Los Angeles, CA“Bad”Chad Dawson (31-1, 18*KOs) vs. Bernard Hopkins (52-6-2, 32 KOs), in a bout for the WBC light heavyweight (175 lb.) title, turned out worse than what the boxing pundits expected. After an uneventful round 1, Chad Dawson slammed Hopkins while in a clinch at 2:48 seconds into round 2. Clearly in the replay it appeared to be a foul, although unintentional. Hopkins seemed to have hurt his shoulder due to the unexpected fall. However in a controversial turn of events, Dawson wins by TKO because Hopkins could not continue. An examination at a local hospital revealed a serious shoulder-collarbone injury, thus Hopkins was not faking it as Dawson claimed.

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Dawson to Hopkins-"Hopkins you're a p*****. You ain't a gangster. Because a gangster would get up and fight!" Photo-Raye Ramos for

Golden Boy promotions plans to file a protest with the California State Athletic Commission in regards to the decision rendered. Dawson who rightfully wanted to win the fight the honorable  way said to Bernard when he was on the canvas, “Hopkins you’re a p****. You ain’t a gangster. Because a gangster would get up and fight!” At the post fight press conference the new WBC champion stated,  “I wanted to thank Hopkins for making it an easy fight for me.”

In a fabulous round 11 Mexico’s Antonio De Marco (25-2-1, 19 KOs)came back from a huge deficit on the scorecards to stop batter an already bloodied Jorge Linares (31-2, 20 KOs) to win the vacant WBC lightweight (135) title.  Linares, a Venezuelan now boxing out of trainer Freddie Roach’s famed Wild Card Gym, outboxed De Marco throughout most of the contest, however the Mexican was game. Linares, who had cuts on the bridge of the nose and eye, took a lot of clean shots in round 11, but fought back bravely. Close to the end of the round after taking a number of clean shots the referee halted the contest. “This is a fairy tale story after eating out of the garbage… This night is my dream come true. From the bottom of my heart I say to never stop fighting for your dreams.” said De Marco after the victory.


Philadelphia’s Danny Garcia (22-0, 14 KOs) won a split decision over former WBO 140lb champion Kendall Holt (27-5, 15 KOs) in a junior welterweight contest. Scores were 117-111 twice for Garcia, and 115-113 for Holt. Garcia dominated the bout with more activity and the cleaner punches. Holt landed his share but was reluctant to let his hands go. The 115-113 card for Holt is clearly off base as Garcia won easily.

Former 140lb titleholder Paulie Malignaggi(30-4, 6KOs), of Brooklyn, NY won a unanimous decision over Orlando Lara (28-2-1,19 KOs) of Mexico in a welterweight(147lb) bout.

In his first and last fight, Dewey Bozella (1-0),recipient  of the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage at the 2011 ESPY’s, won a unanimous decision over Larry Hopkins (0-4) in a 4 round cruiserweight (200) bout. Bozella made his boxing debut after a 26 year long prison sentence for a crime he did not commit and was released in 2009 after new evidence proved his innocence.

-Kevin Perry


  • Finally saw the recap of Linares vs Demarco. That was a solid scrap!

    Let the young guns dawson and cloud throw it down…Def. don’t want to see a rematch of bhop vs dawson..

  • Looks to me like Chad did a near-NFL style tackle. He shoved forward on Hopkins and grabbed him around he back of the knees. At the very least, Hopkins should have been told you have five minutes to recover of you’ll lose by TKO.”

    Glad I did not buy this PPV. Just avoided the media for a week and watched it on HBO tonight. It was not even worth that.

  • No doubt about it, Calzaghe barely tapped him and he was acting as if someone clobbered him with a baseball bat. I just watched the highlites of the fight and it is obvious.Who knows, maybe this scene with Chad Dawson was deliberate too. Scully said a doctor friend told him that any kind of diagnosis for the shoulder separation doesn’t involve a diagnosis that could objectively prove the injury, so who knows. I just figure it isn’t worth the money to watch B Hop fight anymore. I’ll never do it again, that’s for sure. If there is a rematch, I wonder if anyone will pay for the PPV!?

  • Remember the Hopkins Calzaghe fight and how Hopkins started acting because Calzaghe had his number?. He was trying to get points deducted from Calzaghe by faking low blows, and complaining about non-existing fouls. That is not the first time Hopkins did something like that. When he sees that he can not win a fight he becomes a drama queen.

  • The whole point is that fights like this are bad for boxing. Also, I can’t remember a Hopkins fight that I watched that was actually worth watching. The guy is an admirable human being in what he has overcome in his life, a hall of fame fighter, but it’s really boring to watch him in general unless you are referring to his post-fight interviews. Hope he retires, it’s time, in my humble opinion.

