• Jennings, not Jenkins is abig joke. The so called top heavies couldn’t last 3 rounds against the Bronze Bomber, Deontay Wilder. Deontay crushes Fury in one round. Deontay is waiting for Klitschko to man up and hface the heir apparent.

  • Would love to see a super six style tournament at heavyweight. Their is a lot of hype around fury wilder but no one eve talks about pulev Jenkins helenius or stiverne. It would be great to finally see a real contender earn his shot the title.

  • Hey KP – I watched the fight; I know Farinas’ reputation and although I may have been biased (as I expected Gamboa to win big) I and anybody else who was high on him had to have been disappointed. I recall the fight being close. Good point about Garcia’s opponents being slow; very true. I say Gamboa’s habit of keeping his hands down and shaky chin do him in.

  • Gabe, he didn’t go life and death. He won clearly and by a wide margin. Also Farenas although unknown is a good fighter. Garcia hasn’t fought any elite fighters yet. Maybe Salido, but he is far past his peak. Let Garcia fight someone with speed like a Russell or Lomachenko. Every guy Garcia fights is slow as Molasses.

  • whatever happened to gamboa anyway?

  • Interesting read Zak, but I don’t see Gamboa-Garcia as a competitive fight. Gamboa went life and death in his last fight against Michael Farinas (sp) and was hurt repeatedly. He’s just exiting his prime and is much shorter. I think Garcia’s punch resistance will improve as he nears his natural weight. Oscar and Tito had the same issues back in the day.

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