August 1,

1901: Pancho Villa born Francisco Guilledo.

1932: Holman Williams KO 6 Joe Lynn, Detroit. Williams’ pro debut.

1950: Dado Marino W 15 Terry Allen, Honlulu. Wins World Flyweight Title.

1954: Trevor Berbick born.

1962: Jake Matlala born.

1968: Cachorro Amaya KO 1 Alexis Arguello, Managua. Not a very auspicious pro debut for the future hall-of-famer, Alexis Arguello

1976: Rigoberto Riasco W 15 Dong Kyun Yum, Pusan, S. Korea. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

1981: Eusebio Pedroza KO 7 Carlos Pinango, Caracas. Retains WBA Featherweight Title.

1987: Mike Tyson W 12 Tony Tucker, Las Vegas. Retains (Unifies) World Heavyweight Title. Referee: Mills Lane | Judge: Julio Roldan 118-113 | Judge: Phil Newman 119-111 | Judge: Bill Graham 117-112

1988: Julio Cesar Chavez KO 3 Vernon Buchanan, Inglewood. Non-title fight.

Miguel Lora W 12 Albert Davila, Inglewood. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title. Referee: John Thomas | Judge: Arsenio Garcia 118-113 | Judge: Miguel Donate 117-111 | Judge: Ray Solis 117-111

1992: Julian Jackson W 12 Thomas Tate, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Middleweight Title. Referee: Richard Steele | Judge: Horacio Castilla 116-111 | Judge: Dave Brown 117-111 | Judge: Chuck Giampa 116-111.

Julio Cesar Chavez KO 4 Frankie Mitchell, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title.

1994: Yasuei Yakushiji KO 11 Jung-Il Byun, Nagoya, Japan. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

Yuri Arbachakov KO 8 Hugo Rafael Soto, Tokyo. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

1997: Chatchai Dutchboy Gym KO 7 Juan Domingo Cordoba, Bangkok. Retains WBC “interim” Flyweight Title.

Veteran trainer Johnny Tocco, 87, dies after a lengthy illness in Las Vegas where he ran Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Gym for 41-years.

Trainer Alex Sherer, 43, formerly associated with Detroit’s Kronk Gym, was working for Forum Boxing in Inglewood at the time of his death.

2000: 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist Steve McCrory, 36, dies in Detroit after battling an extended illness.

2009: Isaac Hlatshwayo W 12 Delvin Rodriguez, Uncasville, Connecticut. Wins vacant IBF Welterweight Title.

Devon Alexander KO 8 Junior Witter, Rancho Mirage, CA. Wins WBC Super Lightweight Title.

Timothy Bradley NC 3 Nate Campbell, Rancho Mirage, CA. Fight stopped due to an unintentional head butt.

August 2,

1915: Billy Soose born William Stephen Soose.

1923: Ike Williams born Isiah Williams.

1924: Max Schmeling KO 6 Hans Czapp, Dusseldorf, Germany. Schmeling’s pro debut.

1929: Sammy Mandell W 10 Tony Canzoneri, Chicago. Retains World Lightweight Title.

1951: Esteban DeJesus born.

1958: Jose Napoles KO 1 Julio Rojas, Havana. Napoles’ pro debut.

1960: Wilfredo Vasquez born.

1969: Saman Sorjaturong born.

1974: Andy Price W 10 Carlos Palomino, San Diego.

1980: Thomas (Hitman) Hearns KO 2 Pipino Cuevas, Detroit. Wins WBA Welterweight Title.

Aaron Pryor KO 4 Antonio Cervantes, Cincinnati. Wins WBA Super Lightweight Title.

Hilmer Kenty KO 9 Young Ho Oh, Detroit. Retains WBA Lightweight Title.

Yasutsune Uehara KO 6 Samuel Serrano, Detroit. Wins WBA Super Featherweight Title. Upset of the year.

1986: Terry Norris KO 1 Jose Luis Cordova, San Jose, CA. Norris’ pro debut.

Hi Sup Shin KO 15 Bi Won Chun, Inchon, South Korea. Wins IBF Flyweight Title.

1997: Sugar Shane Mosley W 12 Philip Holiday, Uncasville, CT. Wins IBF Lightweight Title.

Angel Manfredy KO 8 Jorge Paez, Uncasville, CT.

2008: Joshua Clottey Tech Dec 9 Zab Judah, Las Vegas. Wins vacant IBF Welterweight Title.

Vic Darchinyan KO 5 Dimitri Kirilov, Tacoma, Washington. Wins IBF Super Flyweight Title.

August 3,

1928: Corp. Izzy Schwartz KO 4 Little Jeff, Rockaway, NY. Retains New York World Flyweight Title.

1948: Tommy Ryan, 78, dies.

1961: Curtis Cokes W 10 Luis Rodriguez, Dallas.

1963: Nate Miller born.

1966: Butterbean born Eric Esch.

1974: Jose Napoles KO 9 Hedgemon Lewis, Mexico City. Retains World Welterweight Title. Referee: Ramon Berumen.

Kuniaki Shibata KO 15 Ramiro Bolanos, Tokyo. Retains WBC Super Featherweight Title.

1977: Wilfred Benitez KO 15 Guerrero Chavez, NYC. Retains World Super Lightweight Title.

Alexis Arguello KO 1 Jose Fernandez, NYC. Fernandez was down three times in the 1st round, triggering the three knockdown rule.

1986: Julio Cesar Chavez W 12 Rocky Lockridge, Monte Carlo. Retains WBC Super Featherweight Title. Referee: Tony Perez | Judge: Jean Deswerts 116-116 | Judge: Giuseppe Ferrari 119-113 | Judge: Miguel Donate 116-113.

1999: Heavyweight Jerry Ballard, 32, is stabbed to death in Washington, D.C. Ballard turned pro in May ‘91 and tallied a 21-2-1 (21) record prior to his death.

2002: Acelino Freitas W 12 Daniel Attah, Phoenix, AZ. Referee: Robert Ferrara | Judge: Raul Caiz 117-110 | Judge: Guy Jutras 117-110 | Judge: Craig Wilson 117-110.

August 4,

1900: Danny Dougherty W 25 Tommy Feltz, Brooklyn. Retains World Bantamweight Title.

1910: Johnny Dundee ND 4 Skinny Bob, NYC. Dundee’s pro debut.

1932: Kid Chocolate W 10 Eddie Shea, Cincinnati. Retains World Super Featherweight Title.

1936: Henry Armstrong W 10 Baby Arizmendi, Los Angeles. Wins California & Mexican World Featherweight Title.

1944: Beau Jack W 10 Bob Montgomery, NYC. “Jack, revealing the ceaseless aggressiveness that always characterizes his ring work, won the decision in an encounter that was hard fought through every one of the ten rounds”. (New York Times). The official scorecards were 6-2-2, 6-1-3, and 5-5. This was a war bond program and none of the fighters were paid.

1947: Ike Williams KO 6 Bob Montgomery, Philadelphia. Unifies World Lightweight Title.
Williams avenges a previous KO defeat from Montgomery.

1952: Joey Giardello W 10 Billy Graham, Brooklyn. Disputed decision. Official scorecards: 6-3-1, 6-4 for Giardello, & 5-4-1 for Graham.

1955: Gerrie Coetzee born.

1966: John Duplessis born.

1967: Fighting Harada W 15 Bernardo Caraballo, Tokyo. Retains World Bantamweight Title.

1970: George Foreman KO 3 George Chuvalo, NYC.

1972: Michael Grant born.

1973: Betulio Gonzalez W 15 Miguel Canto, Maracaibo. Regains vacant WBC Flyweight Title.

