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San Francisco, CA– Although I was going to scan the “Yory Boy” Campas paycheck stub from his 2003 fight with Oscar De La Hoya, a fight Campas thought he was going to get $1 million for, my scanner broke so I will instead lay it out for you and you tell me if Top Rank boxing and their leader Bob Arum aren’t as crooked as San Francisco’s Lombard St., dubbed “the crookedest street in the world.” At the end, in the comment section I want you to tell me if you think Arum and his subordinates should not be in jail for defrauding the recently retired Campas? Remember, Top Rank boxing promoter Peter McKinn went to jail for screwing over Campas, a one-time champion at 154 lbs. from Mexico, in Arizona, this involved another fight.


Purse: $100,000
License Fee: $25
WBC Sanction Fee: $9,000
WBA Sanction Fee: $9,000
Advance: $20,000
IRS Withholding: $30,000
WBA Manager License: $1,000
Anti-Doping/Urine Test: $10,000
Check Total: $20,975


1) If the purse was $100,000 as stated on the official Top Rank check stub I have in hand, how could the WBC & WBA each take $9,000 ($18,000 total) when they take 3% of the purse from both champion and challenger?

2) I know the IRS takes a bit of change from any person earning money in the USA, but 30% or $30,000 of what the Top Rank stub says was a $100,000 purse? I contacted the IRS a while back and they told me the figures do not add up!

3) WBA Manager License: $1,000. If this is true, why is the fighter paying for a manager license, something I have never heard of in my three decades of writing about the sport and business of boxing.

4) Anti-Doping/Urine Test: $10,000. This is the real “stinker” here as far as I’m concerned. $10 grand for a $35 pee test?


OK, now you do the math and tell me if I’m wrong or is Bob Arum and his company Top Rank guilty of Fraud, among other things? In closing, and this is my opinion: If there is a Hell, Bob Arum and his subordinates have a suite reserved for them for what they did to “Yory Boy” Campas alone! And this begs the question, how many other fighters did they screw out of earned monies?


This check stub was approved and given to Campas by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. For those of you that disagree with me on the need for a Federal Boxing Commission, if that still is the case after my documentation here, you might need psychiatric help! As for Arum being an “Admitted Felon,” he did so in his own writing when he admitted in a US Justice Dept. declaration of bribing then IBF President Bob Lee to rank Axel Schultz so he could fight George Foreman, which did transpire. When Arum penned this sworn affidavit, it was in my opinion an attempt to bring then rival promoter Don King down.

Pedro Fernandez


  • the big man himself

    all goverment is corrupt. bob arum worked for the ag office during the kennedy admin. and has alto of powerful friends in goverment.bob todd lee bruce”i want to be a screen writer “trampler along with their sean MR X gibbons have been corrupt for ever and will continue to do it until their are punished for taking advantage of fighters. all the people posting non sence on this website have no clue while they sit home watching boxing on tv what is really going on in arums world

    top rank you can run you can hide but tapes don’t lie

    the big man himself

  • Thanks to the beautiful Grandma from Arizona!

  • All politics aside, yeah right…boxing, both, are and have always been Crooked!Oxymoron Thanks Pedro for standing up putting your career and life on line to continue the fight to expose and report. and to the Man Joey D. who started the Fight for Right. Oscar can still be a man and step to the plate Yori as a family to raise.

  • Hey Johnny the asshole, I did provide the stub in an article the next day. How come I don’t hear any *hit from you then. An Arum-Birther!

  • Mr. J… I agree with your math on the santion fee as stated in your comment. My bad, I was wrong… In my case it was a quick mistake, but the jury is still out on the math in Top Ranks Case.

  • @Glowster, let’s clarify a few things. You said “the math on fighter sanction fees seems to have been calculated at 1 million and not $100K.” How did you get that figure buddy? 3% of 1 million is $30,000.00 not 9,000.00. The WBA takes out 3% of each fighter’s purse (or a minimum of 1,500.00 for the challenger/3,500.00 minimum for champion) . Based on the 100,000.00 purse of Yori that would have been a 3,000.00 deduction from his purse. A 9,000.00 deduction means his purse would have been at 300,000.00.

    Now the WBC is a little more greedy. They want 3% of each fighters purse or a minimum of 1000.00 (challenger), 3,000.00 (champion). Now this is not just the purse we’re referring to with the WBC. It’s the gross amounts received by the boxer relating to the bout, including but not limited to compensation derived from pay-per-view, cable or satellite transmission, television broadcast, or internet distribution, merchandising, concessions, sponsorships, shared promotional fees (in cases in which the boxer is promoter or co-promoter), or otherwise, including amounts calculated and paid following the contest.
    Based on this, the WBC’s fee could rise. But I highly doubt that Yori received anything more than just his purse in relations to that fight.

    Now the funniest thing on the list is the managers license fee for the WBA. I’ve managed fighters for years and WE DO NOT PAY A FEE TO THE WBA. Each state has their own commission and they set their fees at different rates for boxers, managers, chief seconds aka trainer, matchmakers, ring announcers etc. To be honest with you most managers don’t pay anything to these state commissions unless they have a boxer/manager contract on file with their State’s Athletic Commission.

