Victor Ortiz After Defeat of Andre Berto

New York, NY- Victor Ortiz (27-2-2 22 KOs), the newly crowned WBC welterweight (147 lb.) champion is set to engage in the most meaningful bout of his career on September 17th when he faces off against Floyd Mayweather Jr. (41-0 25 KOs). But while Ortiz has many solid attributes, he has also shown a few of his flaws. What remains unknown is how good Ortiz really is, or can be. With a resume scattered with disappointments, lackluster performances, big victories, soft touches and quality opponents, it’s hard to get a good feel for Ortiz as a fighter. Does he really have the goods or is he simply a big puncher with just enough skill to look good against certain fighters? Looking back at his past might provide some clues, but either way, we’ll find out soon enough.


Ortiz’s bout against Marcos Maidana (30-2 27 KOs) was a thriller in 2009 and had fans on edge the entire way though. Ortiz blasted and dropped Maidana and received reciprocity until the bout abruptly ended at the request of a dejected Ortiz nearing the end of the fight. He quit and justified the act, stating that he was too young to take, “all of this punishment”. The fall out for Ortiz was not good. Many asked, how could a prizefighter posses such a faint amount of fortitude and quit based on a baseless threshold for punishment? He didn’t have a broken bone. There were no torn muscles or ligaments. So, what was he thinking? Promoter, Oscar De La Hoya had suddenly been tasked with rebounding the career of a rising star that suffered what was essentially a mental breakdown.


Following his loss to Maidana, Ortiz fought twice against some spoon fed, soft competition and then looked to get back into the spotlight with some marquee names. But when he faced Nate Campbell (34-8-1 25 KOs) in 2010 he looked less aggressive than he had in previous bouts and was criticized for not taking it to the aging former lightweight (135) champion as expected. He managed to come away with the victory via decision and suddenly appeared game for more world-class opponents. In his next bout with Vivian Harris (29-6-1 19 KOs), he made quick work of the former Jr. welterweight (140) champ and stopped him in just three rounds. Harris and Campbell were both past their primes, but they gave Victor the needed confidence to move forward with his career.


Lamont Peterson (28-1-1 14 KOs) was his next match up and his opponent did well, giving Ortiz all he could handle for twelve frames despite being dropped early. It looked as though Peterson, who had only one loss prior, was a live dog despite failing to prove much in the loaded division. Peterson was able to figure out Ortiz out in the second half of the fight and had he been a bigger puncher could have won. So Ortiz didn’t give us many answers in facing Peterson except that was is entertaining a still a player in the division. But while the bout ended in a draw and didn’t help Ortiz shine, it did set the stage for him to really show out in his next bout.


Despite his natural talent, Andre Berto has never been extremely impressive as a welterweight. He managed to steer clear of the abundant competition in his division. Paul Williams, Joshua Clottey, Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito and Shane Mosley had all been available during Berto’s reign as champion but for one reason or another, no matches materialized. Berto’s resume was more about staying undefeated than a penchant for tough challenges. This is likely the reason he took a challenge from Ortiz who had been campaigning in a division below him. In another exciting drama filled match, Ortiz and Berto both took knock downs and gave an impressive showing for boxing fans worldwide. But one can make the argument that Berto was a bit overrated and a protected fighter who simply gambled on Ortiz despite being destined to lose the second he stepped up his competition anyway.


Victor Ortiz can’t be judged by a couple of fights so only time will tell what he’s really made of. He certainly has been in with some solid and dangerous opponents who clearly failed to entirely break him down. If not for his meltdown against Maidana, and the few blemishes on his record, he really might be the next heir to Oscar De La Hoya already. But his next bout is a dangerous road to travel if he isn’t truly game to push himself to the limit. If Lamont Peterson took Ortiz deep, then Floyd Mayweather might make easy work of his younger opponent. But what he takes from the experience will truly leave a lasting impression on the rest of his career, especially if he shocks us all.

Jarrad Woods


  • Remember when he fought Joshua Colloty he had more than he could handle until Colloty chose to stop fighting.Cocearning the up and coming fight between Floyed and Victer,Floyed wont make the mistake that Berto made in trying to braul with a puncher,the best way to defeat a puncher is to out box them which exactly what Floyed will do weather he is a southpaw or not people say that Floyed has trouble with southpaws and yet he has defeated everyone that he has faced.Stop making your selves sound like uneducated boxing fans in trying to pick apart an undefeated Champion excersise some wisdom and save the crtisism for if and when the time comes when Floyed faces his first defeat which will not be on September 17th OR against Paqiou for that matter.

  • It amazes me that so many people try so hard to minimize the sucsess of Floyed Mayweather but then again haters love to choose someone to hate .The fact still remains Floyed is a 41-0 undefeated champion who has fought and defeated many of the top contenders of his era Castillo,DeLahoya,Baldamir,Mosley,ZabJuda and the list goes on.The fact that he has taken time off and returned to fight and defeat top contenders still in their prime is a testament to his undeniable greatness For all of the biased idiots who are trying to accuse him of ducking Paqiou, why do you continue to overlook the fact that Paqiou refuses to take a drug test what does he have to hide.Think abuout it Pacman is a lightweight fighter who stepped up in weight class and is dominating bigger fighters ,the fact that he refuses to take a drug test should send a message to the boxing commission. Lets not overlook the fact that many of the competiters he is fighting are past their prime.