1979: Ernesto Espana KO 10 Johnny Lira, Chicago. Retains WBA Lightweight Title. Lira suffered a broken jaw in the 8th round.

1980: Hilario Zapata W 15 Rey Mendez, Caracas. Retains WBC Junior Flyweight Title.

1984: Satoshi Shingaki W 15 Joves de la Puz, Naha City, Japan. Retains IBF Bantamweight Title.

1988: Jorge Paez W 15 Calvin Grove, Mexicali, MX. Wins IBF Featherweight Title. Referee: Al Rothenberg | Judge: Jim Traylor 142-142 | Judge: Dave McCullough 143-140 | Judge: Robert González 142-140. Grove knocked down three times in the 15th round.

1996: Light Middleweight David Reid, a native of Philadelphia, becomes the only American boxer to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, coming from behind to knock out Cuba’s Alfredo Duvergel in round three.

2002: Former WBC Heavyweight titleholder Trevor Berbick is arrested in Miramor, Florida, and charged with reentering the United States after already having been deported.

2007: David Diaz W 12 Erik Morales, Rosemont, Ill. Retains WBC Lightweight Title.

Israel Vasquez KO 6 Rafael Marquez, Hidaldo, TX. Regains World Super Bantamweight Title.

Celestino Caballero W 12 Jorge Lacierva, Hidalgo, TX. Retains WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

Ulises Solis KO 8 Rodel Mayol, Rosemont, Ill. Retains IBF Junior Flyweight Title.

August 5,

1895: Tiger Flowers born Theodore Flowers.

1931: (Slapsie) Maxie Rosenbloom W 15 Jimmy Slattery, Brooklyn. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

1957: Gianfranco Rosi born.

1961: Gene Fullmer W 15 Florentino Fernandez, Ogdeon, UT. Retains NBA Middleweight Title.

1962: Calvin Grove born.

1971: Yory Boy Campas born Luis Campas.

1978: Hugo Corro W 15 Ronnie Harris, Buenos Aires. Retains World Middleweight Title. This “fight” was a total bore-snore.

1990: Vinny Pazienza W 10 Greg Haugen, Atlantic City.

1995: Chana Porpaoin KO 6 Ernesto Rubillar, Bangkok. Retains WBA Strawweight Title.

A badly decomposed body matching the description of USBA Welterweight Champion James Hughes, 29, is discovered near Mobile, Alabama. Hughes, 22-8 (18), had been missing for almost two weeks.

1996: Mark (Too Sharp) Johnson KO 8 Raul Juarez, Inglewood. Retains IBF Flyweight Title.

2000: Zab Judah KO 4 Terronn Millett, Uncasville, CT. Retains IBF Super Lightweight Title.

Juan Lazcano W 10 Jesse James Leija, Uncasville, CT. Disputed decision. Referee: Dick Flaherty | Judge: Fred Ucci 96-94 | Judge: Steve Weisfeld 97-93 | Judge: William Hutt 96-94 for Leija.

Bones Adams KO 6 Andres Fernandez, Madison, WI. Retains WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

Eric Morel W 12 Sornpichai Pisnurachank, Madison, WI. Wins WBA Flyweight Title.

2006: Vernon Forrest W 10 Ike Quartey, NYC. Judges score unanimously, Melvina Lathan 95-94, Steve Weisfeld 95-94, & Tony Paolillo 96-93. Controversial verdict none the less. Great crossroads fight!!

Kassim Ouma W 10 Sechew Powell, NYC.

Edwin Valero KO 10 Vicente Mosquera, Panama City, Panama. Wins WBA Super Featherweight Title.

Juan Manuel Marquez KO 7 Terdsak Jandeang, Lake Tahoe, NV

Rafael Marquez KO 9 Silence Mabuza, Lake Tahoe, NV. Retains IBF Bantamweight Title.

Koki Kameda W 12 Juan Landaeta, Yokohama. Wins vacant WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

August 6,

1946: Benny Lynch, 33, dies from pneumonia brought on by malnutrition and alcoholism.

1962: George Benton W 10 Joey Giardello, Philadelphia. 48-43, 48-44, 46-45.

1966: Muhammad Ali KO 3 Brian London, London. Retains World Heavyweight Title.

1977: Rocky Mattioli KO 5 Eckhard Dagge, Berlin. Wins WBC Super Welterweight Title.

Pipino Cuevas KO 2 Clyde Gray, Los Angeles. Retains WBA Welterweight Title.

1989: Jorge Paez W 12 Steve Cruz, El Paso. Retains IBF Featherweight Title.

2005: Jeff Lacy KO 7 Robin Reid, Tampa, Fla. Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title.

Eagle Kyowa W 12 Katsunari Takayama, Tokyo. Regains WBC Strawweight Title.

August 7,

1930: Jack (Kid) Berg W 10 Kid Chocolate, NYC.

1942: Carlos Monzon born.

Manuel Ortiz W 12 Lou Salica, Hollywood. Wins World Bantamweight Title.

Jack Dillon, 51, dies.

1966: Vicente Saldivar W 15 Mitsunori Seki, Mexico City. Retains World Featherweight Title.

1971: Gerry Penalosa born.

1979: Salvador Sanchez KO 5 Felix Trinidad Sr., Houston. The 20-year old Sanchez dispatches of the elder Trinidad.

1982: Dwight Qawi KO 6 Matthew Saad Muhammad, Philadelphia. Retains WBC Light Heavyweight Title.

1983: Hector Camacho KO 5 Rafael Limon, San Juan. Wins vacant WBC Super Featherweight Title.

1994: Hiroshi Kawashima W 12 Carlos Salazar, Tokyo. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

1997: Roy Jones Jr. KO 1 Montell Griffin, Ledyard, CT. Regains WBC Light Heavyweight Title.

1999: Frans Botha D 10 Shannon Briggs, Atlantic City. Despite being dropped in round 8, Botha seemed to get the better of Briggs.

Marco Antonio Barrera W 12 Pastor Maurin, Atlantic City.

Stefano Zoff W 12 Julien Lorcy, Cannes, France. Wins WBA Lightweight Title.

2001: Former WBA Super Featherweight & Lightweight belt holder Joey Gamache reaches a $2-million settlement of his lawsuit against the United Bank of Bangor (Maine). Gamache contended that the bank backed out of a commitment to loan him $285,000 to open a restaurant, costing him his life savings.

2004: Diego Corrales KO 10 Acelino Freitas, Ledyard, CT. Freitas down in the 8th, 9th, and 10th. After rising from the third knockdown, Freitas tells referee Michael Ortega that he does not want to continue.

Yodsanan Nanthachai W 12 Steve Forbes, Ledyard, CT. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

2010: Cornelius Bundrage KO 5 Cory Spinks, St. Louis, MO. Wins IBF Super Welterweight Title.

August 8,

1889: John L. Sullivan KO 75 Jake Kilrain, Richburg, Mississippi. Retains World Heavyweight (bare knuckle) Title. Contested under the London Prize Ring rules.

1934: Sixto Escobar W 15 Eugene Huat, Montreal. Retains NBA Bantamweight Title.

1939: Denny Moyer born.

1966: Chris Eubank born.

1987: Baby Sugar Rojas W 12 Santos Laciar, Miami. Wins WBC Super Flyweight Title.

1988: Kid Chocolate, 78, dies.

1997: (Terrible) Terry Norris KO 2 Joaquin Velazquez, Kansas City, MO. Non-title fight.

Yokthai Sithoar W 12 Jesus Rojas, Bangkok. Retains WBA Super Flyweight Title.

August 9,

1911: Eddie Futch born.

1928: Harold Johnson born.

1933: Lou Brouillard KO 7 Ben Jeby, NYC. Wins New York World Middleweight Title.

1943: Ken Norton born Kenneth Howard Norton.

