Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao


San Francisco, CA– In recent history, boxers like Muhammad Ali, Ray Leonard, and a few select others have been guests of the President of the United States. Sometimes it was a photo op, other times there was actual dialogue between Ali and Gerald Ford. Now on February 15, Manny Pacquiao, the most popular boxer in the universe by far will have a one on one meeting with President Barack Obama at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


From what I’m being told, seeing Pacquiao is a Philippine Congressman this will not be a photo op as the two men will discuss more than Pacquiao’s kicking the snot out of every American and Mexican he’s ever faced! This is yet another positive for boxing emanating from Pacquiao, who fights Shane Mosley on May 7 in Las Vegas, NV.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Ten Count–quite right, maximizing the profits. Cross-over fighters like Oscar and Ali were like that too; even Jack Dempsey, but he stopped fighting during his Hollywood years and it ruined him. If Manny does become a branded commodity, I hope he either balances his obligations or retires. I just don’t see him being a successful political leader. . . but then again, we had our Reagan. Manny’s hair is at least as good.

  • Good for Manny Pacquiao from the point of view of him as a celebrity, historical figure and sort of goodwill ambassador. But it all points to a trend towards Pacquiao phasing out of boxing as his main focus and purpose. I expect the handling of Pacquial will move even more in the dierection of “brand management” as he becomes more product than fighter.

  • Antonio numero uno! Well said. Something tells me the things Manny learned on the streets is an education in itself, just not in a classroom. Seems like he turned out amazingly well! I’m proud of the little warrior, AND it’s great for the sport to have someone to look up to!

  • Intelligence is not measured by education…

  • Depends what you mean by “educated.” Crooks and saints come in all sizes and shapes– educated and uneducated; religious and secular; plain and peanut. George W. Bush went to Yale and Harvard ] but seems to have come through with precious little education.

  • Lesson here is, never count out anyone just because he lacks education.The most celebrated crooks in the world were all highly educated.

  • ~ The most obvious target for Pacquiao, HE Need’s Practice ~

  • I hadn’t realized this was finalized. I’m sure they’ll manage a couple of photos! I’m old enough to remember Floyd Patterson visiting JFK, and telling him confidentially the name of his next major opponent. Turned out to be Sonny Liston, as all of boxing hoped (though the NAACP was set against it). Hope for Pacman’s sake that the seeds of a “jinx” weren’t laid there! (BTW, you could have chosen a better verb for your headline!!)

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