  • JW,
    JMM was a lightweight, and Mosley was coming off a very long layoff, so both had the cards stacked against them when you include age. I take pound for pound rankings with a grain of salt. To make it worse Floyd didn’t even try to make weight. I will give credit where credit is due. foes like Ortiz are the types of fighters Floyd should have faced when after he faced Baldomir, however instead of fight any of the top guys in the division he fought Hatton and then retired and let Paquaio pick them off one by one. I know Hatton was the best fight to make from a financial standpoint and this is a business, but the fact he retired then came back is interesting.

  • I like Vic Ortiz…he’s a good, young fighter, but no way in hell I’m putting ANY $$$ on him. It’s like Tom Brady, people despise him, but if given a choice to bet their last buck on him or Peyton Manning, likely their loot is on Brady. The smart money is on Floyd, inactive or not.

  • lets not forget years ago luis castillo was robbed of a decision in his first fight against a young and prime mayweather by putting pressure and not being intimidated by mayweather’s speed,constant pressure seems to be the style to beat a mayweather style, remember julio cesar chavez did it twice to roger mayweather who had that similar tatics and style..if ortiz puts constant pressure like castillo did but on an older and inactive mayweather, then i think ortiz has a great chance of winnning..

  • in my opinion, i am not saying that victor ortiz is on the same level as de la hoya but if a past his prime 34 year de la hoya almost got the decision in a close fight with a 30 year old mayweather then what’s going to happen when a in his prime and very hungry 24 year victor ortiz fights an older and much inactive 34 year mayweather..ortiz has talent, not a de la hoya talent but has talent, youth, punching power, speed and throws volumes of punches and is a southpaw..i know the odds are still against ortiz but i think he has a very good chance of outhustling mayweather..

  • The haters will always say Floyd’s opponents are not up to par. Floyd faces better younger opponents than Pacman and still haters don’t respect that.

    Criticize Floyd for not fighting enough not for choice of opponents. At this point in time Ortiz is the best welter other the Pacroid that Floyd could fight.

  • Victor is already looking at Floyd’s fights against Castillo and Oscar as a way to aproach his up coming fight against Mayweather..that’s good for Ortiz because he is not outboxing Floyd in the middle of the ring..

  • Nothing more to add to what’s already been said, except for that this is going to be good. Ortiz knows that this is his chance to take himself to another level with a victory and unlike old, reflex shot Mosley, he still has the tools to at least try to execute his game plan.

  • Those 37 and 38 year olds were both top 5 pound for pound at the time he fought them. He would have fought Manny in the place of Mosley too, had they been willing at Top Rank. I think Ortiz has a good shot of making this a fight, especially with the power diferential. But skill wise there is no comparison, that’s why Ortiz is coming in as an 8 to 1 underdog. Those are pretty good odds if u really think he has a shot. Floyd will eventually lose his ability, but the guy still gets hit less than BHOP and has more athletic ability. It will have to be a great shot or someone will have to figure him out at the right time. I’m just not sure it’s due to happen yet.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Hey KP,

    He’s inactive, 34, bad hands, facing non competitive foes for years, he could be headed in the direction of Roy Jones. Only difference is while people disliked Roy, they despise Floyd.

  • If he can hit Floyd consistently he has a chance. easier said than done. However while Ortiz has looked vulnerable at times, Floyd isn’t much of a puncher at 147, was hurt by Mosley, and Ortiz will actually throw punches, hopefully in bunches to crack Floyd’s defense. Is it just me or does it seem like Floyd’s slipping a bit? His last two fights were againsta 37 and 38 year old. He also throws only one punch at a time. Ortiz has defensive liabilities and Floyd is still the most clever fighter in the game. As Calzaghe showed against Hopkins is that the way you beat a wily veteran with good defense and cageyness is with volume. At the end of the day judges award volume more than effectiveness and if Ortiz can follow that blue print, and not get got by too many clean shotys he can pull this off, this isn’t the same speedy Floyd from five years ago. He doesn’t have the same legs he once did. If he did he wouldn’t have been caught by Mosley in that second round.

  • This will be a boreing version of Floyd vs Corales “spelling?”, Floyd knows he getting this kid at a perfect time, his stock is up and most likely to fuck up. He`s riding that emotinal high of a reputation saving fight, we`ll see what he`s worth now though. He`s been enjoying some good life and fame and now there will be that emotinal hangover and deflation that alot of fighters with his tendencies don`t react well too.
    This kids ONLY chance is to BOSS UP on Floyd like a crazyman. Not reckless or anything but he`s gotta be on him all night since Floyds punch count is at an all time low. I think he can do it in spots but I think he`ll eventually come apart enough for Floyd to tear his ass up after 6 rounds.
    As far as his fight vs berto, to me it was just a fight between 2 soft fighters, whoever hits harder was going to put the other guy in his place/discourage, enough for a win.

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