1950: Sugar Ray Robinson W 15 Charley Fusari, Jersey City, NJ. Retains World Welterweight Title. Referee: Paul Cavalier. Scoring 13-1-1 by Cavalier, the sole judge.

1958: Luis Rodriguez W 10 Benny (Kid) Paret, Havana.

1971: Rodrigo Valdez KO 7 Bobby Cassidy, NYC. During the course of the bout Cassidy passes on the hepatitis virus to Valdez.

Chu Chu Malve W 9 Harold Weston, Jr., NYC. . The two fought a nine rounder as a compromise, Malave wanting eight rounds, Weston ten. Referee: Tony Perez 5-4 for Malve | Judge: Harold Lederman 5-4 for Malve. Judge: Joe Eppy 5-4, Weston, Jr.

1975: Wayne Braithwaite born.

1978: Masashi Kudo W 15 Eddie Gazo, Akita, Japan. Wins WBA Super Welterweight Title.

1980: Alexis Arguello KO 8 Cornelius Boza Edwards, Atlantic City.

Sergio Palma KO 5 Leo Randolph, Spokane, Washington. Wins WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

1985: Miguel (Happy) Lora W 12 Daniel Zaragoza, Miami. Wins WBC Bantamweight Title.

1987: Rocky Lockridge KO 8 Barry Michael, Windsor. Wins IBF Super Featherweight Title.

Jum Hwan Choi KO 4 Toshihiko Matsuda, Seoul. Retains IBF Junior Flyweight Title.

1991: Bobby Czyz W 12 Bash Ali, Atlantic City. Retains WBA Cruiserweight Title.

1997: (Cool) Vince Phillips KO 3 Mickey Ward, Boston. Retains IBF Super Lightweight Title.

2002: Miguel Barrera W 12 Roberto Leyva, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

2003: Acelino Freitas KO 12 Jorge Barrios, Miami, FL. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

August 10,

1910: Joe Gans, 33, dies from tuberculosis.

1949: Carlos Palomino born.

Ezzard Charles KO 8 Gus Lesnevich, Bronx, NY. Retains NBA Heavyweight Title.

1958: Michael Dokes born.

1959: Pascual Perez W 15 Kenji Yonekura, Tokyo. Retains World Flyweight Title.

1963: Dick Tiger KO 7 Gene Fullmer, Ibadan, Nigeria. Retains World Middleweight Title.

1967: Riddick Bowe born.

1985: Hector Camacho W 12 Jose Luis Ramirez, Las Vegas. Wins WBC Lightweight Title.

1986: Carlos DeLeon KO 8 Michael Greer, Giardini, Naxos, Italy.

1996: Dariusz Michalczewski W DQ 7 Graciano Rocchigiani, Hamburg, Germany.

Saman Sorjaturong KO 9 Shiro Yahiro, Bangkok. Retains WBC Junior Flyweight Title.

2001: Four division former champion Pernell Whitaker, 37, is arrested on drug charges in Virginia Beach. According to the sheriff’s office, cocaine was found among the boxer’s belongings when he was sentenced to four days in jail after pleading guilty to speeding and driving without a valid license.

2002: Jean-Marc Mormeck KO 8 Dale Brown, Marseille, France. Retains WBA Cruiserweight Title.

2006: Omar Nino Romero W 12 Brian Viloria, Las Vegas. Wins WBC Junior Flyweight Title. Referee: Kenny Bayless | Judge: Adalaide Byrd 118-110 | Judge: Chuck Giampa 117-111 | Judge: Mark Green 117-112. Upset of the year candidate.

August 11,

1954: Archie Moore KO 14 Harold Johnson, NYC. Retained World Light Heavyweight Title.

1973: Alejandro Gonzalez born.

1977: Pongsaklek Wonjongkam born.

1978: Jermain Taylor born.

1987: Edwin Rosario KO 8 Juan Nazario, Chicago. Retains WBA Lightweight Title.

1990: Pernell (Sweet Pea) Whitaker KO 1 Juan Nazario, Stateline, NV. Unifies World Lightweight Title.

2000: Tim Austin W 12 Arthur Johnson, Las Vegas. Retains IBF Bantamweight Title.

August 12,

1955: Ike Williams KO 9 Beau Jack, Augusta. This would be the final fight for both Jack and Williams.

Ossie Ocasio born.

1957: Albert (Chalky) Wright, 45, dies.

1959: Archie Moore KO 3 Yvon Durelle, Montreal. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

1967: Regilio Tuur born.

Horacio Accavallo W 15 Hiroyuki Ebihara, Buenos Aires. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

1970: Yodsanan Nanthachai born.

1978: Betulio Gonzalez W 15 Guty Espadas, Maracay. Wins WBA Flyweight Title.

1982: WBC Featherweight Champion Salvador Sanchez, 23, is killed in an automobile accident.

1988: Jeff Fenech KO 5 Tyrone Downes, Melbourne. Retains WBC Featherweight Title.

1991: Manuel Medina W 12 Troy Dorsey, Inglewood. Wins IBF Featherweight Title.

1994: Frankie Liles W 12 Steve Little, Tucuman, Argentina. Wins WBA Super Middleweight Title.

Jorge Castro W 12 Reggie Johnson, Tucuman, Argentina. Wins vacant WBA Middleweight Title.

1995: Paul Vaden KO 12 Vincent Pettway, Las Vegas. Wins IBF Super Welterweight Title.

2000: Evander Holyfield W 12 John Ruiz, Las Vegas. Wins vacant WBA Heavyweight Title. Holyfield claims the WBA belt for a 4th-time.

Joe Calzaghe KO 5 Omar Sheika, London.

Bebis Mendoza W DQ 7 Rosendo Alvarez, Las Vegas. Wins vacant Junior Flyweight Title.

2006: Oleg Maskaev KO 12 Hasim Rahman, Las Vegas. Wins WBC Heavyweight Title.

August 13,

1900: James (Rube) Ferns KO 15 Eddie Connolly, Brooklyn. Wins World Welterweight Title.

1903: Frankie Neil KO 2 Harry Forbes, San Francisco. Wins World Bantamweight Title.

1961: Doug DeWitt born.

1971: Mark Johnson born.

1983: Milton McCrory W 12 Colin Jones, Las Vegas. Wins vacant WBC Welterweight Title.

1993: Juan Coggi W 12 Jose Barboza, Buenos Aires. Retains WBA Super Lightweight Title.

1994: Riddick Bowe NC 4 Buster Mathis Jr. Las Vegas. Bowe should’ve been DQ’d for striking Mathis, who was down on one knee at the time.

1995: Eloy Rojas W 12 Nobutoshi Hiranaka, Tagawa, Japan. Retains WBA Featherweight Title.

1996: Keiji Yamaguchi W 12 Carlos Murillo, Osaka. Japan. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1999: Mark (Too Sharp) Johnson W tech. dec. 8 Jorge Lacierva, Ledyard, CT. Retains IBF Super Flyweight Title.

2002: Bob Arum, along with boxing writers Kevin Iole and Royce Feour, and two crewmembers survive a fiery plane crash at Big Bear City, California, airport.

2005: Hassim Rahman W 12 Monte Barrett, Chicago.

Ricardo Mayorga W 12 Michelle Piccirillo, Chicago. Wins WBC Super Welterweight Title.

Alejandro Garcia W 12 Luca Messi, Chicago. Retains WBA Super Welterweight Title.

Luis Collazo KO 8 Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Chicago. Retains WBA Welterweight Title.

