July 8th, 2011 By Manny Caballero

Could Duran Have Afforded $100 For The Gym?


Miami, FL- This past weekend was one of those I would have liked to be wrong and eat ten lbs. of “Crow.” But it didn’t happened, as Wladimir Klitschko, a physical giant did the same old thing he’s been doing for years, winning and yet hurting boxing. As for David Haye, like my mom used to say “Dogs that bark a lot, don’t bite much.” A sad indication of how poor the fight was that the introductions were far more entertaining than the fight.


Going into this weekend’s heavyweight bout between Klitschko (56-3, 49 KOs) and David Haye (25- 2, 23 KOs), I was hoping to see one of the most exciting heavyweight fights in years. I might also add I was hoping for an upset even though my boxing acumen told me other wise. Looking at Wlad physical attributes and style of fighting the only way Haye would have had a chance was to fight an ugly fight. What I mean in ugly is the same way Max Baer (67-13, 52 KOs) took it to Primo Carnera (88-14, 72 KOs) in their 1934 championship bout held in Madison Square Garden. The gutsy Baer got inside and pummeled Primo by any means necessary. and


Like a pugilistic broom, Max Baer Sr. swept the canvas with Carnera who was big, but like Wladmir had no fighting spirit in him. That what I was hoping Haye to do, but the Haye that was doing all that talking never showed up to the fight, instead a cowardly guy trying appeared and just tried to survive.


The Klitshcko European “safety” first style of fighting, if you can call it that, is not crowd pleasing, except for the people in attendance that love to see a white man beat a black man. I believe the lack of American boxing heroes is also one of the other reasons why the US doesn’t have an American heavyweight worth a grain of salt. Oh, and I did I mention, and most importantly the lack of gyms in the poor areas. I don’t agree a lot with Roy Jones Jr. (54-8 40 KOs) but I do this time when he said when he gets back home in FL he was going to look to open one.


History has showed us that the diamond in the rough come from the poor areas, not the suburbs, where most if not all of our gyms have gone to. Yes I understand that money makes the world go around, but it’s also the root of all evil and if they don’t be careful it will ruin our sport. Before when you showed up to a gym and told the owner you wanted to box, he would look for a kid with a little experience and put you in the ring with him. He was seeing if you had IT, what’s IT? Something inside of some humans, which can not be taught, some call it heart, others the “eye of the tiger.” If you had IT, trainers would show interest in you no matter if you had money or not. A lot of time these trainers became fathers to these kids, I know because I was one of them.


Now if you don’t have the money, they wont let you in the gym door. I’m a firm believer that MMA will never take over boxing, especially if we can get an American good enough to be recognized as the “true” World’s heavyweight boxing champion.

“Mad Manny” Caballero


  1. I have to agree with a previous poster who noted that people who lump both Klitschko brothers into one style of fighting apparently have never watched them. They fight nothing alike. Nothing. Vitali keeps his hands low, is completely awkward, leans back to avoid punches, and is about 10 times as aggressive as his brother. In fact, I find Vitali fairly entertaining to watch, as I’ve said before, in a somewhat sadistic manner, as watching him beat up on most of his opposition is like watching someone get their brains pummeled in a one-sided after-school fight. Wlad is generally pretty boring.

    But to lump them both together is just mind-bogging to me.

    Jon on July 8th, 2011 at 12:42 PM
  2. I agree too regarding considering Vitali’s style more pleasing to watch than his brother. I’m pretty sure the vitali vs adamek fight will be better. I know Haye has been taking a lot of heat (rightfully so) for his toe tale heart(less) poe (poor) performance… but I think haye vs adamek or arreola would be pretty crowd pleasing fights…Speaking of the macabre, eff it, have the two brothers fight each other for HEAVY WEIGHT SUPREMACY!!! hehehee

    1200 Techs on July 8th, 2011 at 7:20 PM
  3. I agree Jon,
    You get the feeling that when they were kids, Vitali did the fighting against the school bullies. Vitalis’ style doesn’t seem as polished as Wlad these days, but I like watching him much more that Wlad. He’s big, tough as nails, and man can he punch. He also seems to rise through adverstiy better, although Wald has made good progress in recent years with Manny Stewart and a little more experience. I just wonder how long either of them will last especially Vitali. Before Vitali had his temporary retirement, he was getting injured alot, and now that he’s active again I’m not sure how long that bad shoulder will hold up to regular fighting. One things for sure, the fight against Ademak has to be more exciting than the Wlad vs Haye match up. I think. :)

    Dave D on July 8th, 2011 at 8:04 PM
  4. Yeah I agree. Well, Adamek is a strangely overlooked fighter. I guess because there are not as many Caucasian boxing fans these days or something. Or the ones that are don’t really care about guys from Europe. What he accomplished at both cruiserweight and heavy is pretty remarkable.

    Adamek-Haye would be a good fight at heavy.

    Adamek’s a very skilled fighter but the size difference with Klitschko is going to be insane. If he pulls it off it will be one for the books.

    Jon on July 9th, 2011 at 8:28 AM
  5. Lets get one thing straigh, if Wlad Klitscko’s title defenses are boring, 90% of the responisibility for this outcome rests on challengers who do not come to fight.

    I cant say I particularly enjoy watching Wlad’s fights ever since he changed his game following the first Brewster fight. So there are alot of other champions and world rated fighters who are not enjoyable to watch but very few who have been under so much unyeilding criticism for fighting to their advantages instead of their disadvantages.

    Ten Count on July 9th, 2011 at 6:24 PM
  6. so why did you hope for a haye win? what the hell is appealing about him as a HW? he’s been a horrible, boring as hell heavyweight so far and has a big mouth on top of it. wlad is 100% more appealing that haye will ever be.

    chad lee on July 9th, 2011 at 6:59 PM

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