• Roberto Rios back!!!!!

    Pete ur wrong. After so many years of watching fights I’ve notice what makes the greats great? They make the least amount of mistakes. Hit and not be hit. Technique always wins against brawn. And Bhop has forgotten more about boxing than Adonis and Drago. I’d favor him in both fights. It’s crazy at his age he still has good speed and reflexes?? Stamina plenty? A marvel he is. The only type of fighters beating him now are like a chad or ward. Guys that know how to fight. Adonis is too slow and so is drago. Also fact check. The SUPER JOE Calzage fight was at 175 not 68

  • Great article Pedro… Hopkins continues to impress….he needs to really be careful who he fights at this stage of his career…kovalev and Stevenson seem to be the type of fighters that would trouble Hopkins…but man, considering his age and how he performs against these youngsters..the man knows his craft..it might just be he landed here on a spacecraft…hehe

  • Bernard has problems with speed.roy edged him, but Bernard came on at the end of the bout. Against Calzaghe Bernard landed the much cleaner blows, but Joes clearly threw and landed more down the stretch. I don’t think Joe clearly won that one.

  • The only people that I saw beating Hopkins convincingly were Roy Jones and Joe Calzaghe. Against both of them, Bernard looked confused specially in the second part of the fight. Jones and Calzaghe were very fast.

  • I think they were both Saturday’s. They did ABC replays after big fights then.

  • Pedro,

    At one time I would agree with you on this topic but after so many dreadfully boring fights Hopkins finally gave a decent effort to excite the paying public with this last fight. Although it’s clear that if the man in the opposite corner would have been a Stevenson or a Kovalav i’m certain that he would put me to sleep with a clinchfest and only be there to survive collect a big payday and then cry robbery. Now he’s talking about a fight with Floyd which would be about the biggest farce ever talk about a snooze fest. Time for this man to talk a long walk on a short pier. Addition by subtraction is the best formula here. 

    Pedro, just wondering here but I remember the Hagler Duran fight being on a Thursday night and later Hagler Hearns on a Monday night. Just been so long ago and with all past big fights like these the logical choice to have had them would be a Saturday night, I would think. Can you or anyone give me any info about this history….

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