2011: Abner Mares W 12 Joseph Agbeko, Las Vegas. Wins IBF Bantamweight Title. Referee: Russell Mora | judge: Adalaide Byrd 115-111 | judge: C.J. Ross 113-113 | judge: Oren Shellenberger 115-111. Agbeko down in 1st. and 11th. Mares cut over left eye by accidental head butt in 6th. Press row scores: Andreas Hale: 114-112 for Mares, Kevin Iole: 114-112 for Mares, Lance Pugmire: 115-111 for Mares.
Referee Russell Mora was the first one to be interviewed by Showtime’s Jim Gray right after the decision was announced. Gray repeatedly confronted Mora about his decision to not take a point away from Mares for the low blows and particularly about the knockdown in round 11, ending his interview by saying to the ref: “You’re way off!”

August 14,

1903: James J. Jeffries KO 10 James J. Corbett, San Francisco. Retains World Heavyweight Title.

1920: Sam Langford ND 10 Sam McVey, East Chicago, IN.

1922: Dave Rosenberg W 15 Phil Krug, Bronx, NY. Wins vacant New York World Middleweight Title.

1929: Dick Tiger born Richard Ihetu.

1934: Young Corbett III W 10 Mickey Walker, San Francisco.

1942: Charley Burley KO 9 Holman Williams, New Orleans.

1973: Koichi Wajima KO 13 Silvani Bertini, Sapporo. Retains World Super Welterweight Title.

1982: Santos Laciar W 15 Betulio Gonzalez, Maracaibo. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

1988: Sung Kil Moon TD 6 Kaokor Galaxy, Seoul. Wins WBA Bantamweight Title.

1989: Michael Nunn W 12 Iran Barkley, Reno. Retains IBF Middleweight Title. Nunn does a spot on impersonation of Hector Camacho.

1990: Orlando Canizales KO 5 Eddie Rangel, Saratoga Springs, NY. Retains IBF Bantamweight Title.

1999: Steve Johnston W 12 Angel Manfredy, Ledyard, CT. Retains WBC Lightweight Title.

2010: Jean Pascal W TD 11 Chad Dawson, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Wins World Light Heavyweight Title. Referee: Michael Griffin | judge: Jack Woodburn 108-101 | judge: John Keane 106-103 | judge: Gerald Ritter 106-103.

Miguel Vazquez W 12 Ji Hoon Kim, Laredo, Texas. Wins vacant IBF Lightweight Title.

August 15,

1893: Eugene Criqui born.

1911: Sam Langford KO 5 Philadelphia Jack O’Brien, NYC. Referee: Charlie White.
“Sam Langford, of Boston, with an advantage of about ten pounds in weight, fought ‘Philadelphia’ Jack O’Brien to a standstill in four and one-half rounds at the Twentieth Century Club in New York. Referee White prevented a knockout when he stopped the bout in the middle of the fifth round. O’Brien was practically out from the effects of a hard left hook to the jaw and had to be helped to his corner.” (San Juan Prospector)

1922: Johnny Dundee KO 9 Danny Frush, Brooklyn. Wins vacant New York World Featherweight Title.

1950: Ezzard Charles KO 14 Freddie Beshore, Buffalo. Retains NBA Heavyweight Title.

1951: Joe Louis W 10 Jimmy Bivins, Baltimore.

1961: Gene Fullmer W 15 Florentino Fernandez, Ogden, UT. Retains NBA Middleweight Title.

1963: Simon Brown born.

1966: Jose Torres W 15 Eddie Cotton, Las Vegas. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

1970: Chris Byrd born.

1981: Sergio Palma KO 12 Ricardo Cardona, Buenos Aires. Retains WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

Hilario Zapata W 15 German Torres, Panama City. Retains WBC Junior Flyweight Title.

1986: Jimmy Paul W 15 Darryll Tyson, Detroit. Retains IBF Lightweight Title.

1987: Evander Holyfield KO 11 Ossie Ocasio, St. Tropez, France. Retains WBA/IBF Cruiserweight Title.

Louie Espinoza KO 9 Mike Ayala, San Antonio. Retains WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

Fidel Bassa D 15 Hilario Zapata, Panama City. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

1991: Marcos Villasana W 12 Ricardo Cepeda, Marbella, Spain. Retains WBC Featherweight Title.

1998: Luisito Espinosa W tech. dec. 11 Juan Carlos Ramirez, El Paso. Retains WBC Featherweight Title.

2003: Jesus Chavez W 12 Sirimongkol Singmanassak, Austin, TX. Wins WBC Super Featherweight Title.

2009: Gabriel Campillo W 12 Beibut Shumenov, Astana, Kazakstan. Retains WBA Light Heavyweight Title.

August 16,

1943: Phil Terranova KO 8 Jackie Callura, New Orleans. Wins NBA Featherweight Title.

1965: (Smokin’) Joe Frazier KO 1 Woody Goss, Philadelphia. Frazier’s pro debut.

1967: Carlos Ortiz W 15 Ismael Laguna, Flushing, NY. Retains World Lightweight Title.

Hugo Soto born.

1975: Rodrigo Valdez W 15 Rudy Robles, Cartegena. Retains WBC Middleweight Title.

1996: Frankie Randall W 12 Juan Coggi, Villa Ballester, Argentina. Regains WBA Super Lightweight Title.

1997: Marcelo Dominguez W 12 Akim Tafer, Cannes, France. Retains WBC Cruiserweight Title.

Vuyani Bungu W 12 Enrique Jupiter, Hammanskraal, South Africa. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

2003: Markus Beyer W disq. 5 Danny Green, Nurnberg, Germany. Retains WBC Super Middleweight Title.

August 17,

1914: Jack Dempsey D 6 Young Herman, Ramona, CO. Dempsey’s pro debut.

1938: Henry Armstrong W 15 Lou Ambers, NYC. Wins World Lightweight Title. In a span of 10-months Armstrong has won world titles in 3 separate divisions: 10/29/1937 KO-6 Pete Sarron, World Featherweight title, 5/31/1938 W 15 Barney Ross, World Welterweight Title.
Armstrong is the only fighter in boxing history to hold 3 world titles simultaneously.

1951: Alan Minter born.

1960: Johnny Bumphus born.

Flash Elorde KO 1 Harold Gomes, San Francisco. Retains World Super Featherweight Title.

1962: Davey Moore KO 2 Olli Maeki, Helsinki. Retains World Featherweight Title.

1974: Yodsanan Nanthachai born.

1983: Roger Mayweather KO 1 Benedicto Villablanca, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

1990: Loreto Garza W 12 Juan Coggi, Nice. Wins WBA Super Lightweight Title.

Paul Banke KO 12 Ki Jun Lee, Seoul. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

1991: Darrin Van Horn KO 3 John Jarvis, Irvine, CA. Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title.

(Terrible) Terry Norris KO 1 Brett Lally, San Diego. Retains WBC Super Welterweight Title.

1994: Jack Sharkey, 91, dies.

1995: The Michigan Athletic Board of Control reverses the decision of the Franco Wanyama-James Thunder heavyweight bout, held in Detroit on July 16. Thunder was declared the winner via 10-round split decision. But due to a scoring discrepancy, created when Wanyama was floored by a low blow in the 7th-round, he becomes the amended winner via split decision.

1996: Johnny Tapia W 12 Hugo Soto, Albuquerque, NM.

August 18,

1908: Stanley Ketchel KO 2 Joe Thomas, San Francisco. Retains World Middleweight Title.

1924: Steve (Kid) Sullivan W 10 Johnny Dundee, Brooklyn. Wins World Super Featherweight Title.

1930: Battling Battalino W 10 Charles (Bud) Taylor, Hartford, CT.

1952: Vilomar Fernandez born.

1958: Floyd Patterson KO 13 Roy Harris, Los Angeles. Retains World Heavyweight Title.

1968: Charles Murray born.