    The WBA’s 1,000.00 manager fee has nothing to do with allowing a fighter to fight for their belt. That is a fee to become an associate member of the organization. They basically made Yori pay for someones new or renewed membership into the WBA’s boys club committee. smh. They have annual conventions, meetings, votes blah blah blah. It’s really a hierarchy of B.S. created to fund whatever president is in office (currently Gilbert Mendoza). This is not mandatory! I repeat this is not mandatory!

    Good work Pedro. You always catch these dirty racals in the act of something.

  • Ken, what has Obama lied about? He has a Congress that has for lack of a better term, “cock-blocked” him for four years in an attempt to ruin him. Who would have thought Chief Justice Roberts would save Health Care in the US? Having been to 30+ countries, I got sick in three and didn’t pay a dime for top level health care. You sound like a resentful white guy with health care provided by your employer or that of your wife.

  • I am sure you remember Bob Arum testifying in court about them believing his statements, when he said he was lying before but was telling the truth now. Campas fought DeLaHoya in 2003 and I believe the federal law required the promoter to file financial disclosures that should show that Arum was cheating Campas

  • Ken,
    I suggest you keep your political views to yourself and not spew them on here. Why don’t you go voice your concerns on the Rush Limbaugh radio program where you can soak up your ego’s with your BS hatred of Obama. I have to say whether or not you agree with his policies, he appears to be a lot more honest and genuine than the Republican nominee Romney. The only thing worse than him is his VP choice and all of the idiot supporters of these clowns who don’t realize that he’s just there to squeeze their wallets. What’s sad is the only Republican with any sense in my opinion that was running for president and any real character was John Huntsman and he had no shot with the Republican voters. It shows the level or lack thereof of Repulican voters. Didn’t want to get into a political argument here but sorry had to give me 2 cents.

  • Is Bob Arum a crook? Does Obama lie? The answer to the question is obvious it needs no answer. No Shit! Whether its 5k promised to a young Philly boxer or 1 million to a former champ Arum will not live up to his word. He worked for the IRS before promoting. Need to know more? King, De la Hoya and many more do the same. If we had a Czar for boxing he would end up being appointed by a crooked politician and be a crook himself. Can you imagine the current AG Eric Holder holding down the positon of Czar of boxing? The “new” black panthers would never lose a fight!

  • in follow-up, I’ve done some researching and here is what I’ve discovered. The sanction fees do not add up based on a $100.000.00 purse. The promoter is required by law to withhold 30% for non-USA residents and that withholding is to be deposited into a tax account on the next business day. In some cases, the fighter can pre-arrange a tax lesser than that amount, but it needs to be done with the IRS in advance. The WBA has the minimum $1000.00 managers license fee and has had such a fee for years. Why the fee, that would be speculation on my part?

  • In fairness, it’s standard to withhold 10% of the contracted purse for antidoping tests. However, if the test is negative for drugs, steroids and the like, the 10% withholding is usually and should have been in this case returned to the fighter (In this case $10,000.00)… Accordingly, your reporting that they kept $10,000.00 for a $35.00 “Pee Test” needs clarification. If in fact the test was negative and the $10,000.00 was never returned to Campas, then this is wrong!! As for the other deductions, the math on fighter sanction fees seems to have been calculated at 1 million and not $100K. I’d like to know for certain if the $10K for antidoping was returned… Investigate that fact and let your readers know!!!

  • There should be a limit on how much a fighter makes compared to another. For example, in title fights one fighter could not make more than 4 times what the opponent makes. It would stop fighters from going from mismatch to mismatch.

  • Pedro, its articles like this that give fans particular insight into the cruel realities of boxing and just why negative press towards somebody like Bob Arum goes beyond mere personal opinion or perceived ego on the part of a given writer. Very well presented Mr. Fernandez!

  • Good article Pedro. Boxing has been a cesspool for almost as long as it has existed. If the mob wasn’t screwing fighters, their own promoters and managers were. My dad was best friends with Willie Reddish Jr. (son of Willie Reddish Sr. – trainer of Sonny Liston) and he told me many stories before he died about how the fight game was corrupt. They need to have one federal commission to handle the sport and bring it back into prominence. It is almost unwatchable; and I have been a lifelong fan of over 40 years and an amateur fighter. I wonder what the trainer’s cut was from the check. I know Lou Duva and Georgie Benton used to get close to 30% a piece from Holyfield back in the day. Maybe that’s part of the reason he’s broke.

  • Source ? Proof ? Can you scan the paycheck stub and post for ringtalk readers? Didn’t you once say that top rank was going to write you a check to keep quiet or something along those lines ? If top rank feared you so much about this story, wouldn’t they have paid you off already? If you have the proof pedro, show us. We as fans deserve to know.

  • IrishmaninArabia

    Thank you, Pedro, for continuing to have the courage to stand up and speak your mind. We need more people like you to continue doing the same. It is the only hope we have of cleaning up the sport of boxing.

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