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  • Obviously looking for more compensation by way of landing Pay Per View type bouts, what is it Andre can do style wise or in terms of performance to make himself more appealing to a mass audience so as to narrow the pay gap between he and Floyd?

    My opinion has always been that Andre can trade in some of the clutching and grabbing for more head movement which will keep his hands free to in most cases as the quicker fisted and more talented fighter dominate in a more appealing way. This by way of landing more combos. He would still as one of the best if not thee best defensive fighters avoid most everything that comes his way while making himself more attractive to watch which is something I’m sure he’s contending with on one level or another.

    The second question is a surface question as it’s possible he won’t get intricate with his answer after smoothing it over with me.

    When is his stint with Goossen over?

    He’s obviously not satisfied with the relationship at this level and perhaps feels like more can be done on his behalf, although the overt reason he wanted to part ways was because Antonio Leonard and James Prince were being left out of the negotiation process. Thanks

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