1973: Romeo Anaya KO 3 Enrique Pinder, Inglewood. Retains World Bantamweight Title.

1975: Bennie Briscoe W 10 Eddie Gregory, Philadelphia. Razor thin decision.

1979: Matthew Saad Muhammad W 15 John Conteh, Atlantic City. Retains WBC Light Heavyweight Title.

1982: Wilfredo Gomez KO 8 Roberto Rubaldino, San Juan. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

1984: Jung Koo Chang KO 9 Katsuo Tokashiki, Pohang, South Korea. Retains WBC Junior Flyweight Title.

Francisco Quiroz KO 2 Victor Sierra, Panama City. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1985: Lupe Pintor W 12 Juan (Kid) Meza, Mexico City. Wins WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

1999: Felony assault charges are filed against Fernando Vargas stemming from an altercation on July 26.

2000: Former IBF President Robert W. Lee Sr., is acquitted on 27-counts of bribery and racketeering in federal court in Newark, NJ, but convicted of money laundering, tax evasion, and interstate travel to aid racketeering. The feds had accused Lee of taking bribes to rig the organization’s ratings.

2007: Arthur Abraham KO 11 Khoren Gevor, Berlin, Germany. Retains IBF Middleweight Title.

August 19,

1900: Abe Attell KO 2 Kid Lennett, San Francisco. Attell’s pro debut.

1926: Tiger Flowers W 15 Harry Greb, NYC. Retains World Middleweight Title.

1944: Carl (Bobo) Olson KO 2 Bob Correa, Honolulu. Olson’s pro debut.

1958: Hilario Zapata born.

1959: Davey Moore KO 11 Hogan (Kid) Bassey, Los Angeles. Retains World Featherweight Title.

1961: Eder Jofre KO 7 Ramon Arias, Caracas. Retains NBA Bantamweight Title.

1972: Jeremy Williams born.

Carlos Monzon KO 5 Tom Boggs, Copenhagen. Retains World Middleweight Title.

Ernesto Marcel W 15 Antonio Gomez, Maracay. Wins WBA Featherweight Title.

1978: Lorenzo Parra born.

1990: Maurice Blocker W 12 Marlon Starling, Reno. Wins World Welterweight Title.

1995: Mike Tyson KO 1 (the official result was a DQ) Peter McNeeley. Tyson’s first fight since his 12-round decision victory over Razor Ruddock on 6/28/1991.

Bruce Seldon KO 10 Joe Hipp, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Heavyweight Title.

Dariusz Michalczewski KO 5 Everardo Armenta, Dusseldorf, Germany.

Quincy Taylor KO 6 Julian Jackson, Las Vegas. Wins WBC Middleweight Title.

(Terrible) Terry Norris KO 2 Luis Santana, Las Vegas. Wins WBC Super Welterweight Title for a third time.

Miguel Angel Gonzalez W 12 Lamar Murphy, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Lightweight Title. Controversial decision.

Philip Holiday KO 11 Miguel Julio, Sun City, Bophuthatswana. Wins vacant IBF Lightweight Title.

2000: Prince Naseem Hamed KO 4 Augie Sanchez, Mashantuckett, Mass. Retains World Featherweight Title.

Antonio Diaz W 12 Mickey Ward, Mashantuckett, Mass.

2007: Chris John KO 9 Zaiki Takemoto, Kobe, Japan. Retains WBA Featherweight Title.

2011: Surian Sor Rungvisai W 12 Tomas Rojas, Srisaket, Thailand. Referee: Jack Reiss | judge: Takeaki Kanaya 115-114 | judge: Daniel Van de Wiele 116-112 | judge: Burt A. Clements 117-111.

August 20,

1931: Jimmy McLarnin W 10 Billy Petrolle, NYC.

Don King born.

1944: Seth Abraham born.

1952: Billy Graham W 10 Carmen Basilio, Chicago.

1954: Carl (Bobo) Olson W 15 Rocky Castellani, San Francisco. Retains World Middleweight Title.

1972: Yong Soo Choi born.

1977: Saensak Muangsurin KO 6 Mike Everett, Roi-et, Thailand. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title.

Bobby Chacon W 10 Ruben Olivares, Inglewood.

1978: Dante Craig born. 2000 U.S. Olympian

1989: Pernell (Sweet Pea) Whitaker W 12 Jose Luis Ramirez, Norfolk. Retains IBF and wins
the vacant WBC Lightweight Title. To be fair, this fight should be considered Whitaker’s second defeat of Ramirez.

1994: Vuyani Bungu W 12 Kennedy McKinney, Hammanskraal, South Africa. Wins IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

1996: Vuyani Bungu W 12 Jesus Salud, Hammanskraal, South Africa. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

1999: Paul Spadafora W 12 Israel Cardona, Chester, WV. Wins vacant IBF Lightweight Title.

2000: Malcolm Tunacao D 12 Celes Kobayashi, Tokyo. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

Joma Gamboa W 12 Noel Arambulet, Tokyo. Wins WBA Strawweight Title.

Referee Mitch Halpern, 33, is found dead in his home in Las Vegas, the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

2005: Roberto Vasquez KO 4 Jose Antonio Aguirre, Panama City, Panama. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

August 21,

1910: Abe Attell KO 3 Eddie Marino, Calgary. Retains World Featherweight Title.

1915: Joe Lynch ND 10 Jack Wagner, NYC. Lynch’s pro debut.

1924: Harry Greb ND 10 Tiger Flowers, Fremont, OH. Non-title fight.

1929: Willie LaMorte W 15 Corp. Izzy Schwartz, Newark, NJ. Wins New York World Flyweight Title.

1940: Billy Soose W 10Tony Zale, Chicago. Referee: Joe McNamara 53-47 | judge: Rube Metz 53-47 | judge: James Lynch 52-48.

1947: Willie Pep KO 12 Jock Leslie, Flint, Mich. Retains World Featherweight Title.

1951: Joey Maxim W 15 Bob Murphy, NYC. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

1957: Floyd Patterson KO 6 Pete Rademacher, Seattle. Retains World Heavyweight Title.
Rademacher, a 1956 Melbourne Olympic Gold Medalist, is making history by fighting for the title in his pro debut.

1960: Ismael Laguna KO 2 Antonio Morgan, Panama City. Laguna’s pro debut.

1970: Paolo Vidoz born. 2000 Olympic Games Super Heavyweight Bronze Medalist from Italy.

1971: Vicente Rondon W 15 Eddie Jones, Caracas. Retains WBA Light Heavyweight Title.

1973: Bob Foster W 15 Pierre Fourie, Albuquerque. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

Nicolay Valuev born.

1977: Luis Estaba KO 11 Juan Alvarez, Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. Retains WBC Junior Flyweight Title.

1981: Salvador Sanchez KO 8 Wilfredo Gomez, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Featherweight Title. Time: 2:09. Referee: Carlos Padilla | Judge: Duane Ford 67-65 | Judge: Henry Elesperu 67-66 | Judge: Chuck Minker 67-65. Looked to me like Sanchez dominated from the beginning.

1985: Lonnie Smith KO 8 Billy Costello, NYC. Wins WBC Super Lightweight Title.

1987: Julio Cesar Chavez W 12 Danilio Cabrera, Tijuana. Retains WBC Super Featherweight Title.

1988: Jose Sanabria W 12 Vincenzo Belcastro, Capo D’ Orlando, Italy. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

1993: Julio Cesar Vasquez W 12 Aaron Davis, Monte Carlo. Retains WBA Super Welterweight Title.

Julio Cesar Borboa KO 3 Carlos Mercardo, Kalispell, MT. Retains IBF Super Flyweight Title.

