• Why should u have to do all that to get a fight? Even if he did all that he still won’t get the fight?? Just like Money said he’s worried about his health???!!! Nuffield said! And I’m so tried of all these Afrocentric peeps talking about what Marquez did and what Floyd will do?? Yea Marquez did not Floyd? And if the games are so decided why play them? Shouldn’t the undefeated patriots been handed the title since everybody knew they were gonna win?? What about Tyson vs Douglas should they have not fought because mike was supposed to win? I tell u again Floyd is worried about his health. Check YouTube and hear it from the horses mouth. If only he had the confidence all u had the fight would’ve been done years ago

  • That might be the only way to see this fight happen…Pac might have to pick a fight!

    Floyd is basically a petty, arrogant narcissist with a big payroll of exceptionally compliant friends and colleagues….despite his immense boxing talent, he has become more about protecting the 0 than seeking *genuine* boxing legacy, though his minions are feeding him a different story. Have to admit, it’s pretty hard to imagine what it must be like to be surrounded by people at your beck and call, or at least think everything you do and say is profound and noteworthy at all times. His allegiance to his inner circle is admirable nevertheless.

    At the end of his Showtime contract shell game, he will quickly find his financial habits cannot keep up with his bank account as soon as he quits boxing.

    This is a financial tragedy waiting to happen…and his attitude won’t see too many people feeling bad for him. Wait for this movie to play out.

    In the meanwhile, I am voting with my wallet – FLOYD-COTT !….at least until I see a real fight break out.

  • You can certainly check Pacs reaction on FirstTake when they interviewed him before being starched by Marquez. He was talking to Stephen A Smith and when Smith asked him if he wanted to fight Floyd, he paused for a sec, put on his sunglasses and then said yes. lol. Had to put his sunglasses on so you couldn’t look in his eyes to see he was not serious about that.

  • Great clip Rob, heard it many times. Poor Floyd stuttering, changing the subject, ANYTHING but talking about fighting Manny. I wonder if Floyd’s #1 fan can bring up a video of Pacquiao stuttering like that????

  • Im just wondering if they have built that out door stadium Arum was so adamant about or if there is enough time from now till Sept to actually be able to promote a fight for Pac vs Floyd since those were 2 deal breakers before.

  • Here’s a Floyd Mayweather radio interview that shows the true spirit of Mayweather… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_TK7biX3eA

  • Pedro, if Pac does that, then he’d have to fight. Though he has abundantly spoken about his desire to fight, he never showed any inclination to do so when multiples offers were made to him, refusing each one of them and then countering with ridiculous demands only to back out once the opponent agreed to those. Believe me, saying I want is not the same as I’ll do. Having written this I will say that it is probably Arum’s doing more than Pac’s.

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