Last Time Antonio Tarver Looked Good Vs. Rocky Balboa

San Francisco, CA– Recently, some prominent boxers and one MMA (Strikeforce) fighter in Rafael Cavalcante have tested positive for some form of Anabolic Steroids. World class boxers like Andre Berto, Lamont Peterson and now it’s Antonio Tarver. The California State Athletic Commission is saying that the 43-year old Tarver, whom I repeat hasn’t looked good in the several years since he filmed that last Rocky movie with Sylvester Stalone, tested positive for Drostanolone, a steroid that has a number of uses and effects.


Seeing Tarver (29-6-1, 18 KOs) isn’t suffering from Breast Cancer, the only other reason one can conclude from his use of this drug was to improve both his appearance and performance against the crude but unbeaten Lateef Kayode (18-0-1, 14 KOs) on a June 2nd Showtime card airing from Carson, CA, a fight myself and judge David Denkin (115-113) thought he won. Max Deluca went 115-113 for Tarver while Dave Moretti had it 114-114, which resulted in a draw that will soon be changed to a “No Contest.”


Drostanolone promotes increased strength while keeping body fat the same or even lowering it, something can help to prevent muscle loss while dieting. This can also allow those athletes in sports which have weight classes to increase their performance without the risk of being raised into a higher weight class.


George Dodd, head of the California State Athletic Commission, stated that they took a pre-fight Urine test and that Tarver’s sample came back positive for Drostanolone. If Tarver appeals, the second sample taken will be analyzed. In my experience, I can never remember the second sample being any different from the first sample tested. At 43, Tarver is at the end of the road and works as an analyst for Showtime, a position he should be relieved of if he indeed found guilty of taking Drostanolone.


The currently incarcerated Floyd Mayweather was the first boxer to come right out and say that he thought a number of boxers, and he included Manny Pacquiao, were using Performance Enhancing Drugs. The Pacquiao fans have berated him and Manny even filed a suit against Floyd. It might be just a coincidence, but three years ago when Mayweather started insinuating that Pacquiao was on something, the Filipino was a fighting beast. In his last four fights, or since the allegations were made, Pacquiao has not only looked less ripped, but his performances have come down a notch or two!


I’m calling for “Random Drug Testing” across the board. If you are rated in the top 15 by any sanctioning body, then you should be tested randomly between fights. If that means knocking on your day at 8 PM, then you, like Marvin Gaye said, “Got To Give It Up!” Now if you test positive for Marijuana or a non-performance enhancing drug, even Cocaine, what you do on your own time is your own business, except, in m mind, when it comes to the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Pedro Fernandez


  • All you people who called Floyd a coward and hated on him for sounding the alarm can now kiss his ass. This article proves he wasnot lying. Eventhough Pacquiao has not been busted yet…those who are making money off him know he is a steroid user and are paying people off in high places to be quiet about it. Floyd is not wrong and was the first one to say we need to clean up the sport of boxing. I watched after Floyd called Manny out on the roids….how Manny’s fight with Marquez was not so great. It seem Freddie Roach backed off the roids for a minute because the heat was on and people were watching. Pacquiao didn’t look so great and i think Marquez had a slight edge over him in that fight. Also i found it odd how he held up his fight with Bradley for 45 mins and gave the lamest excuse for that. I think he had taken steroids and was waiting for them to kick in. If you go back and look at all his fights on Youtube you will see clearly Manny is using steroids. Some people want to hate on Floyd so much they refuse to see the sport is no longer honest. The sport is dying to the cheaters. This is bigger then Floyd or Pacquiao. The officials who are not on somebody’s payroll need to clean house.

  • Good job Floyd. Thank you for cleaning up boxing! moo…..they are all boxers?….they bought their steroids in the Phillipines?…..Floyd says Phillipines has best PED….what do they have in common moo?

  • Whatever Tarver was on I wouldn’t buy it. It didn’t seem to work at all.

  • Drostanolone… Took me less than two minutes to find it and buy it online. A 10 ml bottle goes for a little under $100 and was shocked to learn that there were no pictures of women but only torsos of guys with the physique of an ‘In-Prime’ Arnold Schwarzenegger!

    Furthermore, there doesn’t appear to be any ORAL version of this stuff.

    Apparently it is also used to lower cholesterol levels.

    This is where I am right now. If Tarver can produce prior blood work showing a cholesterol issue along with documentation that he was prescribed and injected with this… I will give him a pass for at least NOT KNOWING. If can produce medical documentation that he suffered from MALE Breast Cancer and was prescribed and treated with this stuff, I will give him that same pass. It is very rare but MEN Do Get This. Peter Criss, drummer for the rock band KISS suffered from male breast cancer and is a survivor of the disease.