1994: Julio Cesar Vasquez W 12 Ronald (Winky) Wright, St-Jean-de-Luz, France. Retains WBA Super Welterweight Title.

1996: Laurent Boudouani KO 5 Julio Cesar Vasquez, Le Cannet, France. Wins WBA Super Welterweight Title.

1997: Sir David Hopkins, 75, dies in England. Sir David was president of the British Boxing Board of Control and senior vice president of the WBC.

1999: Kostya Tszyu KO 10 Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Miami, FL. Wins vacant WBC Super Lightweight Title.

Former WBA Strawweight Champion Rosendo Alvarez, 29, is arrested after showing up at a Rubenia (Nicaragua) Gallery drunk, taking off his clothes, and starting a fight.

2000: Duke Durden, 62, former chairman of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and former vice president of Don King Productions, dies at his home in Las Vegas following a lengthy battle with cancer.

A federal grand jury indicts heavyweight Thomas Williams and matchmaker Robert Mitchell on fight-fixing charges. Williams allegedly conspired with Mitchell to throw his August 12, 2000, bout with Richie Melito in Las Vegas, which Melito won via first-round knockout.

August 22,

1922: Frankie Genaro W 10 Pancho Villa, Brooklyn.

1925: Fidel LaBarba W 10 Frankie Genaro, Los Angeles.

1933: Boxing’s first televised fight, an exhibition between Archie Sexton and Laurie Raiteri, is broadcast in London.

1939: Lou Ambers W 15 Henry Armstrong, Bronx, NY. Regains World Lightweight Title. Referee, Arthur Donovan penalized Armstrong for punching low in rounds 2, 5, 7, 9, and 11. Armstrong had outbrawled Ambers in four of those five rounds and he was the more effective infighter in most of the other rounds as well. The result was a close one for Ambers, 8-7 (twice) and 11-3-1.

1945: Jimmy Bivins KO 6 Archie Moore, Cleveland.

1966: L.C. Morgan KO 4 Jose Napoles, Reynosa, MX. Although Morgan will probably never be considered for anyone’s hall-of-fame; one thing is for sure, he ducked no one.

1969: Ruben Olivares KO 5 Lionel Rose, Inglewood. Wins World Bantamweight Title.

1972: Derrick Gainer born.

Felix Machado born.

1980: Wilfredo Gomez KO 5 Derrick Holmes, Las Vegas. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

1985: Jorge Linares born.

1987: Marlon Starling KO 11 Mark Breland, Columbia, SC. Wins WBA Welterweight Title.

1992: John-John Molina KO 4 Fernando Caiceda, Bayamon, PR. Retains IBF Super Featherweight Title.

Ricardo Lopez KO 5 Singprasert Kittikasem, Ciudad Madero, MX. Retains WBC Strawweight Title.

1995: Marco Antonio Barrera W 12 Agapito Sanchez, South Padre Island, TX.

1998: Charles Brewer KO 3 Antoine Byrd, Leipzig, Germany. Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title.

Sven Ottke W 10 Wilhelmus Krijnen, Leipzig, Germany.

Harry Simon W 12 Ronald (Winky) Wright, Hammanskraal, South Africa.

Ivan Robinson W 10 Arturo (Thunder) Gatti, Atlantic City. The unanimous choice for fight of the year.

2009: Robert Guerrero W 12 Malcolm Klassen, Houston, TX. Wins IBF Super Featherweight Title.

Raul Garcia W 12 Sammy Gutierrez, Los Cabos, Mexico. Retains IBF Mini Flyweight Title.

August 23,

George Dixon D 10 Abe Attell, Denver, CO. Attell was floored in the opening round with a right. Attell, not a well known pugilist at the time, answered back and the two fought to a draw which earned him a decent reputation.

1920: Jack Britton D 12 Lou Bogash, Bridgeport, CT. Retains World Welterweight Title.

1943: Bob Montgomery W 10 Fritzie Zivic, Philadelphia.

1944: Hiroshi Kobayashi born.

1961: Dennis Milton born.

1970: Hiroshi Kobayashi W 15 Antonio Amaya, Tokyo. Retains World Super Featherweight Title.

1973: Juan Manuel Marquez born.

1975: Miguel Canto KO 11 Jiro Takada, Merida. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

Jaime Rios W 15 Rigoberto Marcano, Panama City. Wins newly created WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1976: Denkaosan Kaovichit born.

1979: Edgar Sosa born.

1985: Jeff Fenech KO 4 Satoshi Shingaki, Sydney. Retains IBF Bantamweight Title.

1986: Mike McCallum KO 2 Julian Jackson, Miami Beach. Retains WBA Super Welterweight Title.

Barry Michael W 15 Najib Daho, Manchester. Retains IBF Super Featherweight Title.

Miguel (Happy) Lora KO 6 Enrique Sanchez, Miami Beach. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

1995: Ike Quartey KO 6 Andrew Murray, Le Cannet, France. Retains WBA Welterweight Title.

1996: Vinny Pazienza KO 4 Dana Rosenblatt, Atlantic City. Vinny’s first fight since being brutally KO’d by Roy Jones Jr. 14-months earlier.

1997: Julio Cesar Green W 12 William Joppy, NYC. Wins WBA Middleweight Title.

Wilfredo Vasquez W 12 Roque Cassiani, NYC. Retains WBA Featherweight Title.

Jose Bonilla W 12 Evangelico Perez, Cumana, Venezuela. Retains WBA Flyweight Title.

Ricardo Lopez KO 5 Alex Sanchez, NYC. Retains WBC Strawweight Title.

1998: Cesar Bazan W 12 Hiroyuki Sakamoto, Yokohama, Japan. Retains WBC Lightweight Title.

Joichiro Tatsuyoshi W Tech Dec. 6 Paulie Ayala, Yokohama, Japan. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

August 24,

1900: Bob Fitzsimmons KO 2 (Sailor) Tom Sharkey, Coney Island.

1901: George Dixon D 10 Abe Attell, Denver.

1904: Jimmy Slattery born James Patrick Slattery.

1908: Tommy Burns KO 13 Bill Squires, Sydney. Retains World Heavyweight Title.

1922: Gene Tunney ND 8 Tommy Loughran, Philadelphia.

1928: Billy Petrolle KO 5 Jackie (Kid) Berg, Chicago.

1931: Louis (Kid) Kaplan W 10 Sammy Mandell, Hartford.

1943: Dave Wolf born.

1956: Gerry Cooney born.

Joe (Old Bones) Brown W 15 Wallace (Bud) Smith, New Orleans. Wins World Lightweight Title.

1966: Curtis Cokes W 15 Manuel Gonzalez, New Orleans. Wins vacant World Welterweight Title.

1968: James Toney born.

1974: Ben Villaflor KO 2 Yasutsune Uehara, Honolulu. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

1978: Marvin Hagler W 10 Bennie Briscoe, Philadelphia.

1986: Buster Drayton KO 10 Davey Moore, Juan les Pins, France. Retains IBF Super Welterweight Title.

1991: Daniel Zaragoza W 12 Chun Huh, Seoul. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

1992: Miguel Angel Gonzalez KO 10 Wilfrido Rocha, Mexico City. Wins vacant WBC Lightweight Title.

1996: Yokthai Sithoar KO 8 Alimi Goitia, Kamphaeng, Thailand. Wins WBA Super Flyweight Title.

Danny Romero KO 2 Harold Grey, Albuquerque. Wins IBF Super Flyweight Title.

2002: Sven Ottke KO 9 Joe Gatti, Leipzig, Germany. Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title.

Sirimongkol Singmanassak KO 2 Kengo Nagashima, Tokyo. Wins vacant WBC Super Featherweight Title.

Derrick Gainer Tech. Draw 2 Daniel Seda, Carolina, Puerto Rico. Retains WBA Featherweight Title.

