January 15th, 2014 By Pedro Fernandez

Andre "S.O.G." Ward

Andre “S.O.G.” Ward


San Francisco, CA- Unlike New Jersey Governor Chris Christie whose “Bridge Scandal” has imploded political career overnight, undisputed World champion Andre Ward still has a lot left even though he snagged the Olympic Gold medal almost ten years ago at the 2004 games in Athens. Having known the kid, yes Andre Ward was a skinny kid born in San Francisco and Oakland resident some 17-18 or so years ago, I am truly of the mindset that he has yet to reach his zenith.


Looking at his resume courtesy of, the record is unblemished at 27-0 with 14 KOs, Ward fought i the Olympics at 178 lbs. in order to allow his friend Andre Dirrell to fight at and get the Bronze at 165. Having picked him to win the Gold, I would explain his physical size disadvantage to people and they would ask, “So why are you picking him?” Because athletes like Andre Ward don’t come along too often in boxing.


What I mean by that is Ward, one month shy of 30, Andre could have played football, basketball, just about any sport because of this unique gift that can best be described as “pure raw athletic talent.” Historian Ronald Marshall thinks that Ward has the talent to out box cruiserweights, albeit coming in lighter than 200. “He isn’t as fluid as “Sugar Ray” Leonard, but he’s every bit as good.”


Although ex-HBO Godfather Larry Merchant nearly flew out of chair when I brought up a possibility of Ward and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Larry scoffed, “You think Chavez’s people would let him anywhere near Ward? I don’t think so. Ward needs to go to 175 lbs.” Whether Larry agrees or not, if Chavez smokes Brian Vera in much deserved rematch seeing Jr. got licked like a stamp and still won, the Ward-Chavez fight is on!


Seeing he has did a locust-like number at 168, beating Mikkel Kessler, Sakio Bika, Carl Froch, his last foe Edwin “La Bambi” Rodriguez, Arthur Abraham, the only fresh meat left would be Chavez, and because his lack of discipline is so questionable, his Carnitas may have already gotten cold. George Groves, Robert Stieglitz, stablemate Brandon Gonzales, these guys are all “easy” marks for Ward.


Ward all but dismissed WBA 160 lb. champion Gennady Golovkin (28-0, 25 KOs) by bringing the oft used adage for reigning World champions when discussing potential challengers, paraphrasing Andre on an appearance on Ring Talk Worldwide a couple months back, “He (GGG) really hasn’t fought anybody yet.” But that is also a super fight much like a Chavez encounter would be except Golovkin has worldwide appeal and does great ratings on HBO, while Chavez is only “hot” with Mexicans who are hypnotized by his name.


Outside of those two names, the only thing left on the table would be a move to light heavyweight (175) and I don’t think that’s happening soon. The lone exception could be a trip to the United Kingdom to fight Carl Froch whom he has already soundly beaten. As for 175, Ward will be there in 2015 and retire a year, maybe two years later.


Although all of us that boxed saw guys “punchy” in the gym, some active, some retired, not everybody can see the light in that staying around too long can be like a cigarette, “Hazardous to your health.” Ward knows this and acknowledges such. Like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Andre Ward wants to retire undefeated with little residual effects from professional boxing. All that being said, I’d bet on it!


With Floyd Mayweather being 36, his clock is ticking down to the end of his Showtime contract and 50 wins. Straight up, if they were the same weight, Andre Ward be able to impose his will on the 1996 Bronze medalist. It’s about timing, Floyd has been selective while Ward has fought the best guys he can. Come 15 years from now, it’ll be interesting to see how historians rate the runs of Andre “Son of God” Ward and Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Pedro Fernandez


  1. Ward is really good and multi-dimensional; he is quick enough to dart in and out and avoid punches w/his athleticism and he is tough enough to get in close and do that mugging, clinching type of body work that Hopkins is famous for.

    Having said that, I am not a fan of his and he seems kind of cocky to me. Would love to see him humbled by GGG or one of the punchers @ 175 in Stevenson or one of the other Euro guys.

    tommyrenob on January 15th, 2014 at 6:32 AM
  2. Andre doesn’t run he comes to fight and beat you with your own style of fighting

    Manuel largo on January 15th, 2014 at 9:05 AM
  3. Abdre Ward and Guillermo Rigondeaux are better than Floyd Mayweather. I’m sure Floyd knows that.

    forgotenca on January 15th, 2014 at 12:24 PM
  4. Floyd is one of my favorite fighters and so is Ward. That being said, Ward definitely is the more likeable of the two and has taken on the better opposition as of late. I want to see him take on Adonis and Kovalev. I think he beats both but Sergey would give him the toughest fight of his career.

