out the division, but probably one of the weakest ones ever. When the division had some decent fighters left he got stopped three times. He couldn’t even stop David Haye (who’d been stopped at cruiserweight) or Ibragimov, both marginal fighters. In my opinion both Klitschko brothers are overrated.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    IKE DESTROYED CHRIS BYRD with 10 days training. The same Byrd that made Vitali (bark, bark) quit!

  • Ike Ibeabuchi is overrated. You can’t say he is better than a Klitschko because he never fulfilled his potential. The brothers have. They stayed in boxing and cleaned out their era. Ike pissed his talent away. Ike will reamain one of the biggest what-ifs in boxing. He had one great battle against the small, technically limited Tua. He proved chin and heart there, but I doubt he would have looked good against the 6’5+ HW’s with skills. Ike was not really fast for his size, we know nothing about his ability to adapt. He had two – count ’em, TWO – fights against live bodies, one of which he arguably LOST, and yet is perceived as a world beater. At best, he’s a prospect with a couple of decent victories, one of which was highly debatable. There is absolutely NO justification off of TWO fights against decent opponents to say this guy is even CLOSE to either Klitschko.

  • dean brymer, brother of ross, was a customer at the bar i tended in sacramento in the late 80’s – early 90’s. we talked about the bonavena incident a number of times….

  • Yeah, sure Folton, is that the same Lewis who basically ran from Tua? Or how about Klitchko the same guy who was stopped by an old Ross Purity. Ibeabuchi knocked Bryd out into oblivion. I am not saying Lewis or Klitschko couldn’t beat Ike, but they’d have to go through hell to do so. Ike walked through everything Tua (a prime and in shape Tua may I add) had to offer and had amazing stamina.

  • Pedro Fernandez


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  • I agree, there is nothing wrong with prostitution.

    As for Ike, exciting but overrated. Either Klitschko or Lewis beats him.

  • Pedro Fernandez


  • Hey pedro, I would love to write for you site, or at least proofread your articles. Let me know how I can help.

  • I can see why he refused to bang his overweight and unsightly wife when he was reaping the sexual treats of a raving beauty. For those who have a problem with the prior statement, learn to deal with reality!
    That had to be the most truthful comment I’ve ever read! Pedro, you’re definitely one of the few writers that has ever earned my utmost respect. I love reading your articles, and respect your opinion, whether I agree or not (which is rare that I don’t agree.) keep up the great work, and never lose your integrity.

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