    …Anything short of this, Tarver is just another liar.

  • A lot fighters being popped for using PED and yet somehow, someway.. Manny Pacquaio continues to test negative. LMAO@ THE over zealous Pacman critics.

  • I will not be surprise if Mayweather, Jr. someday will be found using steroids…see the boxers that were caught using steroids? They are all black! what was funny is that Lamont Peterson was the one who suggested to have this drug test and, lo and behold, – he was the one caught using steroids!!

    Not because you accused your opponent of drug use and requested a drug test, you will not be caught steroid-using

  • Pedro Fernandez

    So expand on your comment for us Moo. What do they have in common besides being black and athletes?

  • Bradley is a very clean fighter who had to fight against a know cheater in a ring which was more like quick sand. I scored it a draw and Massa Bob had the gall to condem the decision. Marquez slaughtered the cheater and Massa Bob was completely silent. It is time to boycott all fights promoted by Massa Bob.

  • if i say barrera,marquez and morales have something in it racist? please tell me..or if i say pacquiao,donaire and viloria have something in it racist? ridiculous maybe, i agree with you on that..but racist? i dont think so..its a fact that they have something in common…

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Ridiculous comment Moo. Ridiculous and racist?

  • Well stated Pedro and I agree 100%. Furthermore I believe it has to be Olympic Blood Testing, which as of today is the most effective… I don’t know if top 15 would be practical simply due to the fact that this sort of regiment is expensive but you are 100% correct, at some higher level this has to become standard practice if you want to get any sort of control of this issue.

    And this won’t be easy because… Nobody in the Boxing World whom matters (with the exception of Mayweather) wants any REAL DETERRENTS placed on PEDs… For if they did, we wouldn’t be where we are today. And on that note, I cannot give enough credit or accolade to Mayweather for his stance on this issue.

  • nice article, berto,peterson and now tarver,,,these 3 guys have something in common with floyd mayweather…its for you to find out….

  • PEDRO think this, steriods or not, let’s compare floyd and pacquiao, pac at age 25 was 126lbs and floyd was 130 lbs, at age 29 pac was 135 lbs and floyd at age 29 was 135lbs, floyd at 30 years old was 147lbs, pac at 30 years old was 147 lbs, it took pacman 7 years to win titles from 130,135,140,147,154 lbs, it took floyd 5 years to accomplish the same feat, these are Facts!!! how people think pac is on something and floyd is something to think about and lets not forget something shane mosley was on the juice but wasn’t caught at the time, and remember not just pac but floyd also have put on the weight in a shor amount of time all the while keeping lean rip muscles with not much body fat,, just the way i know we don’t agree on this but i do like your website, keep up the good work!!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Mario, I’ve known and the family for 20 years. I think you are out of your mind period!

  • PEDRO, you know what i have a theory, i believe floyd mayweather has been using PED’S for years and doesn’t want other fighters to have the same benifits because he knows what the benifits are, yeah floyd takes the tests before the fights but thats what for eight weeks and for one fight a year and that’s a fact, so what does he do for the other 9 to 10 months of the year? if you know anything about steriods is and it’s this, you can cycle for 6 weeks and then come off your cycle and train hard and supplement afterwards and you will retain 60 to 80 percent of the speed and strength that you gain from it during your cycle, so what if floyd is on a cycle for 6 weeks, comes off his cycle for a month but continue training and then for 8 weeks train and test for a fight but still have an edge over an opponent because he would still have retain some of the benifits but pass the test, if floyd really wants to prove something then let him submit to random testing the rest of the year also…let’s not forget one more thing, everything he has accuse pacquiao of, moving up in weight in short amount of time, keeping lean muscles, well floyd has done that also…intersting huh???

  • pedro this goes back to wat if said on a earlier post about the up coming sergio/jr fight in sept that may or may not happen because of a ortiz/canalo fight booked for the same day and also jr hasn’t signed his contract yet(might be lookin for a way out)i asked why wouldnt sergio ask for rdt for a guy who dodges drug tests and scales like harrison ford from “the fugitive” tarver is just more proof that guys are cheating and the real issue is how much longer is pacman going to get a free pass for
    not wanting to and refusing to take rdt for not just for floyd but any fight? its time for the media to stop kissing mannys ass and start asking why.we know that “top rank” kiss ass dan rafael wont

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