    Zak on January 15th, 2014 at 2:11 PM
  5. Andre is every is the epitome of being a boxing champion and a man of God. He is an inspiration to many.

    jun villacampa on January 15th, 2014 at 4:59 PM
  6. They are the two best boxers that will guarantee to put you to sleep out of boredom. Floydie with his potshot and his elbow-forearm defense and Ward with his punch and clinch, punch and hold style, hehehehehe…

    artjd on January 15th, 2014 at 5:39 PM
  7. You know what Zak nobody but Andre Ward knows if he’s a 175 lb. guy cutting weight. I say the best is to come. But he’s as good as they come when it comes to his handling of everybody as he plays Chess in conversation and he relaxes most interviewers. He maybe the best since Ray Leonard, besides in the ring in regards to Olympians and the microphone. Floyd can fight, but nobody has been able to make him fight. Ward has had to step on it with his back to the wall in that Super Six tourney and won easily I thought. Nobody can do any damage, some say he puts them to sleep, but I think that you’ll be seeing Andre Ward losing anytime soon. Once he beat Kessler the odds makers realized they had gaffed on him being 4-1 to win it all. I think I MC’d that weigh in for Goossen, Team Kessler was so confident and talking smack. Ward made him quit and that’s where Mikkel’s eye problems began.

    Pedro Fernandez on January 16th, 2014 at 1:14 AM
  8. ward came in to the finals of that rugged super6 tourney with a broken hand and STILL whooped Froch! that man can fight!

    1200 techs on January 16th, 2014 at 1:57 PM
  9. Pedro, I remember you telling me about this young kid named Andre Ward who I had not heard about until a couple years later. When you mentioned him, I thought, “we shall see if I ever hear that name again”….sure enough Ward blew up and now P4P the best. Thanks again for the Ward tix when he fought at Oracle. Nice to see a guy of Wards caliber fight up close. Best seats I ever had for any fight!

    alberto on January 16th, 2014 at 2:08 PM
  10. You are King Alberto………

    Pedro Fernandez on January 16th, 2014 at 5:57 PM
  11. “Boxing is entertainment, so to be successful a fighter must not only win but he must win in an exciting manner. He must throw punches with bad intentions.” Cus D’Amato

    Pirate on January 16th, 2014 at 8:12 PM
  12. Funny to say this, as I hate Ward, but he would toy with Floyd and beat him down over twelve lackluster rounds. Easily I might add. Styles make fights. But Jones in his prime would have handled Ward easily. Too fast…..And call me nutty, but Calzaghe beats him too.

    Richard on January 16th, 2014 at 9:25 PM
  13. @Pedro He very well may be better suited for 175. That’s where he won his gold medal so that makes sense. Plus he is getting older and you have to think at some point he would just have to move up. I think he will do very well at 175 and may even add a bit more pop to his punches with the extra weight.

    @Richard I think prime RJJ beats just about anyone in the history of the sport. That being said, I think Ward does better than Hopkins and Toney did, albeit still loses by decision. I think Ward beats Joe though honestly. Joe had a lot of trouble with an over the hill Hopkins, and Ward at this point in his career is better than that version of BHop.

    Zak on January 17th, 2014 at 9:50 AM
  14. Zak,

    I tend to think of that Joe as being past his prime. The guy who destroyed Lacy and easily beat Kessler IMHO would squeak by Ward. Maybe Ward gets better in the next few years and chages my mind.

    Richard on January 17th, 2014 at 3:52 PM
  15. Ward is a great fighter and class act. He is intelligent and really seems to have his head on straight. Virgil Hunter seems to have done a tremendous job in teaching him and being great role model. Also, I’m thrilled that Mr. Hunter mentions the influence of 2 great mentors, Charley Smith and Jimmy Simmons. Charley and Jimmy both contributed greatly to the Bay Area boxing scene.

    Geoffrey Sadao Prenter on January 17th, 2014 at 11:20 PM
  16. Sorry peeps but why don’t you guys just say “YOU DON’T LIKE FLOYD” because to say Andre is better is ridiculous!!!! Unfortunately Andre doesn’t have anyone in or around 68 to help him stake that claim where as Floyd had Corrales, JLR, Judah, Oscar, Mosley, Cotto, Canelo, Marquez and the list goes on to help him stake his claim as “THE BEST” while even if Dre beats GGG right now the question would be “WHO HAS GGG BEATEN? Carl Froch and Chad Dawson aint it!!!! I’m a Andre fan but to compare him to Floyd is madness especially based on the fighters they’ve fought.

    Qdigga on January 18th, 2014 at 8:15 PM
  17. Zak, I did not see Calzaghe having a lot of trouble against Hopkins. It is true that he was surprised with an early knockdown but that was it. After that, it was all the way Calzaghe. Hopkins was confused by Clazas’s speed and reflexes and was looking ready to quit.
    I agree that a prime Roy Jones beats all of them.

    Ivan on January 22nd, 2014 at 10:29 AM
  18. Floyd Mayweather has fought and moved up from 130lbs, 135lbs, 140lbs and the
    highest weight he has fought at is 154lbs. If Ward is so much “better” than Mayweather then why is he so reluctant to move up just ONE weight class to take on either Adonis Stevenson (Light Heavyweight Champ) or Sergey Kovalev? Why cant this pound for pound beast jump up 7 lbs as (Floyd has done many times)and fight and beat these top level fighters? These are the most exciting fights which can be made for him right now. Stevenson has called him out specifically and Kovalev would fight him with no hesitation. You (and quite a few others) are simply using Ward as a proxy to attack Floyd. This is ridiculous, and Ward would tell you this himself.

    cdotATL on January 24th, 2014 at 12:58 PM

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