Bernard "Superfreak" Hopkins

Bernard “Superfreak” Hopkins


San Francisco, CA– I think the Bernard Hopkins performance Saturday night was as one reader put it, the most “exciting fight Hopkins has been in for years.” Even though B-Hop is 48, yeah 48, and defeating men of world-class stature, this corner had cast it aside with the mindset that Bernard was all “smoke and mirrors,” meaning inferior opposition and good matchmaking. Now I am rethinking this notion for a variety of reasons.


As evidenced on Showtime Saturday night when Hopkins (54-6-2, 32 KOs) pitched a near shutout over 30-year old former European champ Karo Murat (25-2-1, 15 KOs), somehow there is enough left in Hopkins at 48 to defeat Murat, whose claim to fame in boxing is that he is an Iraqi fighting out of Germany who in 2008 beat Gabriel Campillo. A 2011 rematch was a Draw.


But is it that Bernard is really a freak of nature? Murat just not that good, meaning if he were truly world class he would beat a 48 year old man? Or, and this is really the question to ponder. Has training advanced such that in 2013 48-year old guys can go 15 rounds if need be?


Jean Pascal, another of Hopkin’s victims at light heavy (175 lb. in 2011) hinted that Bernard was taking Performance Enhancing Drugs. On the flip side is the belief that Hopkins, albeit an ego maniac that some would think might do anything to continue boxing, worships his body like a God, thus he wouldn’t even think of indulging in such.


During a Sunday morning appearance on “Ring Talk Worldwide,” the boxing hour, when Zahir Raheem, himself a 36-year old 1996 Olympian, the man that beat Erik Morales, and yet Morales still in his next fight faced Manny Pacquiao, Zahir brought up the following.


“Everything has changed. A fighter used to be finished at 30-32, but medicine is better, training is better, people live longer, so you can expect boxers to box longer.” Is that it right there, the real answer as to how a 48-year man in Bernard Hopkins continues to win? As for “Defying or Defining” history, Bernard Hopkins is doing both!

Pedro Fernandez


  • People credit PBF for training year-round, but so does Hopkins. I happen to believe that Bernard knows his body to a ‘T’, and he fuels it, exerts it and rests it with precision – day in, day out. Another thing Hops has going for him, terrific sense of timing and tunnel vision – both before and during the contest.

  • I don’t think you should always assume PEDs just ’cause Hops still looks athletic. I am 45 and have a pretty impressive physique from just running 10 miles a week and doing typical (dips, pull ups, push ups, planks, etc.) exercises a couple of times a week.

  • simple answer…the guys that last long don’t have tough fights or fight tough. Hopkins could not shuck and jive his way past China Chin Roy Jones and he refused to engage him or put himself at risk. And correct guys like Gatti do not last long because he took all the risks and fought guys who could fight back. It says lots about the state of boxing today that a guy like Hopkins can find an opponent to fight on premium TV. In the heyday of boxing this fight would not have drawn flies and would have been ignored by the press and laughed at. I really don’t understand why Showtime pays Hopkins.

  • Maybe he’s on testosterone replacement therapy. Otherwise, I can’t imagine him staying that muscular at his age. It’s legal in MMA, but I’m not sure about boxing. But the other reason is the same reason Floyd looks and fights so young – no drinking, no smoking, stays on weight between fights. Take care of the body, and it takes care of you.

  • Does PED got nothing to do with his longevity? How come nobody came up with that conclusion? With pervasive use of PED nowadays, PED must be Hopkins system. It just make sense…PED use accusers of boxers even without putting up a proof, where art thou???

  • One factor that helps Hopkins is his style. He has not received much punishment in his career. Fighters that fight like Gatti, do not last as long.

  • I think it is a combination of things. I think the fact that Hop has totally abstained from drink and drugs has given him the motor skills and reflexes of a 38 year old or at least someone in their early forties. He is competing in divisions were there aren’t any real young speedsters, so he is able to dictate pace and tempo. Both of these things and the fact that he is a tough old bastard equate to his prolonged success.

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