• Anybody saw the video of Roach provoking Ariza and calling for help when Ariza defended himself (after Roach cocked hist while advancing toward him) with a bruce Leeiesque front kick to the chest? What a prick!!!

  • Yes Zak, but it’s not like he has a fan club we can quit. Think footnote in Andre Ward history.

  • Richard, we’ll agree to disagree. Yes command + is a good friend when needed (but universal helvetica is giving you probs?)

  • Side note, but was anyone else a little annoyed with Rodriguez? The guy was given the opportunity of a lifetime and did not make weight. He did not even attempt to step back on the scale. He goes out there and puts on a foul-filled performance and disrespects Ward repeatedly. Just really showed a lack of class I thought.

  • Changed fonts…was having format issues with the previous one. If you want bigger text use “command plus”.

  • Richard, I agree somewhat, yet I am not sure why people keep referring to Ward as safety first fighter. He beat Rodriguez to a pulp, and the only reason he didn’t stop him is because of his significant weight advantage. I think people get things confused here. Because Ward is so superior to his opponents and they are such one-sided victories maybe that is boring to some people. However I don’t think his style is boring, but the fights do lack drama when he dominates them. Ward also isn’t a big puncher, so if knockouts is what you crave, so be it.

  • After Wat I saw sat .it’s no way Jr. will fight ward, of zbik landed over 300 punches on Jr then ward will land 400

  • KP and Todaline,

    Ward can fight however he wants. Some of his clutch-fests HAVE been boring. That said, this fight he looked better. But your comments about Merchant, DEAD WRONG…..Ward has two PPV options, these are HIS words now. Chavez Jr, who would be the draw, and Hopkins, who again, would be the draw. Ward can’t draw flies to his own toilet let alone a venue. Here is where Larry is dead on. Give me Gatti, Ward, Trinidad, Tyson, Martinez, Pacquiao, Vargas, and a million other action fighters. Nobody forces anyone to spend their money on safety first fighters. And noone is telling you guys to not buy their fights. Support whatever fights you can afford to do…….

  • Floyd is better than Ward PFP, and watching Mayweather is like watching paint dry. Watching these guys is like watching a chess match. I’d prefer to watch a fight.

  • Kevin I agree with you to some extent. I’d say that Ward’s defense is good because his offense is very good, and so he uses his offense to offset any weakness in his defense, while Mayweather is the complete opposite. Defense is so good that it allows him to hide a weak offense. That being said Floyd also comes to fight. If not, how can we explain the high % connect rate? It’s just that they have vastly different mentalities. As you pointed out, Floyd hates exchanging while Ward seems to love it. On another note, have you changed the font on the site? Times tends to display smaller, therefore (to me at least) less readable.

  • I agree todaline, and the problem I have is that people constantly compare Ward and Mayweather(and say they are boring because they dominate foes), and while both are great defensively thats where the similarities end in my view. Ward comes to fight. He’s usually the guy coming forward, and when he’s not, he stand his ground and fights. Floyd on the other hand takes way less risks. Maybe that is because he is older, but to compare the two is absurd. Floyd thinks defense first, Ward thinks offense and is quite effective.

  • Comments like Jeff’s make me wonder why I follow boxing. I guess you went to Larry Merchant’s school of confusing boxing with street fighting. When are you guys going to understand that boxing is the art of hitting and not getting hit? But as I said (and have been saying for years), when a guy like Merchant who’ heard and seen by millions tell people that he’d rather watch 2 bums in a give and take, and that he’s not interested in any technical brilliance one Mayweather or Ward are displaying, it makes new and occasional boxing fans believe that real, exciting boxing is one where there are KOs every time. They start believing that a guy who feints is a runner (even when the guy averages 5060% connect rate). Hey after all I pay therefore I dictate the terms. I’m telling you, Larry Merchant has got to be one of the worst things in boxing, even worse than a bad referee or judge, because the guy is “educating” fans.

  • The Klitchkos, at least Wlad don’t thrown many punches, they only have about 4 punches in their arsenal. Wlad doesn’t know how to fight inside, only knows how to hold and lean on his opponent. Him and Ward are 2 totally different styles. Ward is considered a blood and guts warrior considered to Wlads style of fighting.

  • Jeff, i like watching Ward, he’s exciting to me. Not sure what fight you were watching but I was entertained. Ward does clinch a lot, but get this; he actually fights in the trenches. Klitschko never fights in the clinch or inside and holds on for dear life. Yeah they do sometimes close the show, but thats usually over average level foes who they have a significant size advantage over. To compare Andre to Vlad is like apples and Oranges. Ward landed over 200 punches, many of those clean blows round after round. If you can’t appreciate what he does and call it boring, you don’t know shit about boxing or are a hater.

  • How can you constantly be giving the Klitschkos such a hard time while constantly nuthugging Ward. At least the Klitschkos, while they may start of boring, they close the show before the end of the fight. I know that boxing is a science, but Ward has to be one of the most boring fighters I’ve seen in years. If you’re suffering from insomnia, just put in a tape of one of his fights.

  • Zak,

    I thought he was sick of both of them at that point. Andre Ward is known for rabbit punching, low blows, excessive holding, etc, and that was before this fight. He must have took the Bernard Hopkins course on fighting dirty. However, Rodriquez was even dirtier, and what looked like a glory-hound referee threatening to fine both fighters now seems like a genius afterwards. Anyways, Ward was dominant, and Edwin has one hell of a chin.

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