2005: Vic Darchinyan KO 5 Jair Jiminez, Sydney, Australia. Retains IBF Flyweight Title.

August 25,

1904: Jimmy Slattery born James Edward Slattery.

1927: Baby Arizmendi KO 1 Ray Ortiz, Laredo, TX. Arizmendi’s pro debut.

1931: Panama Al Brown W 15 Pete Sanstol, Montreal. Retains World Bantamweight Title.

1950: Sugar Ray Robinson KO 1 Jose Basora, Scranton. Retains Pennsylvania World Middleweight Title. Robinson ends matters in just 52-seconds.

1958: Antonio Avelar born.

1977: Diego Corrales born.

1979: Antonio Cervantes W 15 Kwang Min Kim, Seoul. Retains WBA Super Lightweight Title.

1984: Orlando Canizales KO 2 Juan Perez, Laredo, TX. Canizales’ pro debut.

1985: Elly Pical KO 3 Wayne Mulholland, Djakarta. Retains IBF Super Flyweight Title.

1998: Tuesday Night Fights ends a 17-year run on the USA Network with a card at the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia. In the final bout of the series, Butterbean knocks out Tim Pollard in the first round of a heavyweight bout.

Two-time former World Lightweight Champion Bob Montgomery, 79, dies in the Coatsville (Pennsylvania) Veterans Hospital, where he was recovering from a recent stroke.

2001: Yutaka Niida W 12 Chana Porpaoin, Yokohama, Japan. Wins WBA Strawweight Title.

2007: Ivan Calderon W 12 Hugo Cazares, Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Wins World Junior Flyweight Title.

August 26,

1879: Joe Jeannette born.

1901: Frankie Genaro born Frank DiGennaro.

1904: James J. Jeffries KO 2 Jack Munroe, San Francisco. Retains World Heavyweight Title. Following this fight, Jeffries announces his retirement. Jeffries record to date stands at 18-0-2 (15).

1906: Ceferino Garcia born.

1921: Sammy Mandell ND Memphis Pal Moore, Aurora, IL. Newspaper decision from the Aurora Daily Star for Mandell and they had it 7-1-2 in rounds for Mandell.

1935: Lou Salica W 15 Sixto Escobar, Bronx, NY. Wins NBA Bantamweight Title.

1941: Gus Lesnevich W 15 Tami Mauriello, NYC. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

1965: Luis Rodriguez W 10 Ruben (Hurricane) Carter, Los Angeles.

1966: Silvio Branco born.

1978: Antonio Cervantes KO 9 Norman Sekgapane, Mmbatho, Bophuthatswana. Retains WBA Super Lightweight Title.

1983: Leonardo Cruz W 15 Cleo Garcia, Santa Domingo. Retains WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

1989: Raul Perez KO 8 Cardenio Ulloa, Talcahueno, Chile. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

1990: Humberto (Chiquita) Gonzalez KO 8 Jorge Rivera, Cancun, MX. Retains WBC Junior Flyweight Title.

1994: Hector Acero Sanchez W 12 Tracy Harris Patterson, Atlantic City. Wins WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

1995: Pernell (Sweet Pea) Whitaker W 12 Gary Jacobs, Atlantic City. Retains WBC Welterweight Title. Whitaker twice floors Jacobs in the final round.

1996: Yuri Arbachakov KO 9 Takato Toguchi, Tokyo. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

2000: Fernando Vargas KO 4 Ross Thompson, Las Vegas. Retains IBF Super Welterweight Title.

Vernon Forrest NC 3 Raul Frank, Las Vegas. For vacant IBF Welterweight Title.

2002: Masamori Tokuyama KO 6 Erik Lopez, Saitama, Japan. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

2005: O’Neil Bell KO 11 Sebastian Rothmann, Hollywood, Fla. Retains IBF Cruiserweight Title.

August 27,

1894: Jack McAuliffe W 10 Young Griffo, Coney Island.

1924: Paul Berllenbach D 6 Young Stribling, NYC.

1925: Louis (Kid) Kaplan D 15 Babe Herman, Waterbury, CT. Retains World Featherweight Title.

1943: Sugar Ray Robinson W 10 Henry Armstrong, NYC.

1951: Paddy DeMarco W 10 Sandy Saddler, Milwaukee. Non-title fight.

1964: Tracy Byrd born.

Frank Tate born.

1967: Todd Foster born.

1968: Johnny Bredahl born.

1970: Sharmba Mitchell born.

1971: Herbie Hide born.

1977: Samuel Serrano W 15 Apollo Yoshio, San Juan. Retains WBA Super Featherweight Title.

1985: Mickey Ward KO 4 Greg Young, Lowell, MA. Ward’s pro debut.

1994: Chris Eubank KO 7 Sam Storey, Cardiff, Wales.

Jake Rodriguez KO 9 George Scott, Bushkill. Retains IBF Super Lightweight Title.

2000: Masamori Tokuyama W 12 In Joo Cho, Osaka, Japan. Wins WBC Super Flyweight Title. Tokuyama becomes the first North Korean to win a professional boxing world title.

2011: Alexander Povetkin W 12 Ruslan Chagaev, Erfurt, Germany. Referee: Hubert Earle | judge: Jean-Francois Toupin 117-113 | judge: Paul Thomas 117-113 | judge: Glenn Feldman 116-112.

August 28,

1922: Johnny Dundee W 15 Pepper Martin, NYC. Retains World Super Featherweight Title.

1940: Fritzie Zivic W10 Sammy Angott, Pittsburgh.

1946: Joey Maxim W 10 Jersey Joe Walcott, Camden, NJ.

1948: Archie Moore W 10 Jimmy Bivins, Baltimore.

1958: Dino Duva born.

1959: Gene Fullmer KO 14 Carmen Basilio, San Francisco. Wins vacant NBA Middleweight Title.

1963: Dick Tiger KO 7 Gene Fullmer, Ibadan, Nigeria. Retains World Middleweight Title.

1966: Reggie Johnson born.

1971: Raul Marquez born.

1976: Carlos Zarate KO 12 Paul Ferreri, Inglewood. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

1981: Ulises Solis born.

1988: Myung Woo Yuh KO 6 Putt Ohyuthanakom, Pusan, South Korea. Retains WBA Junior Flyweight Title.

1992: Maurice Blocker W 12 Luis Garcia, Atlantic City. Retains IBF Welterweight Title.

1998: Bernard Hopkins no-contest 4 Robert Allen, Las Vegas. Retains IBF Middleweight Title. Hopkins sprains an ankle when he is literally shoved out of the ring by referee Mills Lane.

William Joppy KO 3 Roberto Duran, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Middleweight Title.

1999: Dariusz Michalczewski KO 4 Montell Griffin, Bremen, Germany.

David Reid W 12 Keith Mullings, Las Vegas. Retains WBA Super Welterweight Title.

2001: Dr. Elias Ghanem, 62, dies of kidney cancer in Las Vegas. Dr. Ghanem served on the Nevada State Athletic Commission for 14-years, the last four as chairman.

2009: Tavoris Cloud W 12 Clinton Woods, Coconut Creek, Florida. Wins vacant IBF Light Heavyweight Title.

Juan Urango KO 11 Randall Bailey, Coconut Creek, Florida. Retains IBF Super Lightweight Title.

August 29,

1885: John L. Sullivan W 6 Dominick McCaffrey, Cincinnati. Wins vacant Marquis of Queensberry World Heavyweight Title.

1911: Dixie Kid KO 5 Georges Carpentier, Trouville, France.