  • To change the subject there’s no reason why these clowns were on PPv when the most exciting heavyweight of the moment Tavoris Cloud is sitting at home on the sidelines with only one appearance on the network this year..I don’t want to see a rematch with Hopkins or Pascal, lets get Dawson vs Cloud please! Hopefully things get better with new leadership in Hershman

  • Come on guys…Hopkins threw a punch and Dawson ducked this Hopkins landed on his back…or better yet Dawson dipped down. What Hopkins did was nothing that resembled a foul. However Dawson’s reaction was the only thing that resembled a foul here. i don’t beleive it was an intentional foul, however I am sure the occurence frustrated Chad and he reacted in an unprofessional way. It was clear that he grabbled his leg, lifted B-Hop off the ground and shrugged him off in a motion that led to the fall. I just don’t see how a guy can lose his title from what appeared to be a foul. He didn’t win by legal contact but by a push that let to the injury. I am sure if Hopkins was the offendered here everyone would be jumping all over him staing how he’s a dirty fighter. B-Hop did nothing wrong except for get up, however from the reports it’s clear this was a serious injury. No fighter should lose their title or a fight for that matter under these circumstances. Just because a guy is guilty of illegal tactics in the past doesn’t mean he deserves to lose because of it. Russel was out of line with some of his comments about it being a roughhouse fight. Please! The fight had only lasted two rounds up until then and the only guy I saw do anything close to being dirty was Dawson who used his elbow a bit earlier. He was prepared for a dirty fight and lost his cool pure and simple.

  • hopkins clearly jumped (he had a vertical) on dawson and dawson reacted with a shoulder shove. hopkins knew all along that he was getting his @ss whipped. retire. hopkins and mosely have demonstrated their “street” US style ways. run.

  • Rarely are Hopkins fights exciting. When I found out this was on PayPerView, I laughed(Internet time). Hopkins is a hustler who has good defense in the ring. He knows the clock is ticking, thats why he took this fight. It is time for Bernard to take a walk, and let the young guns go at it. Unfortunately, he is to greedy and will get knocked out in a bad way. Now that might be PPV worthy.

    The TKO decision was silly, should of been a no contest.

  • If you bought a Bernard Hopkins PPV, you kinda deserve the disappointment. The guy is not PPV-worthy per se; he needs a marquee opponent, and Chad Dawson sure as hell wasn’t one. This one should have been on regular HBO, but they blew their budget on other non-marquee fighters with belts earlier in the year.

  • KP,

    On the foul thing I agree with you but lets be clear. It was a relation foul to a Hopkins foul and unfortunatley, due to the fact that I arguably had no life on Sunday and I could dedicate way too much of my time looking into it… But I was able to look at it through a very critical eye

    I’ve watched this moment at least 30 times, as close to frame by frame as I can get and its a JOKE! I don’t know if you’ve looked at it in slow motion but if you haven’t, trust me, its worth a look…

    The second Chad picked Hopkins up, his legs went limp, he rolled then inward as he began to roll his torso forward in a manner similar to the old “duck and cover” routine. He positioned himself in order to hit the ground rolling!

    If you look at Dawson’s shoulder job… He pushed Bernard ack while rolling his right shoulder straight forward into Hopkins’ chest. Meanwhile, Dawson’s right arm was wrapped around Hopkins a bit below the waist; while his shoulder was planted firmly into Hopkins left pectoral, a good 12-14 inches higher. There was not a trace of kinetic energy force that should have caused Hopkins curl into a ball OR to fall to the ground — If anything, Hopkins SHOULD have been flung into the ropes standing up and maybe leaning a bit to the right.

    … That guy was looking to hit the deck!

    Hopkins was looking to sell the ref on an over-exaggerated acting play. He was looking to get the ref on Chad’s ass early on. Maybe he was looking for a stern warning so that Dawson would eventually acquiesce and deal with Nard leaning on him all night. Maybe he was looking for a point deduction. Maybe he was doing God only knows what else? But what he wasn’t doing, was being honest and reacting in a natural way to having a shoulder thrown into him… He was on a fishing expedition and things went wrong. He faked a fall and got injured in the process.

    You are on record saying you could understand if Hopkins twisted his ankle if he fell on his own… Kevin… He fell on his own. He just suffered a different injury.

  • KP, Dawson was trying to get the guy off his back, while sending him a NASTY message: you cannot do with me what you’ve been doing with all others for years. Are we talking about Bernard Hopkins, one of the dirtiest fighters in history, or are we talking about some nice guy who’s never done anything? You see, when you live by the sword you should expect to die by it. And let’s remember that Hop was FOULING Dawson right before he threw him off his back. Regarding lifting him, Nard was on his back pushing him down and probably about to sneak in one of his signature “veteran moves”. Would you have liked Dawson to wait until he got KO’d by Nard to react? This is Dawson, not Agbeko.

