• Marquez is a really good boxer but does not deserve the title “master boxer”.
    That’s for guys like Mayweather.

  • Marquez is a modern day great fighter IMO. Bradley, on the other hand, has managed to get that win in everyfight, taking on a list of who’s who, and doing whatever it takes to win. He has that same warrior mentality that Marquez brings to the table in never giving up. As a lot on here have pointed out, a lot of intangibles that make it difficult to make a prediction in this one. As a big Marquez fan, as much as I like Bradley, I’ll be rooting for JMM. Pressed to pick, I think his accuracy and chin will hold him through Bradleys odnslaught and he can score a stoppage in this one if Bradley tries to go toe to toe. I have a feeling we’ll be getting a good fight on tap.

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