• i think bhop vs ward would be an interesting fight.

  • I can confirm that the it was a surprisingly S.O.G. crowd. Rodriguez was booed all night and deserved it.

  • Yeah, I used the wrong term: should’ve said “home turf” rather than “hometown”. Ward is born and raised Californian. Rodriguez is from the DR. But as I said above, nothing wrong with that – champs get to defend at ‘home’ all the time. It’s normal.

    I’m expecting Andre to win comfortably. But that’s not the point. Regardless of ER not being a mandatory, this is still a world title fight and the judges are supposed to be neutral. 3 x Californian judges + a Californian referee doesn’t sound very neutral to me. And as Zak said, Ward is also the network fighter. I take the point about the majority Latino crowd, although crowds don’t submit the official score-cards. Just doesn’t seem right to me. Pedro?

    Fair point about the Ward v Froch bout. Andre clearly won by a wide margin. But the Canadian & US judges both (somehow) had it 115-113, whilst it was the UK judge (John Keane) who posted a more realistic 118-110. Ironic, eh? Did they over-compensate? So I admit – having international and seemingly ‘neutral’ judges doesn’t necessarily guarantee actual neutrality. But I think it gives you a better chance.

    As an aside, I would have preferred the Ward v Froch fight to have been 15 rounds. I think it would’ve been a lot more interesting…especially those last 3 rounds.

  • I don’t care where the officials are from as long as they are good officials. As for the venue…Ward is from the bay area, the fight in in Ontario, Ca, about 6-7 hours away,. Doesn’t seem like a home court advantage to me, at least from a crowd perspective. it’s funny though…the guy is the champ, why not let him fight at home so he can continue to build a fan base? Rodriguez is getting a huge payday, also he isn’t a mandatory challenger, so I mean he’s got to concede to something. People complain that the guy isn’t a star, but the only way he’s going to get there is to fight in front of decent crowds to build a base of fans. Ontario is heavily latino populated area.Not sure how that benefits Ward.

  • Very got points Steve. I did not realize that was the case but you are correct. All three judges are from California. That does seem a bit unfair for Rodriguez. Ward is also the network guy now so he has that going for him as well. I don’t expect this fight to be very close, but if it is, it looks like Ward is guaranteed a decision. On one hand, however, the majority of the crowd will be Latino, so Rodriguez may have them on his side and that could influence things a bit in his favor. Still, judges should be more neutral. The interesting thing is, two of the judges of Ward-Froch had it very close and that was a clear Ward win. Froch didn’t earn more than 2-3 rounds in my opinion. I think Froch is a higher calibur opponent than Rodriguez, but we will find out tomorrow night.

  • Been looking forward to this fight. On paper looks like a good match up. Couple of sub-plots as well eg how will Andre be after the injuries and long lay-off, especially against a real live opponent.

    Something is bothering me though:

    The WBA 168 title is on the line, right? So AW has hometown advantage, with respect to venue. Ok, no big issue there. But tell me, how come all 4 officials – ref & 3 x judges – are all from California? Rodriguez is born and bred Dominican republic. OK, so he’s also residing and training in Massachusetts.

    But I don’t get it. Looks to me – with respect to the officials – that it’s all set up for Andre to win. Don’t get me wrong – I think Ward is both top drawer and elite. But if I were in ER’s camp I would NOT be happy with the way the fight has been set up. To me it looks like the chances of ER winning have been minimised. Just my opinion.

    Quite happy to listen to those – anyone – that know more about it. Maybe I’m mistaken. And I’m not out to have a dig at Ward – he’s proven himself, up until now, to be the best at 168…and one of the best at ANY weight.

    Sorry, but this looks a little fishy to me. I’m quite happy and willing to be corrected though, if some of you guys can tell me better..?

  • José-Ariel Cuevas

    I think Molina will do a better job of besting Tom Bob Anderson than Gary has done in his past seven fights. On a side-note, it’s a shame that Lomachenko already has a more impressive body of work than Russell–but as long as the WBC 126lb title is firmly in the Golden Boy camp, expect him to get an undeserved title shot.

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