  • How lame. To add to the thousand folks’ comments from last month – glad I am not paying for this crap anymore!

  • Say what?
    Another Pay-Per-Screw main event ends in customer dissatisfaction?n Seems like the norm.

    The decision will probably be changed to a “no contest” after review by the CSAC.
    Hopefully, the re-match will be on regular HBO. If not, it will be another PPS that I don’t buy.

  • pacquiao’s fights are the only ppvs worth the buy

  • I don’t understand how a fighter can win a fight on an obvious foul. I asked Chad at the post fight conference how he’d feel if the tables were turned and he just dodged the question.Whether or not you you think Hopkins deserves this for his dirty tactics in the past, the bottom line is it was clear in the replays that Dawson lifted him up and pushed off and Hopkins went down as a result. A TKO as a result is an injustice and isn’t in line with the rules of boxing. to make it worse Hopkins was never allotted the 5 minutes to recover, never told the referee he didn’t want to continue, and he was never told that if he didn’t continue he’d lose by TKO. i could understand rendering it a TKO if Hopkins just twisted his ankle on his own and fell and then lost by TKO, but to say that Chad’s actions had nothing to do with the injury is being plain blind. Before fight when I saw who the referee was I knew that something was going to happen because Russell at this stage of his career isn’t a good referee and can’t handle assignments like this, and commissioner Dodd lacks authority or any real credibility at this point.

  • Another controversial ending and lame ass fight. It’s a shame because 2011 has produced a good amount of entertaining scraps and believe me, people have taken notice! And as a result of some of the all out wars of late, my Saturday boxing parties have almost tripled in numbers in the past year. However, $hit like this (and things like Mayweather/Ortiz)is what kills the sport and makes people walk away! Not to compare last night’s crap to Mayweather/Ortiz because this is far worse because this time around the ref is really to blame (and so is Hopkins). It’s obvious that Chad and his people prepared for Hopkins dirty in fighting tactics and wanted to make a statement early by saying: “hey, you can’t do that here” just the same as when Holyfield pushed Tyson around the ring in their first fight saying: “I’m the bully, not you”. The point is it’s a fight. I’m not saying try to “butt” someone like Ortiz tried against Floyd, but you do have to fight fire with fire and I do respect Dawson for doing so in the same way as I respect Floyd for doing so against Ortiz. However, I respect Mayweather a bit more because he found a way to resort to Victor’s level within the rules and punish him badly. Despite if people think that what Mayweather did was right or wrong, could you imagine if the roles were reversed and Floyd had attempted to “butt” Ortiz and Victor respond the way Mayweather did? In the public’s eye Vic would have been a hero. Anyhow, I feel Hopkins could have continued. I know he was injured but that’s an occupational hazard in Boxing. Having said that, I do not agree with the verdict. The ref never officially rendered the call on the fall as anything, therefore you have nothing,hence a no contest result. However, as a seasoned veteran; Hopkins should have known that the more he laid there, the more he was putting the fight in the ref’s hands. In my opinion; B-Hop was no doubt looking for a DQ (for whatever reason). HBO: give people their money back for this shit $how!

  • I don’t understand why people that swore that the Mayweather/Ortiz fight was their last PPV fight are still talking about how they’ll never buy a boxing PPV. Okay, great, heard you guys the first thousand times. Thank you very much, shouldn’t you be watching the MMA on fox or something..?

  • Lampley is a joke. I email HBO before almost every fight and ask them to please tell Lampley to be quiet. He is a shill for HBO fighters as you’d expect and Kellerman.. well, he is a complete incompetent.
    Bernard is a not so good actor. He did the same thing with Robert Allen and I do not believe for one second any medical report that says he is hurt. Corrupt Golden Boy promotions is NOT to be trusted.

  • Scully is well spoken and, as an ex fighter really knows what is going on in the ring. But HBO won’t hire him. Too bad.

  • And not that it matters now but… Oscar De LaHoya purposely tried to spark a race confrontation before the fight took place. He went out of his way to misrepresent something Gary Shaw said and did it in Spanish in order to get a hostile reaction towards Shaw (Dawson’s Promoter) from the Hispanic press… And it worked.

    This whole bull$hit of Golden Boy Promotions and Oscar De LaHoya in particular… I told Scully when he made mention of this… “Oscar probably had his PANTIES in a bunch. Keep an eye over your shoulder on that guy. He is a basket case who shouldn’t even be performing at a professional capacity right now.”

    Four months ago he was claiming that he didn’t see Abner Mares throwing low blows at Joseph Agbeko even after watching the fight twice.

