San Francisco, CA– Every now and then, I rate each division in boxing from heavy to 105 lbs. Seeing the super middleweight (168 lbs) championship is on the line twice technically this weekend with World & WBA champ Andre Ward defending vs. Sakio Bika in Oakland, while Carl Froch and Arthur Abraham vie for the WBC diadem in Finland with Showtime televising both.

Mikkell Kessler lost UD 12 to ex-champ Joe Calzaghe. With Andre Ward, Arthur Abraham, Carl Froch, as well as Andre Dirrell, (who recently left the Super Six 168 lb. tourney with medical issues) all of these men entered the round robin form of fighting unbeaten. Only Ward at 22-0, 13 KOs, is still in possession of an “0.” Having been the best already in Kessler, Ward is sans any doubt numero uno at 168. Not underestimating Bika, the improving champ will be looking for the stop. If only Lucien Bute of Canada, the IBF belt bearer, if he can remain unbeaten there is fruit for the winner of the Super Six after it is over.


This is not an American thing anymore. The heavyweight division is European and gigantic. In a sport where they make guys have weigh limits separated by three pounds, they allowed Eddie Chambers at 6’1 & 203 lbs. or so to fight Wladimir Klitschko (55-3, 49 KOs) at 6’7 & 250! Older brother Vitali Klitschko (41-2, 38 KOs) is the better of the two, but seeing these guys are freaks, they should have a weight class to themselves. The UK’s once beaten WBA’s heavyweight claimant David Haye (25-1, 23 KOs) talks a good game, but he is small when it comes to the Klitschko’s too!

SERGIO MARTINEZ “NEW STAR ON THE BLOCK”williamsflatcraigbennett420ii

When the out of ring activities of middleweight (160 lbs) champion Kelly Pavlik, that and the forever damaged psyche brought on by losing to ancient Bernard Hopkins, had him ducking Paul Williams thrice, he settled on Sergio Martinez who beat on him like he were a rented horse. Martinez (45-2-2, 27 KOs) first defense was against the guy Kelly ran, no sprinted from in the feared Paul Williams. That starch job the one southpaw left did on Williams is forever etched in boxing history.


Marvin Hagler had Tommy Hearns, Roberto Duran, John Mugabi, Ray Leonard, fighting these smaller guys were how Marvin made the vast majority of his money. That being said, who is Sergio to fight at middleweight? Felix Sturn, Daniel Geale, Paul Williams, Sebastian Sylvester, Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam, Dmitry Pirog, Matthew Macklin, Sebastian Zbik, Darren Barker, David Lopez, have you lost interest already? Sort of makes long for Mustapha Hamsho.


They say that about a lot of fighters who don’t have “the goods.” Pirog, 17-0, 14 KOs out of Russia, having looked at his resume and yawned, thinking the stop of unbeaten Danny Jacobs wasn’t so much, thus he appears to be the perfect foil for the Argentine. Martinez and jr, middleweight (154) guy Miguel Cotto (35-2, 28 KOs) would be nice, but Cotto needs to be rebuilt and beating Yuri Foreman is no ticket to redemption.


For those of you looking to get Manny Pacquiao (52-3-2, 38 KOs) hurt with the mindset that it’s only six pounds from 154 to 160, that would be if Manny were a full welter or junior middle. He’s not, Emanuel Steward, who knows a bit about training fighters, says Pac is carrying stuff in his pockets to stay above 140. Being that he is not even a big lightweight (135), for Pacquiao to engage Martinez, even at 154, would be like playing with a loaded gun….while you’re drunk!


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Pedro Fernandez


  • Once again, too much focus on the Klitschko’s height.

    Haye isn’t too small to fight the Klitschko’s. His balls are to small, that’s the problem. If he focused less on his trach talking and instead upped his level of opposition while crafting a style and game plan simillar based on that of Sergio Martinez, he ‘d have a legitimate shot.

    Last weeks Martinez-Williams fight was just another reminder of how in the wrong hands, height & reach can be nothing more than the rope by which an unwise boxer hangs himslef. While Martinez, along with Bradley, Pacquiao & Pascal have given recent demonstrations of how to “fight small” effectively.

  • What makes Ward “no doubt No.1” AT 160? There is no clear No.1 – Calzeghe left the division undefeated – there was no passing of the torch – only Super Six winner vs. Bute can determine an adaquate replacement for Calzeghe.

    Kessler gave Calzeghe a better fight than anypne in recent years, but close doesn’t count. I subjectively consdiered Kessler the best guy going in to the tournament, but his wins over Perdomo, Bayer, Mundine & Andrade aren’t worth more than Froch’s wins over Pascal, Reid, Taylor & Dirrell (Pascal probably best win on either man’s record..)and their head to head fight was a virtual stalemnate.

    Bute doesn’t have a Pascal quality opponent yet, but his jas the most rounds vs. Top 10-ers of anyone in the division (Andrade twice, Zuniga, Bika & Berio)

    Ward handled Kessler impressively, but in my opinion that’s his only win against a top-10 SuperMiddlewight. I don’t consider Green or Miranda to have ever beaten a good enough 168lber to earn a world ranking (I didn’t give Bute credit for Miranda either for the same reason).

    Ward may indeed be the active “best” Super Middleweight in the world, but Froch & Bute have done alot more so far and deserved to be seeded higher.

  • how about martinez against ward?

  • When Mosley and De La Hoya were first matched I thought “only 2 stars in boxing they have to fight each other eliminating one?” That is my thoughts on Martinez fighting Pacquiao at 154. Martinez is No. 2 P4P with the PacMan No.1. The jailbird Mayweather ducked both Margarito and Williams so he doesn’t want to mess with the winners. Top Rank would never consider unification for Pavlik though he openly asked for it. Martinez being out of Argentina and Spain may make that trip to Europe for unification.

  • Right on!

  • It looks like HBO may have lost Martinez for future fights. When have you ever heard of a champion being introduced first, I.E. before the challenger in a title fight. Well, he was introduced first. In Addition, he made LESS MONEY than Williams did for the fight. Williams was the “House Fighter” for this fight and HBO dissed Martinez all over the place. Rumor has it that Showtime will have him for future fights.

  • I’m not a huge W Klitschko fan but your claim of a profound weight advantage is bull. Of his most recent 10 fights, counting the upcoming fight with Chisora: Peter, Rahman, Thompson and Austin were all outweighed by less than 10 pounds. Chisora will also come in less than 10 pounds lighter than Klitschko.

    Maybe you’re indicating you think there should be a height limit to the division.

  • Dmitri Pirog would be a live underdog verus Martinez, he has a greats style. Good head movement, solid power and good boxing skills. I think him against Martinez would be terrific. If HBO gets (and every other so called boxing expert or scribe) gets off of their horse and just taking about making the best fights available(enough with this…the guy has no star power in America etc. etc.) stars could be made. Stars are made inside the ring, period. People want to see good fights and in reality the casual boxing fan could probably only name about two fighters in boxing; Mayweather and Paqiauo. Sop in reality the idea of building fights or putting guys in with so and so is total BS! Boxing fans know what the good matchups are and casual fans will become more serious about watching the sport if they end up seeing a good fight. People heard about the Williams Martinez fight because it was a good matchup with a good outcome! Pirig vs Martinez is the best fight to made at middleweight. So what if he’s an unknown Russian. Martinez is an unknown Argentine living in Oxnrad, CA.

  • Thanks, Bender.

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