Bernard Hopkins: 1980, Today, 1995


San Francisco, CA– When I sat down last week and looked at the Bernard Hopkins-Tavoris Cloud pairing at 175 lbs. for the sake of handicapping and setting a line, I just couldn’t stomach the prospect of another Hopkins hug fest. But that is what it was, an easily predictable (win or lose) match involving a man who is stealing the spotlight from the “next” generation because Bernard, truth be told, will never have enough money or fights to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for money and notoriety.


As for Tavoris Cloud at 31, his losing to a 48 year old man will be his legacy. We saw in his “gift” win over Gabriel Campillo in 2012 that Cloud had Titanic-like leaks in his boxing hull. That being said, Tavoris didn’t deserve being champion as the score in Cloud’s favor was so shocking his mother passed out. Even with fans and media screaming aloud, the IBF refused to mandate a rematch. I spent about as much time on the radio this past weekend on this fight (sic) as I have in here in print. Scores were 117-111 & 116-112 twice for the Philadelphian who is now 53-6-2, 32 KOs. When Floyd Patterson lost the World heavyweight championship to Sonny Liston in 1962 he wore a disguise in public that included a fake beard. Cloud (29-1, 19 KOs) should do the same.


Keith Thurman is a raw puncher who is garnering a lot of attention at welterweight (147). Handled by the “H” in HBO, Al Heyman, Thurman improved to 20-0, 18 KOs with a 12 round dismantling of Jan Zaveck (32-2, 18 KOs) with shutout scores across the board at 120-108. Stuck in a quagmire of sorts, Thurman isn’t quite ready to swim in the deep end of the 147 lb. pool, nor can he fight stiffs. That being said, expect a few more Zaveck types in Thurman’s future. What do I mean? Non-threatening guys with good records.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Geoffrey Sadao Prenter

    In my opinion, Ward has the style/saavy to outpoint Hopkins. I think that he and Virgil Hunter will devise the right strategy, and I don’t tbink that it would be too exciting. Hopkins is a marvel, and everyone is right in saying that such a thing only comes along once every 50 years or so. He can be tedious to watch, but it’s better than a Gianfranco Rosi fight. I wasn’t shedding any tears when Rosi’s reign as jr. middleweight champion ended in the early 90’s. Lots of holding, fouling and with a hometown advantage.

    I think a lot of it is a matter of styles. People forget that Jermaine Taylor outpointed Hopkins twice.

  • Andre Ward, who has unbelievably not vacated the squared circle on the losing end of a bout since he was a 12-year-old amateur, would put Bernard Hopkins to the “grave.”

    ^ Google it for the rest of the article but Hopkins needs to retire.

  • Hopkins is one boring a-hole in the ring and a racist scumbag outside of it but he won’t go away if he keeps winning fights. Nor should he. Someone needs to beat his ass into retirement or he will keep stinking out any network that covers his fights.

    As for drama queen Lampley and idiot hack Kellerman, the solution to that is to simply mute the sound or tune into HBO Latino. I have no problem with either of these clowns anymore because I don’t subject myself to listening to them.

  • Pedro,

    Why should Hopkins leave? If anything, these youngin’s need to learn their craft, so in actuallity, he’s doing them a favor by sticking around and whippin their A$$.


  • For Hopkins to maintain fighting shape is damn impressive at his age. He has squeezed an extra decade of youth by abstaining from alcohol/drugs. He is going to be able to pick/choose opponents and beat the majority of them for another couple of years. Most of the 175lb guys just don’t possess the overall skill set to put the old guy away.

  • I just watched “Which Way is Up” a couple of nights ago. This was Pryor at his best, in fact I thought it was even better than Stir Crazy. Redd Foxx was my favorite comedian, but to me, Pryor was the best to ever do it. Speaking of Foxx, I thought the old man character he played in the movie was how Sanford and Son(greatest sit-com of ALL TIME) would have been had it been R-rated…

    Speaking of movies, I’ve also seen the Bernard Hopkins movie before, you know the one where he schools an undefeated, yet limited fighter(Pavlik, Pascal and now Cloud.) I will admit, I thought Father Time would finally be too much for Hopkins to overcome this time around, but he must have struck some kind of a deal with him. And considering how frugal Hopkins has been known to be, it must have been some bill. I remember you telling the story on Ringtalk when you and Hopkins left a casino buffet and he refused to leave a tip and you were nice enough to leave one.

    I know Hopkins is not for everyone, but I respect how he turned his life around and how he’s still out-smarting fighters young enough to be his kids. Only Archie Moore could say that he accomplished as much as Hopkins after the age of 40. The man doesn’t drink or smoke and he trains year-round.

    With all that said, yes I’m a Hopkins fan, but I’m also aware that at some point, Father Time will prevail, as he always does with every aging fighter. I’m just done predicting when that day will take place..

  • Jim Lampley is a man who has known personal problems, as many of us do, however, being in the publics scope, Lampley’s problems appear to be ‘openly out there’ in my oppinion. It is widely known that Lampley has had a drinking problem, but in recent HBO telecasts, I have noticed Lampley on the verge of tears, by just commentating on fighters, and the like… I have a strong oppinion that Lampley is on mental health medication of some type, to say the least, and am wondering if Pedro senses the same thing?

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