• Santa Cruz, don’t you find it funny that virtually ALL of the fighters Floyd “avoided” are with Bob Arum? Can’t you guys connect the dots?

  • Floyd is not great. Has refused to fight the best competition for all kinds of reasons and level of competition these days is poor, so lets wait until he is retired and we can look at his career in retrospect. Why must everyone use the word “great” all the time? In modern society everyone is great. In my generation you had to earn it. And not just in boxing

  • Floyd is a great. All you have to do is look at his resume. He has been the Lineal Champ at 130, 135, 147 and 154 not to mention held a title at 147. That there is great status. The fact that nobody can really compete with him also proves his great status. Ward is not great yet but seems to be on his way with the way he cleaned out the 168lb division with no problems.

  • u guys can try to justify all u want about Random Tests but Andre shouldn’t have waited for Rodriguez to request random tests, he should have requested them himself. He was the bigger draw, the champion, and if he wanted Random tests we were going to have random tests. Like i said Andre is a very good fighter, but he has given people grounds to doubt he is natural.I see u guys are taking a dig at Conte, but lets not forget that Andre has history with Conte, Conte has helped him. Iam just saying it as it is. IT IS WHAT IT IS.
    I still maintain Floyd is the man though, Love him, Hate him, he delivers all the time.

  • I agree.. i think rodriguez went about it the wrong way…if it was such a big deal, why not bring it up during the long drawn out negotiations? on top of it, he doesn’t make weight?? smh

  • Great is an over used word, like hero, these days. History may tell us if Floyd and Ward are great in historical perspective. Right now neither qualify

  • Floyd is a great fighter but not the greatest. And I agree, Rodriguez went about it all wrong. And then in the end failed to make weight. Is nobody noticing that all of Contes high profile fighters, I say high profile because I really don’t know if he has any fighters that are not big names but all his fighters have either had problems making weight, seem to be weakened by weight, have not looked good in their biggest fights and have all had shoulder injuries requiring surgery for the most part?

  • Dave, You are crazy man. Floyd isn’t the best of all time and Ward didn’t refuse random blood tests. If you want to do testing, you have to bring it up “before” the fight, not during a press conference. Look at like this…just say Rodriguez was cycling or using PED’s, then decided to ask Ward to do random tests after he already cycled off? That way he wouldn’t be detected. They were way too close to the fight for random tests to even have a real point in my view. If you want to do random tests you either do it once the contracts are signed or do it year around. Rodriguez had good intentions, but I feel it was somewhat a publicity stunt.If I was Ward I would be somewhat concerned about Victor Conte sponsoring drug testing when their relationship appears estranged. There’s a lot of factors here that if you put yourself in someones shoes you’d have a better chance at understanding.

  • I disagree with you, Floyd for me is the best. I see u said Floyd didn’t get a gold medal, come on Pedro, u r better than that, u and I know that Floyd was cheated when he “lost” to the Bulgarian at the Olympics. Even the referee raised Floyd’s hand after the fight.
    I have nothing against Andre, he is a very good fighter, but Floyd man is the GOAT. He is the first American to beat a Cuban at the Olympics and would have easily won the Gold at the Olympics if it wasn’t for the referee and politics in boxing.
    AND LASTLY, ANDRE HAS TO ACCEPT RANDOM BLOOD TESTS, HE REFUSED FOR THE RODRIGUEZ FIGHT. i believe if u not hiding anything, go for random tests.

  • Great fight by Ward. Not sure what else he can do, maybe unify some of the titles. Or maybe face GGG in 2014 or 15 when he beefs up a bit.

  • When you say best Olympian fighter do you mean from the USA. While I hate to say this because I was always a big Hearns fan, Sugar Ray had very underrated power and would push on the gas pedal whenever he had an opponent hurt. And what about Roy Jones. Never liked him, never will but in his prime I would make him a definite favorite over Ward.

  • Bernard has no chance against Ward. Bernard was already soundly defeated by Calzaghe who was very good but probably not quite as good as Ward. Also this happened years ago, when Bernard was younger.

  • @Pedro
    Do you think Ward vs Bhop is a good fight?

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