1921: Harry Greb ND 10 Kid Norfolk, Pittsburgh. Rreferee: Yock Henniger
Pittsburgh Post, Pittsburgh Times, and AP gave out to Greb, Pittsburgh Gazette-Times gave verdict to Norfolk.
Ill. Boxing Record gave Norfolk 6 of 10 rounds. Norfolk, who was 17 1/2 pounds heavier than Greb, won four of the first five rounds, and scored a flash knockdown in round three, not hurting Greb. Greb won every one of the last five rounds. Greb “smothered him with a two-fisted attack,” as Norfolk tired, and the Kid was “all at sea.” Referee Yock Henninger said the next day that he would have given it to Greb if a decision was allowed. Norfolk suffered a badly cut eye. Apparently Greb held Norfolk in too much respect until he realized that the Kid could not hurt him. (Reports from the Pittsburgh Post.) It is sometimes said that Norfolk thumbed Greb in this fight, leading to his loss of sight in one eye. However, there is nothing in the account from the Post to indicate anything of that sort. According to Bill Paxton in The Fearless Harry Greb, a punch delivered by Norfolk in this fight may have initiated a retinal detachment which eventually caused Greb to lose his sight in the right eye. This idea is based on the fact that Greb reportedly started experiencing some unusual visual effects after this fight.

1951: Kid Gavilan W 15 Billy Graham, NYC. Retains World Welterweight Title. The announcement of the highly unpopular decision nearly incites a riot.

1958: Marlon Starling born.

1960: Davey Moore W 15 Kazuo Takayama, Tokyo. Retains World Featherweight Title.

1961: Harold Johnson W 15 Eddie Cotton, Seattle. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

1980: Julian Solis W 15 Jorge Lujan, Miami Beach. Wins WBA Bantamweight Title.

1981: Saoul Mamby W 15 Thomas Americo, Djakarta. Retains WBC Super Lightweight Title.

Rolando Navarette KO 5 Cornelius Boza-Edwards, Via Reggio, Italy.

1983: Timothy Bradley born.

1987: Azumah Nelson W 12 Marcos Villasana, Los Angeles. Retains WBC Featherweight Title.

1992: James Toney W 12 Mike McCallum, Reno. Retains IBF Middleweight Title. Toney avenges a disputed draw he had with McCallum on 12/13/1991.

Freddie Pendleton Tech. Draw 2 Tracy Spann, Reno. For vacant IBF Lightweight Title.

Yung Kyun Park W 12 Giovanni Nieves, Kyongiu, South Korea. Retains WBA Featherweight Title.

1993: Humberto Aranda KO 6 Ricardo Mayorga, San Jose, Costa Rica. Mayorga’s pro debut.

1994: Harold Grey W 12 Julio Cesar Borboa, Inglewood. Wins IBF Super Flyweight Title.

1996: The New York State Athletic Commission suspends Rock Newman’s promotional license for one year and fines him $250,000.00 for his role in the post fight melee that followed Riddick Bowe’s bout with Andrew Golota at Madison Square Garden on July 11. Newman is also banned from attending fights in New York. The New Jersey and Nevada commissions will uphold the suspensions, although Newman is permitted to purchase a ticket if Bowe fights in either state.

1998: In Joo Cho W 12 Gerry Penalosa, Seoul. South Korea. Wins WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

1999: Veerapol Sahaprom KO 7 Joichiro Tatsuyoshi, Osaka, Japan. Retains WBC Bantamweight Title.

2008: Steve Molitor KO 10 Ceferino Dario Labarda, Rama, Ontario. Retains IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

2009: Celestino Caballero KO 7 Francisco Leal, Mexicali, Mexico. Retains WBA/IBF Super Bantamweight Title.

Brian Viloria W 12 Jesus Iribe, Honolulu, Hawaii. Retains IBF Light Flyweight Title.

August 30,

1899: Ray Arcel born.

1900: James J. Corbett KO 5 Charles (Kid) McCoy, NYC.

1921: Angelo Dundee born.

1927: Jimmy Slattery W 10 (Slapsie) Maxie Rosenbloom, Hartford. Wins vacant NBA Light Heavyweight Title.

1937: Joe Louis W 15 Tommy Farr, NYC. Retains World Heavyweight Title. Farr more than upsets the odds just by lasting the distance.

1961: Brian Mitchell born.

1966: Orzubek Nazarov born.

1974: Daisuke Naito born.

1975: Alfonso Zamora KO 4 Thanomjit Sukhothai, Anaheim. Retains WBA Bantamweight Title.

1981: Antonio Avelar KO 2 Tae Shik Kim, Seoul. Retains WBC Flyweight Title.

1986: Ki Yung Chung KO 10 Antonio Rivera, Pusan, South Korea. Retains IBF Featherweight Title.

Gilberto Roman D 12 Santos Laciar, Cordoba, Argentina. Retains WBC Super Flyweight Title.

1987: Lloyd Honeyghan KO 1 Gene Hatcher, Marbella, Spain. Retains World Welterweight Title.

1996: Lonnie Bradley W 12 Simon Brown, Reading, PA.

Former WBC Heavyweight Champion Frank Bruno, 34, announces his retirement.

2008: Nicolay Valuev W 12 John Ruiz, Berlin, Germany. Wins vacant WBA Heavyweight Title.

Cristian Mijares KO 3 Chatchai Sasakul, Monterrey, Mexico. Retains WBC/WBA Super Flyweight Title.

Ivan Calderon Tech Dec. 7 Hugo Cazares, Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Retains World Junior Flyweight Title.

August 31,

1899: Tommy Ryan W 20 Jack Moffatt, Dubuque, IA. Retains World Middleweight Title.

1915: Ted (Kid) Lewis W 12 Jack Britton, Boston. Wins World Welterweight Title.

1923: Harry Greb W 15 Johnny Wilson, NYC. Wins World Middleweight Title.

1929: Barney Ross W 6 Ramon Lugo, Los Angeles. Ross’ pro debut.

1936: Sixto Escobar KO 14 Tony Marino, Bronx, NY. Retains (unifies) World Bantamweight Title.

1956: Mike Gibbons, 69, dies.

1960: Greg Haugen born.

1969: Former World Heavyweight Champion, Rocky Marciano, 46, dies in an airplane crash in Iowa.

1984: Pinklon Thomas W 12 Tim Witherspoon, Las Vegas. Wins WBC Heavyweight Title.

1989: Daniel Zaragoza KO 10 Frankie Duarte, Inglewood. Retains WBC Super Bantamweight Title.

1996: Nate Miller KO 7 James Heath, Dublin. Retains WBA Cruiserweight Title.

Adolpho Washington W 12 Torsten May, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Wins vacant IBF Cruiserweight Title.

Tom (Boom Boom) Johnson W 12 Ramon Guzman, Dublin. Retains IBF Featherweight Title.

Naseem Hamed KO 11 Manuel Medina, Dublin.

1998: Former WBA Heavyweight Champion Michael Dokes, 40, is booked on charges of sexual assault, attempted murder, and false imprisonment. According to Las Vegas police, Dokes viciously beat his fiancée, held her against her will, and sexually assaulted her.

2007: Mzonke Fana KO 9 Javier Osvaldo Alvarez, Klerksdorp, South Africa. Retains IBF Super Featherweight Title.

2011: Koki Kameda W 12 David De La Mora, Tokyo. Retains WBA Bantamweight Title. Referee: Raul Caiz Jr | judge: Ricardo Duncan 114-113 | judge: Carlos Sucre 115-113 | judge: Pinit Prayadsab 115-112.

Tomonobu Shimizu W 12 Hugo Cazares, Tokyo. Wins WBA Super FlyweightTitle. Referee: Pinit Prayadsab | judge: Ricardo Duncan 115-113 | judge: Carlos Sucre 114-115 | judge: Raul Caiz Jr 115-113.

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