    The fight was the greatest display of Nut-Hunting seen in the sport since Andrew Golota was DQed two fights in a row for using Riddick Bowe’s testicles for a speed bag. There were at least 30 documented low blows in the contest, most of them visible and flagrant… But Oscar never saw a low blow? … He probably didn’t!

    A month later, he was checking out of rehab. After that he admitted to being a cross dressing, drugged up weirdo on television. Last week he went out of his way to spark a race altercation… Oscar is a MESS and his promotional company is going to bring forward the eventual death of Boxing… The death of boxing is going to occur during Oscar’s watch, mark my words.

    And the above is to say NOTHING of Golden Boy Promotions involvement in numerous Texas based fiascos.

    Look at Dana White (clean, cut, intense and rocked up a bit) and then go look at Oscar in Drag, looking like a a drugged up trick… Tell me who you think wins? You tell me who is the last man standing.

  • Where is *thebradgay* when you need him? How about another anti-MMA rant, buddy. 2 boxing PPV in a row that ended with controversy. This is the sport you go to war to defend.

    In fairness, this was a rare PPV where the undercard was solid but I feel sorry for the poor suckers that still buy these PPV cards.

  • It sucks that it ended up this way but Hopkins had it coming… The guy is an octopus and this is not the first time Hopkins has been injured because he was looking to fall for effect only to have something go terribly wrong.

    The same damn thing happened to Hopkikns in his fight with Robert Allen in 1998. He has pulled similar stunts against RJJ and Calzaghe along the way.

    I am no expert and I wasn’t there. But I know the man who trained Dawson for this fight and can guaran’damn’tee you that they knew Hopkins was going to try the octopus routine and they weren’t going to have any of it.

    I’d like to collectively tip my hat to the HBO crew of Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman and Emmanuel Steward for a job well done. Emmanuel got in his cheap shot on Scully while selling the ‘old boy’s network’ he is arguably president of; while patting Nard’s corner on the back.

    And then Lampley and Kellermen immediately chimed in with some idiotic exchange about how Hopkin’s corner was brilliant for the fact that all of Bernard’s fights are terrible to watch and what a bit of corner wizardry goes into such a feat. And how we, the little people, just don’t understand… Screw all three of you.

    I know I am biased because I am a friend of Scully’s but if ANYTHING. That fight showed me why Iceman is training Dawson. Sorry Emmanuel, the excuse you gave… Dawson didn’t find YOU superior to Scully to any point where he would go to KRONK either. That road you threw out there about Scully runs both ways. This was the biggest fight of Chad’s life and he went with Scully. Whatever advantage you think you have over Scully, Chad didn’t think it was worth going to your house… And Chad has worked with both of you guys.

    Kellerman and Lampley on the other hand did nothing more than demonstrate why Scully should be sitting in either one of their chairs. Scully has been doing commentary for some time now and neither Kellerman nor Lampley can hold his jock.

  • Troy, think California is bad?

    I’ll see your California and raise you Texas and Minnesota… You better be holding 5 Aces Bud…

    California is a circus… What the hell was it? Two years ago that they had some moronic, ding-dong in the dressing room signing off on Antonio Margarito’s hand wraps only to have Nazim Richardson step in and have a look followed by “Excuse me, but these blood covered things that are made out of PLASTER. You know, inside of that bloody and previously used hand rap… The plaster things in between the knuckles. Doesn’t that area feel a little strange to you? Don’t you think it is a little stiff?”

    California Athletic Rep: By guess and by golly? How’d you notice that? I just smoked a joint outside and didn’t notice that! You mean I need to check for that? I know checking the hand-wraps is my JOB but I didn’t know you actually had to look there. I thought it was my job to watch you put your signature on it.

    California needs one of two people running that department. Andy Nance or Pedro Fernandez.

  • I am LMAO. Hopkins calling someone dirty. I thought I’d never hear such nonsense. The dirtiest fighter in the game calling someone who was merely protecting himself from one of his patented “veteran move”, dirty. Wow.

  • Why does this kind of crap always happen in Ca.? The Ca. commission needs to replace that idiot George Dodd and get someone new.

  • This is why I’m done with purchasing Boxing PPV, after that PBFM vs Ortiz fight, I’ve had an awful taste in my mouth. I’m tired of wasting money on fights that end in some kind of controversy and a clear winner isn’t determined and then they fight for a second time taking our money. I’m greatly thinking about starting an Occupy Boxing movement. lol But seriously this is one of the reasons why boxing is no longer at the top and this crap MMA is getting viewed on FREE TV. How much longer do we have to put up with the best not fighting the best and when your the best your fights are all ppv even when your fighting scrubs? Once again I’m done with boxing due to having a hurt heart my love for the sweet science is fading!!!

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